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  1. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Good Morning Sunnies!  Hope you're all well.   First of all, I want to say thank you all for all the updates on Blood - you don't know how much I appreciate all of your imput and comments, and points of view, especially regarding HS's acting skills.  And I just want to put in my two cents. You all know how long I've been a fan of hers, from way back when, back when she was less well known, and as far as I can remember, I never heard any negativity about her acting.  People loved her in NN5 and Pure in Heart, and it wasn't until I believe The King and I that she started to receive some criticism.  Now, Pure in Heart was huge as far as ratings, and towards the end they were garnering 42+ % ratings.  And she became really famous.  Then she did Strongest Chilwoo, not too much there, and then BAM, BOF came, her popularity soared again, and with it came more a lot of negativity.   You know, I sometimes think the more popular you are, you're a target for criticism and not only that, she did gain  a lot of anti-fans from the male actors in her cast.  From what I've seen, anti-fans can be very obsessive and scary.  But at any rate, I don't really care, and I'm not letting them deprive me of enjoying this drama.  If you really think about it, if you didn't like an actor and his/her acting skills bothered you that much, would you really continue watching the drama?  I know I wouldn't.  Even if I liked the supporting cast, I have stopped watching dramas if I don't like something about it.  I think the antis just dislike her period and are going to be there every episode to diss her.   I watched the first two episodes.  I thought the acting was superb, everyone, from the child actors to AJH, I loved the actors who played his parents, and JJH (wow, he's already giving me the chills) and of course, uri GHS, who I thought portrayed YR perfectly.  And there really wasn't much to criticise in Ep 2.   What I plan to do is to just enjoy.  I believe she's having fun filming this drama.  There's an extended cast of experienced actors some of whom she's worked with before like Park Joon Myeon who I believe is the head nurse who acted with her in Everybody Cha Cha Cha ( she has a beautiful voice), and JJH, and boy, I can't wait to see the story evolve between JS and YR.  If that scene where he cries while watching the movie of his mother was anything to go by, they're going to be great together and I bet that's when we'll start to hear the OST sung by SNSD's Tiffany, who has sung some very beautiful OST songs in the past.   Today is Sunday for me - can't wait for Ep.3.  I plan to savor and enjoy, pray for more viewers and for the ratings to go up, and if the antis come out, who really cares - that's their problem, and only shows me that she's still "up there on the top" and is worthy of them trying to bring her down.  Let them come. We'll be here to push her back up.  Sunnies, please be healthy and stay well.  And thanks again for all your efforts!      :-*
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    Good Morning Bloodmates! Like some of the other posters here, this is my first appearance after being a silent lurker for awhile.  It's nice to see some old friends here as well as meeting some new ones.  As some of you know, I am a long time fan of GHS, and have seen just about everything she's done professionally.  What attracted me to her was not GHS the actress whom I respect in every way, but GHS the person who besides being very talented is shy, humble, kind, funny, intelligent, and very generous. Now that Blood is upon us I've come out of hiding and just want to say a big THANK YOU for all of your contributions, hard work, all of your updates, videos, articles, photos, etc., and a special thank you to those of you who translate!!   At the end of the day I really look forward to coming here to catch up on all the latest, and you all are simply amazing - thank you! You know, before Hyesun made BOF, I was a bit apprehensive about the lead actor Lee Minho, who at the time was not very well known, and I remember thinking, why did they pick him of all people?  Well, he certainly proved me wrong and look where he is today!  I'm sorry to all of you AJH fans, but I also thought this way of this relatively new actor. Truthfully I haven't seen any of his other works or even heard of him until Blood;  BUT bit by bit, he's grown on me.  At first I thought he looked very sullen and I didn't know what to think;  however, as I read up on him and actually heard him speak and have seen bits and pieces of his former works, I've really warmed up to him.  I think he's very talented and well suited for this role, and I love his voice!  So thanks to all of you, especially his fans who helped me to get to know him better.   Wow... they all looked great at the press conference didn't they?  Swoon, loved how AJH helped GHS up AND down the stairs, such a gentleman!!  I thought Hyesun looked very beautiful in that vibrant dress with the kind of tropical design - loved the bold colors of course which was predominantly red.  I wonder if this was designed by her friend Lie Sang Bong?  The design looked similar to the skirt that she wore to her castmate's wedding the other day.  It's interesting how it's paired with a blouse underneath and perhaps the reason why it looks a little snug? , but I think it's meant to be very fitted.  And she still looks fabulous.  I've always loved her in red, which tends to bring out her very fair complexion.  Anyway, I'm full of anticipation for next week, can't wait what's in store for us.  BLOOD FIGHTING!   Thanks again to all of you - please stay well ...
