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  1. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    According to this DC Gall post, this is what happened:
    MC: What is your ideal type?
    Fans from below shouting: SO EUN-SSHI
    JR (laughter): Thank you for coming to the press conference of someone else's man. I think it'd be nice if that ideal person possesses what I don't have.
    In the video that's on the post, you can hear Jae Rim say the part about 'another person's man', but what's right before it and after is cut out.
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  2. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, The Story After Their Parting [X]
    [+45, -1] Date, date~~!!^^ You match so well. You're slowly looking more alike~~[+33, -0] As expected, even for their last parting, they're kind and like lovers. They really match well and are so cool even at the end. How can I stand wanting to see your sweetness?[+25, -0] I have no words other than 'You match so well'... Seeing Solim's smiles, I hope there's a day where I can see them in a drama... Solim~~ Thank you.. I hope the love that you gave fans will return to you as happiness.... Thanks... for making me feel great happiness.... for letting me know you the two of you precious actors.....[+14, -0] Solim, who I supported without any regret... It was a really enjoyable time for me as a fan.. Please continues your good fate in the future too 
    'WGM4' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, Still Say "Jagi" [X]
    [+58, -1] Did they really become a "jagi' to one another? That's what fans are hoping for![+35, -0] ㅋㅋ As expected. So Eun♡Jae Rim![+31, -0] Solim, I hope you step another step forward as actors[+30, -0] Saying 'jagi'....[+24, -0] Why are the two of them so cute? I want to go meet them personally and give them a hug. It's my first time wanting to meet celebrities in reality. Because of Solim, I've been dyed the first time in my life[+23, -1] The two of you have become much more comfortable, right? I hope you continue to have a comfortable relationship even after WGM ends..[+21, -0] Even though it's the end of WGM for you, I hope you can continue your fate... I was really happy while you were doing WGM thanks to you. I'll anticipate more events that you'll do together~~~'WGM' Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim, Tears Because Of The End Of Their Virtual Marriage [X]
    [+36, -0] Solim, I was happy during that time.. because of the two of you.. Although you're leaving WGM now and it's goodbye for Solim, I'll support you a lot as Actor Song Jae Rim and Actress Kim So Eun.[+36, -0] I was thankful during that time. You don't know how enjoyable it was because of the two of you. I'm sad but I'll support the two of you individually. I hope you'll always be happy and succeed~~♡[+32, -0] Solim~~~ Thank you........ I'll trust that you'll realize your fate. I hope you do well as actors in your field... I hope you'll always have good energy...[+18, -0] The people that properly watched from the start to the end know that Solim was the best 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, End Of Virtual Marriage... How Are They After Their Parting [X]
    [+46, -0] It's really hard for actors to part with their character after their drama is over too. In the 10 months the two of you spent together, just how much affection did you gain for each other... I didn't really use to watch WGM, but I only waited for Saturdays every week and watched, so it's really disappointing. I won't be able to forget Solim's cuteness^^[+25, -0] I hope you can continue your friendship.[+15, -0] Solim, thank you. I hope you get better as actors 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, Sad Parting With A Sea Of Tears [X]
    [+33, -0] It's the last, it's the last ㅜㅜ[+31, -0] Where can I see a couple as pretty as this again ㅜㅜ[+31, -0] I was really happy during that time. I hope you fly high[+29, -0] So Eun-ah, Jae Rim-ah, since it's the last episode.... Your parting is really sad[+24, -0] I can't let you go ㅜㅜ I was happy, Solim. Thank you[+22, -0] Thanks to you, I was happy! I'll support you in the future too!![+22, -0] It seems like we won't see a couple that's as fun as Solim again... A shame...[+20, -0] It's a real shame having to let you go... I hope you fly high as actors too
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  3. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, There's No Sadder Parting Than This [X]
