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  1. mcleen added a post in a topic [Upcoming Drama 2015] She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다 | Wed - Thurs 21.55 KST | Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Choi Si Won, Go Jun Hee Confirmed   

    Thanks for opening up this thread. I am definitely overjoyed that hje is going to act with psj again and this tine, they are the otp. Maybe ji sung ssi can make a cameo appearance in this drama as well. 
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  2. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    jjust finished watching the live streaming ... don't really understand the storyline but then it was yang sun who saved sung yeol love love love yoobi's acting in tonight's ep .. we can really see how worried yang sun of sung yeol and she actually hurt herself in order to find for herbs/remedy to cure sung yeol's wound ..finally sung yeol woke up and almost bite yang sun but luckily he was fully awake and realized that he was going to bite her , so he quickly covered up his fang and sort of asked yang sun not to be so close to him ....both of them went out of the hut and finally soo hyang and sung yeol's assistant came to rescue .. soo hyang brought sung yeol to feast on someone .. i don't know who the unlucky man was .. so finally sung yeol is fully cured since he got enough of blood supply .. then yang sun went back home... sung yeol found the breast binder that yang sun used to bandage his wound so he knows that yang sun tried to save him in her own way . yang sun was back at her house and the next morning she tried to go out because she wanted to find sung yeol again and give him something. but then her little sister said it's dangerous for her to go out in her male disguise, therefore her sister asked yang sun to dress as a girl so that people won't know she's yang sun, the bookseller. sung yeol was walking in the crowds , searching for something or someone, then he saw yang sun in her hanbok, though she wears hanbok , she still acts a little boyish...ehehe. when the people were discussing about something, yang sun interrupted the crowd and let out her thoughts just as how she used to do when she's in her disguise. later on yang sun saw sung yeol and as she was just about to call him, sung yeol spotted hye ryeong in the crowd ..he was shocked. yang sun saw the way sung yeol was staring at hye ryeong and she knows that he is still infatuated with his past lover (this is just my guess though) . she was somehow sad knowing about this. yang sun called sung yeol, but then sung yeol dismissed her as he was in rush to follow hye ryeong. hye ryeong remember her conversation with gwi she knows that gwi was looking for sung yeol because gwi showed her the drawn sketch of sung yeol. hye ryeong said that she would lure him and bring him to gwi. back to the present state, finally hye ryeong arrived at her house and then sung yeol approached her ... after checking her out , i think sung yeol had already confirmed that she's not myung hee that he used to know. hye ryeong also told him that she's not the girl that he was looking for. then, hye ryeong went into her house. in the mean time, we got to see lee yoon the crown prince was walking with his assistant and somehow chanced upon yang sun. he recognized her immediately. ehehehe .. yang sun saw him too and she forgot that she was not in her disguise and called him hyung nim. they had very cute conversation together. i love their scenes. sorry that i don't include other scenes because i couldn't really understand what happened and i did other work as well while watching this. i don't remember watching the scene of sung yeol killing yang sun's father. not sure if there's such scene or not. but then there's a scene of which yang sun's foster father and wae son flashed back of how yang sun's father was bitten by gwi. also we was shown of how sung yeol went to get wae son out of the place where he was hid by lee yoon . sung yeol brought him to the library/bookshop. i don't know what were they talking about. wae son cried when he recalled of what had happened to prince sadong. i think sung yeol told wae son something about his identity.. not really sure. frankly speaking.. there's not much otp scenes in tonight's ep and somehow i feel this ep is a little boring for me..huhuh . perhaps i need to watch it when it's fully subbed then i'll change my mind. lee yoon also disclosed to the people ( I think those people are scholars?) that he's the lustful student. then i had to go and do some house chores , so i guess i skipped some important scenes .. and near the end of this ep , we got to see that yang sun's foster father followed her daughter who went to look for sung yeol , when sung yeol and his subordinates were going somewhere, yang sun appeared. sung yeol's guy assistant was shocked to know that yang sun is actually a girl. soo hyang looked annoyed and i think she was trying to shun yang sun away. however sung yeol asked soo hyang to go first and he dragged yang sun along with him . yang sun's father followed them. i don't know what did sung yeol tell yang sun but yang sun seemed sad. i guess actually sung yeol was trying to avoid yang sun because he's afraid that he would harm yang sun. maybe... so the episode end right there.
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  3. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    continuation ...

