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[variety] Change 체인지

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[SBS] Lee Hyori, Shin Dong Yup, Kangin, Shin Bong Sun, No Hong Chul...
Change 체인지


Official Website

Starting 17th February, 2008
Good Sunday airs every Sunday @ 5:30pm

Note: This show has ended and has been replaced by Miss Gold's Coming.

(i) Hosts
(ii) Summary
(iii) Clubbox Links
(iv) Watch it Live
(v) Episode List & Downloads
(vi) Official Pictures
(vii) Song List
(viii) Other

HOSTS Credits: Official Website
  • MCs: Shin Dong Yup & Shin Bong Sun (Episodes 16+)

    image image
  • Regulars: Kangin (Super Junior) & No Hong Chul

    image image
  • Former Hosts: Lee Hyori & Son Ho Young (Episodes 1-15)

    image image
SUMMARY Credits: damifino
  • One of the three shows of the Good Sunday lineup. The hosts and other celebrity guests get made up so that other people can't recognize them and go around to see how others, including other celebrities and their family members, behave towards them.
CLUBBOX LINKSWATCH IT LIVE Credits: Hei Yan | Ringy | tancy38
  • TVSBox:
  • TVAntz:
    • Download TVAntz and install it
    • Open the program and click on the 'Search' tab
    • Locate SBS CJB in the list of channels (it is usually near the top if you click on the 'Availability' button) or type in 'SBS CJB' in the search bar
    • Double click on SBS CJB and a new window will pop up
    • Allow some time for it to buffer... and you'll be watching the show!
    • If you want it to automatically start when you open the program, leave SBS CJB in the 'Channels' tab and don't delete it
EPISODE LIST & DOWNLOADS Note: The download links are for LQ videos, unless specified otherwise

IMPORTANT: DO NOT REQUEST FOR SUBS. These are not subbed, unless specified so.

HQ video download links can also be found at DKYang's Blog.

Change #1 ~ Hyori & Kangin ⇒ A fat woman (Choi In Ji) & a middle-aged man (Kim Dong Soo)

Episode 1 (080217)
Appearances: Min Kyung Hoon (Buzz), Andy (Shinhwa), Alex (Clazziquai), So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls' Generation), Tim, Eru, Sung Eun, SeeYa & Hyori's family
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (laydeebutterfly) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=ZLYIGOC1 (flyfany89) (DKYang)
Subtitles: English Subs available on YouTube (zh3rn)

Episode 2 (080224)
Appearances: Leeteuk, Heechul, Donghae, Hankyung and Eunhyuk (Super Junior) & Ji Sang Ryul
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=FOVRG9FD (DKYang) (DKYang)

Note: There is more of Hyori & Kangin's change in episode 9

Change #2 ~ No Hong Chul ⇒ An Arabian man (Abdullah)

Episode 3 (080302)
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=HG9VYS7F (DKYang) (DKYang)
Subtitles: English Subs available on YouTube (zh3rn)

Change #3 ~ Son Ho Young ⇒ A woman (Erica)

Episode 4 (080309)
Appearances: Jung Joon Ha, Lee Ki Chan, Lee Soo Young, Jang Young Ran & Son Ho Young's father and sister
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=BJS2CM2H (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #4 ~ Shin Dong Yup ⇒ An old grandmother (Ma Se Hee)

Episode 5 (080316)
Appearances: Shin Dong Yup's 10 month old daughter, Lee Kwang Gi, Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Young Chul, Eru & Shin Dong Yup's father
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=YV9XSAUT (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #5 ~ Shin Bong Sun ⇒ A sexy singer (Gisele Bong Chun)

Episode 6 (080323)
Appearances: Kim Tae Kyun and Jung Chan Woo (Cultwo)
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit]
Part 1 Part 2 (bbs.icfinkl) Note: This is LQ despite the large filesize (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=FTRCN38K (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #6 ~ Jang Nara ⇒ A chubby woman & a high school student (Lee Jin Sang)

Episode 7 (080330)
Appearances: Jang Nara's old high school teacher
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=TVK95SZT (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #7 ~ Kangta ⇒ A Japanese musician (James Kobayashi) & a pension owner (San Jang Ahjussi)

Episode 8 (080406)
Appearances: Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon (Group S), Ahn Jung Hoon (composer, former member of Position) & Kim Min Jong
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=LUUIWW7U (jaceone) (DKYang)

Change #8 ~ Lee Tae Ran ⇒ A college student & a waitress (No So Nyeo)

Episode 9 (080413) ~ Plus more from Change #1 (Hyori & Kangin)
Appearances: Lee Tae Ran's mother and relatives, Min Kyung Hoon (Buzz) & Haha
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit]
Change #1 (Hyori & Kangin) Cut: http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=E1QX2ZSH (laydeebutterfly) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=M6OGXMXF (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #9 ~ G-Dragon & Seungri ⇒ Twin brothers (Seung Seung & Jang Goo)

