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  1. foxiscully added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014/2015] Healer 힐러 - Thanks to "Healer" Cast&Crew!!   

    Hi all, its been awhile since I logged in to soompi. My last active participation was at the Minsul / To the Beautiful You threads.
    Being active on soompi can be detrimental to ones' health, lols. But, unfortunately, here I am - at my latest love - Healer. And am failing badly in getting rid of the withdrawal symptoms, I may say.
    In a way I'm glad I wasn't here during the crazy days of Healer airing. Elst, I wouldn't know how I can survive the excitement I gauge from backreading all your lovely posts - the insights, vids, interview links...sigh...thanks all (p/s I feel that YS loves/like BS too
    I actually started the very first Healer episode in Seoul itself, during a holiday there With no subtitles (am not a Korean-native, as you can guess), I had to scour up & down to know exactly what the drama was, & where I saw the Oakley clad cutie from (which I later found out was my adorable cry baby Peha in Empress Ki - come on, can you blame me for not seeing any resemblance, ha ha)
    So, anyways, I'm an ardent fanfic writer, and somehow was compelled write a Healer-fic specially for a dear friend.
    So, I just would like to share my drables here with you - Healer : Love Doesn't Hurt
    So, thanks again for all the lovely crazy convo for me to exorcise my Healer-demons & hope that one day soon, God will take pity on us and cure us of our JCW-PMY-fever
    Tx & God BlessFoxi    
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