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  1. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    Ah, it feels good to have the forum back...I hope you are all well?...
    Did anyone here go to their Shanghai concert? Mind sharing your impressions with us who are thirsty for them? The pics shared by the fans are so must be so epic again...

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  2. limanh added a post in a topic: Shinhwa Eric Moon (에릭) / Moon Jung Hyuk (문정혁)   

    Phi I'm being nosy again hahaha  Do you mind share how you met Eric & Dongwan?  When was it and was it in Korea or in the US?  Don't know why but I feel like Eric is even sexier and more charisma as he age.  Am I too bias? hehehe  Yes he has some laugh line wrinkles and eyebags at time but he's just sexy as hell.  I've seen many having crushes on him even if they're 15, 16, 17 years younger than he is hahaha

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  3. limanh added a post in a topic: M ~ Lee Min Woo were faster than me @hkana I also wanted to post the pics with him and his cute how Andy was photobombing the others...and indeed, there is a reason why Minu is a fashionista...I really like uri Mstyle...
    And I love the story where he was immediately willing to help his manager...I cried when I watched it back then...It was so touching...Minu will always have a special place in my heart, cause as I said before, he brought me into Shinhwa and through this I gained so much happiness in my life!!...
    Minu, gomawo! Stay healthy and strong! Are YOU the first one to get married? Kekeke...Actually, I don't think so, cause you sounded too depressed not too long ago...not that I mind, as long as you are happy!...
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  4. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    I always feel like a late echo by the time I'm reacting to the who cares, that's what a forum is for, right? So let me cheer with you all and Shinhwa:
    It's Triple Crown and a new record!!!! \:D/ \:D/ =D> ^^ \m/ :-bd <:-P

    [credits to hearts-shinhwa]
    It is indeed a great year for Shinhwa! Makes me such a proud Shinhwa Changjo because they prove that they are not only "living fossils"in the Korean entertainment but strong opponents who are still to take seriously...simply awesome!
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  5. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    [News] Shinhwa wins 9 trophies and holds a successful set of wrap up promotions this week and enter Asia tour in May

    Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa (Eric, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo, Jun Jin, Andy) will soon be wrapping up its month-long promotions for its 12th studio album ‘We’.
    Shinhwa’s agency Shincom Entertainment told Star News on the 23rd, “Shinhwa will make its last appearance on music shows this weekend and wrap up promotions for its 12th album. In April the members will take a brief break and prepare for their Asia tour in May.”
    Shinhwa released its 12th studio album with title song ‘Sniper’ late February, and has been active since on music shows and broadcasts. It even managed to win nine #1 trophies on main channel and cable music shows.
    The group also held its 17th anniversary concert on the 21st and 22nd at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Korea’s biggest indoor concert venue with a capacity of at least 10,000 and more. Both concerts of course were sold out, confirming how Shinhwa is still strong.
    source: Star News via Iheartshinhwa and Shinhwastuff

    Congratulations Shinhwa for your 17th Anniversary!...Shinhwa is dae to the bak!

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  6. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    I'm always looking forward to their VCRs at their concert...I'm always dying of laughter.... =)) =))
    especially Eric's high notes and Hye Sung's or Dong Wan's rap...OMG!...hahaha....makes me miss Shinhwa Broadcast soooo much...
    our men are just naturally funny....Did you see the VCRs of their last concert?...

    I was admiring Minwoo that he could keep his straight and annoyed face, knowing that he usually is the first one to laugh...I always laugh tears no matter how often I watch it...I wonder how many NGs there were?...

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  7. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    Unbelievable! Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjos did it again...:

    #Shinhwa Show Champion #Sniper 2nd continuous win in a row!!! Thank you everyone~ We love you!^^
    - 2015-03-18 ShinCom Entertainment Twitter update translation by

    What can I say, besides...."We Are....:

    [credit to msmemaaaa]

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  8. limanh added a post in a topic: M ~ Lee Min Woo   

    Thank you for always updating here! How come I missd out this thread...was always busy on the main thread...kekeke...but from now on I will meet you here more often....

    And yes, I love this manly, kind-hearted, sweet, charismatic, sexy man.... :x I should update my profile pic with a newer pic of him...^^

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  9. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    Yaaaaaay! The 1st on Inkigayo is very special since it's nine years ago since the last one!
    So a special congratulation on this one!

    [credit to msmemaaaa]

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  10. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    I guess you are as short as me...kekeke...I'd love to have a pair of black leather pants...I'll really start to look out for some... Where did you see the bracelets and necklace...share! I'm looking for a nice black ring like DW has...Aishhh, what did they do to me?...
    Yes, it was only today that I showed my friend the pic and said that Andy looks so young he could be in their band instead of being their boss...
    Anyone seen this video (Show Champion BTS)? Our Oppas are really dorks... ) ) [credits to the uploader]:

    And here is the performance in case someone has not seen it it that they performed both songs again:

    [credits to the uploader]
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  11. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    Dang! 4th win! Shinhwa and Shinhwa Chanjos are simply aweeeeeeesome!...

    And I have to add: How many outfits do our men have? Yesterday blue and today purple? Wow, just wow! They have even more outfits this time, right?...I hope one day someone makes a compilation video of all their'd be a feast on our eyes!...

    I've watched those reaction videos of "Sniper" and laughed so hard at them fangirling Shinhwa...looks so familiar to it me or are there more videos now...cause I never paid attention back then...^^

    I've seen the MR removed videos before and I can understand that some would think that it's lipsync...I'm always in awe, too!...And so damn proud of our men! And I personally especially love Shinhwa's ballads like White Shirts...their soulful voices just strikes right into my heart... :\">
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  12. limanh added a post in a topic: Shinhwa Eric Moon (에릭) / Moon Jung Hyuk (문정혁)   

    Sorry @all girls for being a mood breaker...I really didn't intend to...yes, like @innasalvatore said we might have different opinions but lastly we all love Shinhwa and that's all that @Putri Raja, sorry for me being sensitive to this topic...I'm clearly overworked (it was hell at work this week) and I worry about Minwoo because of his latest instagram your words were like salt on my offense at all...peace!...I'm just a lurker most of the time anyway so keep on chatting happily...

    Okay, to stay on topic: Our boys look gorgeous in purple! And Eric makes me wanna take out my purple pants again....hahaha...and last but not least:

    We won!!!! Is there a better way to start a weekend? So have a nive weekend everyone!...

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  13. limanh added a post in a topic: Shinhwa Eric Moon (에릭) / Moon Jung Hyuk (문정혁)   

    Minwoo starts most of the songs because he was asked to do so from the other members from way way back and I personally do think that all the singers got the same amount. I'm also sure that the other members would interfere and talk back if they would feel that they are undervalued. It just hurts me to read those words knowing how much time, energy, consideration and strength he has put in the album. That's my humble opinion...maybe I should stop visiting this thread for my own sake...but my second bias' home is here...
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  14. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    OMG!!!!! Let me scream: YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY....*hyperventilates*...

    All the voting and streaming was soooooo worth it!...

    [credits to msmemaaaa]

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  15. limanh added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] SHINHWA (신화) THREAD #2   

    Agree, I really like this song! Well, I always like ALL their songs, everytime I heard too much of "Sniper" I would turn "Alright" on...kekeke...
    Btw, I'm always proud everytime I read the comments on both videos that new people are discovering them and their music...

    Anyone ever purchased their concert goods online before? Do they ship abroad?

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