    [+50, -0] I was sadder watching.. Please just date ㅠ Please[+47, -0] It was like they were separating from the person they love. I cried so much. They were so pretty, so I was more sad  ㅜㅜ The two of you, please succeed[+45, -0] I still can't get my sad heart to let you two go yet ㅠ Thank you for showing us the pretty side of you and being a happy virus! Thank you and I love you, Solim♡[+36, -0] It's my first time crying watching a variety show.. I hope you two fly high as actors from now on..[+25, -0] It's a shame having to bury this kind of chemistry. I want to see you in a drama[+25, -0] They're this pretty... Since I can't see you anymore, I'm so sad[+21, -0] Solim is the best in WGM!!![+20, -0] Crying along with them, it was so hard...ㅠ Thank you, Solim... Solim forever~♥[+20, -0] WGM is over, but I hope you fly high as actors~~ Thanks[+18, -0] It's really the first time I've cried so much watching a variety show ㅠ I'll always remember you, Solim ♡♡ You were the prettiest couple~ 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, Teary Farewell [X]
    [+28, -0] They understood each other a lot - the best[+22, -0] I hope to meet you in a drama or movie[+21, -0] They were the best couple till the end. Thanks for the fan service too[+20, -0] Doing good and difficult things together, they probably gained a lot of affection for one another... Their chemistry was always the best and I hope that you continue your good fate~[+20, -0] Solim is the best~~~ 
    'We Got Married' Kim So Eun "Song Jae Rim Is A Really Great Person" [X]
    [+205, -3] They were the best couple. They really understood each other[+179, -1] Solim, who was natural and honest, thank you. Now I'll support your individual roads[+147, -2] Jae Rim too, So Eun too, you are both great people... Thank you for making me happy during WGM~[+147, -2] Both their hearts are so pretty[+147, -3] They were probably each other's best partner ㅋ[+85, -3] It's true that Jae Rim-sshi is a great person. And So Eun-sshi, who understood him and let herself be pulled along. If it was a different partner, we wouldn't have been able to see Jae Rim-sshi's pluses this well. So Eun-sshi is a great person too[+77, -1] How can someone speak so prettily... Solim was pretty till the end. You're the best!!! Thank you and I love you♡[+74, -0] Since they worked hard and were thankful for one another, they were so pretty... The two of them are great person.[+75, -1] They were the best couple and matched so well. Solim, thank you ㅠㅠ[+72, -0] Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim are really good people. It's like they've become help and strength to one another. It's not easy to have that as you're living... I was happy too. It's my first time having my heart warmed and flutter while watching a variety show.[+72, -0] They were each other's best kungjjak jjakkkung~~♡[+72, -1] Their kungjjaks match so well!!!!! Thank you during that time![+71, -1] If it wasn't Song Jae Rim or Kim So Eun for either of them, there wouldn't be Solim either. Thank you for the 9 months that were like a happy dream! From now on, I hope you fly high![+69, -0] The both of them know how to give and receive love... In the future, continue to succeed[+65, -0] I was always touched by the two of you who remained unchanged through good and bad times... I felt your sincerity so I like watching it even more~ I hope you become strength to one another from now on~[+66, -1] Seeing them cherish each other that much even after WGM ended, it's nice[+65, -0] Their kungjjak was only possible because it was the two of them. A couple that let one another shine - you're the best 
    'WGM' Kim So Eun, Song Jae Rim's Title Is "Ex-Husband?" [X]
    [+37, -0] I like Solim who gave fan service till the very end[+36, 1] You guys are legends. Make sure to do a drama together[+30, -0] You were the best. Solim, live well[+30, -0] She has variety sense~~ Their kungjjaks match well[+23, -0] You were a great couple. I love you a lot[+15, -0] A couple that we'll never see in WGM again... Solim... Let's see you again... 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim's Last Forehead Kiss On Kim So Eun "Thank You During That Time" [X]
    [+205, -10] Because of So Eun and Jae Rim's WGM, I was happy every Saturday. Thank you.. The both of you, be healthy.[+181, -3] This couple was jjang fun ㅠㅠ[+170, -5] Watching this beautiful couple, I was thankful too, Solim[+133, -3] It was a happy and enjoyable 9 months with Solim... Thank you... Make sure to meet in another project[+60, -0] You're the best.. Now fly high as actors[+60, -0] Because of Solim, I was really really happy the past 9 months.[+56, -0] Please be happy[+56, -0] Always be happy. I was happy and thankful too[+56, -1] We were really thankful too. Thank you for making us happy and satanghae~♡[+51, -1] Because of Solim who knew how to give and receive love, I was happy. I hope you're even more happy from now on[+51, -1] I really had fun watching WGM because of Solim.. Thank you for making WGM fun~[+44, -0] There's no need for anything else - you're the best.. I was really happy as a fan[+46, -2] Legend couple. There's probably not a couple that's this fun and touching...
