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  1. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Misaeng 미생 Incomplete Life   

    hell59 said: SPOILER!
    Are they letting GR go? This was a really hard episode to follow without subs. I really am not getting what is the deal with GR. I thought he had a whole year still, are they getting rid of him now? Can someone enlighten me abut what happened? Thank you! This was a very sad episode!
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  2. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    bogin79 said: i cant wait to watch tae carry drunken sol.. based on d preview ep 12... cute to d max m sure... hehehe.. I'll b jealous if i were YR! hehehe.. wat do guys think ...is YR gonna accept HJ proposal? cannot wait to catch tonite's ep
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  3. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    Phi said:
    btw, what happened with Gu Won? did he want to get Sol back or the bouque was just to thank her for speaking up at the cafe?

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  4. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @bebebisous33 No, I agree with you when it comes to Yeoreum and Hajin's relationship--they try hard to show their best sides to each other. However, I don't think wanting to show your good side to your partner means that the relationship is fake--it's normal to want to show your best side to anyone. It's when that becomes a hindrance to real communication, when you're hiding important details about yourself and your problems, that it becomes an unhealthy aspect of the relationship. And that's what I've been getting at in my post--they have communication issues that hinders the progress of their relationship. However, that doesn't mean the love is fake.
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  5. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @ngthuhien149 In Hajin's defense, he's said many times that he loves Yeoreum--why else would he ask her to marry him? I don't know if things between Hajin and Ahrim will develop into something more, but right now all I see is that Hajin wants to help Ahrim--he is acting on both guilt and affection for the girl who he used to treat as his family, but that's it. Yeoreum even said so herself that she doesn't feel like Hajin is cheating, but there is something going on. 
    Also, I don't find it wrong that Hajin gives in and deliberately "loses" to Yeoreum. I believe that in a relationship, sometimes you have to know when to stand your ground and when to give in so the problem can be solved. Hajin has showed that he's able to stand his ground by not talking to Yeoreum and letting her come to him.
    That said though, I do think Yeoreum and Taeha are a better fit for each other in that Yeoreum is actually more open to Taeha. Maybe it's because of the length of time they've known each other and have been together, but there's just the kind of openness in between them that I don't see between Yeoreum and Hajin. Yeoreum has said in the last episode that she thought Taeha would find out about what happened to her father "because [he's] Kang Taeha," whereas there's like an invisible wall between Yeoreum and Hajin that they won't get to break if they keep hiding secrets from each other and skipping past confronting their problems and merely resolving each fight with kisses.
    @Phi yeah, the problem doesn't lie with Eric being offered roles because he does have a number of offers in the past--it's just that apart from acting, he's also part of Shinhwa, and it has been his priority ever since. Had he decided to go solo and become more focused in acting, he could have, but he chose to keep the group. Also, following Myungwol, Lee Jin-wook had I Need Romance 2012 and then the really good drama Nine, and I believe Nine became popular and had high ratings (not to mention it was a pretty good drama). 
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  6. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @tingth There has been no doubt in my mind from the very beginning that Taeha loves Yeoreum--it's just that the circumstances and their inability to hold on to each other at that point in time broke their relationship. Like what Yeoreum said before, it was a matter of them being willing to keep that love. Yeoreum, after that traumatic family incident, needed a pillar of support that Taeha, who at the time was buried with work and stress, couldn't give. Despite that, Taeha loved her, and Yeoreum loved him too. Now that they've met again in better circumstances and they're finally sorting out the problems that destroyed their relationship before, Taeha is finally seeing their past in a new light, finally seeing himself and Yeoreum in a new light, and he's growing up. I think (more like I hope) the next few episodes will now deal with Yeoreum having that same epiphany and realization that hey, maybe it wasn't over for them. Not then and not now. And maybe she'll run towards him again and this time, she won't stop until he opens the door and lets her in.
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  7. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @Phi nothing wrong with rewatching it! I'm actually rewatching bits and pieces while justifying it as me "resting" from studying hahaha. OTL The first thing I actually did when I woke up today, instead of hitting my books like I planned, was looking online to see whether there were raws I could watch (and there was!). This is what Eric does to me. ;A; and yes, like @afufubing said, he's pieced it together while he was driving, and he's trying to rack his brains for more clues when Yeoreum was in the hospital and he broke down after realizing how awful it was for him to not have been there when Yeoreum reached out and asked him to come to her when she needed her the most.
    and thanks!
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  8. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    tikasari said: Can anyone please help me.. What song that played when TH waited outside YR house at ep 10... [-O<
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  9. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    Phi said: flitflyzoom said: @Phi he realized it after piecing all the details together (Yeoreum's reaction, Yeoreum's dad's cryptic message, not finding a record of the car accident).
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  10. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @Phi he realized it after piecing all the details together (Yeoreum's reaction, Yeoreum's dad's cryptic message, not finding a record of the car accident).
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  11. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    Here I am trying to study (I have an exam tomorrow =.=) but I keep coming back to this thread hoping someone will start a discussion about something (anything!) hahaha. Anyway, am I the only one who feels like my heart is tightening whenever the song 묘해, 너와 plays in the background while Eric Oppa emotes? It makes me feel like jumping into the computer screen and hugging him to death!
    I don't know, it's just that for me, Kang Taeha's basic fault in the relationship is that he felt too comfortable with the relationship because he knows how much Yeoreum loves him. Whether he missed a date or a meeting with her friends or would sleep throughout their dates, he was too comfortable knowing that Yeoreum would stick by him despite maybe being a bit pissed at him in the beginning. But I can tell he loves her--it was a selfish love, alright (judging from how he told Director Yoon he can't send her to any guy, whether he's better or worse than him), but it was love nonetheless. But since they've already talked things through now, I hope this opens up their communication better--I'm still rooting for you, Taeha!
    ...but at the same time I want Hajin to be happy hahaha. Does that make sense? Ugh, I think both Taeha and Hajin are flawed, but the one thing that's true is that they both love Yeoreum. And Taeha has shown that he's able to let go if it means Yeoreum will move on and find happiness, so he deserves a second chance!
    (Sorry for blabbing everyone; I'm tired from studying and wanted an escape haha =.=)
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  12. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    @aniyong Yeah, in the aftermath of her father's death, she never properly mourned. The only person she called to be there for her was Taeha and when he wasn't able to come to her she basically stopped all of her emotions from seeping through. When Hajin came along, I think she was able to be genuinely happy while hiding the pain she's been carrying for years. And that's unhealthy, because that means she never actually moved on from the tragedy her family went through. That's why  I think Taeha is such an important existence in her life, because despite his faults and mistakes in their relationship, he was the person she wanted to rely on the most.
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  13. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    Spoilers (maybe?) abound here.
    So much feels for episode 10, man. I watched it twice now, haha, once on my own (that time I weeped while Taeha was reliving his memories with Yeoreum), and then a second time with my sister.
    The amount of growth Taeha has shown in one episode! *cries* He went from not wanting to let Yeoreum go to wishing her happiness. My heart broke when he was saying let's break up and he was being sincere about saying sorry and letting her go. He could have been selfish like what he said to Director Yoon, but he chose to let her move on. And for me, that's a big step in the right direction for him.
    As for Yeoreum, I think from the moment in the hospital when she saw Taeha crying there was already a glimmer of realization of what Taeha truly feels. Before this, it all felt like Taeha was playing around and messing with her, but he can't fake tears and that was a real moment. And then during that last scene when Taeha started talking about her father, Yeoreum's voice over just showed to me just how much Taeha could still affect her:

