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  1. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Last ones:
    [We Got Married] Song Jae Rim Helps Kim So Eun Wear Her Uniform [X]
    [+351, -8] As expected, Solim's flutters are different from others^^[+295, -10] I'm so thankful that they're doing a romcom on variety. Solim is so cute, I'll support the two of you until the end[+259, -6] Song Jae Rim~~ The black room ㅋㅋ He said that only was the one that got flutters ㅋㅋㅋ The two of them are so cute~~~[+246, -9] Solim is so cute^^ Jae Ree Mah, So Eunnie got flutters and shy too~~~[+224, -7] You guys are the best. This is real chemistry that I haven't seen from anywhere before. Let me watch for just one year, please[+81, -6] In WGM, there are a lot of similar episodes, but for Solim, all their episodes are so new...  I only wish that I can watch for a long long time, Solim 50 years~~~[+68, -4] It wasn't flutters... The people watching shumkunged, Jae Rim-ah~~~^^[+65, -3] I like Song Jae Rim so fricking muchㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ[+67, -5] I'm touched by Song Jae Rim's hard-working image. Today I fluttered and shimkunged at the backhug ㅋ Song Jae Rim always has the charms to make people flutter ㅋㅋ The best[+61, -3] You guys are jjang. So pretty. You two match so well[+51, -3] I fluttered and shimkunged. So Eunnie was like that because she was shy, we know~~ You're so cool, Jae Rim-sshi^^[+36, -0] It looks like Jae Rim-sshi really treats So Eun-sshi preciously, even down to her feet~ No matter how well-mannered you are, that's something that's hard to do. Of course, it seems like that's not something he could do if if was another girl. And So Eun-sshi, who probably knows how pure(?) Jae Rim-sshi is, is also a good person 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, A 'Romantic' Couple's Day Like Their's [X]
    [+1251, -102] I sincerely think the two of them are so cute ㅠㅠ They match so well ❤️[+1015, -92] My laughter doesn't end when the two of them are together~^^ They're so pretty and match so well~ Both their appearances and personalities~ㅎ[+857, -75] They're sweet and I like watching them[+774, -70] The two of them really match well!![+392, -25] Lately it seems like only the two of them have a couple concept on WGM[+179, -16] Even for normal people, it'd be hard for you to meet a partner who's kungjjak matched yours that well~ Even though they aren't dating, it seems like they'll definitely have thoughts about it. Even if you date, you'd do it secretly, right?[+171, -13] Is this really variety? I want to ask.. Where can we see these visuals..[+172, -15] I've always known that they were good-looking and pretty, but they're no joke[+170, -16] They sweetly seem like a real couple[+154, -9] Whether it's real or fake, they're so sweet[+159, -14] So sweet ~♡.♡[+149, -11] They're a really well-matching couple that understands and is considerate of one another^^[+141, -12] So pretty and loveable.. You two, really try working out.. Do you guys not know, or are you just pretending to not know.. Excluding you guys, everyone knows^^[+126, -6] You probably can't see this kind of chemistry anywhere, including dramas!!ㅋㅋㅋ[+115, -4] WGM's work of god is Song Jae Rim. As expected, guy characters have to be like this. That's why the other guys are following Song Jae Rim's concept right now[+112, -2] Many people have lived forgetting about the meaningful Couple's day. It's a day for people to preciously do our best for one another, so today's episode was a really meaningful broadcast for married people. I'm touched by Jae Rim-sshi's sincerity[+112, -6] Solim is so like a real couple that as I keep on watching, I get confused!!![+112, -8] Seeing Kim So Eun get shy while expressing herself, it seemed real? Song Jae Rim, winner[+101, -3] Their visuals are no joke. So pretty[+103, -5] So Eunnie's definitely opened her heart ㅋㅋㅋ When she speaks, her aegyo naturally comes out. Even though she's easy-going, in front of the guy she likes, she'd naturally get shy and want to look cute[+105, -7] It's my first time hearing of Couple's day. If every couple in this world was as romantic as Solim, there'd probably be no divorce.[+100, -5] Ah, so romantic ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Watching Kim So Eunnie say he spent too much money and being worried was really ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ[+94, -2] When Song Jae Rim appeared from behind, I got a proper shimkung![+94, -3] So Eun-sshi was so pretty being so shy. I've come to realize that there's no way that's acting. Jae Rim-sshi, the entire nation knows ㅋㅋ[+93, -4] What will WGM do without Song Jae Rim... All the legendary things are Solim's.. Throughout watching, it was fluttering and fun[+91, -2] Jae Rimmie and So Eunnie are like a sweet newlywed couple. Because of Solim, I ended up watching WGM again~~~[+94, -2] Pretty. I hope they don't leaveㅠㅠ[+90, -2] So sweet~ Honey is dripping from them~~~ I live because of Solim, I'm... happy, thank you ♥♥[+89, -2] They urgently need an extension~~ They're a couple that captures flutters and fun... The best[+89, -2] The two of them are just one now. To the point that it's gotten awkward for them to be by themselves. They really seem like a real couple^^ 
    [Selfie★] Kim So Eun, Barbie Doll Face [X]
    [+663, -123] Wah, she's really pretty.. And I thought she was pretty during BOF as Kim Bum's girlfriend ㅋㅋ[+468, -94] Wah.........[+469, -98] Lately, she looks so pretty[+377, -94] So pretty~~ God So Eun.. is everything^^[+368, -93] The image of her now is loveable too, but when she's on WGM with Song Jae Rim, she's much more loveable ❤️[+191, -43] She's a goddess^^ Kim So Eun's looks shine. Always be happy, I'll support you[+178, -35] It's not just pretty, her looks are beautiful..[+112, -29] Way prettier than a barbie~[+118, -40] How can someone be that pretty... I can't look away+_+●[+81, -13] She shines to the point where the word 'Pretty' is not enough~~[+79, -13] Her heart and face are both pretty^^[+82, -16] Both her face and personality are pretty. Before, she was just a cute, young celebrity to me, but I discovered Kim So Eun through WGM!
