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    FREE Equitance Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement Sample
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    [Current Hong Kong TVB Sitcom 2015] Come Home Love 2 愛·回家 延·新愛

    Title: 愛·回家 延·新愛 / Oi Hui Ka . Yin Sung Oi
    English title: Come Home Love 2
    Genre: Modern, Family, Love
    Episodes: -- 
    Producer: --
    Broadcast period: July 3, 2015
    Broadcast Days: Mondays-Fridays
    Replacing: Come Home Love 愛.回家

    Louis Cheung
    Priscilla Wong
    Quinn Ho
    Owen Cheung
    Virginia Lau
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Additional Links:
    Coming soon...
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  3. sugarplum892 added a post in a topic [Hong Kong TVB Sitcom 2012-2015] Come Home Love 愛.回家   

    Online netizens shows anger towards TVB for not airing enough Queenie Chu's scene in Come Home Love finale
    TVB sitcom Come Home Love (愛.回家) aired its finale last week. The ending was about Chris Lai (黎諾懿) playing the character of John Ma (馬壯), who went on a tram ride by himself. He then recalled his last memories on the tram with Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) who played Alex. In the flashback, Alex rejected John Ma's marriage proposal and even said to him: "Believe me, you are still my destination. We still have the day when we get married, but I just want to take it slower". This scene reminds the viewers the incident of Eddie from EO2, in February had photos taken with an escort girl. As a result, Queenie had to delay their marriage. In both the sitcom and reality, her marriage was delayed. Angry online netizens told TVB to give her more airing time in the finale.

    After John Ma has finished with his flashbacks, he left the tram and afterwards met Alex in the streets. The two smiled at each other and then ended its finale. No one knows if Alex and John Ma really got back together. When everyone was looking forward to Queenie's appearance, but only to realise she appeared for a few seconds and with no dialogue. A lot of online netizens were dissatisfied and an online netizen said: "What did Alex do wrong that she did not even have one dialogue. It's better not to have her appear. With just a smile and a nod, what does this mean?"

    Three days ago, Queenie left a message on Weibo, thanking everyone who has given her support all the way through with her character Alex. She wrote: "All good things come to an end, what you have met, that is beautiful. We need to treasure those who love you, live in the moment, be grateful for, it will be better tomorrow. Alex and Queenie thanks everyone for their love and support! Wish you all with good health and love you all!"

    Source: ON.CC (HK) 
    Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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  4. sugarplum892 added a topic in Mainland China   

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] Ladies and Boys 淑女涩男

    Chinese title: 淑女涩男 / Shūnǚ sè nán
    English title: Ladies and Boys 
    Genre: Modern, Romance
    Episodes: 34
    Screenwriter: Cài yuè, zhèng zhèng, wángyǐngjié, mǎ tiān, lǐyáng
    Director: Hé niàn
    Broadcast Period: July 4, 2015 - 
    Xiè shuài
    Jessie Hi
    Zhāng Xiāohán
    Cài dié
    Liú Xuànruì
    Wu You
    Coming soon...
    Raw Preview:
    Additional Links:
    Ladies and Boys 淑女涩男 Raw Episodes
    Ladies and Boys 淑女涩男
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    F21: BOGO on all clearances and free ship for $21+ orders, use code BOGOFREE
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  6. sugarplum892 added a post in a topic [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Movie 2015] Lady of the Dynasty 王朝的女人·楊貴妃   

    i know! It felt like I was watching wu mei niang again lol
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  7. sugarplum892 added a topic in Mainland China   

    [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Movie 2015] Lady of the Dynasty 王朝的女人·楊貴妃

    Title: 王朝的女人·楊貴妃 /  Wángcháo de Nǚrén Yáng Guìfēi
    English title: Lady of the Dynasty
    Genre: Love, Period
    Director: Shi Qing
    Release Date: July 30, 2015

    Fan Bingbing as Yang Guifei
    Leon Lai as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
    Wu Chun as Li Mao, Prince of Shou
    Joan Chen as Consort Wu
    Ning Jing
    Steve Boergadine as Tacitus

    A love story between Yang Guifei and Li Longji, also known as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.
    Additional Links:
    Lady of the Dynasty 王朝的女人·楊貴妃 Weibo Page
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  8. sugarplum892 added a post in a topic [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Chronicle of Life 寂寞空庭春欲晚   

    'Season of Hawick' well said lol! 
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  9. sugarplum892 added a post in a topic Samples? Freebies? Coupons? Savings?   

