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  1. Anna1430266407 added a post in a topic: Samples? Freebies? Coupons? Savings?   

    Victoria's Secret- $10 off order (doesn't work on clearance items)
    Expires 10/23 at 11:59PM EST
    They currently have free shipping with any non-clearance bra purchase
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  2. Anna1430266407 added a post in a topic: W H A T . D I D . Y O U . B U Y . T O D A Y ? [B&F Related Items ONLY!]   

    Cozy Open Knit Cardigan $15.62

    Ribbed Knee Length Skirt $7.92

    Garden Party Bib Necklace $8.82

    Boomerang Bib Necklace $7.92

    Ornate Crocheted Skirt $14.22

    Suri's Roses Top $16

    Josie's Block Top $17

    Tidal Wave Skirt $23
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