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  1. patience added a post in a topic: Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    Holy mother of god that teaser is Amazing from here to infinity!! Look at her busting out her dancing chops!!!! Everything about it, from the choreography (though it looked painful on a tar road), to the music, the rhythm, the lighting, the timing, the everything looks really artistic and just straight up killer!!! She's pulling out the big guns and just really bringing her super A game to this venture isn't she?? I can't wait for the finished product coz all the excerpts so far sound really good!! Her musical style has always been right up my alley so I'm really looking forward to everyhting she has to offer from here on out.The symbolism of the butterfly in her contemporary dance and her teasers is pretty cool too - is it the larger metaphor of metamorphosis from the wingless caterpillar to the free butterfly after going through a devastating and eye opening ordeal? Coz if you look closely from the last teaser, she's wearing a wedding band, and in one of the teaser images (the one with her reflection in the mirror) she has a visible scar on her back. Or it could just be me reading too much, but the obvious imagery is there so interpret away, right?
    Anywho, I'm gonna go replay the teaser and go in to spazz mode again... Too bad I have to do it quietly, and stoically since I'm at work!!! But aksjdfnbsklsHBBGVJKSDDF YOU GUYS!!! The future looks amazing!!
    Cheers everyone,Patience!
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  2. patience added a post in a topic: Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    Hey guys!! Its been a while and -- HOLYSH.IT guys but she's taking it all off!!!! Thought I'd just talk about the obvious and be a complete child about it but I'm all in for this solo debut!! Park Yeeun, Ha:Tfelt, FIGHTING!!!
    Hope everyone's been doing good around here! Thanks for all the timely updates! You guys rock!!
    Cheers,Patience (in this case, there is a serous lack of it coz I can't wait for the 31st to dawn!)
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  3. patience added a post in a topic: Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    I'm really glad Sunmi is coming back. And so far, I absolutely love the teasers, and I actually like her concept for the comeback as well. Shows her transformation from 4-D Sunmi of the Wondergirls to the grown up individual Sunmi.Netizen comments (or the seemingly popular ones) - I wouldn't put much store by them. These are faceless people with the whims of an infant. It's hot one day, cold the other for them. What Sunmi needs to do is to show them that she has the chops and that she trained hard while on hiatus so she could come back a more mentally, physically, and musically ready person.
    I don't think people really talk about this a lot but Sunmi decided to pause in 2010 because she was depressed. That is an actual disease and any shi.tbag who decides to berate her for taking care of her mental health because of it can go f.uck themselves. Sorry I feel strongly on the subject. Stopping to study was merely the agency's spin on things. I remember Sunye specifically saying when the whole deal about Sunmi leaving was announced that though the Wondergirls as a group was important, Sunmi the individual was also important. And my gist from the whole affair was that Sunmi, and the members at that time, decided it was best for her leave then and take care of herself, and get the help she needed before she decided to do anything drastic. Actually I'm really glad they saw the change in her early on and got her the help she needed. Going on hiatus, being with her family, and being a normal girl at that time were all important steps towards her recovery. Since I've experienced it, I know what its like, and that is why I was completely fine with how they handled things back then. Because trust me, it can get pretty dark up there once you lose sight of the important things. 
    Therefore right now, I'm just really glad she feels she's ready to come back. Because that tells me she's okay. And she has an amazing support system including her family, her members, and the agency itself. Also it feels like a testing the waters situation too. Because once the public accepts her as an artist again, the idea of her rejoining the Wondergirls can be introduced and we'll see where things go from there.
    I'll always be a firm supporter of all the girls, because while I do like them for there talents, I still love them more as human beings and shining individuals. I think I did really well in picking this group to fangirl about along with my Shinhwa, teehee!
    Looking forward to everyone's bright futures!Patience.
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  4. patience added a post in a topic: Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3   

    Hey guys!
    Its been a while... If u wanna watch Happy Rose Day (raw of course), here are the links: Part 1 Part 2


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