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  1. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Thanks for everyone's recaps and pics!  I am completely and utterly sad about the series.  Well...I didn't have much hope for the ending, so I wasn't exactly shocked that it was open ended.  I figured it was going to be open ended.  But, an explanation to this ending would be great!
    I was kind of shocked to find out that they filmed this ending in December.  So, they already knew how it was going to end anyways.  All the pleading from us was really of no use.  Well, they did say 'satisfied' ending, not happy ending.  Technically, seeing JS (or JS look a like) with Rita is considered a 'satisfied' ending.  Reminds me of Rooftop Prince.
    Regardless, I'm happy to see so called JS with Rita.  Actually, I think that is JS.  I have seen endings before where they show one of the main characters look like they died, but then in the next moment, the person is alive again.  So, to me, I think it's a good ending.  There are a few reasons that make me think that is JS.  For one thing, the look that JS gives Rita when he is trying to help her up is the same as before.  Unless, this JS is really nice and gives everyone that he saves the same look.  Secondly, Rita cried.  It wasn't the look of oh you look like my lover, more like oh there you are.  For the whole time Rita was in Kochenia, there was no indication that JS died.  Rita didn't say anything like till death, he still thinks about it.  The little girl just says I love you to JS.  No reference of his death means that he is still alive.
    I think, like someone said, that the virus is now spread out and everyone knows about it.  JS needs to hide his identity.  I think if was still living in Korea, then everyone will treat him like research project.  To make it seem like the virus died in Korea, everyone with the virus has to die.  That's why the writer made everyone die, so it's also normal that JS 'dies' too.  I think the sunset is just him being reborn as a human.  He had really special blood before, so who knows what it did to him.  I prefer to believe that he turned into a human because he didn't turn into one to fight the vampires. I think JS just went to Kochenia to try to deal with the vampires and help the people there.  Rita probably wanted to stay to deal with the after effects of the Taemin Hospital and with her uncles death.  They probably said they would mean each other in Kochenia and also probably emphasized that fate will bring them together which it did.  I find it weird that they don't really tell you how much time has passed when Rita went to Kochenia.  Usually, the series do.  I guess they want us to think that they weren't separated for long.  The ending sequence, to me, can't really be a dream.  Because I think it would be really weird for Rita to imagine vampires chasing after her and JS saving her.  Plus, if it was a dream, the whole sequence would look blurry and they will show him not there when the camera pans away.  Since that didn't happen, then JS did save her.
    I prefer to think that that JS is together with Rita because for one, I don't want to be sad and prefer to live in my little world, plus everything at the end seems to point out that they are together. 
    Anyways, that's my opinion of the ending!  It was really nice sharing my thoughts with everyone of you.  Hope to see you guys in other threads!
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  2. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hmm...I thought I wouldn't be back until after the ending and I should really be sleeping, but I can't get the sad part out of my head.  The subs don't help either!
    Anyways, I have a feeling that it will end with an open ended ending.  I don't think any of the good people will die.  This is my guess at the last episode.  I still feel that it's rushed to end everything with one episode.  I even felt Healer was rushed.  Hmm..what is with KBS dramas on a Monday.  Hopefully, the next series will be a little better and not rush the ending!
    I think we will have 10 minutes of them dealing with HW's funeral. 10 minutes of all the kidnapping and sending messages about Rita being kidnapped.  I actually hope they split the killing up.  JS should deal with LJW and have Gayeon and the hyung turn good and deal with that pharmacy guy.  I don' think we need two people dealing with the pharmacy guy, but I think sending those two after him is good.  That whole fight and if they do do the splitting up would last about 15 minutes.  If they really have JS kill all the bad people, then it would probably last 20 minutes.  This leaves around 20 minutes to wrap up everything.  I still think that Rita's Aunt is still good, but I could be wrong.  I think it would end off with JS's blood curing all the infected and him still not giving up on finding a cure for himself.  Rita will help along with Dr. Jung.  Everyone still works at the hospital.  I really doubt they will turn Rita into a vampire, but I could be wrong.  I just think that even if she ends up being infected, then JS would still use his blood to cure her.  I don't think he would allow her to be infected, but then again. JS's mom got infected somehow.  So, I think Rita might get infected either way.  I actually rather they ended it with an open ended ending than a sad ending.  I have really little hope for a happy happy ending.   Although, if that does happen, I would be extremely ecstatic!!
    I can't see them being able to put any Romania scenes in there because one hour is too short to wrap up everything that is currently happening in the hospital.  They could have them visit the girl as some sort of vacation after everything that has happened.
    I really hope the writers give us a  'satisfying ending' as they have stated.  I don't think a sad ending is satisfying after putting everybody through all this pain.  I'm still hoping for a silver lining after all these problems.  I hope it doesn't get squashed!
    Anyways...happy watching!  Last episode for Blood!  It was a great pleasure to meet everyone and discuss about the series! I might post after the ending, depending on how sad I am after watching it!
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  3. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hello Everyone! 