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  3. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Good Morning Sunnies!      Like all of you, I'm super excited about "Blood" and anticipating the Yoo Rita character and how GHS will pull it off.   Up until now, she usually plays very humble, inherently good characters, so I am so looking forward to seeing a different side of her.       Aruaba 27:  I usually catch up on all the YG news at One Hallyu YG Family Thread, and if you go there, you will see that posts about GHS and that she has been confirmed for the role in Blood.  I believe it's page 1718 or so.  They mainly focus on their musical artists but I've always seen them update news about GHS and their other actors too.  There seems to be a lot of negative comments regarding the male lead AJH not being lead male role material, but hey....  I remember way back when before BOF when I thought the same thing about up and coming actor LMH.  I had never heard of him before and couldn't figure out why they picked him of all people, but we all know that he more than proved himself as GJP.  So...  I'll just reserve my judgement for later and have faith that the directors/producers/writers know what they're doing in choosing their cast.  AJH is also 3 years younger than HS, as LMH is, and has that perfect lucent, mysterious, "vampirish" look, don't you think?  kekeke....This is the first time I have seen HS reunite with another actor and didn't expect to see her with JJH so soon.  I think he'll make a perfect "dark" character.  **So Excited**!!     THANK YOU so much for all the updates and news.  Sunnies.... have a great weekend!!!     
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    Welcome to December everyone!  And Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I think I cooked and ate enough to last me until next Thanksgiving but as stressful as it gets, I'm so thankful that I still have a family to share the holidays with.  Christmas is right around the corner.  I'll be mailing a box to Korea to my daughter who teaches there.  Apparently they want to make gingerbread houses and in Korea she says it's very hard to find frosting and graham crackers/gingerbread, so I'll be mailing some to her.  You know, I'm sorry, I'm not one to get excited about Christmas - all the hustle and bustle, shopping, baking, traffic, delivering gifts, bah humbug!  kekeke.  But the one thing that I love is listening to Christmas carols, and they have officially started to play them on the radio.  Really love it.  And although I live in a very warm climate, it's been really chilly the last few days.  It's kind of putting me in the Christmas spirit.   I hope all of you stay healthy and warm during these times and just enjoy....Just a comment on the selca that was posted titled "Summer".  That photo is actually a very old photo.  Can't remember when that was but was it right after BOF? judging by the length of her hair, but if you look through your archives of posts and pics, you'll see them there.  I believe her mom came to visit her with the two dogs and she was photographed with them.  She looks so happy... you know, with the news of her friends Lee Bo Young and Nam Sang Mi, and the recent marriage of Lee Yoonji, I can't help but feel a little "lonely" for our girl.  I know... she's taking a break from dating and she's in a place where she's happy without being in a relationship but still.... the mother in me hopes that she doesn't spend the holidays alone and that she actually goes out and enjoys herself with friends and goes out on a few friendly "dates".  Thank you all for your diligence and for updating this thread with all the news on HS.  I am doing my duty and voting whenever I can.  Please drive safely, stay well, and enjoy your lives to the fullest!  My wish is to see HS in a project soon, something really "meaty" - would be nice to see her on the big screen don't you think?  But I'll be happy to see her act in any capacity - really miss her acting!!  Sunnies, take care.....     :-*
