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  1. i love LDH's character and how she doesn't take crap from her little sister. And i love the idea that she's basically what we'd call an Heiress in english, since she inherited the huge estate, but she treasures it and refuses to sell. Like it makes you rethink how we see "heiresses" in popular media behave in American culture, and i really do hope there are real heiresses out there who appreciate their inheritances like LDH's character. One of the things i don't understand.... did LDH's character inherit the property from her maternal grandfather, or her paternal grandfather? It had to be her maternal grandfather right? or else why wouldn't her brother be the grandchild to inherit the estate.
  2. Nail Thread

    I wanted to ask those of you who do your own nail art: I am looking into buying some nail star polishes (the kind that has a brush tip and also a pen tip) are the brush tips a thin striper brush? or are they regular polish brushes? And also, do you guys have any suggestions, recommendations for good nail art polishes/stripers and supplies?
  3. Nail Thread

    Just wanted to take a quick survey: How many of you have gotten acrylic or gel sets done to your nails? Which do you prefer? And I was just browsing around some Japanese nail salon sites and apparently, Cal gel nails are the biggest new thing there now. http://www.calbrookcalifornia.com/calgel.htm Have any of you guys heard about this or got it done before? I'm wondering how good they are, because supposedly, you can lengthen your nail (like acrylic applications), but Calgel won't hurt your nail (i.e. make them yellow and weaker after you remove them.)

    Hi! I've been listening to Shinhwa's "Missing U" from their 6th album for the past couple of days... it's my song of the moment... and I just had a question... The backing track of the song sounds really really familiar, like it was sampled from an English song, but I can't figure out for the life of me what the original was. If anyone knows or has any idea, it'd be greatly appreciated. I've been going crazy trying to figure it out because it sounds so familiar. Thanks!
  5. [Drama 2006] Hwang Jini 황진이

    question: Don't you guys think that BaekMu must have experienced a similar situation as Jin-i and her mother as well? I keep thinking of how she always says that "a performer's greatest friend is sadness. Talent and skill in art grows on sadness." And we also know that BaekMu is considered the greatest dancer of her time, thus, she must have experienced her share of sadness and pain as well. Thus, it makes me wonder what her past is like...

    there's going to be a 2nd shinhwa MV for the 8th album! Although the song isn't decided yet, they've already picked Min Hyorim to be the female lead in the video. I guess even if we won't get to see Shinhwa together as much as the summer goes on, we'll still get to see a little bit of them

    you can totally see the shinhwa love after dongwan came back from the hospital... during "bokura no kokoro ni taiyou ga aru," when it was minwoo's part and the lyrics were like, "never cry~" he walked over to DW and was like patting him on the shoulder. and then during I pray for you, to make Dongwan feel better, Eric was all playing with Dongwan's empty sleeve and they did like the wave

    It's such a mystery as to which ones of them will go and which ones won't. I think the only person that's 100% sure that they're entering the army is Dongwan. But on the other hand, those members who are exempt seem to have all said that they're going to apply to go anyways, probabaly because the Korean public gets so critical about entertainers and army service, and they know that if they don't go they'll get so much bad press.
  9. korean stars who speak english

    Considering the fact that people like Eric and Micky didn't start studying English until middle school and returned to Korea when they were 17 or 18, I'd say that Eric's done pretty well for himself, since English is a second language that he tried to pick up after his language acquisition window is closed. Heck I know Koreans who were born and raised in the US all their lives, but because they only hang out with other Koreans, they speak accented English. Eric's accent is really particular, because it's not really a Korean accent, it's like... this ebonics, ghetto drawl. I've only heard Andy speak English once in Nonstop, his line delivery was bad, but once you get past that, the English was okay. I bet in normal casual conversation he can hold his own. Also I'm not sure how true this is, but Park ShiYeon (tennis player from My Girl, otherwise known in real life as Eric's Girlfriend), supposedly she's was studying journalism at St. John's Univ. in the US... so I'm thinking her English skills probably don't suck.

    I think she really is releasing a solo album, but not to the effect that she's leaving the group... just that she wants to expand her repertory of music, since Koyote is mainly dance music. I've heard that her solo album will be more along the lines of ballads. It's becoming more and more common for members of groups to release solo projects while remaining in the group... afterall, since CD sales are not as high as they used to be, and with the turnover rate of talents being so high, for those who want to stick around the scene for a long time, unless you have an absolute monopoly of your genre, everyone has to constantly be coming out with new projects. (Koyote said this themselves in some Arirang interview... that in order to have a long career in the entertainment business, you have to work 365 days of the year.)

    I think Kim Hee Sun and Eric got a lot of media flack because at the time, Kim Hee Sun was a lot more popular than Eric... plus she was older than him, so there was a lot of people who didn't like them being together.

    ^ Junjin will be singing in the "Sweet Guy" (Eric's upcoming drama) OST. Supposedly GOOD! EMG will be producing the OST, so of course, as of now they're planning to let some ShinHwa members, as well as other GOOD EMG artists participate in the OST. seems like a smart move for Good EMG. I wonder if some of the kids that they've been training from the Battle Shinhwa project will get a chance to sing. Wasn't there one girl that didn't make the final 2nd generation Shinhwa, but was given an offer to sign with Good EMG? It'd be nice if they used this as kind of an introduction for them.
  13. ^ those pictures make me smile I think a lot of times their fans will do charity in their name... because I think sometimes they tell their fans not to spend money on buying them gifts, and if they really want to they can use that money that they were going to buy gifts with, and use it towards charity. I think Andy's fans have been doing charity for him in his name for the past year or so.

    I think they're together. Recently on their China Trip, some reporters asked them, who in the group is most liked by females, and the members answered, "Eric obviously, he's the one with the girlfriend."
  15. SHiN HYESUNG <3

    KangTa did have a comeback last month, but just a regular one, not from the army. He hasn't been to the army yet.