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  1. mio4111 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Pinocchio 피노키오   

    hi all , im a truly lurker but honestly i love to read you all opinion and appreciated all contributions either haters or lover for this drama. we can not please anyone right!
    Oke no more hiding, here is my thought regardless Pinochio
    1 undeniably my fav actress is PSH , i watched all her works excepted the sad one when she was a teenager. In Ha is the best role and markable for her career unlike the past ones, Eun Soo is so so, Dok Mi is quite good one. She is mature and more talented. LJS is quite good and handsome actor but so far i haven't found his significant work like IHYV, i mean he is talent but i would love to see more of him in next challenge project
    2 It got me a feeling like YCFTS, supported actresses and actors who is less noticed, back in time when i watched YCFTS i feel sorry for Yoo In Na and Lee Hae Jin, not so much infor about them on news related to dramas. sometimes the role plays by YIN exactly the same her real life. In here, Pinochio, Lee Young Bi and others like the one play Ki Jea Myung and Bom Jo are also talented and good ones, i believe that their career will shined and top actors
    3 i just noted some facts about this drama such a LJS is a bit shorter his co star Ki Jea Myung (srr i forgot his real name), and the evil role become more famous than good on just like IHYV, is it the same writer nim

    So far this is my optinion, like i said from beginning, i appreciated all who love or hate my point. i dont mind. just share and having fun with our fav drama. no need to be serious
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  2. mio4111 added a post in a topic: right now I am...   

    right now i wanna find s.o to talk, kinda little sad

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  3. mio4111 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2013-14] You Who Came From the Stars / My Love From Another Star 별에서 온 그대   

    sooyoungdaebak said: Chingus,
    I figured out something. In episode 12, MJ didn't understand why he couldn't stop the car from hitting him. 
    That's because all his dreams and premonitions do/did come TRUE! 
    Eg: He saw silver heels in his dream and he didn't know who it belongs to but he knows that person will fall into the sea. When he saw SY wore it, he thought it would be her but it turned out to be the actress. 
    Next, the moment he touched the flash drive, he knew someone will get hurt and that flash drive would be taken away. But...he didn't know who it will be. That's why when the car approached him, he was shocked! At that moment, he realized the dream/premonition was actually gonna happen to him. And the whole thing happened exactly like in his dream/premonition.
    Next is his HAPPY dreams. I think it will come true. How he's able to live beyond 3 months, I'm not sure. But I do remember his lawyer friend said MJ needed the death certificate 10 years ago. Now that he was only in the world for 2 years, why did he asked for another death certificate when it's not time yet? (I think this was discussed in episode 2 or 3). MJ saw the comet/meteor coming in 3 months and that is his passage home. 
    If he doesn't leave in 2 months, does that mean he will "die" and resurrect? I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to see how it will play out.
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