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    Good Morning!  Sunnies thanks so much for all the latest news, pics, and vids of Dauder's press con and the VIP Premiere.  Everyone looked great, even all of the guests that came, but Hyesun, as always, looked stunning.  I loved her dress.  It was similar in color to the one she wore to the press con, a little darker gray,  but this one really fit her well and she was, in a word, just beautiful.  Yes, happy to see her close friends like Choi Daniel (swoon) Kim Joon and also Lee Jun Hyuk who came with the MSD cast.  He had a cameo in her Peach Tree move, right?  It's nice to know that she has friendships like these that have lasted through the years.  Can't wait to see this movie!  Currently there is a film festival going on in our city and every year the festival is very popular, they feature many small independent films, and I would have loved for Dauder to have been a part of it.  It's obviously not, but I especially look forward to the cinematography, since she filmed it in a certain way (was it a hand held camera?) and of course for the music.  Anyways Sunnies, thank you so much for bringing forth all of the news so efficiently and quickly.  I applaud all of your hard work, the RW were awesome, all of them - and you are all amazing!!  Stay well!  Dauder Fighting!!!!     :-bd
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  6. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hello Sunnies -      Hope you're all doing well!  It's the start of another week and lots to look forward to.  Just want to say how grateful I am for all of your efforts and hard work!       Wow, what an article written by Kim Gyung Joo comparing Dauder to The Shining.  I remember seeing that movie a long, long time ago and to this day it still evokes a kind of eerie, creepy feeling that chills me to the bone (I really mean it!)  I can see the faces of the actors, especially Jack Nicholson, and oh yes, the scenes where the little kid is riding down the hallway on his tricycle and you see everything from his POV, never knowing what awaits him at the end of the hallway.  Talk about the suspense!  If these are the kinds of emotions that Hyesun's movie Dauder evokes in the viewer, then woah.....I can't wait to see it.  No matter how successful this movie is financially, I'm already impressed and proud of her accomplishments.     A little off topic, but I am currently watching a Japanese daily drama called Hanako to Anne starring Yoshitaka Yuriko in the main role.  It's the story of a very poor Japanese girl who grows up in a farming community in Kofu, and through the pure ambitions and dreams of her unorthodox father, has an opportunity to go to an all girls school in Tokyo where she learns English and goes on to become a teacher, a translator, and a writer.  She ultimately gets to translate the story Anne of Green Gables into Japanese and her life sort of parallels AOGG as well, and it is an excellent and heartwarming drama.  I found myself drawn to the characters, much as I was to the character of Yang Gukhwa in Pure 19.  I also loved reading the Anne series of books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and named one of my girls (kekeke my girls were named after characters from books that I've loved) after this very headstrong, ambitious, and intelligent young girl who also became a writer against all odds.  I'm currently on ep 69 and I believe there are ~ 160 episodes.  Truly, a great drama.     Lastly, I was so sad to hear of Lee Oi Soo's illness.  At my workplace, my favorite doctor is also battling this disease, and it takes a lot of courage, strength, and love to go through the treatment process.  I know this must be weighing heavily on Hyesun's heart as they are very close,  and all my prayers go out to his wife, family, and loved ones.       Please take care of yourselves Sunnies, stay well, and again, thank you all for everything!       
