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  1. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Yeah Couple || Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won ||   

    seriously this couple ...  i just can't stop smiling watching them together in this episode ...seriously their naturalness makes me feel that they are the real lovers .... they look natural in everything that they do together ..they are the epitome of married couple in this we got married show ..... i can really feel minsuk's nervousness while waiting for the right time to say " i love you" to yewon ..... they are just too sweet together ..... can't wait to watch the raw version  later on ... 
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  2. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @piluche yes ... I've seen that fans account as well and actually Kibians on IG had discussed a lot regarding her answers ..huhuh ..btw , in my opinion that's the safest way for Yubi to answer ... for me , she has no qualms and she's not shy to say that she'd take Changmin as her husband and Soo Hyuk as her lover because she doesn't have feelings for them at all and somehow I think both  Changmin and Soo Hyuk knows who's the one that Yubi really likes because Changmin said that he wants to be alone and Soo Hyuk asked can he reject ....ehehehe ... they perhaps know what's really going on ..and what makes me more suspicious is the way Soo Hyuk said that means Yubi has no feelings for Junki .... the way he said it makes me feels as if he's teasing KiBi ..ehehe .. furthermore both of him and Junki are still keeping in touch with each other judging from the way they interacted on their IG ... Junki and Soo Hyuk left comments on each others IG recently ...eheehhe .. ..btw , have u seen the reason why Yubi chose Junki as her older brother ?? 
    this is her answer : 
    Lee Junki as a brother because he's reliable and look after others very well 
    Soo Hyuk as a lover because she likes how Soo Hyuk loves to tease the person he likes
    Changmin as a hubby because he doesn't seem like someone who'll cheat 
    judging from her words , she praised Junki the most ...ehehehe ..reliable and take care of others very well are also the traits that an ideal husband/lover should have .. ehehehe ...btw , she knows very well that Junki has so many fans and  Junki is rumored to be dating Hye Bin of course she won't answer/choose Junki as her lover/husband  ..  meanwhile Soo Hyuk and Changmin are just around her age. so yes , for me she gave the safest and the wisest answer here ... 
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  3. mcleen added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    yubi sang the SWWTN's OST "Don't Cry" in the fanmeeting ..she posted some of the short clips taken by fans on her IG ....seriously this girl is multi talented ..she has such beautiful voice and can really have her own album if she wants to ... here's the short clips 
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  4. mcleen added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    @leesopark16 so this is from the OST special DVD ??? I really can't wait for the making DVD to be released  because it's said that the duration for the making bts is 300 minutes we'll get lots of bts cuts ...huhuh ..yess .... i love how the casts get along very well together , especially my beloved KiBi couple ..huhuhu ..Junki is very playful as usual ... seriously , just like u said .. MBC should have released more BTS since they have so many unreleased BTS cut .. they should have done when the hype is still  not over .... but then again , I just can't wait for the fanmeeting that is just around the corner too ... hopefully when the making DVD is out ,  there are fans who would generously share with us the bts cuts in the dvd ...
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  5. mcleen added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    someone posted the unseen BTS in facebook ...I think maybe the cut is from the DVD making ... not sure ..but then I love the BTS 
    credits : Hajunse Lee Jun Ki and Maressa Imuya
    some of the screencaps from the bts 
    credits :
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  6. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @Maressa Imuya really thanks a lot for sharing the video ...yeayyyy!!! finally got to watch the video ... I think this bts really comes from the making DVD... and if I'm not mistaken there are 300 minutes of drama making in the DVD from the description before yerp , hopefully we'll get to see more bts after this .... just can't help smiling as well while watching the BTS ...... somehow I think both of them looked pretty shy when they had to shoot romantic scenes ..eheheheeh ....cute . 
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  7. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @fruitkatsu really thanks a lot for your translation ...sorry for this late reply still in my lurking mode since I have lots of paperwork to be done ..hhuhuh ..but then I just can't help to delurk after looking at those BTS pictures shared by @Tina488 earlier ... no wonder you said this interview sounds familiar .. the contents a bit similar to the one shared by the IG user named kibicouple ... though there's only a little part about Yubi being mentioned by Junki ,  I already feel contented and happy that he praised her being someone who's bright and  cute ...since he mentioned that his ideal type is someone who's bright and cute as well .. hehehe .. 