    F21: additional 30% off women apparel clearances and free ship no min! Use code EXTRA30
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  10. sugarplum892 added a post in a topic Kevin Cheng admits he and Grace Chan are currently dating   

    'Father and daughter' romance between Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan; Niki Chow said happiness was most important
    Artiste Niki Chow (周麗淇) attended the dinner function of her own beauty brand and when mentioned about the 'father and daughter' romance between her old love, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳), she replied she was unaware of it: "I did not notice it and return to Hong Kong not long ago. (No idea they went for trip together?) No idea and no reply to personal stuff. (Felt their age gap was too wide?) As long as they love it. (Sent your blessings to them?) As long as they are happy. (Will ask them about their relationship?) They will answer their personal affair by themselves."

    Will not compete in marriage and giving birth

    When asked if Kevin's current relationship became high-profiled compared to their past relationship, Niki said: "It belonged to last generation and happened many years ago. It is pointless for comparison. (Will compete with them in marriage and giving birth?) There is no way to compete and I refrain from giving myself pressure. It does not matter and I am a low-profile person and have my own style. Happiness is most important."

    Source: ON.CC (HK)
    Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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  11. sugarplum892 added a topic in current events   

    Almost 500 injured in explosion at Taiwan water park
    (CNN)Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare put out a call for medical supplies and skin grafts for the hundreds injured after flammable powder exploded in midair at a recreational water park, Taiwanese media reported.
    By late Sunday, no fatalities had been reported, and the total number of injuries had dropped to 498, according to China's Taipei-based Central News Agency, which cited New Taipei's Public Health Department. The department said some of the injured were inadvertently counted twice in its previous tally of 524.
    Forty-three hospitals are treating casualties, CNA reported.
    Most of the victims, 485 of them, are Taiwanese, but 13 foreigners were also injured, CNA said. The majority of injured foreigners are female. They include five victims from Hong Kong, two from mainland China, and one each from Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.
    Though the New Taipei government said the nationalities of three of the victims had not yet been confirmed, it was reported earlier that a "European or American" man was among the wounded.
    Of the injured, 182 are hospitalized in intensive care units, New Taipei public health officials said. More than 60 have been discharged after treatment.
    Liu Yeuh-Ping of Taipei's Department of Health told CNN that there while there was ample room for patients in intensive care units, there are not enough spaces in the specialized burn units, so health authorities are trying to move patients in need of intensive burn care.
    A massive fireball
    Firefighters said the firestorm erupted around 8:30 p.m. Saturday (8:30 a.m. ET), when a flammable powder substance blew up over a stage at Formosa Fun Coast, according to a CNA report.
    Video showed a massive fireball suddenly engulfing the stage, followed by screaming people running for their lives through flames.
    "The fire came too fast and nobody was able to run," said witness Huang Guan Zhang, 19. "Everybody was burned. ... Nobody could save others and people suffered severe burns."
    Some people used large, inflated inner tubes as stretchers to carry out the injured, CNA reported.
    After visiting with hospitalized victims, Taiwan's Premier Mao Chi-Kuo announced a ban on color powder events while the incident is being investigated, according to CNA. In a video distributed by the government, he said the ban would be in place until color powder can be proved safe.
    President Ma Ying-Jeou also met with people injured in the fire. He said the Taiwanese government would help the victims and promised a full investigation.
    Two people being questioned
    Five people have been questioned in connection with the blast, according to Tu Yi Te, secretary in chief of the Luzhou District police department. He said two of them are considered to be suspects -- the organizer of the party and the person in charge of lighting and hardware. They have been brought to the prosecutor for further questioning, Tu said.
    Mayor Eric Chu called it the "worst incident of mass injury (ever) in New Taipei," Taiwan's most populous city.
    Formosa Fun Coast said the fiery explosion occurred during a "Color Play Asia" party put on by a separate company that leased out space at the park.
    "We are very regretful (for) this accident that caused injuries to many victims," Formosa Fun Coast said in a statement. "The most urgent matter currently for us is to handle and assist with ... victims on the scene and work comprehensively with the New Taipei Fire Department."
    The organizer of "Color Play Asia" apologized and promised to take full responsibility, CNA reported.
    "We need to apologize to the families. I am very sorry that something like this happened," organizer Lu Chung-chi told CNA. "We shoulder ultimate responsibility."
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  12. sugarplum892 added a topic in current events   

