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bluepoemistbluepoemist Somewhere in the South Pacific =)Posts: 42Member
I was browsing around this forum and I noticed that a few people were fans of I was wondering if you guys could help me answer this question.

Does anybody know who the original vocalist for the band was? The one before Baek Dae Hee.. this is for curiosity's sake. I only found out about Nemesis in 2002 when Baek Dae Hee was still the vocalist...but I know there was another one before him. I browsed around the nemesis daum cafe in the qn & ans section but I didnt' have the patience to go through all of the pages -_ -;;

I was also wondering if anybody had the song file version of 'release me'? I know it's floating around soribada but I don't have access to it ever since I changed my passport - _-;



  • AnruiAnrui California, AmericaPosts: 689Member
    Wasnt the singers name No Sung Ho? Im not sure, dont take my word for it, Im just a white girl.

    I dont have the song either, sorry
  • zealofsoulzealofsoul Posts: 8Member
    I heard that vocalists changed lots of times while they were still underground.

    base guitar player sung "Quean"

    and drummer sung something tooo

    i heard some ppl complaining Quean sounds worse in thier offical release since some other guy was singing it.

    im kinda addicted to Nemesis now.
  • bluepoemistbluepoemist Somewhere in the South Pacific =)Posts: 42Member

    No Seung Ho is the current singer...and to my knowledge they've changed three times (could be wrong). The first one was ??? the second one was Baek Tae Hee and now the current singer is No Seung Ho.

    The drummer sang...release me...wasn't it? Or was it the other guitarist....
    and the bass guitar didnt' sing 'Quean' it was 'som sa tang' ..he still sings it in the official album. (he also sang in their digital single 'jo gak sa rang').

    Yeah, the old version of Quean is much better than the official version, because Baek Tae Hee's voice is more suited to it (in my opinion). I was re-watching a performance of quean when Baek Tae Hee was the vocalist and it was quite different to when Seung Ho sang it at the Love Mini Concert..but then again their image has changed a lot as well.

    I think No Seung Ho's voice is too smooth for songs like Quean, Ja gak mong [lucid dream] and I think that's why they have more songs like eclipse, boy meets girl etc.

    ...sorry now I'm just rambling on image;;
  • Olivia*sSlave*Olivia*sSlave* >.> GAPosts: 2,218Member
    yes his voice is extremely smooth but then I hear it strain a lot sometimes
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  • NathassiaNathassia +dum-smart MXPosts: 316Member
    edited June 2006
    3 vocalists image ?... wuw, I only knew 2 vocalists: Tae Hee (now Gahen in another band @@) and their current vocal, Seung Ho... wtv, I like so much this band @@... I have listened several songs of them... and about comparisons of vocalists... I like more La Rose de Versailles with Seung Ho than with Tae Hee xDD... and about Quean, mmm it's true, the original version is best than album version, but only in music... really, I don't like a lot Tae's voice <.<... *dies* ahaha xDD...

    I really want to know more about this band *-*... they're so good... if somebody wants to share more information... Go, share it!!...
    now...look my minipage dedicated to them o_o: (nemesis)
    (do you know fanlistings? well, that is @@)
    i'm a traxian :: &ciel ::
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  • bluepoemistbluepoemist Somewhere in the South Pacific =)Posts: 42Member
    You want information?...heheh you asked for it image

    To my knowledge, they've been a band since they were in high school - SeBin, Min Hyuk, Sung Woo and Eey Seok. They had another vocalist when they started, but he left quite and was replaced by Baek Dae Hee. There was also another female member, Ji Na - the keyboardist, but she left the band due to other commitments..however she did participate in part of the instrumentals of the official album.
    They performed alot in clubs, and they put a demo version of their album up on the korean site millim which soon gained alot of popularity. The demo version consisted of songs that were not added on the official album, including Ha Yahn Lo Peu Nyang and Out of You (which were sung by the bass, Sung Woo). There are also three other songs by Nemesis that are floating around the net somewhere. They were supposed to release an album around 2002 I think, but because of personal problems Baek Dae Hee had to leave the group. When Baek Dae Hee left, Nemesis went on hiatus briefly, and SeBin one of the guitarists participated in EVE while Eey Seok participated in another band.
    They found another vocalist through an audition late 2004 or early 2005 (don't quite remember), Noh Seung Ho (who had previously been in a boygroup called Valentine) and they released the official album in late 2005.
    There was a little controversy amongst the fans who thought that the style of Nemesis changed, and they voiced their opinions about how they preferred the old singer and the old versions of the songs. In my opinion I believe that there music style has changed a bit to suit Seung Ho's voice, I prefer the songs with Baek Dae Hee singing to them, but that's a bias because I came to know Nemesis when Baek Dae Hee was vocalist. I like Seung Ho as well though.

