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  1. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Time heals pain   

    Yeah, me too. I've met a lot of people over the years who go from person to person with no time in between. I've even heard about some people who line up a potential bf/gf prior to getting out of any relationship so that they can transition immediately to the next one.

    Personally I've very slow in moving from one relationship to another (though I date frequently). For me, I just want to feel sure about someone before I jump in. At least as sure as I can be; because once I put my emotions into it, I get a bit irrational.
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  2. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic ppl giving me crap for liking asian guys   

    I'm guessing you're white based on some of the contents of the post, so I'll be honest with you as a white guy.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with your perspective, everyone has a preference. I prefer athletic brunettes of all races, that's my preference. There's nothing I could do to change it, outside of trying to be more open to blondes; in the same way there's no real way for you to change your preference. Although I will say, I do know a lot of weeaboos and Asian fetishists who changed their stripes by opening themselves back up to media that wasn't solely Asian in origin. But I don't know you well enough to know whether that's a fixation of yours or whether you watch some of everything (Western, S. American, European, Asian, etc). But I've noticed that like 90% of weeaboos are obsessed with Japan and Korea, and watch/listen to primarily Japanese and Korean movies/music, so I think the correlation is pretty obvious in those cases why the attraction/fixation is there. i.e. Watch/listen to enough of anything and you're drawn to its celebrities/idealized types.

    So that being said, in all honesty, there's really no way you're going to change people's mind about you (particularly white people's minds). Most white people see us as the top of the pyramid, so your preference for dating someone that they feel is below you will always make you weird/strange/a fetishist in their eyes. The fact that you will always be a weirdo to them is not something you can change, so my best advice for you is to try to stop worrying about what people think about you. There's just nothing you can do about it. Your dad, unfortunately, is going to be the same. I can say as a white guy who is reasonably racially tolerant, I do think white girls and white guys who ONLY date Asians are a bit weird. And I do sadly often characterize them as fetishists, which is unfair I suppose. But if even a relatively liberal person like me does it, I can only imagine how badly a non-liberal white person is about it. The only real advice I can give you is to try to wear him down a bit by exposing him to an Asian guy who is so nice + with so much positive stuff going on in their life that no one can deny how awesome they are, maybe that will open him up about it. I don't say any of this to hurt your feelings or to be rude, I just wanted to be 100% honest with you about the perspective of others.

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  3. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic 20+ gamers   

    Just played League of Legends with a friend. She's having to explain it to me step by step I'm that bad, but it's still been pretty fun so far. Seems like a surprisingly deep game? At least at first.

    Also bought Metal Gear Solid HD collection (2, 3, and Peace Walker) + Metal Gear 4. I listen to this podcast where they obsess over that series, so I feel like I should give it a shot? Are there any MGS fans here who can explain a bit of the hype to me?

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  4. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Does having acne effect in you starting a relationship or in a relationship ?   

    For some people acne is hormonal, in which case there isn't a whole lot they can do.

    I never really had it until around 18-19 I started breaking out like crazy. I take 1-2 showers a day, wash my face after every workout, etc. So it wasn't a cleanliness thing. The only thing I could do to stop it was to start taking medication (which ultimately did the job and I haven't really ever broken out since for several years after). I know a lot of girls who break out around their period, there's not much they can do about that either. I think that's part of the social stigma the OP is talking about; people assume it's that those with acne are dirty, when in some cases they are actually incredibly clean, just can't control the hormonal aspect of acne.
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  5. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Does having acne effect in you starting a relationship or in a relationship ?   

    When I used to get acne I was very insecure about it, and it did honestly affect the way I dealt with people.

    Once it cleared up, I realized that a girl having acne is in no way a turn off for me, so why did I let my own acne affect the way I dealt with other people when I had it? I think it's more of a mental hurdle than anything else. We let our flaws dictate the way we interact with others, which forces them to change the way they interact with us.
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  6. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Take a bullet?   

    Impossible to know how one would react in an extreme situation, obviously. But I'd like to think I would sacrifice myself for a stranger needing protection in a dangerous situation, so compared to that protecting loved ones is nothing.
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  7. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Time heals pain   

    In the latest case I'd say it took me about two years to get over it completely (just did as of a couple of months ago). In the past it happened pretty quickly.

    I would say there are some people I'll never get over completely, like the first girl I loved, E. There will always be a part of me that loves and cares about her, hope she's doing well. I think part of it is how they treat me. If they treat me poorly I actually get over them really quickly. Whereas if they were really good to me, that always takes me much longer to move on from.
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  8. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Friends and Haters   

    Hmm. I can only think of one person in my life that might hate me, but personally I do feel I kind of deserve it.

    Generally, I think if we have haters we've either:
    1) Earned it
    2) Just run into a situation where someone is projecting their issues onto us
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  9. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic What does sex mean to you?   

    Pretty much how I feel as well.

    I'd never have sex with someone I didn't have strong feelings for/was dating, but looking back on some of the experiences I've had: some were pretty meaningful, others completely meaningless in retrospect if I'm being honest.
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