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  7. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Hello Sunnies and welcome to the weekend!     In my corner of the world we're anticipating a storm to hit so I've been to the store to stock up on all the essentials - mainly bottled h20, drinks, peanut butter, bread, snacks, and oh yes, dog food.  We're all set for a few days at least.     Thank you so much for all of your posts - you folks are amazing, really.  I apologize for my lack of computer skills, I wanted to post a few of my pics from Cafe Manolin but will have to wait until one of my kids can help me - kekeke.  I'm pretty much hopeless in that area.  It was kind of strange to see CM turn into a sushi restaurant, although it still holds some of the charm from the former setting - just the way it's designed and the homey feeling that it emits.  I can't believe, how lucky was I to have been at CM the weekend before it closed, not knowing that this would be its last week.  I thought at first that it was strange that they had such a limited space available for patrons when I knew that there were more rooms, and if you remember me saying how Hyesun's sister was sitting next to the register while her mom helped?  Perhaps she was close to giving birth at that time - I think the baby probably has arrived?  I wonder what her sister's family will be doing now with the closing of CM.       Loved the MV from Dauder.  HS's voice is so sweet and pure - and wonder who is singing with her - the male counterpart - perhaps Choi Inyoung?  You're right Sue, Hyesun does tend to work with the same people over and over, and Choi Inyoung has been there for I would say all of her musical endeavors to date.  He is truly talented and seems like a nice fellow too.  I was trying to find that interview of the two of them walking together before their outdoor concert - do you remember that? - they're very comfortable with each other and I imagine must work closely on all of the musical collaborations that they've done.  And yes, I noticed the YG young actor Yang Hyung Mo in the MV as well - he did participate in her Fragments of Memory short film and something else too?  Can't remember.  When I went to the YG site, all of Hyesun's information is up to date, everything, including this latest teaser for Dauder and her MV, so she's pretty much still with the company.  From all the reports, right now they're the #1 company financially, and I hope she does stay with them.  They allow her to do her own thing and she seems to be happy.       Anyway, thank you all for everything.  Hope everyone is healthy - Zam Zam, hope you're all better after your accident, please stay well everyone and be safe.  >-
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    Good evening fellow Sunnies.     Every night I look forward to checking this thread to see what's going on and tonight was no exception.  I was very sad to hear of @ari_oppa's passing.  I've only known him through this thread, have never met him in person, but we shared a bond through GHS, and I know in my heart that he's someone I would have liked if we had met.  I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.  It saddens me to think that he's gone at such a young age, but I'm glad if he is now in a better place and free from suffering.  To @ari_oppa, wherever you are, thank you for being a part of our thread all these years, we'll miss your posts but I know you'll still come to visit us and to catch up on the latest GHS news.  Rest in peace.....
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    Good morning Sunnies!  So sorry, summer was like a whirlwind of activity on my end and I haven't had too much time to post anything but I have come to the thread each day to read all of your posts and to vote.  Just want to say thank you so much .... to all of you.  It thrills me that we're in a point in time again that there's a lot of news about our beloved GHS.  She looks absolutely beautiful and I especially loved how she looked at Nam Sang Mi's premiere of Slow Video.  I tried to find more about all the other stars that were there that night but couldn't find much.  Anyhow, loved her dark, straight long hair with the bangs a little longer and her dress was perfect.  WOW.....
    Also excited for her new MV with Changmin.  I've always liked him and have enjoyed his dramas as well.  As we know, she does have deep roots with her friends from way back, and is something that I admire about her.  Her friends from Blackbeat have stayed pretty active in their new endeavors and Jang Jin Young, who I believe was rumored to be part of her past is now part of a group called Question and he is a vocal trainer for SM also.  I've always liked his voice and listen to his new works when I see it.  I'm so glad to see that she is still active and desirable as a MV actress - after all, anyone in SM could have been chosen instead, right?  Can't wait to see the full length MV.  
    This weekend is also the wedding of Lee Yoonji, GHS's friend and co-actress from Pure 19.  She will be marrying her dentist, who she's known for 10+ years - Robbo, you are probably pretty excited about that.  Her wedding pictorial was beautiful.  Wonder if HS will be in attendance?