    Nemesis have participated on tv appearances since the release of the album, and they are slowly making themselves known to the vast public - they haven't appeared on the big music programs on mbc, sbs, and kbs but they have performed several times on mtv, mnet (they were on the mnet countdown last friday). They recently had their second concert on the 14th of January (which I was planning to go to but things got messed up and I didn't end up going !@#$% *still bitter*).

    Baek Dae Hee is currently a member of a group called 'monster' as Baek Ga Hen , but he recently participated in a project group called 'Slime'.

    That's all from memory, so I'm not sure that it's 100% accurate...but yeah that's the basic jist of the group.
    Sorry it's a bit long, I'm suffering from jet lag at the moment, it's 3.20am here and I can't make myself sleep...and this has given me something to do image
  • NathassiaNathassia +dum-smart MXPosts: 316Member
    Excellent *0*!!!... thanks for info ;__;!!! ... I already knew some things... mmm like SeungHo and his dark past (boyband o_O? *dies*, yee I have some pics xDD), Sebin and his little participation in Eve (I met him there =P), the demo album (yee, I listened their album exactly in millim, and I loved them ;___;... although I really listen their official album first in cyworld of somebody @@)... and more xD... but I wasn't sure @@...
    about Nemesis changes... if they really want more popularity, they needed change... now their music is more "commercial", and I suppose that sells and likes more <.<... wtv, I like them, with Dae or with Seung... they're so good!!!...

    i'm a traxian :: &ciel ::
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  • NathassiaNathassia +dum-smart MXPosts: 316Member
    edited February 2006
    QUOTE(Olivia*sSlave* @ Feb 4 2006, 01:28 PM) »

    se bin still plays for eve doesn't he?

    ye... Sebin played in Eve, but they're disbanded o_o ... I believe, no sure<.< ... so, Sebin returns to his previous band, Nemesis, and in this moment they're promoting their new album...
    i'm a traxian :: &ciel ::
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  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    QUOTE(Olivia*sSlave* @ Feb 5 2006, 07:37 PM) »

    whatta Eve Disbanded? since when

    I've heard that they disbanned too. But I've also heard that that's not true and they're still together (hiatus maybe?). I don't know what to believe anymore. image
  • bluepoemistbluepoemist Somewhere in the South Pacific =)Posts: 42Member

    QUOTE(Chaymia @ Feb 6 2006, 05:10 PM) »

    I've heard that they disbanned too. But I've also heard that that's not true and they're still together (hiatus maybe?). I don't know what to believe anymore. image

    Last I heard they were getting ready for their 7th album...weren't they?
  • atelatel Posts: 2,326Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2006
    ^ That's what I heard about Eve too... hmmm....

    Thanks for starting this thread. I was stumbling around the web and came across Nemesis - (and at which point I was wondering, "Hmm isn't Sebin part of Eve - but he's also part of Nemesis... confused" and then this thread all cleared it up. image But before that confusion noticed this group from their MV called Yeongwoong/Hero or something like that. )
  • bluepoemistbluepoemist Somewhere in the South Pacific =)Posts: 42Member
    la Rose de Versailles

    Through the title song of Nemesis' first album, 'la Rose de Versailles', we are able to see fresh talent. With the songs that Ha SeBin who is one of the two guitarists as well as the pianist of the group has composed, we are able to experience the beautiful and unique songs that only Nemesis can produce, in a genre of their own. The genre of their music is exceptional, and rather than labeling themselves as 'glam rock', 'modern rock', or the other genres out there, the group refers to their music as being 'classical/pop rock'.

