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h2og · JooSangWook JJANG! ·


I will always support Joo Sang Wook!  His projects are going to make a big difference in people's lives! 


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  • bebebisous33
    Dear h2og,

    I am very sorry that you are writing any more on soompi! Honestly, I am missing you a lot! I can understand that you got upset, especially by Iclarakl. The fact is, she analyses characters very often differently from me. I had always the opposite point of view from hers. Funny is since you have left the thread, it is not moving very much! But you can keep write to me. I would be pleased. Especially, I wrote almost a huge essay about the image of women in BOAB, but I got only a few insightful/awesome! Maybe it was too long ... and some people are not really interested in reading long comments!

    Bérangère (my real name!) 
    December 10
  • I am not coming back to Soompi. I really mean it. The second half is going to be lots of fun for BoaB Stalkers! Enjoy it as it unfolds is the best way to appreciate the suspense and dramatization. The writer is awesome!
    December 8
  • valsava
    NO please come back we all miss you pretty please
    December 8
  • view1026

    Baidu JSW Bar just announced the Deadline of JSW Rice Wreath Fundraising Event will be closed earlier and on Oct 15 2014.

    We reached our Goal -718 KGS

    Please don’t announce now – it will be big surprised for Mr. JSW & his supporters..

    Also we overhear  that the new drama might start on Nov 01 2014 (It is not official yet, Please don’t announce it . :) 

    Thank you again..Wen

    October 13
  • reymel888
    h2og... Great work, I had two alarms my phone and my iPad, I didn't forget but had things to do that I could not be put off... Life to death medical stuff... Where are you? You, you have been so busy! Will you be able to find out if the chairman knows the hard work that you have done? I hope so! Will you also do this for him for Xmas? Give me one on my off day.
    July 19
  • reymel888
    Belated Happy Fourth of July... It's Saturday nite and I'm just lazing around after a big laundry day... Our chairman is still super handsome... The pictures you posted of him smoking Soo hot it's embarrassing but he's sooo good looking thanks chingo ya!
    July 6
  • Soleram
    Cap, my apology, I am admitted in hospital so couldn"t participate on Chairman's birthday. Otoke????. Chairman won't issue warning letter right?. He can refresh my JD, I am fine.

    Chairman....hip hip hurray.....muach.muach, Bless you always
    May 19
  • reymel888
    Good luck and congratulations on your immortal status... Me, just an idol...
    May 18
  • h2og was promoted to Immortal.
    Congratulations! You have reached IMMORTAL status - best of the best! Thank you for being such an awesome member of Soompi!
    March 8