    Thanks for all the caps and translations!  So sad!  Tomorrow is the last episode!  I'm really hoping for a good ending because I haven't had a good week and having a bad ending for this series that I have been chasing all this time is not going to help.

    I haven't watched Ep. 19, but seeing all the gifs and descriptions is making me cry!  I don't know if I could watch this episode.  I really wanted HW to end up with Rita's bf.  I don't know about everyone else, but if I watch a series and a person that is not shown up lots throughout the series suddenly gets a lot of screen time in one episode, it just means that something is going to happen to that person.  From what I can see, HW seems to pop up in this episode a lot, so I guess it's supposed to foreshadow that something bad was going to happen to him.  I didn't think he would die though.  From the way he took JS out and went to see Rita's bf, based on the fact that he was wearing the same outfit all the time to his death, I guess he knew he wasn't going to make it.  How he knew, I don't know!  I really wished JS could have made it on time!  That was his best friend!  He was like a brother to him!  I feel really sad for JS cause he couldn't help him in anyway at that time.  He just had to watch him die!  He had to watch his mother die and now HW.  Oh geez!  I really hope nothing happens to Rita. 

    I don't understand the writer at all!  Why oh why oh why are they making JS's life so difficult!  Isn't his life sad enough?!!?!?!? Why can't they just spare his good friend!  Are they trying to push him over the edge and kill someone?  At this moment in time, I really hope he kills LJW and that evil drug guy!!  It's sad but I really don't care about the human part and he should spare them crap!  I don't know...I really want to see them die a horrible death! 

    Oh I feel so sad for Rita's friend!  I wonder how she would react after knowing that!  I hope she doesn't go into depression mode!

    I don't know about everyone else, but I find that sometimes in some series, there is this minor character that pops up a lot and if that character dies, I tend to not want to watch the series anymore.  I have minor hope for a good ending tomorrow after this.  Well, the writers don't have to worry if people start to not want to watch the series anymore, tomorrow's the last day!  Anyways, happy watching tomorrow!  If it ends up being a good ending, I'll just rewatch everything and not watch Ep. 19 again!  I'm going to go sulk over HW!!!! (
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  4. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for all the screencaps and translations!

    Wow!  The long awaited kiss!  From all the gifs and slow motion, it was really nice.  I don't even care about the length of the kiss, I was happy that they even kissed.  I was thinking that I haven't seen AJH kiss anyone, so this would be his first onscreen kiss.  For his first onscreen kiss, that was good even though it did take 3 hours.  I'm thinking there is probably going to be another one and if we are lucky another after that.  But, I don't know, I think another one is very likely.

    I keep hearing about Romania scenes still left to air.  I haven't really read all the posts on this thread, but is the whole team there?  Maybe, that is where they will find the cure?  If they are planning on air the Romania scenes, then the whole group would have to be there because it wouldn't make sense for JS and a few others to be in Romania while the hospital is being overrun by infectees.

    I was worried that HW would be harmed sometime in the series.  I don't think he will die, but I'm still praying that the writer/director not go against my belief.  I still want him to date RT's bff.  Even though we only have 4 episodes, I still think it's too early to kill HW off.  If he does, I don't think RT can even stop JS from going to kill JW.  If the writer wants to kill HW off, I would think it would be towards the end of the series, like episode 19 or something.  I think JW just wants to know how far he could go to drive JS insane.  He sent people after Dr. Jung and he was okay.  I think JW wants to send a message to JS saying that he will harm his people if he doesn't stop what he is doing.  I don't think MGY would text JS.  It would be nice if she did.  I keep thinking its JW that did that.

