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newyorkcitygirl · newyorkcitygirl ·



New York City USA & Philippines
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  • You received 500 Insightfuls. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    April 9
  • illublue
    Yes thank you very much! :) sad you couldn't go too!
    February 26
  • You received 250 Insightfuls. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    December 2014
  • silverteem
    Hi there i just wanted to report a user abusing the abuse button over at the inspiring generation thread at pg 149. Your attention will be appreciated, thanks.
    February 2014
  • czakhareina
    hey ate nadz....
    its been a long time.. just wanna give a heads up that dramabeans doesn't like their articles to be posted in full in forum cause it is not good for their traffic reader consumption.. so they prefer that the reader will be directed to their site instead.. so ako, ginagawa ko post mo nalang yung first commentary ng recap then direct to their page....

    February 2014
  • khjfanusa
    Hi newyorkcitygirl. . ..

    I tried to add a video in my video in my comment with an embed code but the video didn't show up.   Are we allowed to post videos? If yes, how do we embed a video?
    January 2014
  • cheerkoo
    hello newyorkcitygirl!
    Thank you SO much for posting the full KHJ interview.
    I have one more request if it is possible.
    I am not very good with computer at all...
    Do you happen to have access to the Korean version of the KHJ's interview? I just want to see if there is anything he said in Korean that may not have been fully translated into English. Only if it is possible and only if you have the time. Thanks so much!!
    Wish you and yours a healthy and happy holidays and New Year!!
    Thanks again.
    December 2013