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    Happy Weekend Sunnies!  I hope this finds all of you in good health and keeping cool... it's been miserable lately, hotter than hot, and so today, in my air conditioned room with my dogs surrounding me (they love ac too kekeke) my daughter has helped me to upload some pictures that I promised to show you from almost one year ago, when I went to visit her in Korea.  One of the first places we visited and a "must" on my agenda was, of course, to see Cafe Manolin.  As some of you know, I wasn't aware that it would be closing its doors one week later, and had we gone the following week, there wouldn't have been an opportunity to see it at all.  Boy, did I luck out!!  So we pretty much were limited to two dining areas, one bigger room and a small one off to the side, and the other rooms had been cordoned off.  Some of Hyesun's artwork were outside and covered.   My apologies, therefore, for the limited amount of pictures here and for my lack of expertise in taking good pictures.  Still, it was a thrill to be in her cafe, to have actually seen her sister who was pregnant at the time, her brother in law and mom, and of course Bhap.   He was a little shy, but oh so cute!!  The big vine shot is actually the little grape plant that Hyesuns father planted that grew into quite a big vine as you can see here.   
    I really miss her as I know a lot of you do too.  But she's good at surprising us and I hope we'll have something to look forward to soon.  Her fellow YG mate Choi JiWoo will be acting in a new drama with Lee Sang Yoon soon, it looks like a good one.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll be hearing news of a new project for her soon, and in the meantime, I hope she is well, is resting (although she's a workaholic and I doubt that very much), and that she is happy and in a good place.  Sunnies, you stay well too until we meet again.  
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  2. kgrl43 added a post in a topic Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hello Sunnies!  I hope you're having a happy weekend!   It's been awhile since I've actively participated in the forum, been taking care of an elderly parent, but I do visit all the time and read all of your updates and wonderful posts. 
    I've been a fan of GHS forever, since way back, when it was so easy to be her fan.  I discovered her when I watched her in the daily drama Pure 19 and fell in love with this talented actress.  As far as I know, she didn't have many antis back then, even though she acted with idols like Danny from 1Tym,  Eric Mun, Minwoo, and Andy from Shinhwa ( they were super popular), Jo In Sung, just to name a few, and at that time I only knew that she acted.  And it was great being her fan.  Bit by bit, her other talents became known, primarily through her popularity in BOF, but to be honest, this is the point where she gained most of her antis as well, and things changed for her.  I'm sorry to say that even though I still love and admire her and support her decisions and everything that she stands for, it's a bit difficult to be a fan.  It's been discouraging and frustrating.  I almost couldn't watch all of Blood because of the negativity surrounding the drama, I didn't want to read or hear the negative criticisms, and it killed me when she had to apologize to everyone, her fans and co-workers for the less than enthusiastic reception that this drama received.  Still, I thought her portrayal of Rita was stellar and she was the only reason that I watched this drama. 
    I have mixed feelings about YG, as far as promoting the actors.   I don't know how it is now, but she herself has stated that the YG president once approached her about switching to an agency who focused more on their actors, as everyone knows that this agency primarily focuses on their musical talents.  And she said no.  I understand that.  She was with them from almost the beginning, when all of the old timers were still there, and they are, to this day, a pretty tight knit group.  I believe she does have a special relationship with the YG president that's based on trust and mutual respect, he supports her in his way and gives her the freedom to do whatever.  So in that respect I feel she's in the right place.  However, I wish they would be more proactive in helping their actors, especially the females.  Another one of my favorites, Choi Ji Woo, has maybe had one drama under her belt that I know of since signing with them, and other than You In Na, you really don't hear too much about the female actors.  Dara from 2Ne1 is starting to break out into the acting field recently, she's already doing her second acting project.  It really is my hope that Hyesun will act again soon, and just move forward with her acting career.  Why not pair up with some of the actors from her agency?  They've got some good talent, both male and female, and I think it would be an interesting mix - Cha Seung Won, Jang Hyun Sung, Top, or how about Kal So Won, the cute little girl who played her sister in Take Care of Us Captain?
    Sue, to answer your question about the managers, her old longtime manager who was with her through BOF but has since married and left, did do a lot for her. I think it's more than just driving them around and escorting them to events.  Back then, the managers were the point of contact, so if you wanted to discuss or arrange appearances and such, even acting projects, the manager was the first contact.  They did play a big role and it seemed like they practically lived with their clients. I'm not sure if Hyesun has a manager like that now.  I only know that I want to see her act again period.  Even if she likes challenges as an actress, I'd love to see her in a family type drama again, just because she was so wonderful in Pure 19, my favorite HS drama still to this day.  
    Thanks to all of you - you still amaze me with all of your hard work finding the articles and news, translating them, and posting them here.  All of you are the best!!  Take care of your health and stay hydrated and cool in this summer heat!
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