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  1. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    Arggggh just started watching Jericho and it is so good. Why must they cancel everything I love? Jericho, Pushing Daisies, Farscape, Firefly. </3
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  2. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Post Your Pictures! Must Be 20+ To Post Pictures!   

    Unnnnnghhh Bane is my man crush.
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  3. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Post Your Pictures! Must Be 20+ To Post Pictures!   

    Little known Earth origin fact: Canadians are actually the ones who invented the cold, that's why they're impervious to it. And also why they're always saying sorry, because they bear the historical blame for it.

    Makes you think, eh?
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  4. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    My dad was just telling me on the phone how many likes his Facebook Status Update got. -____- Another one lost to the internet.
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  5. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    ^Ugh, I can relate. My new course teaching schedule means 6 a.m. mornings everyday. How do normal people do the early mornings everyday thing? My fav schedules are the ones where I don't work until noon so I can sleep in till around then hahah.

    Unrelated: I'm kind of interested in this girl, she is cute. But she has the same name as an ex. And also looks vaguely like her. That would weird me out too much I think. Has that happened to anyone? It seems like a deal-breaker, but maybe I'm just being fickle and stupid. 
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  6. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic 20+ gamers   

    ^I've played a bit of FFVII, FFX, FFXIII, and now FFIX; they definitely seem like games for anime fans, at least superficially. I have trouble getting into turn-based games, so generally I'm more drawn to Western RPGS (Fallout 3 and NV, Skyrim, Mass Effect, etc) -- but I'm trying to give FF another shot, because I do appreciate their quality/production and place in video game history. I'm trying really hard to like Persona 4: Golden as well, but for now it hasn't drawn me in. Then again, so far it's only been story and no real action. Hoping it picks up in the action department soon. 
    You know, I didn't know any of that history until you mentioned it (then went to read up on it last night). Weird that Iga bashed it so much, wonder if it was an insecurity thing? I'll have to give Circle of the Moon a shot though once I finish up SOTN (I'd say I'm about 40/50% done from what I can tell).

    I'm trying to beat the old MGSs in time for MGSV but it doesn't look like it'll happen. Got about two hours into MGS2 the other day, and plan to play at least 3 and 4 before I play 5. I've heard Peacewalker is worth playing as well, but I'm not super familiar with it.
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  7. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic 20+ gamers   

    Playing through Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the first time. Atmosphere is fantastic, love the design of games during the late SNES/early PS1 & N64 era! Also DLed Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 9 to play for the first time as well.

    Man, I missed more classics in my adolescence than I originally realized! Plan to get around to the Metroid and Megaman series here soon.

    Anyone playing anything at the moment? Or looking forward to anything that'll be released in the Fall? Looks like we have a lot coming out in the next few months.
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  8. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    Feels so good to have close friends again, people to go out with. Especially to reconnect with friends from high school, who I can share laughs with about things that happened a decade ago.

    I'll always miss her friendship and being able to discuss anything random that came to mind with her. It was my fault, and it was a lesson in how no to be. That our actions have dire consequences. I never will be able to replace her, but it's good to have people who care back in my life in general. I'm not as sad and directionless as I was even weeks ago without her there.
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  9. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    I'm kind of mehhh on ebay atm. Really haven't seen a deal on there that blew me away in awhile. For example, I was browsing standard XB1's there the other day, and people are asking for way more than the console's worth, and they're not even special editions. If I'm going to buy a console from someone I don't know, I want it marked down at LEAST $80-100 to even consider it. I get it being marked up if it's a limited edition or collector's item, but not for standard stuff. Value depreciates.