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  2. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM' Song Jae Rim And Kim So Eun's Pregnancy Experience "The Baby's Kicking" [X]
    [+19, -1] Such natural and cute couple~ㅎ[+18, -1] I like this couple the most ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+14, -1] I like them so much.. Solim~^^ So funny[+8, -1] Pretty. Solim, please do WGM for a long, long time 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim's Skinship With Kim So Eun's Stomach [X]

    [+1212, -43] Since when has 'chest' become 'stomach' ㅋ[+849, -42] They've progressed so fast ㅋㅋㅋㅋI translated some of the replies to the above comment, but it's a little... 19+, so it's under a spoiler.
    [+602, -79] Ah, the two of them are so cute. They really match well ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+478, -52] I like watching them ㅠㅠ[+449, -64] They're so pretty. The two of them are just ♥♥[+140, -25] They are really ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Every episode, they're just funny without any boringness ㅜㅜ Your departure news is not true, right? Please do a few more years!![+120, -12] Funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whatever they do, they're pretty[+123, -20] Wah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kim So Eun is pretty[+118, -17] I really like watching this couple^^[+107, -9] If you watch the broadcast, the two of them really are funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+106, -8] I totally love Solim[+105, -8] All their cords match so well. They make us laugh and shimkung, and are so sweet. I'm happy every week[+119, -22] Ah, Kim So Eun is f***ing pretty, I'm so fricking jealous of Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun is so f***ing pretty I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!:&.&&:!:!.!.&;82@@-@.@.[+101, -6] I liked it so much that my cheeks won't go back down ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ[+105, -10] The two of them are so sweet and happy ㅠㅠ[+101, -8] They're such an amazing couple that's sweet no matter what they do ㅋㅋㅋ[+91, -2] How can there be such a loveable couple? You guys are really..... Ah, really....... I have a lot to say, but I'll hold them in[+96, -7] As expected, Solim is the best[+106, -18] Kim So Eun is fricking pretty ㅜㅠㅠㅠ Sigh[+85, -8] If you watch this couple, there's no way you can curse? I don't know how I ended up watching WGM either ㅋㅋㅋ The two of them have sense and are so cute♥♥[+78, -2] I like them so much ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ They match so well ♡ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ[+79, -4] Totally cute and funny~ㅋㅋㅋ[+77, -3] Today was totally daebak too...[+79, -5] Why is it this short? It ended so fast. I have to wait another week ㅠㅠㅠ[+76, -3] So cute I'm going crazy. Even if this couple became real, they'd lack nothing. I'm already anticipating next week.[+74, -4] Please become real~~ They match so well~~ I hope there'll be good news~~~^^[+72, -6] They look like real lovers, not a virtual couple, so it's kkuljaem~~ Totally funny~~~ㅎㅎ[+64, -1] Watching this couple, I've realized that, whether it's variety or dramas, your partner is really important ㅋ It feels like they're giving each other synergy[+63, -1] For the limousine confession, since it was 'I like you' and not 'I love you', it was more realistic and I like it more 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim To Kim So Eun's Stomach "The Baby's Kicking" [X]
    [+47, -0] How can I like you guys so much?!! The two of you are so pretty and loveable[+42, -0] It's fun. Solim's the best[+43, -1] Song Jae Rim'll probably be really happy to actually get married and do these kinds of things[+39, -1] It seems like Jae Rim'll treat his wife really well when he gets married[+18, -0] It felt like the two of them really got married and became parents. They'll live well sweetly and happily while bickering[+15, -0] The image of a real newlywed couple^^ So fresh 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim "I Got Flutters By Myself" [X]
    [+71, -1] Even while wearing the uniform, their visuals [+66, -1] Kim So Eun looked like she fluttered so much.. Since she was shy, she pretended not to be... The two of them are so cute[+54, -1] The image of the two of them in the uniform matches so well[+54, -2] When the two of them are together, it just seems like a movie. And I get flutters[+46, -1] Us, who are watching, fluttered to death ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+37, -1] She would have flutter! I'm jealous of So Eun[+37, -1] So pretty~~ Their sweet chemistry is jjang~~[+36, -1] She would have fluttered~^^ Today too, Solim was lovely lovely~ㅎ[+35, -1] You made us flutter so much~[+28, -1] I'm surprised again with So Eun's visuals[+19, -1] Song Jae matches the uniform so well and is so cool ㅋㅋ Whatever Song Jae Rim does, he always has the charms to make me shimkung and flutter ㅋㅋㅋ 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim's Romantic Sleeve Roll Ups With Kim So Eun [X]
    [+21, -0] It really seems like Solim is really having a 'some'. I don't know their wishes, but it really seems like they'll be pretty couple. Do you hear your fan's worries? The two of your hearts too, don't trick yourselves.[+20, -0] They're natural so I like seeing them more ㅋㅋ Live well[+15, -0] I'll have to watch this again soon...,ㅠㅠ[+10, -0] Today too, because of Solim, I had flutters, laughed and shimkunged and had fun watching. I'll have to watch this again. I'll anticipate next week too
