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  1. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2013] ♔ The Heirs/Inheritors ♔ ♕ 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들 ♕   

    What is the name and singer of this song in this teaser?  I used to have the song but I accidently delected.  Please lmk!! Really love this song.
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  2. elizabeth added a post in a topic Sung Joon 성준   

    I'm late but I just finished watching Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and I love Sung Joon's wild character in the drama. I'm still new with Sung Joon's acting.  I'll have to do a marathon w/ all his dramas. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to his new drama w/ Han Ye Seul.
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  3. elizabeth added a topic in general discussion   

    How To Turn Black Clothes To White?
    Halloween is just next week and I bought a black leotard but I wanted a white one.  The store doesn't carry any in my size so I ended up buying a black one.  I'm thinking about bleaching it to white but do you guys have other suggestions that will help me turned black clothes to white?  HELP ME!!!
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  4. elizabeth added a post in a topic The Official What Did You Wear Today Thread   

    sorry for the LARGE pictures.  I'm posting this through my iPhone so I can't find a way to resize it.  If you would like to find out how I made this fringe clutch.  Click on my blog below 
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  5. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    Just finished watching ep 16 and it almost brought me to tears when JK showed YH the place where he first met her.  I love how the song, Summer Days In Bloom always played in their scene and especially during elevator scenes.  I agreed with someone that mentioned in the earlier posts that they should become "elevator couple".  Uee and Sung Joon showed great chemistry in this drama and I wish the storyline could of have been better written to show more of their relationship developed.  I think if the writer focus more on their relationship rather than wasting space with the mistress, YH's family (because WTH is up with YH's parents?  Their storyline was going nowhere ) then this would of been an hot drama with two hot leading couples... but I feel like their chemistry was put to an waste because of the lackness of screen time. I do hope that they collaborate again in the future with a better plot or at least star in an movie together.  I really like this drama despite the bad storyline.
    My last post here, good bye ya'll and nice meeting you all.  Hope to discuss more dramas or OTP's with you all again.
    p.s- I love Park Hyung Sik song.  It was perfect for CS & JY scenes and perfect for the ending. 
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  6. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    Unless it took them 3-4 shots to get the perfect shot for that scene... or maybe they calculated it at a perfect timing.
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  7. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    I'm late but I finally got done watching ep 14.  Here's what I think about Gyeong Joon "voluntarily disappearance".  At first I thought he committed suicide because of what's going on w/ the family company, a lot of pressure was put on him, and especially when Ye Won is all up in his business.  I thought that maybe he committed suicide because he couldn't handle it any more so he wanted to get away from all of that and live a peaceful life for awhile until things cool down.  I think he planned all along about his trip and wanted to take YH along because he knew that she'll enjoy it more than he will.  In ep 2, GJ and YH were talking about her life's dreams and she said once she saved up or has enough money she wants to leave the house, etc. because she cares less about her luxury lifestyle and wants to live life as a normal human being.  So he wanted to take YH on this trip so both of them can live life as a normal human being.  Both of them can change their names, live a new life, an new identity and be happy, etc.  but after seeing how happy YH is when they were on the plane, he decided to let YH go to JK and he went on the trip on his own to live his new life... that's why he is "voluntarily disappeared" because he is living in the life YH would want and dreamed of being in.
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  8. elizabeth added a post in a topic What's The Best Sunscreen Lotion For Outdoors?   

    Thanks everyone for your response.  I'll look into it.  What about any drugstore or target brands?
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  9. elizabeth added a topic in beauty & fashion   

    What's The Best Sunscreen Lotion For Outdoors?
    I'm looking for sunscreen lotion and I need help.  What's the best sunscreen lotion you guys recommend?  Any brand is fine.  I'm going swimming/tubbing this weekend and I'm not sure what kind of sunscreen to buy.  Let me know what you guys recommend.  In case you guys are wondering, I don't have any kind of skin allergic reactions, no rash, no itchiness, etc.. none of that sort..
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  10. elizabeth added a post in a topic Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Is a Sultry Bassist in Instrument Teaser Video for Comeback   

    Yubin reminds me a bit of BoA in this teaser.
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  11. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    I hope it doesn't end like HEIRS because that drama was horrible.  I watched it for Lee Min Ho but ended up liking Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul's characters instead.  Even Park Shin Hye's acting couldn't even save the drama..  High Society has a better storyline compare to HEIRS if it was written in a better plot to focus more on the two main characters.  I really hope the ending for HS is good though and not feel rushed like some other dramas.  I really like this drama despite the lack of the plot.. 
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  12. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    Does anyone have a HQ of this picture?  I really love this picture and I'm looking for a HQ.

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  13. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    What if Joon Ki is secretly working with Ye Won to also help find other evidence for Yoon Ha regarding about the her brother, Geung Joon??  Because Yoon Ha mentioned that once she solves everything regarding about her brother she wants to leave the company right away.. maybe after realizing her plan what if Joon Ki join the company to help Yoon Ha and maybe he's not just in it for the money and power?
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  14. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    @Nymeria289, I agree with you about the chaebols family.  I don't know why the writer even added the mistress into the plot.  She's a waste of time to watch in the drama and the way she brags about her life is super annoying.  As for YH second older sister she should just be written off the drama.  Like WTF is her storyline and who cares about her popularity in SNS.. She annoys me.
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  15. elizabeth added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] High Society 상류사회   

    I find Lim Ji Yeon's kiss more natural than Park Hyung Sik.  He seems a bit stiff while I feel like Lim Ji Yeon was leading the kiss.
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