    As for Rita, I don't think anything will happen to her either.  I think again, if anything were to happen to her, it would be the end of the series.  JS might go see Rita after he saves HW to make sure nothing happened to her, but I don't think she will get attacked.  If JW was going to attack both HW and Rita, we would see something happening to Rita too, but we didn't.  I really hope Rita tells JS about her possible sickness though. 

    I think MGY might switch sides and die.  I have this weird feeling.  She has always thought that she should follow JW no matter what because he saved her, but after hanging around with the JS and company, she found another side that is a lot better than JW's thinking.  She might end up trying to save someone and die. 

    Since it's close to the end of the series, which I am totally extremely sad about, we should speculate about how it should end.  I really hope for a good ending.  Everyone suffered so much over this virus that they should be able to live a happy life without having to think about it.  I keep thinking that Rita's sickness might cure JS somehow.  Very far fetched I know!  I don't want to see JS infect Rita to save her.  It just means that what they were doing for the whole series meant nothing.  In the end, they might have killed the bad guy, but found no cure at all.  What was the point of the whole series and them trying to find ways to cure this virus?  I really want them to find a cure for this virus so they can save everyone that got experimented on.  If no cure is found, it just means every infected person in the hospital has to die because they are out of control.  That really sucks!  I really want to know how the writers are going to end this series!

    Anyways, happy watching everyone!  Until next week!  I'm going to rewatch that kiss until my computer blows up! 

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  5. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for the caps and translations!  There are a lot of speculations as to why JS would inject the drug, but I guess we will know why when the subtitles come out.
    I really don't think JS will inject anything into him that comes from LJW.  Even if he does want to be a human badly, I don't think he would take that chance.  I mean, it could cause a bad effect and then he won't be able to kill his parents killer.  Like someone else said, I think he's taking it to see what kind of affect it has on him.  I think if it works in the opposite direction for him, then he could show LJW that it doesn't affect him and he should just not even try at all.  Was that part where JS was showing LJW his parents picture to him?  I think, from their expressions, it's like JS is confronting him.  If that is the case, if JS wanted to be human, then it's hard from his to get more of the drug from LJW.  Maybe, now that they have a sample, they can work out an antidote or something?  I'm pretty sure he is not doing it because he wants to be human for Rita that badly, plus, Rita always seems to find out he what he is doing and if he is doing that for her and hurting himself in the process, she would stop him.  I think it's too early in the series for JS to lose his power or something.  How are we going to get to the end if that is the case?
    Like everyone else, the romance in this series is killing me!  But...I think I'm getting used to the non romance in this series. There are so much things happening that is hard to put that much romance in here.  We know they have feelings for each other and I think JS knows that Rita sort of have feelings for him and vice versa, just no one is admitting it.  I think if they confess to each other by Ep. 16, then I'm happy.
    As for the ending, I really don't think it will be a sad ending.  Again, a main part of the series seems to emphasize that JS wants to be a human.  So, if they don't do that in the end, it kind of defeats that purpose.  I guess as someone said that they could turn him human for a few days and die, but the other part of the storyline is how to cure the people that are infected.  If that happens, then that is not considered a cure.  It just means that after someone gets infected, they turn back but die later.  I'm pretty sure that this series will get a happy ending.
    Anyways, waiting patiently for the subs to come out to see what happened really.
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  6. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for all the screencaps and translations for today's ep!  Another daebak episode I see! least we see more of the Risang couple today which is great!  Now, we just need a kiss sometime!  I like how JS always smiles when Rita does something to him.  That's cute! I don't know what is going to happen now now that JS knows someone is out to kill Rita.  Either way, it just means more get together with the couple because JS will think it's not safe to leave Rita alone.  I wonder if he is going to attempt to kill that vampire that is killed his mother.  Why do I have a feeling that Rita will attempt to stop him again? I think he should just kill him so one less vampire to live.  Hmm...has JS killed any of the vampires since he came to the hospital?  I don't remember.  I only see LJW doing a lot of killing.
    I kind of knew they would make MGY like JS.  I have this weird feeling she might end up dying for him or something.  Anyways, too far away.  Not everyone thinks like LJW does.  I think being a doctor and seeing all the people suffer and die can change someone, whether to be good or to be bad.  I was really happy that JS didn't use his blood on the nun because that would mean that he is starting to think like LJW, just a lot less evil.  It's sad, but it's the facts of life, people need to die when their time comes.  Randomly changing their time of death is really not following the cycle of life.  Anyways, I kind of like the fact that MGY likes JS because that way, she will instead try to help him rather than go against him. 
    The new doctor is creepy!  And more vampires!  I keep having a feeling that it will be JS against all the vampires in the hospital!  Let's hope that's not the case because one guy can't kill everyone of them and at the same time protect everyone else.  I don't think they are going to kill Dr. Jung though.  Maybe to warn him to butt out and mind his own business!  I think it will be too obvious to kill him because he is against 21A ward and to have him killed means all eyes on LJW and his wonderful ward.  Plus, I keep thinking that he knows more than he lets on and maybe of help to JS in finding his cure.  I mean, it could happen that they kill him off, but I don't think so. 
    Anyways, another 5 days wait!  This series is causing me not to be able to study properly and I have an exam in two days!  Ay!  Cramming time!  Happy waiting everyone!
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  7. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for all the recaps, pics, and spoilers!  Boy, is this series getting more if we get a kiss sometime, that would be nice too.

