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the one and only buzz
IPB Image

IPB Image
1. Intro
2. My darling (end)
3. My love (and)
4. 은인 -- Benefactor
5. 약자의 눈물 -- Weakness of tears
6. 행복하세요 -- Stay Happy
7. 남자를 몰라 -- (You) Don't know man
8. Go away
9. 일년쯤이면 -- If only one year
10. 미완예찬 -- incomplete praise
11. Reds go together
12. 우리 이별 앞에 지지 말아요 (세상에 한 사람) -- Let's not lose against our seperation (Only person in this world)

이 세상 최고의 밴드 버즈가 팬들 곁으로 돌아온다. 버즈가 4월 24일, 3집 앨범 ‘perfect’를 발매하며 컴백을 고대하던 팬들 앞에 다시 선다. 전작인 2집 앨범 ‘BUZZ effect’에서는 느낄 수 없었던 성숙미와 농밀해진 기량으로 버즈만의 개성을 간직한 수록곡을 팬들에게 선사하게 되는 것. 버즈 특유의 감성적 발라드와 리듬감 있는 록이 적절히 배합되어 팬들의 기대를 만족시킨다. 앨범의 타이틀 곡‘My darling (end)’ 은 2집의 ‘겁쟁이’를 작곡했던 인기 작곡가 고석영의 작품. 피아노와 스트링의 절제된 연주로 이별을 예감하는 연인들의 슬픈 이야기를 다루고 있다. 특이한 점은 수록곡 ‘My love (and)’와 가사의 내용이 이어지는 독특한 구성을 하고 있으며, 뮤직비디오도 내용이 연결되는 연작의 형식을 취할 예정이다. 또한 음반에는 버즈의 멤버들이 직접 작, 편곡한 곡도 두 곡이 수록되어 있다. 버즈의 자작곡은 버즈의 개성과 색깔을 선명하게 보여준다. 버즈가 부른 붉은악마 공식 월드컵 응원가인‘Reds go together’도 수록되어 앨범의 분위기를 고조시키는데 큰 몫을 한다. 버즈는 4월 말부터 본격적으로 방송활동을 시작하며, 여름부터 겨울까지 이어지는 대규모의 전국투어 콘서트를 준비중이다.

The world's best band, Buzz, are coming back. Buzz will be coming back to their fervent fans with their 3rd album 'perfect' on 4/24/06. In the 2nd album 'BUZZ effect', the maturity feeling that you could not feel is going to appear. Buzz has satisfied their fans with their rock ballad rhythm. The album's title track 'My darling (end)' is composed by the same famous composer of the 2nd album 'Coward'. With the piano and string instruments playing in the background, the title track is about a sad story where 2 lovers feel the premonition about their separation. The unique thing is that the song 'My love (and)' is a continuation of the story from the title track, and the music video will also have a continuation of the story. Also there are 2 songs that the Buzz members composed. The composer of Buzz said that they will show their color and talents vividly. The red devil song that Buzz sang as a World Cup support, 'Reds go together' is part of their album that brings liveliness and spirit. In april, Buzz will start performing on TV, and from summer till winter they are preparing for a large tour concert.

credits to: & snoopy for translating

BUZZ really inspired me after I heard their second album, 'gupjengee'

I think they're the best rock band with the exception of Yoon Do Hyun, of course.
There are some rock bands in korea that debuted but did not receive many interests compared to BUZZ.

Could it be their charismatic ways of playing their instruments and the young&hip min kyung hoon that's letting everyone crazy?


What do you guys think of them? Post your thoughts and share music/clips here.

So for those of you who don't know BUZZ, here's a little 411.

민경훈//minkyunghoon(보컬//vocal) 1984.10.6
손성희//sonsunghui(기타//guitar) 1982.8.11
신준기//shinjoongi(베이스//bass) 1982.3.9
윤우현//yoonwoohyun(기타//guitar) 1981.11.2
김예준//kimaejoon(드럼//drums) 1981.8.17

IPB Image

IPB Image


IPB Image
VOLUME 1 -- Morning of Buzz
genre: pop rock
released - 2003.10.10
title tracks - Monologue // 어쩌면...
for more info: click here

IPB Image
genre: pop rock
released: 2004.08.30
title track - 가난한 사랑 (Poor love)

IPB Image
VOLUME 2 -- Buzz Effect
genre: pop rock
released - 2005.03.03
title tracks - 겁쟁이 (Coward) // 가시 (thorn) // 나에게로 떠나는 여행 (A trip to find myself)
for more info: click here

IPB Image
genre: pop rock
released - 2005.11.25
title track - 사랑은 가슴이 시킨다 (Love controls the heart)
for more info: click here
Buzz's digital single album was recorded live with 25 orchestra people.
Heal my heart and make it clean. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like you have loved me


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