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  4. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM4' Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim's Departure [X]
    [+40, -0] They trusted and understood each other a lot. The best couple[+37, -0] I want to see this chemistry is a drama or movie[+36, -0] It seems like they really cherished each other a lot. I hope you have good fate[+35, -0] Ah, seriously... They had daebak chemistry[+31, -0] I laughed a lot thanks to Solim^^ I support you in the future too~[+24, -0] Solim fans cried a lot more than Solim did. To the point that it was embarrassing for family members to look at~ It's because we loved Solim that much. I hope to hear good news from now on![+22, -0] The people that properly watched until the end know that Solim is the best[+22, -0] Solim! You guys are the best! You've worked hard during those 9 months. I flutter and has happy because of you~ Thank you~♥'WGM4' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, Tears Because Of Their Parting [X]
    [+58, -1] I want to see this natural couple again[+54, -1] Just date..[+52, -1] I love you, Solim. Thank you[+50, -1] Even their parting is pretty... They really had crazy chemistry[+49, -1] This is the most fun I had watching WGM.. Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim couple, who deserves to remain in my memories forever, it'd be nice if things turned out well for you even after the end of your virtual marriage![+31, -1] Song Jae Rim was probably sincere..[+28, -1] I like Song Jae Rim so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+26, -1] They're probably one of the five couples that matched the best in WGM ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun End Their Virtual Marriage With Tears And Laughter [X]
    [+43, -0] Such a pretty couple... I'll support the two of you from now on[+35, -1] Solim, who did their best for one another, I love you[+28, -0] I'll never forget Solim, who showed us such a cool side of them. Please do dramas or movies often, I'll support you..[+26, -0] I cried throughout watching![+15, -0] They took care of each other until the very last moment wiping each other's tears and feeding one another food~^^ 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, Explosion Of Tears At The End Of Their Virtual Marriage,, "A Shame" [X]
    [+32, -0] Let's see this chemistry in a drama[+31, -0] You two were the best. Fly high[+31, -2] You were pretty till the very end - Thank you[+27, -0] ㅠㅜ A shame ㅠㅜ [+25, -0] It's such a shame letting go of this couple. The two of you, please be happy[+18, -0] You were the best... Fly high~~~ 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, Solim's 'Sad Farewell' [X]
    [+57, -0] You worked hard these 9 months, thank you[+52, -1] How can I let Solim go ㅠ Solim's farewell was really sad... So Eun-ah, Jae Rim-ah, you worked hard during that time[+51, -1] They get along well as colleagues. Please do a drama together[+49, -0] Fly high, Solim ♡♡♡♡♡♡[+45, -0] I'll support the two of you. Please fly high[+27, -0] I'm still not prepared to let you guys go... I'll always support you.. Solim, fighting~~~[+27, -0] Thank you for showing us the pretty side of you until the very end ㅋ I'll support the you passionately as actors[+25, -0] You matched well and worked hard - I liked watching. It's a shame you're leaving, I wish I could keep on watching[+23, -0] Thank you for making us happy
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  5. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    This is the last time I'll ever get to translate Solim netizen comments, so I have a lot line up, but it'll take some time for me to get through them all. There really is a lot, so I'm pretty sure that by the time I'm done, you'll all get sick of me since they're pretty repetitive, but I want to translate them all!!!!!!
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun's Departure, Tearing Up About The End Of Their Virtual Marriage... 'Viewers Feel Regretful Too' [X]
    [+46, -0] I'm endlessly rewatching it, and I just cry and cry again. I didn't even imagine that they'd leave so my regret is even bigger.[+32, -0] It could not be the last (That's what the two of them said when they were doing their loveshot at the farewell party)... I'll anticipate it. [+22, -0] I watched WGM for the first time through Solim. I anticipated every Saturday and was happy the past 9 months.[+22, -1] Tears were pouring down while watching! The two of them really look sad that they're parting. Song Jae Rim was cool[+13, -0] Even at the end, you were cool and pretty~ That cool and pretty chemistry, I want to see it again somewhere else^^ 
    'WGM' Sad About The Leaving Couples VS Anticipating The New Couples [X]
    [+54, -4] Solim's chemistry was daebak.. Please show us that chemistry on a drama or movie too~[+54, -5] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun really cried a lot, it seems like they really cherished and understood one another. Please continue your good fate in this lonely celebrity world[+51, -3] Usually when you do eventful things with someone, you think of them more. Solim, who gave us flutters and happiness, please always be happy[+48, -3] I already miss Solim ㅠ They were the best couple~~[+41, -2] Even when they're leaving, they're so pretty. Their chemistry is so good, I don't know why they're leaving 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, End Of Their Marriaged Life... Teary Farewell [X]
    [+17, -0] It's a shame, do a bit more T.T Please contact each other often and share a good friendship. Congrats for meeting good people^^[+12, -0] Now there's no couple to watch on WGM.. 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun Regretful Parting With Tears And Snot [X]
    [+26, -0] Solim-ah~~Thanks for letting me feel pretty flutters for the last 9 months - you've worked hard~~ Now I can't see Solim anymore, but I'll cheer for the loveable Jalm and Sso from now on~~[+25, -0] Watching the last 10 months with Solim, I was happy. I'll support Jae Rim and So Eun as their individual fans now. Thank you.[+23, -1] Can't they really date. Watching this, I cried too ㅜ It seems like Song Jae Rim-sshi really liked her 
    'End Of Their Virtual Marriage' Solim Receives Their Mission Card [X]
    [+320, -6] Seeing Song Jae Rim cry, I burst into tears too[+217, -10] Solim was the best of the best[+190, -6] It really hurts my heart to let go because Solim gave us, the viewers, a lot of love.[+173, -2] Seeing them during their blackroom interview, I burst into tears[+138, -2] Solim, what to do with you.... You worked hard during that time as you were laughing and crying together. Thank you for being Solim[+137, -7] Can't you just date?.... It's possible that it isn't the last, that you can make a new start![+126, -3] It's my first time crying like this watching a variety show... Thank you, Solim...[+100, -2] Bursting in to tears~~ㅠㅠ Now it's bye to WGM too~~ㅠㅠ[+94, -3] I still can't let you go~~ Solim ㅠㅠ I was really happy these 9 months.. Satanghae^^♡[+92, -1] I cried with them.. It was so hard.. What to do with the two of you... 
