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  1. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Current Japanese Drama] イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO [Season 2]   

    Okay, my apologies for being a little off-topic, but MIki Honoka is now at VIetnam to attend HANIFF (Ha Noi International Film Festival), her movie named The Tunnel of Love also premieres as one of the movies from the event, the best part is they (the organizer) are giving free tickets to anyone that having interest in those movies (including Miki's movie). But I actually want to cry like a baby now, since despite being at Vietnam, Im 2000 km far from Hanoi (Im at Ho Chi Minh City) ( ( (

    Finally, tonight is the night :x Cant wait for more kisses from our beloved Naoki and Kotoko :-* And we technically have 4 months to kiss =))

    P.S, Im not sure but seem like Miki is not belong to Evergreen anymore. Does anyone know which agency she is under now?

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  2. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    So, in this final ep we technically have:

    - Hani started to realize she also had feelings for HM

    - Hyun Myung knew about why Hani had to stick with SK then decided to help her meet with her SK-ssi, while he fell more and more for her.

    - Jin Ah knew about Hani's secret and planed to bust her out in front of everyone, that led to Hyun Myung ended up injuring himself when protecting Hani.

    - Shi Kyung and Hani started dating officially but he realized Hani's heart was not with him anymore then decided to let her go. (I need to rewatch to be sure about what he said, but I think he said that he just had the bad timing, that he was just not the one for her)

    - HM and Hani happily spent her remain days together, then she disappeared

    - One year later, JA and SK were going to New York together for a project, HM was back to painting and still longed for Han. Then Hani was back.

    - And the others' side stories in which the most memorable is Big-Hyeyoung's one.


    I swear any writer from 50+ K-dramas might have made just the same stuffs into over 20 episodes )

    I honestly was not at any of two guys' side, but I was pretty sure HM was the male lead thus I thought he would be the one for Hani. But I DO NOT get this kind of ending (

    Give me~ give me~ give me~ an explaination~~~ :-\"
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  3. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    cdcotr said: I've been trying to figure out whose hand that was LOL! I haven't been able to catch a glimpse of HM's hand clearly though I should re-watch that scene where he typing out cover letters, maybe I'll see it better...I thought (hoped ?) it might be SK mostly because the fingers were long and thin and he's taller than HM but it could just be wishful thinking on my part LOL!

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  4. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    sc_12c8b0ed95055cea92622993793eb685 said: what's going on  :-?

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  5. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    So, including Hye Young and Big (LOL finally, his real name is PARK DEA BAK =)) ), can we consider that THREE ships have sailed tonight??? )

    Reminder - Hani/ShiKyung ship is still sailing, safe and sound. So we technically have 4 ships as of now. Muahahaha~~~ >
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  6. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    Im seriously thinking this show is more like a sitcom than a drama, with all the parody scenes till now. Who knows at the end this show even turns out more like a series of food CFs, 3 eps in and Hani/Aileen has just had 2 out of 10 in her must-eat list )

    Most hilarious scene in ep 3 is definitely when that fat guy cooking ramen for Hani =))

    At least he didnt need an axe to cut onion,


    BY the way, anyone know what is the song playing when Big (Nam Joo Hyuk) all dressed up going to see the girl (named Suzy), then a weird guy (I think he is a cameo, from a show called SNL Korea) appeared and the girl left with him?
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  7. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   


    Muahahaha~~~ about that tvN year-end awards, I actually dont expect anything   I will be fine if they totally ignore our drama since its from last year, but I will be highly grateful for the organizers if they let our Nareki present this year's Best couple award, because it means they regconize our couple as last year Best couple )

    And if I were a Shi Won - who writes scripts for those awards, I already have idea for the Best Couple category, keke. Something like this: our Nareki are the presenters, come on stage together (hand-in-hand), do some chating-chiting where of course R4 is mentioned briefly (no ME TOO, btw ^^), then Jung Woo asks Seo In Gook if he prefers the best couple award with Eun Ji or with Lee Ha Na (let SIG have some awkward seconds and answer whatever he wants, haha), and finally Ara announces the award goes to... Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo =)) OMG, I know, Im such a crazy fangirl =))

    By the way, did you watch first 2 eps of What's With This Family? I heard about it before but totally forgot until you mentioned here ^^ And out of curiousity (and boredom), Ive just finished both in a row ^^; Cant say anything about its quality since most of family dramas start out the same way and WWTF is no exception, but I like Park Hyung Shik and Nam Ji Hyun enough to keep watching (at least) next week. Plus I want to know more about the second child (the doctor). Ya know, after R4 I have a tendency to be more attracted by doctors in K-drama, all thanks to our Kim Jae Joon =)) But like you, Im not sure if I survive through 50 eps, Im afraid that I may forget to watch someday >

    I'll check Discovery of Love and Three Musketeers this week.

    For now, Im off to watch Hot Young Bloods. Be back later with comments (hopefully).