    eheheh ... he actually said that yewon and romi are alike because of them are very energetic..eheheh's good how he noticed that his wife would be a loving future mother... just look at him smiling recalling the particular moment...ehehe...
    the sexual tension scene .... LOL!! 

    hahah ... i love how natural their conversation flow went through .. minsuk is a good listener ...he was very curious as to why his wife doesn't like kissing ...eheeh ..

    hahahaahah i keep on laughing non stop ... definitely very frank discussion ..there's no filter at all , so it feels very real and unscripted ..ekeke .. minsuk misunderstood his wife's words at first ..ehehe ...the wifey was talking about having french kiss while eating since minsuk gave the example of the scenario , "have you eaten yet, honey?" ..LOL!! so that's what made her uttered that it's gross  ...hahaha .. and i don't know to define whether yewon is bold or innocent when she asked her husband the difference between a peck and a kiss...LOL!!! love love love love how both of them were laughing heartily right here...ekekek ... 

    ekekek..she said that she doesn't like kissing but somehow did she really admit that she would bite someone's lips while kissing ?? LMAO! 

    hahaha ..definitely cute explanation the difference between a peck and a kiss ...

    hehehe .. minsuk said to his wife not to imitate the lips movement because it's scary ..however i think it's because he suddenly feels something when he saw his wife's lips..ehehehe .. i noticed that he licked his lips a few times after his wife said she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and tried to change the topic..ehehe.. .sorry for having this naughty thoughts. ekeek . 

    yewon is sooo cute when she tried to imitate her husband's words regarding the kiss...and ..hahah .. bold confession from who imagined how would it be if they kiss and how he had to be prepared in case yewon might bite him ...uhuks!! 
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  4. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    I've watched the subbed version ...sharing some gifs that i've just made ...these are the gifs of my favourite scenes from ep 6

    i love it so much that our shy yewon actually granted her husband's wish to hold her hand's cute how she was the one who initiated it despite being so shy .... eric's reaction is sooo priceless..that's how i reacted as well ..ekekeke. 

    this scene....minsuk called her yeobo with such a gentle loving tone ....and yewon looked sooo pretty with her hair like that ....eheheh .. i can really see that minsuk was surprised when he first entered her apartment because he said that he saw a different side of her .

    gahhhhh!!! this sceneeee.....i love their eye contacts and sincere smile ...minsuk looked so happy to see yewon again ... and the way he touched , smiled and looked at her makes me melt ... 

    ooohh goshhh!!! the scene that makes my heart skipped a beat ... look at how he was staring at his wife and noticed that she has becomes prettier ...i guess if i was in yewon's shoes, i would just freeze right there if minsuk praised me like that with such caring gentle tone .... huhuhuhu ... and yewon's reaction is sooooo cute and sweet ... they look like a young couple despite being in their middle 30's .... ...and the mc's  reaction while watching this sweet couple says it all ..huhuh..