Episode 10 (080420)
Appearances: T.O.P, Daesung and Taeyang (Big Bang) & Hwang Young Jin
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Soopke) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=R07SVAIB (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #10 ~ MC Mong ⇒ An Indian yoga instructor & an amusement park mascot (Jung Da Mo)

Episode 11 (080427)
Appearances: Andy (Shinhwa) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=O9LJYMAS (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #11 ~ Ok Joo Hyun ⇒ A famous make-up artist from Italy & a pregnant chef (Mika Jang)

Episode 12 (080504)
Appearances: Solbi (Typhoon), Kim Ho Young, Oh Sun Joo, Park Ye Jin, Lee Jin (Fin.K.L) & Jo Yeo Jung (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=YE5YZ7LV (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #12 ~ Tablo ⇒ A muscular Chinese man & a waiter (Chin Che)

Episode 13 (080511)
Appearances: Mithra Jin & DJ Tukutz (Epik High), Goo Hye Sun, Kwon Soon Wook (BoA's brother) & Tablo's parents & brother (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=BTX6TICG (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #13 ~ Lee Ji Hoon ⇒ A fat man (Choi In Chul)

Episode 14 (080518)
Appearances: Junjin (Shinhwa) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=SAWPDYCZ (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #14 ~ Eun Ji Won ⇒ A rocket scientist & a PD (Nam Dal Yong)

Episode 15 (080525)
Appearances: Shindong (Super Junior), Moon Hee Jun, Bae Seul Gi, Jung Mi Sun & Eun Ji Won's old schoolmates
HQ: Part 1 Part 2 (hyperanime) [Join with HJSplit] (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=Y5KGS8YP (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #15 ~ Ji Hyun Woo ⇒ A fashion show director (Jaque-G)

Episode 16 (080601)
Appearances: Park Jung Ah (Jewelry), Hwangbo & Jang Dong Jik (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=X2CG6TV3 (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #16 ~ Hong Seo Bum ⇒ A younger man

Episode 17 (080608)
Appearances: Park Sang Min, Won Mi Yeon & Jo Gap Kyung (Hong Seo Bum's wife) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=G7RTBGDC (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #17 ~ Junjin ⇒ A dance choreographer (Chris)

Episode 18 (080615) ~ Plus Behind the Scenes Footage
Appearances: Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa), Kang Won Rae (Clon) & Charlie Park (Junjin's father) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=1UMFBC0H (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #18 ~ Jung Jong Chul ⇒ A waiter (Ok Dong Ja)

Episode 19 (080622)
Appearances: Jung Jong Chul's mother & wife (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=W9QC0NIG (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #19 ~ Shin Jung Hwan ⇒ A salon worker (Kang Hae Jin)

Episode 20 (080629)
Appearances: Go Young Wook, Lee Sang Min & Kim Ji Hyun (Roo'Ra), Kim Sung Eun, Park Ye Jin & Shin Jung Hwan's sister (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=STJH1LUH (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #20 ~ Sung Shi Kyung ⇒ A chef & a social worker

Episode 21 (080706)
Appearances: Alex (Clazziquai) & Moon Chun Shik (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=GGOM1RQS (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #21 ~ Ji Sang Ryul ⇒ A reporter

Episode 22 (080713) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=3JC8GV1Y (DKYang) (DKYang)

Best Of Special

Episode 23 (080720) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=P4PR7V0N (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #22 ~ Shin Bong Sun (Horror Special)

With the cast of Gosa (horror movie): Lee Bum Soo, Kim Bum, Nam Gyuri & Yoon Jung Hee

Episode 24 (080727) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=4K5DXBQU (DKYang) (DKYang)

Episode 25 (080803) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=AT9N2DN8 (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #23 ~ Park Joon Gyu

Episode 26 (080824) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=D326GEDW (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #24 ~ Kim Ji Ho & Kangin

Episode 27 (080831) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=CDXX1MY4 (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #25 ~ Jang Yoon Jung & Yoo Chae Young ⇒ A sexy woman & a ballerina

Appearances: Wonder Girls & Yoo Chae Young's husband
Episode 28 (080907) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=N26ZB6C4 (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #26 ~ Chuseok Special

Episode 29 (080914) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=802I7VK1 (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #27 ~ Kim Sung Soo

Episode 30 (080921) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=U2HIJY1A (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #28 ~ Kim Yoo Mi & Kim Hyun Jung

Episode 31 (080928) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=GTS6A2WC (DKYang) (DKYang)

Change #29 ~ Jo Hye Ryun (Final Episode)

Episode 32 (081005) (DKYang)
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=ZPV5M3QE (DKYang) (DKYang)

OFFICIAL PICTURES Credits: Official Website
  • Click here to go to the Change Song List.
  • Please check the song list before requesting or asking for song names.
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