    Thanks again for all of your hard work - you guys are amazing, from the news about Daughter, to her magazine articles to the movie premier, new MV, all of it - can't say enough about how amazed I am at your skills and how much you're appreciated!  <3  Stay healthy and well everyone.  BTW, looks like HS's new manager is new?  Spotted her with someone at the movie premier in a white jacket walking with her as she exited the stage.   Take care.....:-*
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  10. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Shanaya:  please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family for your grandmother's passing.  It's never easy to lose a close family member, but I hope your loving memories of her will help get you through this difficult period.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Today as I was driving around doing errands, I listened to my brand new Angel Eyes CD that I purchased in Korea.  You know, I don't recall even hearing some of the songs in the drama, but there are quite a few beautifully arranged instrumentals on this CD and I was pleasantly surprised.  For those of you who are thinking of getting it, DO, it's really worth it!  I could have drove around all day listening to it - kekeke  
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  11. kgrl43 added a post in a topic: Goo Hye Sun 구혜선   

    Good morning Sunnies! Just a few comments about the self pics.  When I first saw them my first impression was that she is sad about something.  Her eyes are so expressive and to me they do look sad.  However, for those of you who have known her over the years, she has posted quite a few selfies and they did not always show her smiling and happy.  She sometimes looks tired, pensive, or deep in thought, and at other times  she looks cheerful, cute, and mischievious.  She is capable of showing a wide myriad of expressions, and it seems like they capture her in different moods and situations.  I like to think that today is a day when she has a lot on her mind and it's reflected in these pictures.  After all she's just like the rest of us who have to deal with problems from day to day, right?Sue:  in answer to your question, I suppose it's possible that the rumors about CM closing are true.  The dining area space did seem to be very limited and perhaps the artwork that I saw in the entryway are being packed up for a move?  But this is all supposition and we'll just have to wait and see.  It's such a peaceful and charming little place that I would hate to see it close but from my observation it's tucked away from the mainstream traffic and is not somewhere that you could easily find, so if I had to venture a guess as to why it would have to close, that would be it.  I hope I'm wrong.  In the meantime, positive energy, okay everyone, and if history repeats itself, we should be hearing some news about her soon.  It seems like whenever I'd just about given up hope of hearing something about her,  and there was absolutely no news, ta dah, something would magically appear.  So I'll be waiting for that moment to come and I'll be praying really hard for her in the meantime.   Sunnies, have a safe and happy weekend!  
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    Hi there sunnies!  Hope you're all doing well and surviving the heat and weird storms that seem to be popping up here and there.  Just wanted to share a little bit of news with you - I just today returned from my visit with my daughter who lives in S.Korea in the countryside - Goheung where she teaches English. It really humbled me.  seriously...  here in the US we really take things for granted.  In her little town, she has to walk to the bus stop which is about a 20 minute walk, and the sidewalks are all cobblestone.  Then to get to her school it's another 1 hr or so by bus.  I loved seeing all the ahjummas with their curly perms, just like the ones you see on the dramas.  I think only 1 or 2 people spoke English in the whole place.   I'm so glad I went, it was a wonderful cultural experience and 1 day after I left they got hit by a piece of that typhoon and she's been stranded in her apt.  I'm glad I stocked her fridge with groceries while I was there.Anyway, my big story is that we went to Seoul and yes, I got to visit Cafe Manolin.  It was on a Saturday and as many of you have reported, was a little out of the way and a bit hard to find.  We went by taxi, and woah, if any of you have taken taxis in Korea you know it can be a pretty scary thing.  Our driver went down a one way street to get to CF, but we found it.  I did take some pics but they are on my daughter's camera, so I'll try to post some later.   To be truthful, at first I was a little disappointed.  The gallery itself was closed off, so there was only a small area inside where you could sit to eat indoors and then there were the outside tables.  So anyway, a waitress greeted us, someone unfamiliar to me and showed us to a small table inside.  Immediately I recognized all of the decor and artwork, saw the white mugs (there were only 3 that day though on display), and we had access to such a small section.  I was pretty sad.  But we ordered, my brother ordered a banana shake AND a cheesecake, hubby had cheesecake and coffee, and I had the cold green tea latte, and my daughter had an iced coffee drink of some sort.  I guess it was a lot of orders all at once so all of a sudden I hear someone yell "Omma"!  I look around the corner and lo and behold, there was Hyesun's cute little mom who came to help make the shake and the rest of our order.  On the chair right next to the register I now see Bhap and ask if I can take a picture.  He's very shy but adorable, and poses for a picture.  Next Hyesun's brother in law, who is the one who takes care of the English speaking clientele comes over and shows us to a bigger table in another room so we could be more comfortable.  I'm just staring, because this is happening all at once within seconds of no one being there in the beginning.  Maybe the family has just arrived?  I believe HS's older sister was sitting near the register but I'm sorry, I didn't think to see if her tummy was big or not but she was just sitting and didn't seem to be helping the others.  Hyesun's  "omma" is sooo cute and pretty - just as people say HS is more beautiful in person, her mom is so too.  Very petite, way smaller than I am and I'm just 5'1" and she smiles a lot.  One interesting thing I noticed is that she must be old fashioned because she greeted and bowed to my husband first and when we left a tip (I didn't know that in Asia tipping really is not a necessary thing), she ran after him to return it, even if I was the one that left it. kekeke.  My daughter graciously explained to her in Korean that I'm a fan and I also told her what a great fan I am and that I think her daughter is a wonderful and talented actress.  I shook her hand and the whole time she just smiled her pretty smile.  Sorry I couldn't post pictures, but just meeting her family thrilled me to no end, and from our seats you could see the grapes that were growing outside - it's now quite a big vine with big clusters of grapes.   Also in the entryway were some of HS's artworks  - I recognized one of her nude paintings , so I wonder if she did participate in some kind of artshow around that time.  I also took a picture of Gamja's empty house, and pretty much figured out that if he wasn't around she probably wasn't there either.  But it really was worth going, and the food that we had was yummy!  <3     Will try to post more later - Gotta go do my laundry now - we also visited Japan for a few days so I have 2 weeks worth of laundry to catch up on  -  (  Anyhow sunnies, thanks for always keeping this thread alive = it felt nice to come home and read all of your posts again.  Please take care and stay in good health.....