    Last Kiss For Jae Rim-So Eun [X]
    [+265, -3] It's sad ㅠㅠ I really like them~~Thank you for leaving a good image until the very end~ I'll anticipate you guys as actors~~^^♥[+202, -5] I want to say to So Eunnie and Jae Rimmie that I was thankful during that time. Thank you and I love you. I'll support you as fans from now on~^^[+178, -2] I'll love Solim a lot forever but.. if after WGM, we became a burden to you, Solim fans will just quietly support you from behind[+154, -1] I cried because of Jalm. He's kind.. Things will obviously turn out well for you. Thank you. Solim 50 forever[+141, -1] The two of them were really the best[+132, -0] Song Jae Rim is so kind and tender-hearted. He spoke so sincerely... You're weird if you didn't cry... I hope things turn out even better for you in the future♡♡♡[+112, -1] Jae Rimmie and So Eunnie made it so I could watch really really happily - Thanks a lot[+92, -0] Sso, Jalm, you're really the best~~^^[+86, -0] Watching them, I cried too. I'm sad that I won't be able to see the pretty stories that you two make anymore. 
    'WGM4' Henry-Ye Won, A Pitiful Parting Left With Only Scars [X] (The article actually talks about  Solim, despite the title not mentionaing them, and there was a highly rated comment, so I thought I'd translate it!)
    [+1068, -169] Even though they finished, Solim will probably contact each other and maintain a good relationship. It's a first that WGM is showing the farewell party, and even away from the cameras, they were the same - they look close and confortable
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  6. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    I don't have too much time before I have to leave for work, but I just wanted to properly translate some of the blackroom interviews because I really liked them. Netizen comments will have to come later, but I have lots lined up.
    Talking about getting the mission card:
    JR: I bursted into tears. At that moment, I didn't want to show So Eunnie [the mission card]. We made this many memories as a couple. Hearing that it was the end, it was depressing.
    SE: Thinking that it was the last, it was sad and regretful. And since it seemed like Nampyun had a harder time than me, I didn't feel good. ... Ah, I said I wouldn't cry.
    In response to how Jae Rim was as a husband:
    SE: In my mind, he did really well. He was a really great person. I want to tell him not to worry because he was 100 points.
    Final words:
    SE: The Nampyun that did this with me, he seems like someone who gives a lot of love. He's someone that knows how to receive love, that knows how to love. ... What am I going to do.
    JR: So Eunnie's pluses? She has more minuses. When I swoop in, she gets surprised. She hits me. She's only good at cooking what she's good at. But... those were pluses. Being able to see minuses as pluses, that's a couple, of course.
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  7. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    I was going to post this WAY earlier, but Soompi hates me and wouldn’t let me in. Anyways, just some random tidbits from my live streaming (not really in chronological order):
    SE kept on telling him not to read the mission card
    SE said in her blackroom that, since it was the end, it was sad and a shame, and that their virtual marriage was harder on her nampyun, so she didn’t feel goodJR said that at that moment, he didn’t want to show SE the card, and that they made so many memories so it was depressing having to endshe also said that in her 27 years of living, Turkey was the prettiest, and JR jokingly said that it was because it was with himsince she was crying, SE was joking that all the ant hindlegs (her fake eyelashes) were falling offSE was saying that she normally doesn't cry, and that she's a 'cold woman', and then she proceeded to pretend that she was going to burst in tearsJR said brought their Best Couple Award out, saying that even though they're an Empty Nester couple now, they used to be a couple that received thatJR was saying that if it wasn’t the each other, if it wasn’t Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim, they wouldn’t have the Best Couple Awardthey were looking though the questions that they wrote for one another in their first episode, and JR said that now they know the answers to all of themJR asked if SE wasn’t really surprised by him at first, and SE replied that people are really surprised now because she's become so much like JRin the blackroom interview, SE said that, in her mind, JR did really well, that he was 100 points, and that she'd like for him not to worryJR said in his interview that SE has a lot of negative points (she gets really surprised when he swoops in, she likes to hit him, she’s only good at cooking the things she’s good at), but those negative points became positives to him, and that's what being a couple is aboutSE was 'complaining' about how much JR was crying, and JR said that they usually switch male and female rolesshe also complained saying what guy cries this much, and JR responded that guys can cry tooa couple of times, SE jokingly told JR not to act (because of his crying)JR asked what they should call each other now, and said that it'd probably just be "Oppa", or "Ya"SE adamantly said that she won't call him "Ya", and after some thinking, she said "Ex-husband?"when JR kissed SE forehead, he said "Thanks, my bride"SE said that JR was a husband that gave a lot of love, and that he's someone who knows how to receive and give loveat the farewell party, when SE was calling JR, she was still speaking in banmal, and she jokingly told him not to cry today 
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  8. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    A new article that talks about their farewell party:
    It says that they recently had their last filming and wrapped up their virtual marriage, and it was a tear-filled goodbye. But they had their farewell party a few days later. Contrary to their previous meeting where they couldn't stop crying, they met with a different, bright atmosphere. Even though their virtual marriage was over, they still called [each other] 'Jagi', and showed their caring sides.