    Have a good week, everyone :x

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  8. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) 잉여공주   

    kiaandre said: This kiss is going to be such a troll, i bet you its all apart of our dear mermaids crazy imagination, lol
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  9. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   

    Hi minna *hugs*

    Sorry for being in hiatus for a while. Real life stuffs just... arrrggghhh >_< Have to say though I dont intend to, Im technically in delay of following all summer K-dramas that I used to get hooked, I even dont have enough urge to start that movie Hot Young Blooded (though Ive already downloaded it). Everything just turn... tasteless *sigh* Honestly, there's a second that I even think writing a crazy hot 19+ Nareki fanfic might be a better idea than watching any of current shows )

    Thats why I actually have nothing to talk with you guys about currents show, but perhaps I'll keep watching The Night Watchman and Surplus Princess just to see how dump they can get toward the end. They are both hilarious in a you-dont-need-brain-to-watch way, and thats good, exactly what I need for now. By the way, that mermaid drama seems to have a second male lead that is more loved than the first lead, wonder if there will be any kind of stupid ship-war again ) As of now, Jo Bo Ah is everything I enjoy from the drama so I really dont care about the guys, but to be honest I dont find any interest in Song Jae Rim character whom many of peoples I know are going gaga over.

    That's it ^^

    FYI, do you know this...
    class="content-title"Cable Channel tvN Plans to Hold Year-End Awards Ceremony
    YAY! and URGH!!!!

    Why dont they do this sooner ( Imagine what we could have had if tvN had had its own awards show since previous years Its unfair for us R4/R7 fans *sobs* Can they make up for us by having someone from previous shows *cough* *cough* to announce the awards? 

    Stay healthy and happy la, chingus :x

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  10. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   

    Sorry, real stuffs outside are sucking all my energy for dramas To the point that Im considering dropping MND IF that "one summer" guy (aka Han Yeoreum) keeps stepping in my screen with that creepy smile ALL THE TIME X( For God's sake, can you please just disappear for good, JW... no I mean Yeo Reum ( I can totally see Yeo Reum himself is a complicated but NOT BAD character, he has so much layers that can make viewers fall for him once they connect to him, but Jesus, Jin Woon is making him more and more hateable with smile, smile, and SMILE T_T

    Couldnt help thinking of Sung Joon whenever I see YR. At least Sung Joon had succeeded in shedding some light on his character despite messy script of Lie To Me. While here, we have a decent script, a layered character, but... (

    @oldsoul, bad news - High School: Love On is not airing this week *tears* Like you, Im not sure if I can survive during this lovely show airing time which is freaking 5 months in total ( Im not saying I7's Sungyeol and Woo Hyun are doing better than 2AM's Jin Woon, but thank goodness they are not irritating me. At least for now. Writing is helping them a lot, plus Kim Sae Ron great acting is kinda covering almost all of their stiff moments, I mean, who care for these boys while Kim Sae Ron is on-screen? Actually I have my eyes on her only ) Whatever, I LOVE this show, it reminds a lot about the Japanese mangas I used to enjoy so much back to my teenage days ^^ Thanks for recommending this show :x

    Regarding the Lee Jong Seok movie that you intend to do live watching and spazz, I do want to, but too bad I think I cant make it on time T_T I'll watch it later.

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  11. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Drama 2014] Secret Door 비밀의 문   

    Omo, what kind of coincidence is this? Two male leads from Fashion King were offered the role of Crown Prince Sado, kinda at the same time Since Yoo Ah In is already filming for the movie, how I wish Lee Je Hoon accepts the role of Crown Prince Sado in this drama too!

    Lee has just discharged from military today, hope we'll get the confirmed news (acceptance or refusal) next week ^^

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  12. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   

    @kaykafisyah, you're right, if KBS had not given 5 tropies to 5 best couples, then there would have never been such hilarious scenario at KDA 2010 where SKKS had 2 couples winning it, one was Yoo Chun and Park Min Young, the other was SJK and Yoo Ah In. I can pleasantly share SJK with you, but remember he is also YAI's =))

    And no, please dont say you are old, because it means Im old too *sobs sobs* ) About those idol groups, I could listen to their music and love their MVs but never thought of going to their concert even if it was hold at my country. Part of reason was because I couldnt afford the tickets in my student days (later I just become less care about them), but mainly its because I dont like crowded and noisy places. Its good to hear that you used to live Shi Won's life, I believe it was really unforgetable and delightful time. If I could turn back time, I might want to do that too ^^

    By the way, do you mind if I answer about Discovery of Love on behave of @reddy1?

    From what I know, show will start with Eric and Jung Yoo Mi as ex-lovers, Sung Joon will play her current boyfriend, there is also Yoon Jin Yi as a girl who has one-side crush on Sung Joon. Writer is Jung Joon Hyun from tvN I Need Romance series, Director is one from Big and Dream High (both have two Directors). According to Mwave "We will make a drama that tells a realistic love story that will allow the viewers to reminisce on their past relationship, sympathize with their current relationship or imagine their future relationship."