    1. Overture (Composed & Arranged by Ha SeBin)

    This is the track that precedes the title song 'la Rose de Versailles', the poignant emphasis of the orchestra and the passion from the strong rock sound harmonize well together in the early segment of the track. Overture features the strength of the sound of the guitar and drums, which is constantly present throughout the entire album - the mix is so intense that the listener feels as if they are experiencing an explosion of the senses. As the track comes to the end, it leaves the listener in what seems like sudden silence, which can be described as being analogous to the calmness after a great big storm has passed.

    2. Rose of Versailles (Composed & arranged by Ha Se Bin, Lyrics by Choi Na Hyun)

    In the album's title song, 'la Rose de Versailles', the heart-rending melody as well as the grand sound of the 36-piece orchestra refines the rock and classical sound of the track and harmonizes the two elements together.
    Another factor that adds to the beauty of this song, is the sad poignant lyrics which were written from inspiration by the famous Japanese comic of the same name, which is set in the time of the French Revolution, about the sad love story of a fictional hero at that time. Nostalgia of this sad story plot as well as the moving lyrics will seep into the listener's ears.

    3. Eclipse (lyrics: choi na hyun Composed and arranged by Ha Se Bin)

    The feeling of breaking up with somebody you love can be metaphorically described as the world being dark and suffocating, as if it had been covered by the final curtain in the play, and this expression is articulated in the lyrics of the song.
    The piano's sad melody and the strong rock sound come together, as well as the emotion of the vocal's voice, emphasizing the feeling of sadness in the song even more.

    4. Boy meets girl (composed, arranged, lyrics by Ha Se Bin)

    From this song, you can picture the scene of a cool beach, and the fun times enjoyed by a young couple. The lyrics of this song are about a new start of a couple's love and the promise they make each other. The neat and tidy rhythm of the guitar sound makes this track very refreshing to listen to.

    5. Good bye (ver. N) (lyrics by Kim Se Hyeon Composed and arranged by Ha Se Bin

    The lyrics to this track were written by Kim Se Hyeon; the vocalist of a well-respected rock band "Eve". The sorrowful lyrics as well as the alluring strength of the vocal’s voice is the highlight of the song as well as the beautiful melody and piano that make up the Nemesis version of this song. The song conveys sending away somebody you love, and promising to oneself to not think about that person again.

    6. Tanto (lyrics by Choi Na Hyun Composed and arranged by Ha Se Bin)

    In music terminology, Tanto has the definition of being (intense/so much). The lyrics speak of the sadness of somebody you have loved very much leaving you, in other words, the (intense) feeling of emotional pain. This is conveyed by the piano instrumental, and is a quiet rock ballad.

    7. Lethe River (composed & arranged by Ha Se Bin)

    Like Overture and la Rose de Versailles, this track connects to the song that follows it, 'Lucid Dream' with the magnificent but sad melody of the guitar which stimulates the ear. A quarter way into the track, the dreamy sound of the keyboard adds to the mysteriousness of the song, and the listener is able to experience an impressive guitar solo.
    Like the Lethe River of Greek mythology - the river of forgetfulness, the second to last river that delivers the dead to pass into the other world - the song delivers the listener into an anomalous dream.

    8. Lucid Dream (Lyrics by: Baek Dae Hee Composed and Arranged by: Ha Se Bin)

    Unable to give up the love of the person who has passed away, the song is about a person who has created a dream, which he eventually becomes trapped in, yearning for the person he loves. The song is not only poignant, but it is a prime example of the ability of Nemesis and their musical capability. The heart-breaking conversation in the middle of the song is emphasized by the dream-like feeling given by the piano and the drum.

    9. Quean (Lyrics by Baek Dae Hee, composed and arranged by Ha Se Bin)

    The definition of quean, an old English word hardly used now (a derivative of the word queen), is a disreputable, audacious, shameless woman etc (also prostitute). Nemesis, through this song conveys the increasing amount of young women in Korea in the twenty first century, who, as a result of being too gripped with materialistic things give up their own body in order to succumb to their wants.

    10. Go (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by Min Hyuk)

    Starting with a dynamic guitar solo, this is a song which expresses the feeling of nervousness and happiness of approaching a person you love. With it’s fast tempo and easy to follow arrangement, it is a feel-good song that is guaranteed to be a popular song amongst the audience of a live concert.

    11. Pretty girl (lyrics by Choi Na Hyun/composed and arranged by Ha Se Bin)

    Just like the song title suggests, the song is about 'pretty love', the meaning of the lyrics is about starting a happy and beautiful romance. It has a refreshing melody and lively instrumental and represents a person who is blissfully in love.