    Edit: It appears that this is a part of the preview for today's episode, so I think we're going to see some of their farewell party too?
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  9. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, Virtual Marriage Ends With Tears + Forehead Kiss [X]
    on their yard, they found a box that had a photo album full of pictures from their first meeting until now, along with a mission cardJR read the card first, but SE was curious so he read it for herafter having read the card that told them of the end of their virtual marriage, tears spilled from JR's eyes, and even SE, who was trying hard to keep them in, bursted into tearsthe two of them barely stopped their tears and calmed their heartsin order to soothe their hearts, they picked some of the lettuce from their vegetable garden to eat barbecuethey made samgyupsal on a charcoal grill with their lettuce, complete with a sauce they likedthey then started to eat like they weren't just cryingSE then said "It's so sad, but it's delicious", showing how funny and sad she found the situationthey drank the bellflower wine that they drank during their first meeting, and enjoyed themselves talking about past memoriesJR then suddenly asked what they were suppose to call each other nowafter thinking, SE gave a shocking answer - what is it?
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  10. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Some netizen comments on their video clips.
    "Close Your Eyes" Jae Rim♡So Eun, Do They Kiss?! [X]
    [+953, -63] Is a kiss on the lips that hard? Next week's the end~ Babo Jalm![+633, -97] Pretty. I probably won't forget Solim for a while[+437, -61] Forceful Jae Rim is cool ㅋ Shy So Eun is pretty~~♡[+404, -90] Because you're Solim, the two of you shine... I'll keep on supporting you..[+384, -43] It's a shame that it's endingㅎ.. Solim was fun and charming - I liked them the best..ㅠ[+271, -35] You were such a pretty couple, it's such a shame that you're ending..[+266, -36] Now I can't see Solim anymore?!! ㅠ.ㅠ[+235, -39] You guys are so pretty[+190, -29] Next week, let's make sure to give her a stamp~~~^^[+83, -4] Better than any couple on a drama. Pretty ♡♡♡[+74, -2] Now what'll I watch on WGMㅠ[+68, -4] When it comes to ticklishness, the answer's Solim[+67, -4] I can't let you go, Solim. It hurts, don't go 
    The Scared Jae Rim Bungee Jumps For So Eun! [X]
    [+117, -1] Jae Rim, So Eun... Because of the two of you, I was really happy[+98, -3] Jae Rimmie, a guy like you.. is so good. Thank you. 50, forever[+95, -1] Cool. Solim, fighting![+83, -1] So Eun-ah, Jae Rim-ah!! Good job on the bungee jump! I'll have fun watching until the very end~~^^[+70, -1] It would have been better if they got to jump together ㅠ Out of all the bungee places, why did they go to one that didn't have couple jumps..?[+63, -0] You've worked hard. Now don't even go anywhere near the WGM PDs[+53, -0] Seeing them overcoming their traumas and being considerate for/to one another.. it's nice[+41, -0] You've become the first couple on WGM to not couple bungee jump, but to jump alone. Solim is pretty, but I hate the PDs[+33, -0] Now that it's the end of this couple that's beyond imagination, I've seen all I need to see on WGM[+33, -0] It's a shame. When will I see a couple as pretty as this again? They only appear on dramas 
    Someone Get Rid Of This Love Fool! Jae Rim's Saxaphone Performance For So Eun [X]
    [+124, -4] The fact that I can't see this couple anymore after this week.... There's a lump in my throat. You guys are the best!!![+112, -2] I'm reminded of Solim's first meeting. It's such a shame that I can't see Solim anymore ㅠㅠ I'll remember Solim who's so pretty and had the best chemistry. Thank you[+104, -1] I don't want to let Solim go...[+96, -2] Make Solim's minutes longerㅜㅜ[+90, -2] Jae Ree Mah, you're the best..[+86, -3] A husband that tries this hard is rare... Since it's the last this week, it's such a shame...[+84, -2] Do I have to let go of a couple this pretty. I'm sad. I was happy thanks to you guys, and you were the best couple of my life.[+75, -2] Tears are coming out.. Have I gone crazy.. Ah, Solim.. 
