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  1. rrmski added a post in a topic [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러   

    Healer is also airing in my country, Israel. We're already at episode 13.  And a lot of people love it!
    Thank god it is subtitled and the original Korean language is the one that is aired.
    Our logo:

    Healer site in my country: http://viva.walla.co.il/?w=/4607/2862412 And this is our promo:
    Oh, and by the way, I got email update from innolife today, informing me of the recent notice. I just hope I won't have to pay taxes once again.
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  2. rrmski added a post in a topic [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러   

    No one added "How to take care of your Healer Director's Cut DVD/BD" so I'm posting it here. It includes very important instructions.
    It saddens me so much we're not allowed to discuss about Healer Director's Cut and reveal any information. I was looking forward to revive this forum with all Healerites.
    I wonder why they made such strict and drastic decisions. Whatever the reason, I respect it.
    While we wait for our DVD/BR to arrive, here are the covers from jichangwook_hyein8705.
    Looks amazing, right? I'm jealous at the people who already got their package. Can't wait for my DVD!
    Few more clear pictures from mow1230 (weibo).
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  3. rrmski added a post in a topic Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Actor/Musical Actor [Upcoming Project: Movie "Fabricated City"]   

    Instagram update!
    First update translation: Heart
    Second update translation: Hiccups .... # someday # would be stopped # sigh # hiccups
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  4. rrmski added a post in a topic [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러   

    I received an email update from Innolife as well. I'm super excited! It's the first time I order something from Korea.
    And it's not just a simple thing. It's my Healer DVD, something I waited for so long.
    Now, not much time left till we can enjoy Healer again, and this time it will be with our DVD's / Blurays.
    You know what I'm doing for now? Re-watching Healer on Viki! I love people comments there, it's so funny!
    BTW, the second Teaser of Director's Cut is perfect!
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