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  1. Ayame added a post in a topic When were you born?   

    March 19, 1990.
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  2. Ayame added a post in a topic IU (아이유) [Chamisul Event Videos and Translations - Pg 413]   

    <3 I love this song and MV. I didn't have time to watch the teasers in the last few days, so this is different than what I expected, but a good-kind of different. 
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  3. Ayame added a post in a topic [Official] Jang Ki Ha ♥ IU || KihaU   

    @akinahana89 Oh, I had no idea you started a thread for them~ (It's been a long while, btw lol.)
    Here's part 2 of IU on JKH's radio on 131023. (This is the rest of the show that wasn't subbed before.)
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  4. Ayame added a post in a topic IU (아이유) [Chamisul Event Videos and Translations - Pg 413]   

    IU reveals all the details about her boyfriend, Chang Kiha

    IU has spoken. Amid speculations that she is dating Chang Kiha from Kiha and the Faces, the 22-year-old took to her official fan website "Uaena" to explain the details to her fans.
    In a lengthy post, IU said that she was actually in middle of filming a music video but took time out to explain and apologise. "You must all be shocked... but thank you for asking if I'm ok."
    No details were spared. "We've been dating for about 2 years and we met on a radio show," IU said. 
    "It was love at first sight for me and he's someone I can learn a lot from and I'm really thankful."
    In case you were wondering, she also said that they "fight, like one another, get annoyed, just like any other couple." 
    She also said that she was waiting for the right time to reveal the news, "but I guess I lost that one."
    Earlier, IU’s agency confirmed that the 22-year-old was dating the 33-year-old musician. Agency however failed to mention that they were dating for 2 years. 
    “So that they can continue to see one another, we ask for your support,” the agency said.
    Rumor spread early Oct.8 that the two were dating and Dispatch leaked a picture of the two on a secret date.
    source: http://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2015/10/08/iu-reveals-all-details-about-her-boyfriend
    I'm really happy for IU.
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  5. Ayame added a post in a topic Kim Jae Wook 김재욱   

    @jisung_15 I think we'll be able to watch it on Youtube (if not that, then maybe Viki). A web toon is basically a comic that is posted directly to Korean websites such as Naver or Daum. Web toons are pretty popular in Korea right now. Usually web toons that are already well-known get chosen to be made into dramas, you can find an article here talking about some web toons that have been made into dramas: http://www.dramafever.com/news/k-dramas-based-on-webtoons/
    If you're interested in web toons you can read some here on Naver: http://www.webtoons.com/en/
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  6. Ayame added a post in a topic Song Chang Ui 송창의   

    @hibiscus23, I saw your post earlier, did you want me to the change the main banner to his newer pictures? I haven't posted too many pictures in the first post itself since I think it would become too crowded since there's a lot of info in that post already. 
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  7. Ayame added a post in a topic Kim Jae Wook 김재욱   

    @jisung_15: A web drama just a drama shown on a different platform. Most dramas are originally shown on TV channels in Korea such as: KBS, MBC, SBS, Mnet, tvN, Channel-A, JTBC, etc. A web drama means that the drama is shown directly online on Korean websites and not TV channels. And also the term "idol actor" mostly refers to actors that start off as kpop singers/groups members. A lot of kpop singers/group members these days get criticized for getting roles when they don't have experience, and some people think that those roles should go to actors that have a lot more experience. I'm a kpop fan myself, and sometimes I think some of the kpop singers/group members aren't that good at acting, but there are some that are good. "Idol actors" does have a negative connotation to it though, but usually I just try to be open-minded whether or not they're considered to be "idol actors". Sorry, that was really long lol. I hope I explained it clearly enough.
    @irilight: Yeah, I'll start the thread if no one does. I think I'm going to end up watching The Village anyway, since I like MGY, but I'm also excited for this web drama. ^^
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  8. Ayame added a post in a topic Choi Yeo Jin 최여진 | Current Movie: My Sister, The Pig Lady   

    I updated the first post with new info. On the 10th of this month her new movie, "My Sister, The Pig Lady" will be released. The movie was filmed back in 2012, but with the release of the movie, promotions are now going.
    Here are trailers for the movie:
    Here are interviews with cast members of the movie [along with CYJ]:
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  9. Ayame added a post in a topic Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 (Claudia Kim) | Upcoming Movie: Equals   

    Just updated the first post with new info.
    Also for those interested, here's an interview she did back in May regarding the Avengers and acting outside of Korea: http://iamkoream.com/qa-with-claudia-kim-of-avengers-age-of-ultron/
    Interview for Ewha University:
    Korea Tourism Organization CF:
    Korea Tourism Organization CF filming:
    Avenger interview:
    An English interview she did with TUMI Travel:
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  10. Ayame added a post in a topic Kim Jae Wook 김재욱   

    I finally found the time to update the first post with the info on his new drama. Thanks, @irilight for posting the news here first. ^^v (Also, we do like a lot of the same actors. xD)
    I honestly sort of wanted him in 'The Village' since he pretty good chemistry with MGY in back when they acted in MSOAN together, but at least in this web drama he will get a lead role.
    Also, has anyone started a thread for his web drama yet? If not, I might start the thread if no one does...
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  11. Ayame added a post in a topic Song Chang Ui 송창의   

    *waves* Hello everyone. I mostly maintain the first post of this thread, and usually in the long time that I've maintained this thread, this is the most active I've seen it in a long time. XD Thanks to everyone especially, @hibiscus23. I'm a university student now, a Japanese major so I don't really have time aside from the weekends. I'll stop by the thread again tomorrow. (Btw, if anyone wants me to add any section or edit anything in the first post, feel free to let me know. ^^)
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  12. Ayame added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong | 사랑하는 은동아 | JTBC Fri/Sat Drama   

    So, I couldn't really write down my complete thoughts earlier since I was typing from my phone. But now that I've somewhat gathered my thoughts, I'll share them now. Despite how bad the last two episodes were, despite how depressed it made me feel... I don't regret watching the drama. Maybe it's because JJM is on my top of favorite k-actors, I don't know. But honestly, the sadness I feel in this drama is probably nothing compared to how angry I felt on how JJM's character in Empress Ki was written. I swear his character was wasted so much in Empress Ki... but that's a whole other story lol. I can't forget it though. It is true that how a drama ends does affect our entire view on the drama as a whole. And for me it has given me a sad view on it... but again, I don't regret it. I'm happy that I got to see JJM, KSR and everyone else in this drama. I have no regrets on that. I honestly don't. 
    Or maybe my bias for JJM is just that strong, lol. Who knows.
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  13. Ayame added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong | 사랑하는 은동아 | JTBC Fri/Sat Drama   

    Well... regardless of this ending, I'm still doing the soompi awards. I'm not giving up on that lol.
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  14. Ayame added a post in a topic [Drama 2015] My Love Eun-dong | 사랑하는 은동아 | JTBC Fri/Sat Drama   

    Ah.... well it ended. I feel depressed now.
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