    We Got Married Episode 275 Preview [X]
    [+234, -4] Solim, don't go. Why are you crying ㅠㅠ[+170, -3] Solim-ah, don't cry[+165, -3] I liked Solim.. Don't cry..[+154, -4] Why did I watch Solim last year ㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+133, -4] Ah, tears are coming out. Next week, it's goodbye ㅠㅠ[+129, -1] I'm going crazy because of Solim. PDs, take responsibility![+133, -1] What to do ㅜㅜ My heart hurts so much ㅜㅜ What did you do to me ㅜㅜ Ah~ Jae Rim-ah, So Eun-ah![+108, -1] Jae Rim-ah~~ Don't cry~~ Fly high ~~ㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+102, -2] Ah~~ I'm sad. I won't be able to watch since tears are coming out[+73, -3] It's just variety, but Song Jae Rim was perfect for Kim So Eun..[+61, -1] My heart hurts... The two of you worked hard~ I won't forget the happy times I had thanks to Solim~[+58, -0] With Jae Rim crying, will I be able to watch next week. My heart hurts ㅠㅠ Watching this, I can even feel the pains of breaking up ㅠㅠ
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  11. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Song Jae RIm "Even Though We're Leaving "WGM', Things Aren't Over With Kim So Eun" [X]
    [+4742, -394] Jae Rim-sshi, So Eun-sshi, from now on, take care of one another as good colleagues[+607, -52] It's nice seeing him be considerate of his partner until the very end. I'm once again getting the feeling that Song Jae Rim is a good person[+363, -55] The moment Solim leaves, I'm saying farewell to WGM too. Jae Rim-sshi, So Eun-sshi, I was really happy these 9 months. Even though you're leaving, please keep this fate you have. Even if it's as close oppa and dongsaeng, it seems like it'd be good[+317, -29] It seems like it's a first for someone to end WGM and then do an interview that's this considerate to their partner. So cool.[+327, -54] He does interviews so well. I considerate it good luck that I was able to get to know Solim. It's the first time I've felt thankful for WGM. Next week is the last but I hope So Eun and Jae Rim can be abnormal, that they can do a project together, even if it's a few years down the road. The two of you, thank you ♥♥[+300, -42] Song Jae Rim... A guy like you... So cool...♡[+282, -34] As expected, Jae Rim-sshi is charming... I like how his interviews are always serious... The 9 months spent with Solim, it was a precious time that fans won't forget... So, for the last episode, there'll be tears and snot...ㅠ Jae Rim-sshi, So Eun-sshi, I'll wait for the day you meet again ♥[+274, -36] The two of them seem like they got along well, since they have the same job[+234, 22] I'll support the two of you until the very end.. I'll pray that you'll succeed even more as actors.[+220, -25] I really enjoyed the 9 months spent with Solim.. I support you two flying high[+216, -25] I like seeing Jae Rim's honest side^^ I'll always support you.[+176, -18] I really liked seeing the loveable side of you, it's a shame. But you must have made a lot of good memories.... I'll anticipate another side of Song Jae Rim-sshi.[+118, -13] I was really happy because of Solim. You're people that give others happiness. I support Jae Rim-sshi and So Eun-sshi through your projects now.[+109. -8] This time, I felt even more that they cherished each other. Now, even hand holding is so natural and pretty.[+100 -6] As expected, Song Jae Rim takes care of his partner until the very end.[+99, -7] You're kind of the best, Jae Rim-ah.. That's right, you don't know how life will turn out. I hope that you meet So Eun in a project later on[+99, -8] As expected! They're a legend within WGM but the image of them finishing it and coming out, it's legendary too. Even their last farewell party and fan service interview~~~ Precious Rim's woman and her man... I'll support you flying high even as actors~~~ 
    'WGM' Kim So Eun Reveals Her Weight To Bungee Jump "45kg" [X]
    [+5129, -43] You have to be that weight in order to look thin on screen. She's really skinny[+4179, -48] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But she's really skinny[+3838, -354] She's 165cm tall, but is only 45kg. And she doesn't even have a juvenile body - places come out where they should come out and go in where they should go in. Guys really like that[+432, -13] No matter how short you are, if you're 45kg, it's incredible... It's that why she always confidently tells him to pick her up??ㅋㅋㅋ [+355, -16] If it's 45kg, even if it's a girl's weight, that's really skinny.. She eats well though, does her body not gain weight?[+262, -18] Hul, 45kg. At that weight, having places that go in and that come out - she has it all[+178, -21] You're going to get blown away by the wind, So Eun-ah!! She's really born like a doll!![+109, -6] The bungee jump was daebak. You could feel their nervousness even from their entrance. Solim, you worked hard.