    And I don't know, for me that says a lot. Yeoreum still isn't over him--and like @ngthuthien149 said, if she were, why would she care about the past? She cares because it was important, he was important, and he still remains to be. The blow of what happened to her father put her over the edge with Taeha--it made her clam up her feelings and keep them in until, finally, she was able to let it all out--and in front of Taeha no less! Maybe I'm over-analyzing this, but I think deep inside she's been waiting for him to find out and be there for her the way she wanted him to when her father died. That she can be this honest in front of him, while not being able to say anything to Hajin, also says a lot.
    I can't wait to watch the next episode--Yeoreum obviously is gonna have a lot to go through (because of the Suitcase of Memories!), and maybe this time she's gonna see the brighter side of their past together, that while it wasn't always a life filled with roses, there was beauty and happiness, and most of all, love between the two of them.
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  14. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Discovery of Romance 연애의 발견   

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the thread but I've been happily watching along. I just finished watching episode 6, and man, the revelation in this episode

    was a little sad for me--that's a huge heartbreak for a person to bear alone. I understand both sides in this:

    That said, Hajin! Oh, Hajin. Tsk tsk tsk. I don't get why he doesn't just tell Yeoreum about Ahrim (same with Yeoreum not telling about Taeha being her ex, really, haha--but I'm talking about Hajin right now). No matter if they're real siblings or she was his first love (who just happens to be younger and they just treat each other as siblings), if he truly loves Yeoreum and wants to be with her and marry her, then why make these little lies (of omission, mostly, but lies nonetheless) and let her misunderstand? D:
    To be honest right now I'm pretty sure I'd like for Taeha and Yeoreum to work things out--they were cute before! But then again, I don't understand why, if Taeha really loved her and had all these happy memories with her, he didn't look for her and get back with her after all the stress at work is done and over with. It's been, what, five years?
    (Anyway, sorry for the rambling and muddled thoughts--I'm working on very little sleep haha. Back to studying! See you guys next week!)
    [EDIT] It's been a while since I've posted on Soompi--how do you do those spoiler things anyway? Mine won't show up correctly. D:
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  15. flitflyzoom added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Wild Chives & Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion 12년만의 재회 : 달래 된 , 장국   

    @lclarakl that's actually very interesting! I looked up the guy who's playing the teen MC and I was surprised to find out he's a 1995 baby! O.O Younger than Yoon Sohee!
    @ladytron33 I totally agree with you on that--I was totally up for watching a drama with a married teen couple having family difficulties, and then they break up and meet again after many years (and she's already changed her name and face, to boot! What drama!) only to get a wishy-washy introduction of a cute-but-still-haven't-fully-blossomed young love between two teenagers. Sadly, this isn't the only case in Korean dramas where we don't actually get the intended premise and we end up somewhere a bit...disappointing. Live shoot happens, scripts get edited and changed (usually to cater to the audience's whims and ensure drama ratings)--though I don't think this is the case for this drama. *sigh* I'm just hoping the adult portion is much better, since I started watching this because of Lee Soyeon.
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