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    Hi everyone!  Wow...what a difference a week makes.  When AE was showing, there was so much activitiy in both the AE and GHS threads and I loved coming home to read all of your posts.   Now I'm slowly getting used to how it was "before AE" when any news related to GHS would make me happy for days and I would re-read or re-watch the videos with her in it.  I am grateful for the past few months in which she graced us with her presence on the small screen in such a heartwarming drama, and for her wonderful portrayal of YSW.  I did love this drama, but the fact is I loved it because of GHS and would not have embraced it had it not been for her.   She really made me proud as a fan and I was, no, still am so sad that I had to say goodbye to YSW.  Somehow, I wish there could have been "more".   
    Recently, I've started to watch a weekend family drama called "Glorious Day", and it's funny because this is exactly the kind of genre that I would have liked to see GHS act in.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that she took on the challenging role of YSW.  I think my age is showing, though, kekeke, as these are the types of dramas that I enjoy the most now and GHS's Pure 19 was a daily family drama too.  Of course I've been wanting to see her act opposite GD's main actor, Lee Sang Woo for a long time now.   This drama is centered around two families and how their lives become entwined together, and the many relationships that are drawn from its members.  Great stuff!!   Coincidentally Lee Sang Woo also acted in Life is Beautiful with LSY and NSM, and was also NSM's partner in Goddess of Marriage.   I think he and GHS would make an interesting drama couple - he's sort of 4D like she is and is soft spoken too, but the few times I've seen him on variety shows, he was hilarious - and she seems to get along with people who make her laugh and who have a good sense of humor.  sorry if off topic a bit, but I'm already missing her pairing with LSY in AE and wonder who her next partner will be      I think it's only human nature to "ship" couples in dramas, and when they have a lot of chemistry, as GHS had with LSY, it's kind of hard not to.  Wanju was really a memorable couple. It's weird, I did watch MDSY and was fine with it, but I could  not bring myself to re-watch Life is Beautiful - yet, knowing that NSM and LSY became a real couple from that drama   kekeke    AE and Wanju are still fresh in my mind and in my heart and will remain there for a long while.  
    Thank you eunhye05 for directions to Cafe Manolin.  My daughter went there once with her friends and she tells me it's a little difficult to find if you're a foreigner.  I believe she said the neighborhood is hilly too.  Luckily they had a super nice taxi driver who knew where it was and was able to drive them very close to its location.   I,too, am planning to visit in about a month and hopefully will get to see either GHS herself or at least Gamja,  and perhaps check out the outdoor art exhibit.  That is, if I can survive the heat.  I live in a warm climate but she said the heat there is way hotter.  hahaha.  we'll see....