[+107, -6] I acknowledge their amazing chemistry. But they even give you flutters so I'll probably keep on thinking of them for a while~♥ I hope your fate can last a long time[+97, -4] It's the highest bungee I've ever seen on broadcast. It would have looked even prettier if they did it together. It's a shame but you were cool~[+59, -2] Even though there's a camera, the two of them don't pretend ㅎㅎ I like it more since it seems like realistic conversations that people who are close to one another have. Of course, it seems like it's more like a close relationship than them being a couple, but with that kind of atmosphere, it can't be acting.[+53, -3] Solim, you really worked hard. You're the couple with the best chemistry[+49, -2] More that her weight, it's Kim So Eun's face that's amazing... The best[+47, -1] ㅠㅠ It's ending next week with their 20 minutes. Solim fly high together~~~^^[+43, -1] When Solim leaves, then it's goodbye for WGM too.... Solim, fly high and be happy[+43, -3] It's not her weight that's important. It was really pretty and loveable seeing her coolly jump first and hug the scared Jae Rim after he jumped and say that she felt sorry in the blackroom interview.
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    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, Sweet 'Nose Kiss' During Their Meal [X]
    [+97, -11] Pretty. Next week's the end? Then I'm ending with WGM too. It's hard separating. Don't make a couple that I'll like again![+88, -9] Jae Rim was cool during the bungee ㅋㅋㅋ[+100, -25] Why are you leaving, So Eun-ah, Jae Rim-ah..♥ㅠㅠ[+79, -8] I hate separating.. My heart hurt throughout watching.. Ah, Solim-ahㅜㅜ[+68, -7] I had fun because I met Solim. In a couple of days, your virtual marriage'll be ending~~~^---^♥ The two of you fates are special. You were definitely an 'issue', I won't forget you for a long long time[+65, -5] The two of you are so pretty... I don't want to let you goㅜㅜ[+66, -7] The words "I can do it because of you"... As expected, Jae Rim's expressions are good. His words are good too... His heart too... It's such a shame[+53, -4] Solim matches so well.. As expected, today was kkuljaem too. The bungee jump was impressive. Thoughts of not being able to watch anymore, it's sad. I'll always support Solim.[+49, -3] I can make plans for Saturdays now starting next next week 
    ​Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun Leaving, Teary Barbecue Party "Thanks For Loving Us" [X]
    [+83, -3] Thanks. So Eun, Jae Rim, don't cry[+73, -3] Because of Solim, I was always healed..... Your chemistry that was considerate of one another and sincere, is the best.. Thank you..... It seems like the day where you'll get to show your cool chemistry in a drama or movie will come soon...... I got teary seeing you guys crying ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jae Rim-sshi, who has a lot of affection and a lot of tears.... So Eun-sshi.... please always be happy.........[+66, -1] Solim! You worked really really hard~ Jae Rim-sshi~ Please quickly come out with a good project~~[+66, -1] ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+65, -1] The two of you are the best! You couldn't have been better.[+51, -1] Solim, fighting! It seems like you'll stay in my heart for a long long time. Since you were such a pretty and well-matching couple~[+50, -2] I had fun because of Solim. Next, meet in a project with your fate~♡♡ 
    Love And Sweetly Kiss Like 'WGM' [X]
    [+42, -1] Solim, who has a friend-like fate, are becoming more alike and natural as time passes. They're so pretty[+35, -1] Having to let go of Solim who's that pretty, tears are coming out![+25, -1] I want to try loving like Solim again. They gave and received a lot of love to/from each other.  
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim "Kim So Eun Has Become Immune To My Cheesiness" [X]
    [+96, -4] As expected, the two of them match well[+91, -0] ㅎㅎ It's a shame~^^ Letting Solim go[+87, -6] Kim So Eun is really pretty.[+80, -0] Solim's chemistry is really the best..[+50, -0] We've become immune to the cheesy lines too. I have to let go of Solim next week. During that time, I had fun thanks to you![+49, -0] They're still this pretty, and I still have a lot of episodes that I want to see. Since they're ending so quickly, it's a shame. How can I let you go..[+49, -1] Jae Rimmie, So Eunnie, don't go~~~~ From now on, this program that doesn't have Jae Rim and So Eun - I won't watch it. 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, 'Farewell Greeting' [X]
    [+52, -2] It's Solim that's this pretty though.... WGM's best chemistry ♥Solim♥ In the future, live even better~~ ♥Solim♥[+47, -2] I can't let you go! Solim~♡[+30, -1] Viewers want it, so can't they do a bit more?