    I kind of knew that MGY was the spy, just didn't think she would be a vampire too.  I see JS helping MGY, but I also don't think there would be any romance between them.  Rita was the first girl he met and the first girl he wanted to buy a clip for, so I don't think it will change now that someone else in the picture.  He made an effort to go make Rita smile after Rita saw him and MGY together.  I think he will always like Rita.  Besides, I don't think at this moment, he is thinking about any romance.  If he did, he would have made a move on Rita already, but he is hesitate because of what he is.  I think something major has to happen to Rita for him to actually tell her that he likes her and wants to be with her.  I hope that is soon! Anyways, MGY will try to get JS to maybe probably go with her, but I highly doubt that will happen.  There will be arguments between JS and Rita because of MGY, but I don't think it will ever go romantic between MGY and ever. 

    I really don't like that there is a villain in the good doctor group, but I also think that MGY might go the other way.  She's always only known LJW's way, but never really got a glimpse of the other side.  I always think that JS fighting all the vampires in the show is really hard, maybe MGY will be the other one that could help them.  She might realize JS's point of view is so much better than LJW's.  Well, the writers have to put some road block in there so that people won't get bored or watching.

    I wanted to see Rita's friend with JS's friend and well, this episode actually tries to put them together!  That's so cute that everyone is sitting there watching them flirt with one another.  I suspected that MGY would be bad, but I don't suspect that JS's friend will be bad.  JS has been with him for so long, I'm pretty sure something would have popped up sometime.  I'm just worried about him dying. 

    I think a major battle is brewing and it's slowly going to blow up when it comes to the end.  Now, I really hope the writers so turn JS into a human because that is his all time wish so he could be with Rita.  I think to end it other wise really defeats the whole purpose of the whole series.  I know, the whole series isn't really focusing on turning JS into human, but how to cure this virus that is going on.  I think it's the same...curing virus..cure JS!  How great is that!  I think Rita might have something to do with his cure though.  I'm just praying and wishing that I'm correct on that this series will have a good ending.  JS had such a sad life, he deserves to be happy!   Anyways, can't wait till Ep. 12 where they go shopping! 

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  8. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Hi Everyone!

    I have been lurking for a while and really wanted to drop a comment.  First of all, thanks to everyone for the screencaps, gifs, and translations!

