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  1. kitty99 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the spoilers and pics!! 
    Oh geez!  I was laughing so much reading you guys' posts.  Everyone is squealing over the bath scene which is soooo cute!  And then the kiss after wards!!  I need to applaud the writers for putting romantic scenes in this weeks episodes after that sad scene last week.  Maybe it might make waiting for next weeks easier?  Or maybe not....because then we want more.  I think SY should do a tiny scolding at YS for wanting to jump off a cliff after he bathed her in his blood.  But then, he would have to give it away that he is a vampire...hmm...he will probably just hug her lots and try to console her.  I haven't even gotten over the prison hug scene in Ep. 9 and then there's this blood bath and kiss afterwards....ay....I'm so hyper right now that I don't know where to release it.
    Oh...trying to guess who is the descendant of Gwi is very painful!  It could be anyone, if the writers write it in a believable way.  It could just be a plotline to keep us all thinking about it when he really did kill it.  I wiouldn't be surprised if they made SY be the descendant.  It may not make sense now, but maybe it's not direct but just related.  There has got to be a reason why Gwi's teacher made SY the vampire and not anyone as noble as SY.  Maybe he had to make SY a vampire so that Gwi's couldn't kill him that easily.  The teacher was pretty adamant that SY could kill him though, unless I got that wrong.  Oh...the speculation again....
    I would really want to see SY and YS have a good ending after all this.  They definitely deserve it.  I just don't know how it would be possible.  Maybe it's like the werewolf mythology....wasn't there one where you kill the werewolf that made you, then you would turn back?  Maybe killing Gwi will turn him back human?  Now I'm just going off tangents...oh the bloodbath scene is driving me insane.
    About the bashing of LYB..I have watched her since Vampire Idol.  I loved how she was paired with Kim Won Bin.  I didn't find her acting bad at all.  I think she nailed all the scenes in this series.  I don't get all the hate.  She hasn't starred in that much series, so to have her off in certain areas would make sense.  No one is born an actress.  Especially the ones who think that since your parent/parents are actor/actress, then you should be good at it too.  I don't think that is a good assumption to make for her. 
    Lastly, I could care less about ratings.  It's sad though for the Korean actors and actresses that put in so much work in this series.  If I love a series, I would watch it regardless of how bad the ratings are.  I think we should just not pay attention to the ratings at all and enjoy all the beautiful acting the actors and actresses bring to this series.
    Anyways....till next week. Happy waiting everyone!  Or if you just can't wait, then just watch the blood bath scene and the kiss scene once everyday so that it will pass the time quickly!  I think I'm going to do that!
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  2. kitty99 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hello Everyone!
    Thanks for all the spoilers and pics!
    Wow!  From the way it looks, Ep. 9 revealed so much information.  I haven't watched it yet, I'm just basing it on everyone's posts.  It's not shocking to me to know that Gwi could have offspring.  Anything can happen in vampire mythology, it's not a set game.  I wouldn't mind YS being related to Gwi.  They could say that he killed the mother of his offspring because she had special blood and he couldn't resist it.  Then, that would mean that it got passed on and now YS has it.  Maybe the special blood that she has is why it stopped her from being turned into a vampire.  Maybe YS was dressed as a boy so that Gwi can't find her and kill her.  Maybe she is his last connection to humanity and by killing her, makes him totally a heartless vampire.  Too much speculations!  But, I don't mind YS being related to Gwi.  I don't how she can be half vampire and not want blood though.  I guess there is a possibility in there?  I just liked that SY sort of confronted his feelings for YS.  It's about time!
    Can't wait to watch the episode!  Have fun watching Ep. 10 tomorrow!
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  3. kitty99 added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    Hi Everyone! 
    Thanks for all the recaps, summaries, and pics!  I haven't watched Ep. 5 yet, but I wanted to drop a reply after I noticed that SY reciprocated YS's kiss.  That is so cute!  I love all the kisses in this series.  Some series you wait forever for the OTP to do their first kiss and this one, wow!  That didn't have to wait long. I know everyone is worried about the progress of the show, but I have faith in the writers.  There is still a lot to write on.  Like, how the Royal family is going to get out of being controlled by Gwi, maybe they will had a background story for Gwi, what happened to YS's father and LY's father, what is HR's part other then just looking like MH, start to talk about the loveline between LY and HR...and so much more.  I think the love triangle and the fact that everyone, minus the girls in the series, having to save YS from Gwi is enough of a storyline.
    I think that SY kissing YS is quite normal.  I'm pretty sure he had feelings the first time he saw her.  I don't think a person/non human would care about another person that much if they didn't have feelings for that person.  At that time, HR didn't come out yet.  If they came out at the same time, then I would think SY kissing YS is not normal.  Even though SY did have guilt over MH dying, she still died and SY knows for a fact that she died.  I don't think YS is going to take over what MH is to SY in his heart.  SY just put MH away as a memory and YS is just someone that seems to give him the same feelings that MH gave him.  For that fact, he sort of fell for her.  When SY saw HR, all his memories with MH just overcame him and he just had to hug her and look for her.  Plus, the fact that he can't even think straight that HR is not MH.  After thinking over, he probably realized that HR is HR and not MH at all cause she is dead.  SY probably had that in mind and the fact that he knows that Gwi is after YS and he needs the book from her, so he needs to protect her.  HR is not the one in danger, YS is.  SY has a mission and I feel that his mission is usually more important than anything.  He wanted to help the Crown Prince in his time get rid of Gwi even if there were consequences it attempting to do so.  I'm pretty sure if HR pops up again, he is going to chase after her.
    Anyways, loving how the story is progressing and can't wait for the next episode to come!  Enjoy everyone!
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