    @KiBifantasy101 and @mabelle147 you're welcome ..please don't mention about it ...btw , I'm soooo happy to see those new bts pictures which come from one of the video shared by Junki's fans on her weibo .. unfortunately I don't know her weibo's account ID .. if not , I would definitely go and check out the video ... btw .. Yubi had finally updated her IG after more than one week of not updating .. huhuh . and yess... Junki is finally back in Korea .. I really hope that both of them are keeping in touch with each other ... and btw . @Tina488 thanks for sharing those BTS pics .. since those pics were deleted from the earlier account that u shared right here .. I've already found another user that shared more BTS pics ..huhuhuh ...
    @piluche , @Irisz , @dark4ngel and other Kibians in this thread .. I really hope that these BTS pictures shared by this IG user would make all of you happy and have some hopes on Kibi again 
    checkout more BTS pics on
    seriously I love love love love love love love love all these screencaps ..just go to show that our beloved couple really had a blast and happy shooting together ... they smiled and laughed a lot ...huhuhuhuh .... and I think I have no doubt that they might have fall in love with each other on the set ... as for Junki, it's hard for me to read him but then his happiness being with Yubi already makes me contented and somehow I think he likes her as his leading lady but then in  my heart I really hope he likes her more than that  ..and Yubi , I do really think she likes him based on her IG postings before .... now I really can't wait till more BTS pics and vids are unveiled ..seriously MBC is being stingy because they know how would people react looking at how sweet Kibi interacting with each other and yes , it's because of their sweetness that MBC kept all those BTS to be repackaged as the DVD making ....
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  8. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    there's a news articles about this  ....i'll try to find it for you later on .... also there's a clip of yubi's bts which was posted on  sidus hq website that clip , yubi shared with us her top 3 favorite scenes in swwtn and the dreamy kiss scene is one of them ...ehehehe .. 
     btw kibians, just got to know that those pics that i've shared previously are from swwtn's ost part 2's photobook .... btw  , one of my IG friend who happens to be one of KiBi shippers as well shared with me these pics that Yubi posted on her IG before ,,seriously , I've never realized that Yubi posted these pics before on her IG .... well .. look at these pics . 
    this was posted by Yubi on 9th June 2015 as mentioned by my friend 
    and this one was posted on 22nd of June 2015 
    looking at these pics , it seems that there's big possibility that Yubi is falling in love with someone when she posted these ...huhuh ..and those dates was just before SWWTN started airing they were posted when she was busy shooting SWWTN with Junki .... and I've just discovered about it today since my friend shared it with me .... I don't know what did she say in the second pic but it's very clear that the pic shows the cartoon character was shot by love arrow ...huhuhuh .... so I think Yubi has started dropping hints much earlier but then we just didn't know about it wonder we can really see that she looked very happy during the press conference day and the way she looked at Junki is really obvious that she likes/admires him .... Junki, you should realize this .... 
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  9. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    ok ...I was just checking out the IG and I found these pictures posted on IG ... I think I've never seen these pics before .... huhuhuh ..they are BTS pics of KiBi ....and seriously looking at these pics make me smile  widely .... huhuhuhuh .... look at Junki's expression ..look at his eyes ...huhuhuhuh ... I believe these pics come from the DVD making photobook ??? or maybe the OST album ?? I don't know but I really love the way Junki was looking at Yubi in these pics ..   and since I've also already preordered the DVD making .. I can't wait to get my hands on it ... huhuhuh ..seriously I think we'll get lots of lovely KiBi pictures and lovely scenes together ... now Kibians .. just look at these pics .... huhuhuhuh ...... the way he looks at her ...... kyaaa!!!
    credits :
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  10. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @mabelle147 you're welcome dearie ....ehehehe... actually i've always wondered if Yubi ever kiss Junki back in all those kissing scenes that they shared together in SWWTN ... I mean, we didn't really get to see Yubi's lips in most of the kiss scenes because it looks like Junki devoured her lips to make the kiss scenes more interesting somehow, I think there should be some of those scenes that she actually puckered up her lips and kiss him back but then we didn't really get to see it ... eheheeh..just my shipper's heart's wishful thinking ... whatever it is , Junki is definitely the first guy that Yubi has passionate kiss with onscreen ... before this ,all the kiss scenes that she had are just kisses on the cheeks and I think she perhaps she had a peck kiss in Twenty . not really sure about this . I love all the kissing scenes in SWWTN ... ehehe . 
    ohhh .. I was lurking in Junki's thread just now and found this excerpt from an interview shared by someone in Junki's thread
    You have many older Japanese fans. Have you dated an older woman before? What do you think of dating an older woman?