    I really want to see JS and Rita get together too, but I like the slow pace at the moment.  Again, as someone had mentioned, they just found out that they met when they were younger.  So, to see them grab and kiss is just too weird because they don't know anything about each other except that JS saved Rita when they were younger.  For JS, he doesn't want to start a relationship because he is still trying to find his mother's killer and be human.  He thinks that if he starts a relationship with Rita, he might end up hurting her in some way, not that he doesn't want to be with her as shown in all the hair touching and smiles when he is around her.  For Rita, she just found out that JS is her savior and a vampire.  I mean, she knew all along that her oppa was of the supernatural kind, but she never really imagined being with someone like that.  I think the fact that she saw JS transform like that is still scaring her. She has to slowly get used to the idea.  You can tell she is still scared of him when Rita tried to stop JS from going to kick LJW's butt.  If she wasn't, she would just jump right in front of him and probably push him over.  Oh wait!  Maybe she should have done that because then we would get our accidental kiss!?  Oh never mind.  Anyways, yeah, she wants to be with him, but she has to get used to the idea that he is a vampire.

    I don't think JS's friend will betray him, I'm just worried that he might die.  It would be nice if he got together with Rita's friend!  That would be great!

    I like that there a good team of four out to battle the rest of the bad guys in the hospital.  Why do I keep thinking that there might be a big scene where all the infected patients start running around trying to get blood or something.  Hmm...that would really suck cause it would just be JS versus everyone.

    I was actually hoping that Rita could stop JS from going to find LJW.  I mean, I love the fight scene, but I keep thinking that that will back fire on him somehow.

    I always wondered why JS never mentioned his dad.  He always talks about his mom.  I just recently realized that his mom, when she had to take baby JS with her, never took any pictures with her, so JS wouldn't know much about his dad.  But, I would think that as JS grew older that his mother would tell him about this dad.  I wonder why the writers are waiting this long to start talking about the dad.  I was starting to feel bad about the dad, just because he died when JS was a baby, it doesn't mean that they should just not talk about him at all.

    Anyways, I love the series!  As long as the series has a good ending and all the evil baddies die off, then I would be so happy!

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  9. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2015] Blood 블러드 : Thanks for watching!   

    Oh hello everyone!  The first time I heard about this series, the actor wasn't confirmed.  Then, I read somewhere, I think Dramafever that the actor and actress was confirmed.  After that, I really wanted to see the series.  I went to watch the trailer and was trying to figure out when it was going to air and I realized it was Monday.  I thought this series would never air. 
    I really love watching vampires series and when I watched the first episode, I was so totally hooked.  I think I may be the crazy one, but I start speculating what would happen next and everything and the series just started.  I hope the ratings continue to go out and never go down because I don't want to see this series get cut.
    I love the first episode.  The action scenes were so cool!  I haven't watched the second episode yet, but the preview of the bickering couple is hilarious!  I was wondering why PJS didn't know that Rita was the girl he saved in the past, but from the spoilers that I read, it's because she changed her name.  Obviously!!  Of course the writers weren't going to give that away that early in the series.  They want them to interact and slowly realized that they had meet when they were younger.  I can't wait till they realize that they knew each other before.
    Oh...the long wait till next Monday!  That is very far away!!!  Anyways...just popped in to say hi and thanks to everyone for the pics and spoilers!  Till next week!
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  10. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Blade Man aka Iron Man - 아이언맨   