    Video shows officer shoving man with toddler over $2.25 fare
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Security video appears to show a Philadelphia transit officer shove a man holding a toddler against the wall and grab him by the throat as they argued over whether he paid the $2.25 fare.
    The video shows the man swinging back at the officer and later being forcibly removed from the train still holding the small girl. He was then handcuffed on the platform and charged with resisting arrest.
    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority video shows police speaking intermittently with 20-year-old Ellis Smith for about 15 minutes Thursday evening. The train eventually came to a stop and some rush-hour service was halted over the stalemate.
    The veteran officer involved in the confrontation later told a supervisor he feared he would be disciplined if he walked away, SEPTA's police chief said Friday.
    "If a 16-year officer thinks they can't step away from a situation that's spiraling into something that might jeopardize the safety of a child, that's on me. I never want a child's safety to be jeopardized," Chief Thomas Nestel said.
    Nestel has waged an aggressive campaign against fare evaders, issuing 5,100 citations last year, on the theory that those passengers often cause other problems. He often posts their pictures on social media, and said the strategy has led to a significant drop in transit crime.
    However, he recognized that fare evasion is not murder, and said his officers are not trained to grab people by the throat.
    "We don't want to be rolling around on a platform with every person we arrest for fare evasion," Nestel said.
    An internal investigation is underway. The officer involved in the shoving match was off Friday.
    "I don't know that I'll be taking him off the street," Nestel said.
    There is no transit video of Smith jumping the turnstile or otherwise evading the fare because the north Philadelphia station where he entered is under construction, Nestel said. The information instead came from a cashier, he said.
    However, a passenger's video that caught some of his interaction with police was posted online and drew hundreds of thousands of views. A home number for Smith could not be determined Friday and it was not clear if he had a lawyer or had posted bail.
    Fare evaders are typically removed, asked for identification and given a $300 citation, transit officials said.
    The young girl — dressed in a pink dress and braids — is about 1 or 2 years old and believed to be Smith's daughter, Nestel said. She was taken to her mother after Smith's arrest.
    "We can't endanger the lives of little kids over a fare evasion," Nestel said. "That's unacceptable."
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  13. sugarplum892 added a topic in Taiwan   

    [Upcoming Taiwanese Drama 2015] Aquarius Woman 星座愛情水瓶女
    Coming soon...
    Chinese title: 星座愛情水瓶女 / Xīngzuò àiqíng shuǐpíng nǚ
    English title: Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Woman
    Genre: Modern, Romance
    Episodes: 10
    Directors: --
    Broadcast Period: 2015
    Replacing: Pisces Woman - 星座愛情 - 雙魚女

    Johnny Lu
    Nicholas Teo
    Hsia Yu-chiao

    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Additional Links:
    Coming soon...
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  14. sugarplum892 added a topic in Taiwan   

    [Current Taiwanese Drama 2015] Pisces Woman 星座愛情 - 雙

    Chinese title: 星座愛情 - 雙魚女 / XIng Zuo Ai QIng - Shuang Yu Nu
    English title: Constellation Women Series - Pisces Woman
    Genre: Modern, Romance
    Episodes: 10
    Directors: Mǎ Jìndá, Lín Mǐnxiáng
    Broadcast Period: June 27, 2015 - August 29, 2015

    Hsieh Kun Da
    Ray Chang Jui-chia
    Zaizai Lin
    Da Fei
    Yuni Lee

    A Pisces woman is said to be quiet, gentle and sensitive to other’s feelings. But if there is something that she wants, she is unstoppable. Shuang Shuang (Mini Tsai), an aspiring cartoonist, has been dating Sheng Xiong (Kun Da), a star baseball player, for many years. Wanting to make her big move, Shuang Shuang holds up a sign during an important game asking Sheng Xiong to marry her, but the sign distracts Sheng Xiong, causing his team to lose the game. Sheng Xiong rejects her marriage proposal because of his fear of commitment, and the heartbroken Shuang Shuang moves to Hua Lian village with her sister, Miao Miao (Zai Zai Lin). Shuang Shuang opens up a comic book store there and restarts her life. She meets Lu Yi (Bryant Chang), who is Miao Miao’s senior from college and also happens to be the village chief. Will the romantic and chivalrous Lu Yi help Shuang Shuang forget her past heartbreak, or will Sheng Xiong let her go that easily?
    Watch it here with English subs!
    Raw Preview:
    Jing Wen Tseng - Lingering
    Additional Links:
    Pisces Woman - 星座愛情 - 雙魚女 Viki English Subbed Episodes
    Pisces Woman - 星座愛情 - 雙魚女 Facebook Page
    Pisces Woman - 星座愛情 - 雙魚女 Official Website
    Pisces Woman - 星座愛情 - 雙魚女 Raw Episodes
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