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  3. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM' Song Jae Rim Smiles At Kim So Eun's Hand Kiss [X]
    [+44, -0] Jae Rim-sshi is so cool and So Eunnie is so pretty. Please have a beautiful love~~ Can't So Eun-sshi express herself a little bit more forwardly ㅋㅋ[+42, -1] He likes a hand kiss that much~ㅎㅎ[+39, -2] Kiss his cheek too~~[+31, -0] Sso, Jalm~ So cool~ And so pretty~ And Sso! It would have been more loving if you kissed his cheek... Don't be shy, you're the oldest couple now~^^[+30, -1] And they were a 19+ couple.. At first, they were bold. As I watch them, why do they seem more fresh^^[+16, -0] Next time, right on the cheek~ㅎ 
    'WGM' Kim So Eun At Song Jae Rim's Event 'Thankful Hand Kiss' [X]
    [+103, -6] So Eun-sshi, as expected, it's hard at first. Even if you're shy, please express yourself well^^ Next time, the cheek? ♥♥[+88, -3] The first time is hard, the second time is nothing much, right? Please express yourself more, So Eun-sshi[+88, -3] She says the words "I like you" well now^^ Next time too~[+79, -1] Jae Ree Mee was so happy with Sso's confession ㅋㅋ Confess yourselves often ㅎㅎ[+65, -1] That's right, you have to express your love often. The two of you match so well^^[+48, -0] Since it wasn't done easily, it was more realistic.[+45, -0] I get more flutters from them than I do with the new couples[+38, -0] For a shy personality, it's amazing to do that level... Slowly find the courage~~ So Eun 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun's Chicken Skin Inducing Affection "The Baby Kicked!" [X]
    [+19, -0] I thought I'd die laughing....[+17, -0] As expected, it's Solim. I'll always support you[+13, -0] Song Jae Rim really wants to be a dad ~^^[+11, -1] This couple's so quirky 
    'WGM' Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim, Random Pregnancy Experience 'Explosion of Laughter' [X]
    [+24, -2] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.. Because it's the two of you, I like it so much[+22, -1] Solim, they're done all sorts of things. What's next? I'm so curious~[+20, -1] Pretty, Solim's smiles[+17, -1] As expected, whatever it is, they seem like a real, natural couple. Pretty. Fighting!
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  4. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Second half of the preview according to DC Gall~
    JR prepared a really special May datehe brought SE to a boutique, and told her to try on some clothesSE ended up picking a black mini one piece, and JR was dressed up in a tuxedothey then enjoyed a romantic limousine ridebut then their competitive instinct reappeared without fail, and they started betting - who will be the person that ends up crying out their love in the heart of downtown Seoul?Heh, the comments are thinking/hoping that Jae Rim (finally!) wins.
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  5. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    This week's preview is short again...
    Song Jae Rim♡Kim So Eun, Romance and Thriller "What Happened At The Kendo Arena~" [X]
    they went on their first Seoul outing in a while since moving to ShiamriJR said that there's a sport that he wants to try with SE, so they went to a Kendo placeJR finished wearing the kendo uniform first, showing a cool side of him, unlike from Gimpohe also lovingly let SE know how to wear the uniformfor the straps on the uniform, Jae Rim personally tied them for her in a backhug position, and made SE shythey then had a kendo competitionthey were locked in a breathtaking, explosive match with no conceding
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  6. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Last ones:
    Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, 'WGM' Departure 'Last Filming Today' [X]
    [+908, -152] It was according to a script but I had fun watching. Since I can't see them now, it's a bit of a shame. They matched well~~[+733, -137] Now there's no couple left to watch ㅠㅠㅠ[+119, -4] It seems like they're leaving because their nine month contract is up. The two of you, you worked hard[+109, -16] Is WGM closing its door?? They're the couple most deserving of being watch though[+100, -12] They just moved not too long ago, and now they're leaving?[+104, -19] Heol???????? Ah, such a shame ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ I liked Solim so much[+93, -11] Now who will I watch.....[+80, -12] Now it'll be ok if WGM ends too[+81, -13] It came so fast. I thought they'd go for a year..ㅠㅠ[+56, -9] If there's no Solim, I won't watch WGM..[+50, -4] Solim..... No...ㅠ.ㅠ[+51, -5] I'm watching because of this couple. If Solim leaves, WGM can end too[+53, -8] If it's not them, there's not reason reason to watch.... I oppose them leaving...