    ehehehehe ...this one .....this is scene is gold ..hahaha .. i love love love it so much that minsuk was even jealous of romi , playfully sulking and vying for his wife's attention ...aigoo .... his reaction is definitely how a real bf would react when he feels like him being neglected by his gf...LOL!! gahhh ... be still my shipper's heart ...eheeheh ..this is what makes me fell in love with this unique couple ..heheeh ...and it's so cute how minsuk actually admits that his wife would be a very loving mother should she has her own baby ... 
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  5. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    thanks everyone for all the goodies shared .. right now I'm in my lurking mode since I'm very busy with my work ..however i'm so happy to see that this thread is becoming more and more active and there are lots of goodies, memes , fmv's and  fanarts being shared as well ..kyaaaa..i'm so excited to see lee yoo bi's latest still ... what makes me amazed is how lee yoo bi looks sooo pretty even without much makeup ..she's such a natural beauty .... so it means that she's not going to leave for tamra island and is separated from her family right ? 
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  6. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    huhuhuh ...I fully understand what you're trying to say right there..huhuhuh ..yes ... both of them have kissable full lips .... omooooo ... seriously now I'm, also imagining how would it be when they kiss .. eheheh .. i guess we have to blame OhYeah couple for making us having naughty thoughts about them ..ekekeke ... aigoo ...well , especially Minsuk ..he was the one who said frankly that he imagined himself kissing Yewon ...hahahahaha .... and then it's too obvious that he was blushing when saying so ... ohhh noo .. i guess he can't stop thinking about his wife after they spent time together on the bed and remember he piggybacked yewon from the preview that we saw last week .. i seriously can't wait for the next ep ... huuhuhu .... and thaonks for sharing the reactions of knetz on our couple ..kyaaaaaaa!!!! guess whatt ?? I went to check out the reaction on other couples as well and it seems that our couple got the most upvotes .... wooweee!!! 3000 something upvotes are considered a lot ...because the younger couples got lesser upvotes though they are much more popular among international fans... huhhuh ... so so so happy with the positive reaction from the knetz ... more and more knetz are falling in love with our couple and I really agree with one of the poster saying that our couple is the most honest to each other and they display the reality of being in a relationship ..huhhuhu ..
    @shkfan and @meu87_stv thank you sooooo much for translating their segment ... *huggles* . huhuhuh ... seriously , I keep on smiling like a crazy looney while reading on their conversation .. there's no doubt that i feel they are the most honest couple on this show and seriously all the random conversation are too surreal .. i think it's their own thoughts and unscripted at all ... huhuh ... I love how minsuk is reacting like a real bf who easily gets jealous .. he was even jealous of Romy the dog..huhuhu .. he wanted more affection from his wifey seeing how yewon giving so much love to romy ... aigooo ... that scene makes me melt  because of the realness..i mean i melt when he pouted like a sulking bf asking her , "what about me?"..ekekekeke...cutteeeee!!! .... and i just can't help giggling when he asked his wife if she doesn't even think of him in the span of time they were apart ... aigoooo ....and ohhhh , the scene that makes me melt the most was when he said to his wife ,"you've become prettier" ..huhuhuh it was not only us who noticed it .. the hubby also noticed how his wife is getting prettier and prettier ...  gosh ..the way he said it with his eyes on her can really feel that he was telling the truth sincerely .... ohhh noooo .. i want a hubby like minsuk too ....huhuhuh .. he's too likeable ..the same thing goes to yewon .. her goofiness, her aegyo and her straightforward attitude makes me liking her more and more ... what makes their relationship seem very interesting is because there's also sort of "mildang" (push and pull) between them ...huhuhuh ... i don't know for how many times that i've watched their clips today .... and when they talked about the kiss....hahah...can't stop laughing ... they are soooo forthright and you can really feel the fire of their chemistry right there.. i mean, i love how they argue and lightly bickered in a joking way just like real couples discussing about kisses ....ehehehe ... 
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  7. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    since I have some free time, I've created some large gifs of the dreamy kissing scene ..just can't help myself because the way SY kissed YS was too gentle and romantic.. I keep on ogling the gifs again and again ..  ....ehehehe ... please tell me if the size is too large , I'll include these gifs in the spoiler then.
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  8. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    @Mianhe97 ehehehe ... yessss ...that scene makes my heart flutters because of how natural it happened ... i mean, you can see that yewoin didn't' get startle by her hubby's touch anymore ...she's getting used of his skinship ..huhuhuh .. i like it so much ... and i've just finished watching the raw video ...if only i can understand what did they say and somehow i just can't stop observing the way minsuk describing his wife's aegyo while they were in the car ..i think he talked about it in BRI , and you can really see that he has this dreamy sweet shy smile talking about her ... the thing is , i guess yewon didn't even realize that she has this hidden aegyo charm in her ... ekeke .. i kept on replaying the part when she played with her pet and the kiss sound that she made kissing the dog ...oohh..goshh .. i really want to know what did minsuk say about that in his BRI ... and now , i guess minsuk is slowly  falling for his wife ..therefore you can see he keeps updated with his wifey's instagram's activity recently and even learned about flower's name just to impress her ... aaahhhhh ...sweet to the maxxxxxxxxxx ........ hahahaha ... watching them makes me feel like falling in love again ...they started with an awkward introduction and we can slowly see the progress and improvement in their relationship ...
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  9. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    @ruken thanks a lot for sharing the short clips ..finally I can see clearly those scenes because my connection was lagging pretty badly before ... ooohhh goshhh!!! i love it so much when min suk was petting the dog in the car ... eheheh ..and somehow their hands touched .. they look like real couple in that scene ... even yewon just naturally leaned her body towards minsuk and somehow it seems that she loves to tap on minsuk's shoulder when she talks while laughing cutely. i can't stop replaying the scene ... and i have to say again how cheerful minsuk look that he gets to be closer to his wife ... even during the BRI , both of them still can't stop smile blissfully while recalling their interaction together ...ehehehe ... i might be wrong , but they look dreamy and all blushing  while doing the BRI ... minsuk is such a husband material ..  ... i love how he naturally called her yeobo when he first entered her apartment ... gahhh .... yewonnnnn naaaa... i feel sooooo envy of you ...ehehehe . .
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  10. mcleen added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Oh Min Suk && Kang Ye Won   