    Sunnies, thank you.... I can always count on you for bringing the latest news to this forum and I really appreciate it.  Everyone, please stay cool and hydrated, stay in good health, and enjoy your summer!!!    B-)
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    Hey There Sunnies!  Hope your week is going well, in spite of possibly having withdrawal symptoms due to AE ending.  I know, it seems like yesterday I was jumping with joy to hear that GHS was going to do a drama after a two year break, and here it is, 20 episodes later, all done and over with - where did the time go?  First of all, my heartfelt thank you to all of you, especially the Sunnies who actively brought links, photos, articles, info from DC and SBS, etc., and kept us in the loop of what was going on. I don't know what I would have done without you.  Also, it was so comforting to see some of you in the AE thread where I felt that I had to defend GHS (whenever I hear criticism I can't help myself), and to have some backup was just awesome!I really loved this drama, which was beautifully done from start to finish, the writing, directing, music, cast, everything, and I'm so glad that GHS chose AE for her comeback project.  In my POV, there were a few minor imperfections, like all dramas have, but I was ecstatic just to be able to see GHS and her wonderful portrayal of Yoon SooWan.  What a great character she was - and GHS was able to project all the emotions and demeanor of someone who has had such tragedy in her life brilliantly!  Also I thought she looked stunning, in spite of the fact that many thought her wardrobe left a lot to be desired, I didn't care.  I thought she was beautiful, beyond pretty even, and just brought YSW to life and made her such a memorable character.   I know LSY had a lot of admirers and it seems like he had many more than she did, but although I also loved PDJ,  I would not have enjoyed this drama were it not for GHS/YSW. In fact, it's a very close race, but YSW is way at the top of my favorite character list for GHS, Yang Gukwha, still topping the list.  kekekeke.   For all of you who graciously changed your minds about her and her acting after AE, I'm glad.  GHS is a genuinely talented person and deserves all the accolades she received for this drama.  The best thing about her though is not only is she talented, but she is very humble and is a good person, which has been validated time and time again by people who have interviewed her, her co-workers, directors, friends, and even fans who have come into contact with her.  I really enjoyed the photos and reports of the after party.  Everyone looked happy and it looks like it ended on a very pleasant note. I am kind of sad though that photos with her are prohibited.  She never used to have a fan manager before or I've never heard of one - is that different from a regular manager?  I'm planning to go and visit SK in Aug, have plans to go to Cafe Manolin, and with any luck, hope to get a photo of her but.... we'll see..... maybe they won't allow it.  To Lucky21:  as far as I know, the only major physical change that I've seen over the years that altered her looks was the dental work that was done.  If you look at her early photos and compare them to now, there's a really big difference.  It looks like she had a lot of dental work done and I'm glad she did because she has one of the most beautiful smiles out there!   But other than that, she is just a natural beauty.Everyone, thank you so much.... please keep healthy..... and hopefully we'll be hearing some news post AE very soon.  :x
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    Waaahhh.....can't believe that AE has come to an end already.  It seems like just yesterday that I was waiting on pins and needles to hear that GHS was confirmed for the role, being ecstatic that she's acting in a drama after a 2 year absence, watching the AE raw versions as soon as I got up in the morning for all these weeks, and then coming here to see what all of your thoughts were.  NOW what am I supposed to do?   (
    No, seriously.... although I'm feeling a little "deflated", I'm so happy that GHS participated in such a wonderful project with a good writer and director, that she had an extremely talented partner in LSY whom I've now grown fond of, and most importantly, that I got to enjoy the fellowship in this thread.  All of you are simply awesome and I will miss you.  I just want to say a special thanks to cheerkoo for your painstaking devotion to GHS, for all of your translations, for the endless wealth of information that you bring to our thread, and for your keen insights and observations.  Don't know what we would do without you!! To all of my fellow Sunnies (sorry, too many to mention here but you know who you are), really appreciated all of your contributions and support here, and thanks to the LSY fans too for your comments and posts which kind of allowed me to see a different perspective of the story when I could only see YSW in the beginning.  And lastly, just want to say thank you to GHS for working so extremely hard  and for bringing Yoon SooWan to life and for making her such a beautiful and memorable character!
    THANK YOU for the pictures and news from the wrap party.  Just seeing the leads laughing and interacting together makes the fangirl in me giddy, and it's great to see that AE ended on such a happy note.  All of you, please stay well, thank you again, and as my daughter would say, "you're the bomb!!!"  p.s.  drmjs - hope to see you again soon    :-h
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