[+50, -5] It's a program that I wait to watch live. Because of Solim, when I watch WGM, I'm reminded of my dating years and I get flutters. If I can't watch Solim ㅠㅠㅠ[+48, -5] You've worked hard. I feeling so-so but I'm thankful for WGM introducing me to the two of them. I'll watch well until the last episode. I hope that your other dramas or movies will all do well. I will personally support Jae Rim and So Eun~^^[+46, -5] Song Jae Rim was seriously the best. In my mind, it's Solim 50 forever. Byep+49, -7] I watch to see Solim's 20 minutes ㅜㅜ If they leave, I probably won't watch... The Gong Seung Yeon couple is cute, but it's not to the degree of taking the effort to watch them. Please just do a couple more months ♥[+49, -7] I'll have to support the two of you after WGM. Fly high~ Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun's honestly on WGM was the best... [+48, -7] Will there be another couple like Solim in WGM? Such a shame.[+48, -7] It was something I worried about.. Jae Ree Mee, So Eunnie, please do more activities~~~♥ Goodbye WGM[+47, -8] Will they be able to find another pairing with as good of cheesy lines and as much sense again? I'm curious of the reason why they're leaving[+44, -6] Solim is leaving... I'm getting sad right away.... WGM will end with Solim. Such a shame. They were such a pretty couple ㅠ[+43, -6] The two of you, you work hard! I hope you become actors who shine where you are..[+43, -9] I'll remember Song Jae Rim as WGM's best husband. I'm sad, but I hope to see you in some good works. I'll support you^^[+41, -10] This is ridiculous!! Where can I see this kind of chemistry again!! ㅜㅜㅜ I love you, Solim!!!![+34, -3] It's so sudden, I'm taken aback, but I was really happy watching you guys. I sincerely thank you[+31, -2] I don't believe that Solim is leaving... It feels like I've lost my weekly rest... With Solim's departure... I'm saying bye to WGM too.. I'll support you as actors... Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun fighting!!! 'WGM' PD "Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Departure News is Unfounded, It's Not Their Last Recording Today" [X]
    [+5769, 68] There practically hasn't been a case where a WGM PD has said 'No' and it really was 'No'.[+3437, -71] What is this... I just read that it was their last filming...[+635, -24] Even though the PDs say no, it's always true ㅋ It's probably because of Kim So Eun's drama[+263, -37] When Solim leaves, I'm leaving WGM at the same time..[+174, -37] I'm totally surprisedㅡㅡ If Solim leaves, I'm stopping watching WGM for the meantime..... Until a couple I like comes on....[+109, -15] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are WGM's mains, if they leave, WGM'll have to end[+108, -15] So annoying, Song Jae Rim's drama ended too, where am I suppose to see him!!!![+95, -7] The PDs are going through the same exact pattern. Because of the Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple, my Saturdays are enjoyable, what a shame[+96, -10] If this couple leaves, then I won't watch WGM either[+95, -10] I'm going to stop watching WGM the same time Solim leaves too. I fell right for the two of their chemistry and fun. From now on too, I'll support you. Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun fighting.[+97, -13] If this couple leaves, WGM is screwed[+90, -9] I still don't want to let Solim go yet ㅜㅜ[+88, -8] If they leave, viewers will really not watch WGM[+77, -4] Even so, I'm upset. Because it's the truth that Solim's chemistry is no joke ㅠㅠ[+87, -16] No~ㅠㅠㅠ Solim can't leave~ㅠㅠㅠ This is my personal thoughts but Solim~♥♥ They should go for a long, long time~ㅠㅠㅠ They match so well and are such a pretty couple~♥♥♥ Solim♥♥♥ Live even better!![+71, -7] Heol~~~~ I really have fun watching, but they're leaving. Isn't this too much? If Solim isn't appearing, what should I watch now?[+66, -4] If the two of them really are leaving, make sure to film a romcom together. Do a drama as the leads[+61, -3] If Solim leaves, I won't watch now..[+56, -1] If there's no Jae Rim or So Eun, there's not reason to watch. It'll probably be fine if it just ends~[+59, -5] I'm watching because there's Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, why leave?[+58, -4] Solim is making a legend with every episode, it's probably not time to leave yet?[+56, -2] If Solim leaves, I won't have anything to watch on WGM. I was really happy watching Solim, there isn't much time left[+58, -5] I know WGM's pattern well, but just this time, I want to believe the words "It's not true"... Hearing Solim is leaving ㅠ The pretty Solim, where will be see such a pretty pairing again ㅠ Just do a bit more.....[+54, -2] Because of Solim, I couldn't quit WGM, Now there's nothing to see on WGM again. It was enjoyable because of Solim. The two of you, do well[+56, -5] They have to leave at some point.. You're the best couple of my life. The two of you, please fly high^^
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  7. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    'WGM' PD "Kim So Eun-Song Jae Rim's Last Filming Today? Not True" [X]
    [+19, -0] I oppose their departure. Lately the two of them have been so great on broadcast ㅠㅠ It can't be helped if the two of them say that they can't do it anymore, but it that's not the case, then let's be a long-lasting couple.[+14, -0] If Solim leaves, there won't be a couple left to watch. You got that, PDs? 
    Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun 'WGM Departure News' Denial "They're Filming Their Bungee Jump" [X]
    [+19, -0] They're finally bungee jumping. For as long as Solim appears, I'll keep watching WGM~ 
    Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Side "'WGM' Departure? Unheard Of, Filming Like Usual" [X]
    [+18, -0] If it's like past couples where you say no and than make them leave afterwards, then WGM is over! 