    Hi Everyone!
    Long time lurking and decided that I wanted to say something!  Thanks to everyone who posted caps and did translations for the series.
    I'm quite sad that the series got cut to 18 episodes.  I really don't want to listen to the excuse they give about sports causing this series to be cut short.  If they really wanted to, they could push The King's Face to the week after or air two episodes each day next week.  Anyways, gots to stop dwelling on that fact. least LDW will get some rest.  The early behind the scene shot of him sleeping whenever he had time made me really sad for him.  So, now he gets some early rest at least.
    As for the ending of this series, I really hope they end it well.  I don't want it rushed, but being that it got cut, it will be rushed.  As long as they put HB and SD together, solve TH and Yoon's storyline, then that's a good ending for me.  To have them try to solve everything is impossible in two episodes.  I think, to me, these are major storylines that need to be dealt with.  I'm pretty sure that HB and SD will be together because as someone described before, his eyes show that he doesn't love TH anymore.  Although...the whole living together is a puzzle to me.  I guess it's some sort of duty that HB wants to do before TH dies?  I really hope they let her die peacefully instead of having her alive.  By her being alive, she will be in so much stress cause HB doesn't love her anymore and to have her see him with SD is sad.  She in turn will cause stress for SD and well...even for Chang because if HB ends up with SD, then he's going to have a mom and a stepmother.  I think a stepmother is good enough.  I think the writers should have never brought her back in the first place, but since they did, they should let her rest in peace now.
    I was watching and fast forwarding some HB doesn't have blades anymore? I got to rewatch the episodes. 
    I'm glad SD's friend asked her that question about what she really wants.  She always thought that she shouldn't really selfishly want anything because it will make her a bad person, but everyone is selfish every now and then.  As long as it doesn't majorly hurt anyone around you, it's okay.  It's okay to want HB because HB wants her (I'm assuming her answer will be HB).  If HB didn't want her, then that's a different story.  By having her push herself away from HB so that he could be with TH is hurting everyone and herself.  She needs to have some confidence and want something in her life so that she doesn't have any of those fainting spells. long as HB and SD go together...I don't really care about anything else.  I'm pretty sure at this time, this is what everyone wants right? I really miss the hugs! I hope they give us more hugs next week!
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  11. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Blade Man aka Iron Man - 아이언맨   

    Hi Everyone!  First time posting in this thread!  I really like the development in this series so far.  There are so many unanswered questions and it's interesting to watch LDW act.  He shows so much different emotions in this series.  Too bad the ratings aren't good, but I still love the show either way would watch it all the way to end.  I hope by that time, the ratings would get better.  HB and SD are so cute together!  I guess their romantic relationship is starting to bloom. Thanks to everyone who posted gifs and vids and screencaps of the series.  I can't wait to see what else happen in the series!
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  12. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] My Secret Hotel (마이 시크릿 호텔)   

    Hi Everyone!  First time posting on this thread!  I would like to say that when I first watched the series, I am a huge SG and SH shipper.  Don't get me wrong, I still am.  I haven't watched the last few episodes when I found out that the main premise for the series could be to pair HY and SH back together.  Based on just the beginning episodes, which I like so much and the plot seems to make sense, I really liked SG's character and how much he cared for SH.  I really hope he isn't the murderer in the end because if SH and HY ends up together and he becomes the murderer, I think that would be really sad for him.
    I think SH is very indecisive in her choosing to be with one or the other.  Of course, a lot of that has to do with the writer.  But, I think her indecision mostly stems from the fact that her and HY had a speedy marriage and then he left her.  She was more in love with HY and the fact that he came back brought all the feelings back and makes her want to be with him and see if things will work out this time.  But, at the same time. she doesn't want to because she is afraid that she might get hurt.  So, she tries to move on with SG.  I think deep down inside she likes both guys (maybe HY a little more), but she just can't pick one or the other because she doesn't want to get hurt again.  Obviously, that can not be the excuse for her to technically be with both guys at the same time.  I hope she chooses the right path in the end, the one that will make her happy because right now, it's quite exhausting to see her with HY and SG as the same time.
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  13. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Bride of the Century / 백년의 신부   

    chubbychub1966 said: Episode 16 on dailymotion Part 1:
    Part 2:

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  14. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Bride of the Century / 백년의 신부   

    mispriya said: DR's grandma had a boyfriend.  She eloped with him. 
    KJ's grandpa was in love with her( love at first sight). In order to marry her, he spread the rumor.  Thus nobody will give him girl. DR's grandma's family was poor. So she was sold to him. Actually his intention was to marry DR's grandma only. KJ's grandpa succeeded in his plan to marry the girl he loved but she deserted him making others to think that the rumor is correct. 
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  15. kitty99 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Bride of the Century / 백년의 신부   

    mispriya said: There was no curse to begin with. It was a rumor spread by Ghost lady's and Great Choi's son(KJ's grandpa) so that he can marry DR's grandma. 
    What is shown as their reunion is until DR came and paid respects to her (Ghost) nobody has done anything on the memorial day. Now eveyone has paid respects to her as the Lady/Mother she is able to reach Heaven and meet KJ's great grandpa.
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