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  1. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Official 20+ Jobs Thread   

    So, on Friday I did something I never really thought I'd ever be in a position to do...I turned out a potential job. And yes I do have a job at the moment. But it's like whoa
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  2. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: 20+ gamers   

    ​I played for a while, but got kinda bored with it bcos everything took so long to upgrade
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  3. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: 20+ gamers   

    ​You should try Boom Beach instead
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  4. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: 20+ Love And Relationships Thread   

    ​He did, when the temp forum was up, but then it got deleted XD

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  5. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: 20+ Love And Relationships Thread   

    ​I posted a reply in a different thread about height between couples. Many of my friends are dating/married to lads/ladies who are as tall as they are. I would go as far as saying a good proportion even.
    My cousin is taller than her husband, she's about 5'9-5'10. My best buddy is marginally shorter than his wife, also a good friend of mine, he's about 5'7 she's about the same-ish. Her brother is 6'1 while his gf is 5'11, though. I'm pretty tall and big for an Asian. I'm 6', 200pounds, and my gf is 5'4 and a little over half my weigh XD
    Personally, I'm a bit intimidated by tall women. I hung out briefly with a girl who was 5'9 maybe 5'10 with the intention of pursuing her but that fell through. She was about 6-7 years my junior but she certainly didn't have to crane her neck to look at me.
    Blokes are used to being taller so when they stand next to girls that are the same height they will automatically feel shrunken even when physically they're the same height. It's to do with the eye contact. We're so used to looking down to see the ladies that when we look at one without looking downwards, it's unnatural

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  6. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Official 20+ Jobs Thread   

    Got dealt quite a conundrum. Been at my new job in Global Operations for a month. Pretty big company in my home country with some potential. Got an email today from the GM of a division of my former company asking if I would interested in relocating to Manila to take on a major operations transfer from China to the Philippines. Ended up temporarily turning it down, but it sounded like he's keeping the job open if not for me, then at least someone with a similar skill level and experience. Who knows? maybe I'll learn enough in the coming months and a few things will happen that I might end up accepting that offer >.< 

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  7. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    Dropping my blood pressure so i don't die from a stroke is pretty good motivation I say. Keeping my cholesterol in check so I don't die from a heart attack is also pretty good motivation. 
    Health effects aside. Once you get into doing it, part of the motivation is to get that endorphin release that comes from exercising. 
    The best motivation is beginning to feel the effects of exercise. Better mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, general overall well being. All of that is a great motivation. 
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  8. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Fracking ban?   

    it'd be bloody brilliant if all this fracking ignited Yosemite national park's supervolcano
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  9. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: What it feels like to be an unattractive guy with no hope of finding a girlfriend   

    You're still harping on about this??
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  10. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    ​it is, but i still hurt. These bones and joints aren't getting any younger
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  11. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    Gym day = ache day
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  12. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Rant All You Want Here..whining Allowed.   

    My phone is fracking up. 
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  13. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: How often do you see your friends or family ?   

    Having lived over seas for a while, I'm living back home. Mainly because the cost of rent is astronomical and the cost of a house or even an apartment here in Sydney would apparently buy me a chateau in France. Now that I've returned home, I'm aiming to catch up with many of my friends and family that I haven't seen in many years.
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  14. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Is your job stable ? Sharing my story   

    Sometimes a bad turn can lead to greater things. 
    A quick run down of myself. Horrible, horrible student. I have a pretty strong memory but I hated exams so much that I rarely got better than a B grade in most subjects. I got into a rather random degree studying laser physics even though I was more of a biology/chemistry sort of person but in all honesty any science/engineering discipline would have suited me fine. Graduated from that and luckily got into a startup pretty much straight after. Worked there for a year but the market crashed and a bunch of us got laid off. Given the specialisation of my field, it was going to be pretty hard to get another job so I checked back into my old uni and took on a master of science. Fortune again favoured me because my degree was exempt of fees due to a government program being run in all unis encouraging more masters and PhD students to do research through the simple act of making them fee exempt. Graduated from that after 3 years and managed to get back into the company that laid me off prior to my masters. Worked there for just under 3 years then got bored and quit. At the suggestion of a family member, I applied for and got a working holiday visa to the UK where I ended up staying for a number of years working for a major international company that manufactured industrial lasers. Built up a useful little network of contacts, one of which ultimately enabled me to return to Australia with a ready job in a much bigger company that required me to travel in to China to assess the factory. Unfortunately, the division got closed down little more than 6 months after I joined, but that period, plus the years I worked in the UK landed me my new job working for the Quality department in a multinational company that is one of, if not the, biggest player in its field.
    So, despite being a rubbish student, I managed to get a career in engineering that helped me develop a vast array of useful skills that has now enabled me to move into Operations, which is a field I've been wanting to get into as well. I also got to travel a great deal and met some truly wonderful people that I'm happy to call friends despite the vast distances between us. Now, I see an even brighter future ahead and I'm only in my mid 30s. 
    Some days you think you haven't done it right, but at some point an opportunity will arise that, if you grab, will lead to bigger and better things. It's all about being willing to take the plunge.

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  15. ayahuasca added a post in a topic: Going MGTOW - True Story: Real reasons why girls rejected me   

    Lie said:
    severus said: Julien Blanc-esque tactics
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