    'WGM' PD-Agencies "Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Departure News is Unfounded" [X]
    [+18, -0] It's kkuljaem because of this couple, why??[+12, -0] Both their agencies and the PDs are denying that they're leaving, why are the articles like this... Making me feel uneasy ㅠㅠ[+10, -0] What is this~ They won't be able to film during summer..ㅠㅠ 
    Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Side "'WGM' Departure? Completely Unfounded" [X]
    [+203, -23] What is this ㅋㅋㅋ But if the two of them leave, WGM is really screwed ㅋㅋ[+107, -4] They're not being notified of their departure through the internet, are they?[+35, -1] If Solim leaves, then now it's really bye-bye for WGM.... Solim-ah... You said 50 years... My heart hurts...[+37, -4] If Solim leaves, who's going to watch WGM!!!!!! Such a shameㅠㅠ[+29, -2] But if they leave now, who's going to watch WGM[+22, -5] I watch because of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. They can't leave..[+18, -3] I hope that Solim isn't leaving but if they are, I'll support you. I'll pray that the cool Jae Rim-sshi and the pretty So Eun-sshi will fly high.
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  8. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Like other's have mentioned, what typically happens with these kinds of news is that WGM'll get denied, but then 2-3 weeks later, it happens anyways, so this is why some comments are rather pessimistic.
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun "Not Leaving... Filming Well Right Now" [X]
    [+65, -1] I haven't prepared myself to send the two of you off yet. So upsetting, what to do...[+59, -1] Whatever! I'm not believing it. So sad... I'll have to drink a glass of alcohol. I have to send you off coolly... But I... won't be able to do that..[+54, -1] Please~~ You have to go for a year^^ It'll be hard to send you off then too, but~~~ Please^^[+53, -0] I don't believe it.. No, I can't believe it![+45, -0] Let's go for a year~ Even if it's only until the time of your first meeting again...[+38, -1] Even if they are leaving, don't do this kind of thing with Solim. Just be honest. The two of them are a couple that's done everything well..[+36, -0] I sincerely hope and hope that they're not leaving..[+29, -1] They so, so fun and I like them so, so much. Please, even if it's just year, continue. I've fallen for Solim to the point that there are times when I wonder if I've gone crazy.[+26, -1] I watch WGM because of this couple. If there isn't this couple, what to do...[+24, -1] Even if it's just until So Eunnie's birthday, we have to keep watching! 
    Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun 'WGM' Departure News is "Unfounded" [X]
    [+42, -3] Leaving.. Jalmmie has his Asia Tour starting June 20th and So Eunnie has a drama to film. I know it'll be hard to do WGM, but it doesn't seem true yet.. They're my healing on my only Saturdays..[+34, -0] I believe in the words "It's not true"!!!![+32, -0] You said you'd do WGM for 50 years? Keep your promise~~[+30, -2] Please~~ You can't leave~~~[+22, -0] I know there'll always be news like this, but I haven't prepared myself to let the two of you go yet. I thought I'd be able to see you for a year. I'll always support you, Solim. From now on, I hope to see the two of you in something good. 
    Kim So Eun's Side "'WGM' Departure? Not True" [X]
    [+48, -4] You can't leave! I've been anticipating Saturdays so much lately because of Solim...[+33, -1] Please go for 50 years, Solim. Of course, I do have thoughts that you'll have to leave at some point, but I haven't prepared myself to let the two of you go yet...[+18, -1] Please don't be trueㅠㅠ Let's go for a year~~ 
    'WGM' PD "It's not Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Last Filming" [X]
    [+23, -0] I watch for this couple... Now, WGM too, stop~~~[+21, -0] Take responsibility for the words "It's not [true]"!!!![+19, -0] Are you leaving? My heart ㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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  9. shinhwachangjo added a post in a topic: [OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun - LTE Couple [WGM]: PART 2   

    Hey guys, I will be translating some Knet comments about Solim's possible departure and the denial, but I kind of just woke up not too long ago, so it'll take some time.
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    This is a bit late, and we've (hopefully?) moved on by now, but I just wanted to share some DC Gall opinions on the latest episode. This isn't to argue with anyone (because I don't have the time to care about something like that), this is just to reassure some fans that may be concerned. Granted, It's not like Knet opinions are the law or anything, but I do think it's good to know the perspective of the people WGM is actually aimed for. And I know I've always made the point of only translating positive comments, but now I'll make another point of saying that I don't even have to pick-and-choose which comments to translating anymore (and I haven't for a while now, actually). This is because all the highly-rated comments I come across are positive (ALL. OF. THEM.) Anyways, onto the point of this post:
    Here's a post that's just saying how much fun this week's episode is. It says how it's always fun, but this episode, you can especially feel how their comfort and naturalness and sweetness has deepened. And there are responses saying how they want Solim to go for 50 years.
    Here's an post asking people to rate this week's episode: 1) Mediocre 2) Kkuljaem 3) Legend 4) Super Legend. You can take a look at the responses yourself.
    This is the only post I can find about So Eun feeding him the vegetable, and what they're focussing on is how naturally So Eun is sitting on Jae Rim's thigh.
    Here's another post related to it, but about So Eun licking the pepper paste from Jae Rim's finger, and it ends saying that "So Eunnie is amazing [for doing that]. The responses then say how completely close they look to one another and how it's like a romcom.
    Here's a post about So Eun proposing the 108 bow bet, saying how easy it is for her to compliment him and telling him to start. Some response are happily joking that So Eun isn't an easy girl, but because she isn't, it's more fun and even better.
    Here's a post about Jae Rim doing the 108 bow punishment. The second response comments how even as So Eun is giving punishments, she's always babying him at the same time. And another comment says that while So Eun is good at giving punishments, when they end, she'll lovingly pat him.
