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    -quiescent said: @sweetu - Welcome fellow YA to Soompi & the thread! Hope you post more often ^.^ I personally find Seunggi more handsome the more I watch him. It's his charm to be honest. He was so attractive and charming in Shining Inheritance *.* I recommend you all to watch Noona Over Flowers (I'm on ep 3 now). He's so freaking sweet and lovely, it's unreal. I also recommend YoonAddicts to watch his concerts! I watched his 2007 one, Japanese Wowow 2013 concert & 2010 Hope Concert. He's an amazing performer! He even did Noona Gangnam Style XD Unfortunately, I'm younger than him so the song wasn't suited to me but it was still hilarious and cute to watch! ^^ I was actually surprised how great his live singing was. His songs are so beautiful and meaningful too. I watched his sketchbook 2012 & 2011 performances, he was absolutely amazing there too! GAHHHH, I'm in love <33333 Yoona unnie has great taste
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