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    [We Got Married] "It's Because of You!" Song Jae Rim Resents Kim So Eun and Bungee Jumps [X]
    [+25, -0] Even so, he was cool. There are a lot of guys that can't do that[+23, -0] You did well.. The image of them being considerate and sharing with one another is so couple-like, so I like it more...[+18, -0] You were cool~ 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun Try Bungee Jumping [X]
    [+48, -1] They should have done it together... What were the PDs thinking... Even so, you're brave, Solim~~ Cool!![+47, -0] It's a shame it wasn't a couple bungee jump. PDs, do you not even do your basic research!!!!!!![+45, -0] If they weren't going to do a couple jump, why did they go? A shame[+45, -1] PDs, do you seriously not do research? It should have been a couple jump. So Eunnie jumped first, and because it was scary, she told Jae Rimmie not to jump and to just come down...ㅋㅋㅋ[+42, -0] Why are you making them do something they don't want to do?? I'm seriously getting angry! And it wasn't even a couple jump.. 
    'WGM' Kim So Eun Succeeds in Bungee Jumping In One Try "When I Opened My Eyes, I Arrived" [X]
    [+31, -0] Solim, live well with these last memories~♥[+31, -0] As expected, Jalm is a manly man. He said he didn't want to, but he does it for her. So cool.[+30, -0] He's a total man. Jae Rim, I totally love you[+29, -0] They're sharing new memories again. Even though they're leaving WGM, thoughts of their partner will probably arise a lot in these memories! 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, 'Nose Kiss' That Makes You Flutter More Than One On The Lips [X]
    [+21, -0] They a couple that really matches well on WGM.. They match to the point that it's a shame that it's only a virtual marriage... You really showed us a sweet side of you during your virtual marriage..[+11, -0] Pretty Solim, you've worked hard during that time^^ 
    More coming tomorrow, of course.
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    Just random Knet comments...
    'We Got Married' Lee Jong Hyun♥Gong Seung Yeon Vs Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, The Winner Of The Couple Photoshoot? [X]

    [+83, -5] Of course it's the Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun couple~~ On-another-level chemistry couple, Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun![+77, -5] Look at Song Jae Rim's gaze. It's Solim, of course.. 50, forever[+70, -1] Of course no one can follow Solim's natural, realistic chemistry or their fun that's overflowing with sense[+71, -2] You can't see people that match as well as Solim... I was just hoping that they'd have another photoshoot, I feel so empty![+65, -2] For Solim, it felt like I was looking at a glamorous photoshoot. Kkungie was like a refreshing apple mint mojito?? For me, Solim wins[+54, -0] Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun... I think Solim is the best couple pairing[+54, -1] Of course it's Solim.. There is no need for words with Solim's photoshoot.. No other words than shimkung~~ When I watched the photo shooting scene, I was kind of mistaken.. Are you not really dating?? Since your chemistry is so good~ Since Solim, who's this pretty, is leaving.. The WGM PD probably made the wrong choice.. Our Solim, you've worked hard during the 9 months, and thank you for showing us your pretty and fluttering love[+52, -0] Just looking at the photos there, it's obvious that Solin is the best! Is it only shimkung if you touch lips? No one can follow Solim's ambience or beauty~ When they filmed it, how nervous were they and how much did their hearts beat... Your couple photoshoot was so pretty and shimkung. Solim, you'll always live in my heart. I feel like tears are going to come out. What'll I do when I miss Solim?[+51, -0] Solim's was an unprecedented couple photoshoot. Their luxurious and graceful feeling is the best. There gazes are the best too. You can't say that this is a photoshoot from a variety show[+50, -0] Even though Solim didn't touch lips, they felt more sexy and sensual.[+49, -0] Solim~~ The two of their gazes.. Honey is dripping from them^^[+41, -0] Solim's photoshoot makes you flutter with just their gazes~♡ Shimkung^^ When they're together, every one of their scenes looks like a photoshoot~[+38, -0] Honestly, when it comes to naturalness, it's Solim, of course. I remember the internet being all shook up at that time. I started watching WGM from that point too ㅋ[+35, -0] With photoshoots, as expected, Solim shows their chemistry that's on another level[+34, -0] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun win, of course ㅋ Just looking at it, the feeling is different ㅋ[+33, -0] Looking at the photoshoot, it's Solim, of course. When I watched the photoshoot scenes, I shimkunged so much.
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