    Bowling and beer tomorrow, then work starts back on Monday. Ugh, gotta enjoy the weekend while I have it!
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  10. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    I want Rare Replay so bad right now, the Banjo-Kazooie games were my childhood. Viva Pinata was fun as well, would love to replay that. But I'd have to buy an Xbox One to get Rare Replay. 
    Plus the Uncharted Collection, Gears of War collection, Fifa 16, and Fallout 4 are all coming out soon. I'm going to want an Xbox One for ReCore anyway, but still. Ugh. Gaming is so expensive.
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  11. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Online Dating   

    It's a "Nerd Culture" vs. Actual Nerd thing IMO.
    Nerd Culture: 6' handsome guy with great abs who wears a Captain America t-shirt, glasses with false lenses (i.e. doesn't actually need them), is a fan of the occasional Marvel or DC movie, and hits up a comic book store on occasion for something to do. 
    Nerd: Introverted and has trouble talking to people, spent every other weekend in his friend's basement throughout high school playing D&D, short pugdy & w/visible acne scars, hates the new DC movie because it included an improper characterization of so&so character according to so&so comic issue # so&so.

    My definition of nerd is too generalized and of course most nerds don't fit in there (I would classify myself as a nerd and I actually fit more in the nerd culture group; though I was somewhat like my nerd classification in HS), but I do think it's a fair interpretation of the difference between those who attach themselves to nerd culture because it's now hip, and those who are actually classic "nerds." Things like The Nerdist, popularization of MMOs, and Marvel movies are a big reason for this. Most of the girls I've met who I would genuinely classify as nerds/nerdy are quite difficult to talk to until you've spent a long time with them and they've gotten comfortable talking to you, which makes trying to talk with them on a dating site (i.e. jumping into a fulfilling conversation within minutes of meeting them) close to impossible. Conversely, as you mentioned, even though people may say they want someone who is a nerd/nerdy, they're actually looking for the 6' handsome guy who likes Marvel movies but won't talk your ear off about it. I think it goes both ways though. I like nerdy girls, but I met a girl awhile ago who was obsessed with cosplay + the guy who plays Merle on The Walking Dead, and I lost interest in her fast. Her level of nerdyness made her very difficult to talk to. It's not nice, but it is what it is.
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  12. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Dyed hair in the states as a male   

    Where in the States are you talking about? And among what age group? I think that context would effect the interpretation quite a bit.

    Here in the Midwest it would be seen as a bit effeminate. I do style my hair (use product and all that), but not to a KPop extent. But if you're in a metropolitan city (LA, NY, SF, Miami, etc.) I don't think people would bat an eye about it, in fact they'd probably really appreciate it there. Midwestern guys are more about being masculine/guy's-guys, whereas in metropolitan cities I think being fashion forward is welcomed.
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  13. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Online Dating   

    "Ideally I would love to start with some company on a walk with the dog"
    Why dey gotta bring their dog into it tho? He ain't asked to be part of this deception.
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  14. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Online Dating   

    ^I'm sure you're smart enough not to, but I'd make sure you don't put any info there you wouldn't want being made public considering they were hacked recently.

    They just released all of that info today (e-mails, passwords, credit card info [if I understood the article I read on it correctly]). Can't say I feel all that bad for them though being that they're cheaters.
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  15. EscapeEarth added a post in a topic Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.   

    I'm not sure how old they are in your situation, but my grandpa lived through the Great Depression (though he was very young), and he grew up dirt poor in rural Tennessee (as country as it gets), and as a product of which he is one of those extreme penny-pinchers ala a Dickensian Scrooge haha. I love him though, but he is also INCREDIBLY stubborn. I could do business with the rest of my immediate family with no problem (except maybe one of my 3 older brothers), but with him, he gets so concerned with every little cent that it becomes frustrating. There was also an issue where he wanted to keep two rooms in the house for his antiques. This doesn't sound like a big issue, and honestly I didn't have a huge problem with it, but I talked to my parents and I agree with their position on it: it'd be nice for my first house to be a place that is truly mine. Where I can decorate and use every square inch to my own design. I quite like the idea of furnishing the whole house, determining layout and looks, and because I have strong background in carpentry I'd like to build quite a bit of shelving, do the carpets (or hardwood floors), put in new countertops to my specification, etc. Just make everything about it mine. Whereas I'll always think of that house as my grandparents, even if I were to own it.
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