    And lastly, here's just a post complimenting Jae Rim for always saying that she's pretty and taking care of her, and So Eun for expressing her thankfulness and praising her Nampyun, and just how much they like them.
    These are just a few posts from DC Gall, but I wanted to put this out there...
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    Last part:
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim "If It Wasn't Kim So Eun, I Would Have Stopped My Married Life" [X]
    [+86, -2] For Solim, if it wasn't each other, they would have stopped already, of course. Solim is the best[+76, -0] Since it seemed sincere, shimkung....[+66, -0] Since Solim seems like a real couple, I get confused!!!![+63, -0] That kind of words... are sincere~[+60, -2] It's true... I watch because of Solim....♥♥[+35, -0] Has there been a WGM husband that's said these words before? Today Solim was even more pretty and loveable~[+34, -0] Me too, me too.. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't watch WGM... Today, Jae Rim's confession totally made my heart thump[+33, -0] The coolest confession in the world^^ You guys are really~ cool 
    Kim So Eun Warns Her Impostors [X]
    [+145, -11] Is she filming in China right now? So Eu Nee holding a dragonfruit is so cute.. Don't impersonate So Eu Nee...[+138, -12] Whatever your facial expression is, whatever you're wearing, you shine~[+123. -12] Cute. Lately, her face has flowers blooming from it ㅋ[+41, -5] So Eun-sshi's drama that I trust to watch, I hope it becomes daebak. And I hope that all the things she does goes well. I'll support you 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim♥Kim So Eun, Empty Nesters' Innocence [X]
    [+115, -0] I like Solim so much.. I'm always anticipating Saturdays with Solim[+108, -1] Solim has become healing to me ♥♥[+97, -0] They're a couple that has the natural charms of a real coupleㅋ[+80, -1] Solim with sweet chemistry~~ I like you guys..[+78, -2] Flutter inducers ㅋㅋ[+61, -0] If the two of them appeared in an ad, it'd be daebak. Or a drama[+57, -0] PDs~ Let's have Solim in a romcom~~ Their chemistry ends it all^^ 
    'WGM4' 3 Different Couples' Dates [X] (This is another article that talks about all three couples, so naturally, comments talk about all three. Obviously, I'm only translating parts about Solim. There is a positive Solim comment in here that says something negative about another couple, so I just chose to not translate the negative part. In case anyone's curious, I don't see any positively rated comments that say something bad about Solim!)
    [+696, -87] Yesterday, Solim was seriously legendary ㅎㅎㅎ[+180, -48] (Something unnecessarily negative about another couple) So I'm not watching~ I want to watch Solim, but I can't~[+157, -29] Solim^^ As time passes, they become more charming~[+154, -36] Of the WGM couples that are on another level, Solim is legendary... They've skipped over virtual and seem like a real couple that has become realistic and confusing to a surprising degree... Wherever you are, I'll support you, Solim~~[+139, -27] Solim is the best, of course~~~ Such a funny empty-nester couple~~ㅋㅇㅎㅎㅎ[+125, -20] Solim, I'm really anticipating next week too!![+83, -11] I like Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun's natural chemistry[+80, -11] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun really seem like real lovers, I get confused ㅎㅎ I wish things will turn out well for the two of them[+76, -9] I watch to see the kind husband, Jalm. ㅋㅋ Solim is fun and sweet, and I personally think that they're the best couple..^^ 50, even if it was forever, I wouldn't get bored . ㅎㅎ[+77, -14] Solim is pretty~~ I want to see you for a long long time^^[+66, -10] I unknowingly get touched by the real-couple-like naturalness of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun[+62, -8] Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun was kkuljaem yesterday ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (Kkuljaem means really fun, literally "fun that tastes like honey)[+59, -13] WGM is fun though, especially Solim. I've come to like WGM a lot because of Solim. Please just have fun watch everyone.[+56, -11] I can't help but to be a Solim fan. Their union was probably the best match for one another.[+49, -10] It shows that Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim have interest in each other[+47, -9] Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim are fun, shimkung and pretty[+42, -7] I'm fine as long as there's Solim ♥ Solim is healing to me~~ While waiting for next week, I'm in the midst of rewatching...
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    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim's Surprise Confession "If It Weren't Kim So Eun, I'd Stop" [X]
    [+20, -0] He likes her because it's the pretty and cute So Eun... I do too[+19, -0] Is there people that match this well[+19, -0] I like it~ Since it's the two of them, they're so~ pretty 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun's Strong Point? "I Like You" [X]
    [+133, -3] There's no couple like you guys in WGM ㅋ There's probably no couple that naturally do everything well like that[+119, -2] Solim always has the best chemistry[+120, -12] Every one of Song Jae Rim's words are said so coolly... So cool❤️[+97, -2] I like Solim too^^ Seeing the image of them being so real, sometimes I think if the two of you are really...??? You're pretty[+94, -2] Watching and watching again, Jalm seems like a humorous wingless angel. Jjang!!![+50, -1] As time passes, they look more close and natural[+46, -0] He sorted it all out in one go. Are there more concise words than "I like you"?[+43, -0] The things the two of they do look like a real couple's ㅋㅋㅋ[+38, -0] Their chemistry is on another level. Solim is the best[+35, -0] The words "Even if you were just a little bit less cute, less pretty, if you weren't Kim So Eun, I'd stop my married life"... were so cool... More than some sort of extravagant event, I like seeing him say words that I can feel his sincerity from... Today's best scene...^^[+28, -0] There really isn't a husband like Jalm. He'll succeed in whatever he does ㅎㅎ 
    'WGM4' Kim So Eun "I've Come To Know Everything About Song Jae Rim, Time Is Scary" [X]
    [+54, -0] Some sort of feeling's come! I have really good intuition!!!![+48, -1] The two of them won't be able to break up.. ㅋㅋ[+43, -0] It's a good thing, don't be scared~ㅎㅎ[+35, -1] I like that I can't predict Solim's sweetness. Their union is always exceeding imagination~~~ That's right, if is wasn't So Eunnie, you would have stopped your marriage. And there isn't anyone but So Eunnie that would take this Jae Rim.[+32, -0] Getting used to one another is a scary thing... The two of you, don't break up.. Please... 