    It will be on-air after Trot Lovers on KBS (around mid August).

    Im off to watch MND

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  13. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   

    @oldsoul, do you have any idea about Yeo Reum meaning "summer"

    @heartoppaya, my opinion on My Princess: the story was boring, the acting was absolutely nothing to write home about, and Park Ye Jin as typical evil second female looked like a weasel with all the fur on her clothes. But Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee were really cute together, show was dull and forgetable but their chemistry was amazing, if you love them enough you can watch it just for them. Honestly, MP is the only show of KTH that I feel she was really comfortable to act, she might not be able to act to save the world, but she could totally be all that cute and fluffy. I really liked her as the princess here, serviceable and enjoyable.

    @kaykafisyah, omo KBS drama awards =)) Out of three year-end-award-shows of KBS-SBS-MBC, KDA has the awards system which Im more satisfied with, but I will never get why they feel the need to give FIVE best couple awards every year like what they have been doing ~X( KDA 2012, Song Joong Ki and MCW got this award along with Kim Nam Joo - Yoon Joon Sang, Lee Bo Young - Lee Sang Yoon and 2 other couples I cant recall. KDA 2011, TPM had two couples winning this award along with 3 couples from Dream High, Brain and Ojakgyo Brothers ---> here comes the WTF moment when I first watched the show: the best couple from OB was not Joo Won-UEE, instead it was the secondary one (the second hyung and his reluctant wife) :-O You watched OB too, so I think you get why I was mad about that.

    Though all the Korean drama award shows are more like dividing cake shows, I find KBS at least know how to give right awards to right ones, but their couple awards really look like a joke @@ Had they pleased cut the couple awards down to one, then their award show would have been the best out of big three station. Its just my opinion.

    By the way, I dont ship Song Joong Ki with anyone, he is MINE =)) I actually watched all the Running Man eps where he was still a part of them, hehe.

    About idol groups, my first was SuJu ^^ I was not at the level of going crazy about them but managed to remember all 13 members' face and name in one day after first time seeing them. You know which one I liked the best out of their MVs, its "Dancing Out" - heard that it was filmed at Malaysia ) And its one of very few MVs that they didnt film "inside a box", thank goodness!

    I like T-ara and BEAST too (enough to identify each member), also enjoy some songs of INFINITE (hello Hoya and... others) =)) Edit - Im enjoying INFINITE new release song named Back, really catchy.


    Is there anyone watching K-Fated To Love You, its getting better and better, ep 6 is just too hilarious for words :x
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  14. luna179 added a post in a topic: [Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ   

    [breaking News] Kim Jae Joon - Sung Na Jeong heading to Hawai for summer vacation

    Credit to Stalkerazzi at DC Reply 1994

    P.S, you have been trolled =))

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  15. luna179 added a post in a topic: Open Thread - Anything and Everything Related to K-Ent   

    @oldsoul and @kaykafisyah, from what I understand about makjang dramas, I think TPM is not one of them - unless you list your-father-killed-my-father kind of plot in makjang category ^^ At least there is no birth secret in TPM =))

    Oh, PSH, not Park Shin Hye though, I just dont even want to name him > I didnt like him before TPM (though I had watched both Family Honor and Procescutor Princess), there just something from his vibe that make me not any into him. After TPM I was more like a shipper thanks to great chemistry between him and Moon Chae Won (but I was on this ship just for few months, to be honest, haha), then came the scandal... OMG you will never know how angry I was that time, I really really really loved TPM as whole, my love for this show could compare to Shi Won's love for Tony, its "agape", its "pure love"... but he... he... argh~~~ I feel like he had contaiminated that purity, feel like he and only he had ruined the whole drama over the night >_< I HATE HIM (

    And yeah, I can see why you cant bring yourself to watch it after his scandal, if it were me, I would not be able to

    Heartless City, the whole series has been in my laptop since last year, but I havent gathered enough urge to continue after finishing ep 1, too much violence for my taste

    @oldsoul, if you had enjoyed Kim Myung Min that much in A New Leaf, then I recommend King of Dramas - IMO one of underrated gems of 2012 (romance here is for elementary though). Some others I like: his Bad Family is neither bad or good, its... weird, but he was so funny ^^ his White Tower is a masterpiece, but its actually about hospital polistics than medical. And the only drama of him that I really enjoyed the romance, is kinda old one named More Beautiful Than A Flower. This man is a really great actor, I feel his acting has magic

    @reddy1, if my memories dont betray me, Jung Woo's manager used to say Jung Woo didnt have computer, didnt he? ) It was when Korean fans asked if Jung Woo watched the clip you made for his birthday, remember?

    Regarding variety show, I just watch some of Running Man eps where my fav celebrities being guests ^^

    P.S, still havent seen ep 5 of MND (

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