    Of course I have dated an older woman before. It’s good if the person has deep thoughts, consideration for others and can communicate well with me. Age is just a number to me. Love becomes unconditional when you fall for someone right? I also believe that the right person will appear one day so I have no intentions to deliberately choose someone who is older or younger than me.
    full interview link credits :
    well ... if anyone has read Yubi's interview before ..she's someone who really has deep thoughts despite her young age and easygoing nature .... eheheh ... of course we can really see that she has consideration for others judging from the way she treats her co stars and the crews on SWWTN . and yes ... it's undeniable KiBi can communicate very well with each other on the shooting set ... I love Junki's answer ..he said that age is just a number to him we can really say that there's no problem even if there's 8 years age gap between them. huhuh ...awww .. he said it himself that love becomes unconditional when we fall for someone ....huhuhuh ... now that I know this stand of his, I'm not worried about their age gap anymore.
    btw it seems that there's another mag interview of Junki had been shared in his thread and I believe it's a new interview and related to SWWTN ... so got to share the scanned mags right here ... 

    credits : NestleKIMY via Lee Joon Gi's thread
    @fruitkatsu I'm not sure about this .. but I more or less remember that you can read and understand Japanese as well besides Korean right ?? or did I get it wrong ? if you can ... do you mind to check out this scanned interview  , in case there's some excerpt or parts in the interview that is related to KiBi or parts that he mentions Yubi in it .. if there's ..I hope that perhaps you could help to translate the excerpt briefly ... really thanks a lot in advance for your help ....
    I can't wait for 5th and 7th of November to come because I'm really looking forward to see Yubi in the fanmeeting and also we can see her onscreen again since she's one of the MC for Melon Music Awards that night . I really hope that she'll update her IG soon'd been a week since her last update due to what had happened recently . 
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  11. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @lisethvr and @mabelle147 thanks a lot for telling me about the source of the interview ..woow ..the interview was done back in year 2006 .... this is one of the many reasons why i can't stop loving these 2 .. both of them have so many similarities and it's amazing how their ideal type perfectly fit each others' personality traits ... do you all still remember that Yubi answered her fans' question regarding her ideal guy type on her IG?? remember she said that the guy has to be around 170-178 cm tall , someone who's funny,easygoing, friendly and honest .. and somehow she also mentioned about how she adores the main male character in Twilight  , Edward Cullen ?? ehehhehe .... all of those traits mentioned resembles Junki to a tee and now right here Junki also mentioned the personality traits which make us think of Yubi straightaway . huhhuhu ... seriously , if these are not the signs that they are fated for each other , then I don't know what is ... 
    @Kibifantasy101 that's right ..the fact that both of them loving the same kissing scene really makes me smile like a crazy looney ... i don't know of junki knows that the scene is also Yubi's favorite scene ... ehehe .. but my shipper's heart is saying that he knows it ... either way , doesn't matter if he knows about it or not , the kissing scene should be very memorable for both of them since they admit they like the scene ..huhuhu. now i really can't wait for yubi to attend the fanmeet in Japan and I really hope that she'll have magazine photoshoot and interview when she's over there because usually that's what kdrama stars always do whenever they go to promote their dramas in Japan .... and I pray that we'll get more juicy tidbits from Yubi herself ..huhuhuh . thanks a lot for sharing the clip .. omoooo ...i am so envious of those fans that got to hug Junki ..ehehehe..they were really starstrucked. can't blame them though ..huhuhuh ... and i love how junki sincerely granted all the fans' wishes ..he's really such a nice and humble actor .... ehehehe ... it's cute how he said one of the girl fits his ideal girl type and then the girl mentioned she already has a bf and how sporting her bf is when he's all smile knowing what junki said ..ekekeke ..
    since this is KiBi's favorite kissing scene in SWWTN , just can;t help sharing the gifs right here ... not sure if these gifs had been posted in this thread before or not ..eehhe

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  12. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @KiBifantasy101 huhu..let say if this interview was done before he gets to meet yubi, then we have to say that it's such a sweet co incidence that yubi has all the qualities/traits that he wants in his ideal girl  i hope he's aware that he has already met the girl he's been looking for .. and if this interview is very recent, i really think he's thinking of yubi while mentioning all those traits..hehe..i can't stop smiling...oh..btw..i've found the interview that u mentioned being posted on's the excerpt..
    Hehehe..what makes me go high is the fact that we know at dreamy kiss scene is also yubi's favorite scene in come they have similar favorite kissing scene???? Huhuhu...yubi mentioned that she loves this scene as well.
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  13. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @rosycloud thanks for sharing the links..i've watched both clips shared on SWWTN thread...and i was a bit disappointed that they didn't include any interview with yubi in the clip...i believe the interview was done to promote SWWTN airing in Japan..there are some BTS included but then there's no kibi scenes in those BTS ..uhuks! Seriously it feels weirder how come MBC is so stingy to release more KIBI'S BTS...I wonder if the subbed version of Junki's interview is similar to the lengthy version that includes changmin's and soo hyuk's interview as well.
