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I Am ___yrs Old But People Say I Look Like ___yrs Old

discofusediscofuse walking contradictionPhilippinesPosts: 1,634Member


edited June 2008 in general discussion
I am ___yrs old but people say I look like ___yrs old
I am 15 years old but people say I look like 17-19 yrs. old.

What's your reaction afterwards?
Whenever they say that i am just like " *jaw drops* OMFG nooo, i'm only 15, haha" and i am really annoyed but I guess that's because of my heighht.
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  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    (let's go 5 years back lol...)
    I am 13yrs old but people say I look like 22yrs old
    I am 18yrs old but people say I look like 20yrs old

    rofl yeah I used to dress pretty mature at that age and my height didnt help =X

    What's your reaction afterwards?
    Well, when I was 13 I was just annoyed coz I really hated how everyone mistook me for so much older. I was offended! >.<
  • Appear.TVAppear.TV Posts: 37Member
    edited June 2008
  • CrystalGirlCrystalGirl USAPosts: 118Member
    edited June 2008
    Am I the only one who gets mistaken for being younger? Jeez...

    I am 17yrs old but people say I look like 13-14yrs old.
    And last year my dentist asked me if I was 12. Yay.

    The reaction is normally just people not believing me and if they're younger they'll call their friends over and be like "How old do you think she is? She's 17!!!!"
  • pencil_geeks*pencil_geeks* MassachusettsPosts: 964Member
    I am 19 years old but people say I look like 14/16 years old.

    My reaction: STFU! it's because i'm short.
  • Yangie12Yangie12 Posts: 2,289Member


    edited June 2008
    Hm, never happened to me before. I guess I look like my age, which is 15 ^^ Anyway, I would be really annoyed if somebody said I looked much's like O.O But yeah, being called younger than you are gets pretty annoying too.
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  • c'tin tjec'tin tje :: ??? PCD :: here on earth =)Posts: 1,343Member
    i've finish my uni just now and ppl think i'm still in high school

    so i'm 21 years old but ppl think i'm around 17 or 18 years old...haha
  • justiiinejustiiine mysterious. debonair. criminally insane. down the drainPosts: 2,430Member
    i am 17 y/o but people say i look like 18 y/o. haha i hope that's a good thing ((:
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  • kwokkwok B& ont., canadaPosts: 2,158Friend of Soompi
    I am 17 yrs old but people say I look like 12 yrs old

    It is quite sad =(.
  • bluenettebluenette I <3 my Shih-Tzu Dong Bang LandPosts: 2,180Member


    I am 19 (almost 20) yrs old but people say I look like 15/16 yrs old

    Main factor: my height image
    I also look a younger without makeup so I use makeup (not a lot) to make me look older.
    It's pretty ironic since people use it to make them look younger.
  • ilovesundayilovesunday !!! Posts: 689Member
    edited June 2008
    QUOTE (Sherica @ Jun 3 2008, 07:05 AM) »
    When I was _14-15__yrs old, people say I looked like _22__yrs old

    What's your reaction afterwards?
    I think I sulked???

    I don't have an "old" face
    I know what you are doing right now. Yes, just as I expected you are reading what I have written here.
  • jawnjohnjawnjohn geegeegeegeebabybabybaby Posts: 1,473Friend of Soompi
    I am ___yrs old but people say I look like ___yrs old
    I am 18 years old but people say I look like 15-16 yrs. old.

    What's your reaction afterwards?
    Guess its better than looking older than your age. =D.
  • Lilvi3t1314Lilvi3t1314 Chi-Town&#33;~&#33;Posts: 660Member
    haha yeh i get tht alot too..sometimes its a good thing but now im 17..ppl think im 14..T__T" plus the height makees it worst..sometimes i wish ppl will say i look older..xD

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  • JoannaJoanna ☆インテツ☆ Posts: 10,102Friend of Soompi


    well last yr.. when i was 16 so many people thought i was 14 >< even my cousins thought i was 14 and some new people i met thought i was 14 too T__T

    i sometimes feel annoyed though most of the time i dont really care lol though i guess it's a good thing when im older?
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  • ZWDZWD Posts: 1,652Member
    I am 19 years old but people say I'm 20.

    Not really that big of a difference.

    It varies. When I went back to China, people thought I was 23. WHAT?!

    And over here with my Australian friends, they think I look 17.

  • x_asianaddictx_asianaddict coconut pearl; pleeaaase. californiaPosts: 775Member
    I am 14 yrs old but people say I look 16 or 17 yrs old

    how do i react ?
    yes , i look much older & mature but they make me feel bad
    of making me think that i'm old & elderly looking
    21 ("2ne1")
  • abviolinplayerabviolinplayer GeorgiaaaPosts: 1,957Member
    I'm 18 but people ALWAYS think I'm at school people thought I was a sophomore or even a freshman when I was a SENIOR, thank you very much!! image Once someone even thought I was 12!
    And today I went to get my driver's license and the lady at the counter had a hard time believing I was 18...argh it's so annoying! image
  • MeenuhMeenuh City of AngelsPosts: 5,724Member


    I am 21 years old but people say I look like ... anywhere between 15-18. image I went to go eat with my bf's boss and one of his co-workers. His co-worker thought I was 15 or 16.

    The way I react is ... " reallly ?! If you don't believe me i'll show you my ID. image"
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  • a Fallen Tears of an Angela Fallen Tears of an Angel When will we realize the Impossibility? somewhere~Posts: 335Member
    *sigh*... im in my early 20's but people thinks im in my LATE 20s image


    how do i react?
    odd smiles and "eh...he..he..." continued with a weak self defense that ends up with an awkward silence image

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  • LilaaaLilaaa Mrs. JunPyo BAWSTONNN, MAPosts: 1,560Member
    edited June 2008
    I am 19yrs old but people say I look like 20-21yrs old.

    People say me and my mom look like sisters image , but I guess I should take that as a compliment since so many guys hit on her.
  • *haejoong**haejoong* my roomPosts: 756Member


    I am 16 yrs old but people say I look like 13/14 yrs old <
    maybe because of my smile that look childish...

    What's your reaction afterwards?
    am i really look that young??
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