    12. Cotton Candy (Lyrics by Choi Sung Woo, composed & arranged by Ha SeBin)

    This is a bright and light-hearted song sung by the bass guitarist Choi Sung Woo. The acoustic sound and slight jazz atmosphere that underlies the song gives the listener the feeling of refreshment. The direct use of Kyung San Do dialect in the lyrics give the song a very fun feeling.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 20,139Friend of Soompi


    EVE is a project based Band.
    They changes members according to the concept and occations.
    As the key person is always Seheon, and EVE moves according to Seheon.

    As the latest news. EVE will be released their 7th jib on 20th May. And SeBin will be in the 7th jib.

    c: Pinky FANGTA@
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    Looking forward to : L.U.V Collage, Hogu's Love, Flower of the Queen, Ok-i
  • NathassiaNathassia +dum-smart MXPosts: 316Member
    bluepoemist o_o... I have a long time that I don't visit this thread ... thanks for tracklist info!!!... I saw it before in Korean, but I don't understand Korean xDD... omg, this album is really good !!! and I hope to buy it soon


    ahaha wuw .... Sebin in EVE again!!!... and they released a new album =P!!! ...
    in this new album, they included Goodbye finally.... Nemesis had included this song in their album before, but I believe that this song was for Eve (sure... SeHeon lyrics+Sebin music= EVE)
    ... and EVE are Seheon & Sebin only!!!... or I saw that @@!
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  • BastBlackBastBlack Posts: 18Member
    edited June 2006
    Wow. This is the most information I've ever seen on Nemesis. I'm a newbie. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm sure there are good Korean sites out there for Nemesis, but a lot of them that require a log-in with a Korean id number(?).

    Online translators are not the best, but it's better than nothing. The band's name translates as "your mother hour [su]." I've gotten used to calling them that now. And I have an embarrassing confess to make. image One of my favorite songs on the album is "ley River of reel," -- or at least that's what I thought it was! After reading this thread, I discover it's really "Lethe River."


    (Cool name for a song, btw.)

    There had been 3 lead singers? I've heard the singer 'dissed a lot, but I'm not sure which one is the one people think is bad. I've listened to the demo. There are problems are in the recording such as clipping on the lead singer's voice when he gets loud. But hey, it's a demo, so you shouldn't judge too harshly, imho.

    If possible, could you post pictures of the lead singers? I have found some pictures online of the previous lead singer with Sebin. He had black hair. Is that Baek Dae Hee? Also, there are 2 pictures I've seen where Sebin has pink hair and the lead singer has blonde hair, -- that's not Baek Dae Hee, right? Could that be the mysterious other lead singer? I could upload the pictures if you need to see them.

    "Release me" ? Sorry, haven't heard anything about it.

    There is a song I liked on the demo better, -- the different version of Tango. Other than that, the album is better. It's recorded better, and is more cohesive too. Songs on the album which I have a very bad habit of putting on endless repeat are Lethe River and Overture. I also like Quean and Lucid Dream (but it makes me think of James Bond movie music!)

    Goodbye had me baffled. As I mentioned, I'm a newbie, having only discovered Eve and Nemesis in Feb of this year. I picked up the Nemesis album, but then I saw live clips of Eve performing it on I was one confused puppy. Why were there old clips of Eve doing a song on the new Nemesis album? I understand now. It was technically an Eve song. And I'm guessing there isn't a copyright fight because Sebin is a part of both and both albums have the same label.

    Over at Sebin's cyworld page he has these AWESOME live clips. Love them. They should put these jams on the next album or a live album, imho. Canon Rock is also a hoot. I know that one very well, and to see Sebin do it on Hello Kitty guitar, ... well, that is just too fun. image

    Question, on one of the clips for the Moonlight Sonta jam, is that Ji Na at the keyboard? Just curious.

    Thanks again for the scoop and giving me a chance to ask questions. image

  • BastBlackBastBlack Posts: 18Member
    I think these are the three lead singers. Correct me If I'm wrong. I'm guessing here.

    One: Baek Dae Hee? 2000-2003
    IPB Image

    Two: Tae Hee? 2004
    IPB Image

    Three: Noh Seung Ho 2005-2006
    IPB Image

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