    @Kibifantaay101 yes we're getting some tidbits on hus post swwtn interview..i really hope there will be more interviews like this...huhu..just like u, i love the part when he mentioned that he has to be resoonsible for yubi's're right..he's such a gentleman..hehe he mentioned that they did thorough preparation to shoot the kiss i think he might love all the other kissing scenes that he shared with yubi ib this series.
    @sophieelle yubi is very lovable and easygoing, hence guys can easily like her..huhu..jung jun young does look like he might have some crush on her as well..seriously, i didn't expect that he knows yubi and befriends her...whatever it is...junki is still the best guy for yubi in my eyes...i really hope that if he likes her for real, he won't hesitate to pursue her heart...
    @mabelle147 it's good to see him having a good time filming in SA..i just hope he is still keeping in touch with yubi despite being far away from each other..
    @zacklazchapellez thanks a lot for sharing the excerpt right here.. i remember he said before that he likes woman who takes pride in their i guess maybe this excerpt comes from a recent source as well..i love how all those traits fits yubi perfectly..looking forward to read more of interviews done by junki n yubi in the future.
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  14. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @zacklazchapellez omoooo!!! when did he say this  ??? is this from his latest interview ??  may I know where did you get the source from ?? uhuhuhuhu ... all the traits mentioned perfectly fits Yubi to a tee ...huhuhuhuh .... well ..I remember that his ideal type 3 years ago was a bit different than this..  .. but then this one ..huhuhu .. it seems as if he's describing it while thinking of Yubi .. huhuhuh . 
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  15. mcleen added a post in a topic Lee Joon Gi & Lee Yu Bi (SungYang/KiBi/GiBi Couple)   

    @mabelle147 and @Kibifantasy101 thanks for sharing those news articles ... seriously .. those guys are baddies .. how can they threatened her like that ?? luckily Yubi is wise enough to tell this to her company and they came up with the plan to trick the guy ... I really hope those guys go into the prison .. I'm afraid they would try to harm her . I feel so bad for Yubi now ... no wonder she hasn't updated her IG for sometimes now ... and her followers on IG is already more than 1 million now .... 
    btw... we have good news about Yubi as well , she's going to be one of the MC for Melon Music Awards which will be held on 7th of November . she will be hosting together with Seo Kang Joon and Red Velvet's member as well ... so yerp , we'll get to see her onscreen again soon .. and then don't forget about the SWWTN fanmeeting which is happening 2 days after the music awards event .... 
    btw ..remember that Junki had an interview on SWWTN before he leave for South Africa ?? well , there are news articles about this which had just been published recently ... goshh ..they took so long to publish it when the interview took place quite a while ago .... and here's some excerpt from the news article that I found which was shared by @kibicouple on her IG 
    he talked about the underwater kissing scene ...ehehehe .. he said that the underwater scene is special because there were just 2 of them and if there's any danger happen, he's the one that is supposed to take responsibility since he's a man. eheeheh .about the underwater kissing scene he said that they shot the scene till they get the perfect scene (ehehehe .. my shippers' heart is saying several times yerp ..just imagine how many times did they kiss under the water :P) . I don't understand what does it mean when he said he will not give a fantasy ?? eheheh . don't know how to interpret this line. 
    @sophieelle thanks a lot for sharing about this tidbit ..huhuhuh ..I went to check out the clip and found that Jung Jun Young is very cuteeeee when he serenaded that song on the phone to Yubi ...ehehehe ... Yubi hang up the first time he did so and he didn't give up and called her again ... I guess perhaps yubi could hear Deffcon's voice on the phone as well the second time she received the call that she finally realized it was a task that Jung had to complete ...ehehehe ... and hahaha ... Yubi's reaction , "There he goes again" makes me thinking that did Jung Jun Young has ever done the same thing to her before ?? eheheheh ... based on Yubi.'s reaction..I also think that perhaps Jung Jun Young likes Yubi ....ehehehe ...also , because I've just found out that Jung Jun Young likes a girl who's bright and fun and someone who's not really dolled up with makeups but instead has natural beauty huhuhuh... should I start shipping Yubi with Jung instead then ?? eheheh ..wonder if "someone" might feel jealous if he knows about this..ehehe ...   ohh . let me share the clip that you wanted to share with us ..the link can't be embedded because the user don't permit us to do so .. so we really have to go and watch it on youtube site . here's the link
    also am including the news article about this in the spoiler 
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