    just finished watching OhYeah couple's segment and right now I just can't wipe the silly smile off my face ...huhuhuhuh ... Yewon looks soooooo pretty in this ep , especially when they were in her apartment and in the car ... ohhh emm geeeeee.. it seems that both of them can't stop smiling and giggling in this ep .. they look sooo happy .... I have to say that both of them have this blissful yet shy smile while interacting with each other ... and all those liking each others' pictures on instagram saga make their budding romance seem so real ...huhuhuhuh .... I loveeee how natural their conversation flow ...and erms , it's pretty obvious that min suk looks sort of more attracted to his wifey after visiting her apartment ...even i myself can't stop staring at yewon because she looks so gorgeous with less makeup and something about her hair makes her looks so sexy today ..huhuhuh ... yewon looks like a very loving person judging from the way she treats her dog ... eheheh .. i guess minsuk is jealous that he can't get those kisses like how yewon kissed her dog in the car..ehehehe .. they kept on talking about kiss ... i don't understand anything but then the way they smiled and somehow their conversation seem flirtatious .... eheheheheeheheh ..can't wait for the subtitle .... i'm falling deeper and deeper for this couple because they seem so natural and unpretentious at all .. it feels that all the conversations between them is unscripted ...
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  11. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    @rhaps you're welcome ....   . It seems that I also need to include my reply in the spoiler since it's regarding the description 
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  12. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    sharing some new BTS of SWWTN .. I can just share the link since I can't find these videos on youtube.
    lee yoo bi is always full of smile and laughter being at the set ...she's sooo sweet and cute .. i can see that she gets along very well with almost all the main casts on the set. 
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  13. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    went to check out mbc official website and i found this translated version of the character's description on that website .. i'm going to put the description in the spoiler since some of them contains major spoiler about this drama ..not sure if all the information  in the description is going to be realized in the drama or not. please don't click if you hate spoiler. 
    original link :
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  14. mcleen added a post in a topic [Current Drama 2015] Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비   

    sharing these fmv's on SY x YS that I really love ... sorry if some of the vids might have been shared before...
    gahh!! next wednesday is still too far ahead ... though i'm watching many dramas currently but then i guess this drama is the one that conquers my mind all the time for the time being ... i'm falling head over heels for the storyline and the lovestory between SY and YS .
    another mv .. it's actually the swooning dreamy kiss scene in ep 5 but then this youtube user made it into a beautiful mv..
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