    'WGM4' Song Jae Rim Even Eats A Fly For Kim So Eun [X]
    [+6199, -224] Ah, I like Song Jae Rim[+3568, -264] Cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like this couple[+3085, -170] He's cool ㅠㅜㅠㅠ♡♡♡[+2793, -210] The two of them really match wellㅠㅠ Song Jae Rimㅠㅠㅠ♡[+911, -36] He ate it for her so readily. I like watching this macho-like man's sincerity[+372, -42] Jae Rimmie must like So Eunnie a lot ㅋㅋㅋ[+333, -34] Why is everything that Song Jae Rim says so cool ㅠㅠ[+318, -29] So Eun ate the pepper paste from Jae Rim's finger^^ They're like a real couple, I'm confused!!!![+293, -26] Song Jae Rim, a guy like you... Is there not a Song Jae Rim clone somewhere?[+280, -31] Today, the two of you were especially pretty and loveable. Solim's part is over for today, right?[+252, -28] He's so cool ㅠㅠ Is there another a guy like that somewhere[+251, -31] The two of them seem sincere.... Pretty couple[+238, -20] Solim, please do WGM for a long long time. It's fun[+225, -16] I laughed so much that I ran out of breath - I forgot so save my breath and laughed. Even if the two of you finish WGM, please meet each other often as Oppa-Dongsaeng[+226, -25] The two of them won't be able break up..ㅋㅋ[+220, -20] I'm a guy and I learned a lot from Song Jae Rim[+216, -17] This couple is somehow like a real couple, so I like it ㅋ The other couples are like a fantasy drama[+217, -23] Song Jae Rim is coolㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ[+199, -15] Me too, because of Solim~~ I don't make any plans for the weekend and watch live!ㅋ[+158, -7] It's a first seeing someone eat a fly on broadcast ㅋㅋㅋ Cute[+151, -12] With the dating scandal, they were at a crisis, but to get to here, it's amazing. It's probably thanks to Song Jae Rim that they got here, since he trusted her... Even as a guy, Song Jae Rim really seems like a good guy.. If you lose a guy like this, you're probably going to regret it, seriously....[+144, -5] So Eun is probably slowly getting touched... Jae Rim is always touched[+139, -5] Even as the two of them are bickering, they take care of one another is non-obvious ways[+144, -11] I laughed so much today that tears came out.. This couple probably can't be anything but pretty[+140, -8] Song Jae Rim is no joke, he's really cool ㅜㅜ[+138, -7] So Eun-ah, you really know all the details of your Nampyun.. Please be really affectionate too~~ And do some romantic things[+134, -5] You guys are filming a romcom even at a temple - you're the best! I like you so much[+129, -7] So Eunnie has to grab right on to him. Don't let go.[+128, -13] Why does Solim's time pass by so fast? My wish is to watch them for an entire hour~~~~ [+115, -6] This couple seriously seems more like couple than a real couple[+110, -5] Even for a real couple, that's something hard to do~~ I like seeing their naturalness[+109, -7] Jae Rimmie looks out for every one of So Eunnie's actions. Even if it's just a little bit, as long as she troubled, he resolves it for her right away. A husband that tease you occasionally and jokes around but is still reliable isn't common~^^[+99, -6] Their hearts that are considerate of one another shows. It's pretty[+87, -6] However considerate you are, to drink from someone else's bowl... He must really think "You're mine"[+81, -6] Even if it's just a moment, there isn't a single moment where he isn't looking out for Kim So Eun... He's giving everything[+80, -5] When the two of them are together, they shine more and more and more[+78, -4] This is the only couple that's making me want to date lately ㅋㅋ Song Jae Rim's charms have no end~
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    'WGM' Song Jae Rim Bites Kim So Eun's Leg [X]
    [+286, -4] ㅋㅋㅋ The things they do are like a real couple's ㅋㅋ[+243, -3] They're seriously like a real couple.. ㅋㅋ[+210, -5] The two of them are suspicious ♡♡[+91, -0] They're seriously like a real couple~~ This is real... Fun, flutters, heartbeats... I'm seriously watching for Solim...ㅎㅎ[+81, -0] Wow~~ Time really passes right by while laughing~~[+79, -0] They feel like a real couple ㅋ They're just so natural[+74, -1] Why are they so funny and sweet??? Solim 50 years... They could probably have limitless episodes. I sincerely love Solim. ♥♥♥[+75, -4] They're so fun... What to do ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Solim-ah, please do WGM for a long long time[+59, -0] When Jae Rimmie said that if it wasn't Kim So Eun, he'd stop his married like... Jae Rimmie must really be sincere... There aren't guys like this, So Eun-ah~~~[+60, -1] ㅋㅋ Their realistic chemistry is really natural and they look so comfortable. I have a big laugh, and the two of your segment ends too quickly. Such a shame. I'll see you next week 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim To Kim So Eun "Let's Sleep Holding Hands" [X]
    [+170, -7] Solim... I like them so much... Solim, who makes me wait for Saturdays..[+151, -6] Their bead-threading and hand-holding gave me fluttersㅋ[+122, -7] He said to sleep holding hands and tied them together with his beads~ You're cute, Jae Rimmie~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ[+110, -4] It's not easy to heal with a temple stay, but watching the chemistry that only Solim has, I'm healed. The two of you, please be happy^^[+26, -2] Since it's a temple, of course they have to sleep just holding hands~ㅎ Thanks to the cute Solim, today I was really happy too~^^ 
    [We Got Married] Song Jae Rim Becomes Shy At Kim So Eun's Bad Hand [X]
    [+56, -0] Why is Solim so funny ㅋㅋㅋ Solim is really fun ㅋㅋㅋ So Eun-ah, take responsibility for Jae Rimmie ㅋㅋㅋ[+50, -0] The nation saw it all ㅋㅋㅋ Take responsibility for Jae Rimmie[+46, -1] With Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, it feels like I'm watching a short romcomㅋ[+36, -0] Solim... As expected, they're the best couple[+22, -0] So Eun-sshi, I saw it too ㅋㅋ 
    'WGM4' Kim So Eun's 19+ Touch On Song Jae Rim [X]
    [+46, -1] Kim So Eun is cute... Song Jae Rim was shy ㅋ[+37, -1] Solim is pretty...[+19, -0] Their focus on each other is high, so even their kidding around is like this~ㅋㅋㅋ 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim Flustered At Kim So Eun's Touch 'There' [X]
    [+38, -1] Oh oh oh, you two... Song Jae Rim, youuuuuu~ Kim So Eun, youuuuuu~[+36, -1] As I keep on watching this pretty couple, they seem more real. I'm confused!!^^[+27, -0] Even with that thick blanket he's that shy?[+18, -0] I want to praise them, since they're so fun
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    'WGM' Kim So Eun Presses An Vital Spot of Song Jae Rim While Joking Around? [X]
    [+36, -2] It's the armpit that he said is only ticklish to So Eu Nee. ㅋㅋㅋ[+33, -2] He was covered in a blanket, but he was still sensitive [to her touch] to that extend. He must really like So Eunnie~^^[+17, -0] Today was so fun too~ I'm anticipating how next week is going to be too~^^ 
    'WGM' Song Jae Rim One-Shots Kim So Eun's Barugongyang​ [X]
    [+58, -3] Can there be another love like this? Solim, please really go for 50 years. There isn't anyone like you in the world[+56, -3] This couple seriously seems real nowㅋ[+51, -3] More than a real couple, the words 'an even stronger millennial love' come to mind![+48, -3] Jae Rimmie really likes So Eunnie...[+16, -0] Whether it's real or not, it's just enjoyable now. Because even just watching, it's healing~[+13, -0] Please speak honestly. You're a couple, right? A real couple? 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim Flustered at Kim So Eun's Bad Hand "Not There" [X]
    [+78, -0] Lately Jae Rimmie has gotten really sensitive. He must really like So Eunnie~[+82, -4] So Eunnie must find it fun~~~ She keeps on touching him~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ The two of them are so cute♡♡[+73, -0] So Eunnie is so innocent... It's cute[+34, -0] It wasn't intentional. The two of them are cute~ Jae Rim, you've endured a lot ㅋㅋ[+34, -1] Sso is pretty easygoing. This time it was an accidental touch... next time be careful. ㅋ[+15, -0] Lately, watching the two of them, they become a lot more intimate and they've probably built trust [between one another]... Such a pretty couple~^^ 
    'We Got Married' Kim So Eun's Anger At Song Jae Rim Who Forgot Their Second Meeting "You Don't Remember?" [X]
    [+38, -1] We saw what you did, so we remember it all~[+33, -1] Watching it again, it's more fun[+28, -1] Kim So Eun must have sulked. Song Jae Rim must have not stored that memory, next time he will[+13, -0[ Today the two of them were so cute~ I laughed to my heart's content like Sso~^^ 
    'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun's Aegyo-Filled Couple Fight... "You're Cute" [X]
    [+32, -0] To have those kind of words come out there ㅋ As expected, this couple has sense[+25, -0] It's nice that we can use a temple stay healing as an excuse to see more of Solim's sweet chemistry. The two of you, please be happy too~[+21, -0] Totally cute. Infinite-affection SolimI'll have to finish the rest tomorrow because it's getting late now where I live, and it's been a long day for me... But I found quite a few articles/comments this week, so you can look forward to that!

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    Just a quick swing by to briefly (re(?))translate this part that I like. It's when they were cutting the vegetables, right after they had their 'couple fight':
    The two of them are 'arguing'.
    JR (out of nowhere): You're cute... Even if you were just a little bit less cute, even if you were just a little bit less pretty, even if you weren't Kim So Eun, I would have stopped my married life. It's only because it's you.
    SE (In blackroom): I honestly really like that side of him. It makes me shy, but I'm really thankful that he does these things for me without hesitation.
    I'll be back with some netizen comments tonight(/tomorrow morning?).

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