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[drama 2007] Winter Bird 겨울새

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edited September 2007 in k-dramas & movies
[MBC] Park Sun Young, Lee Tae Gon, Yoon Sang Hyun
Winter Bird
PD: Jung Se Ho
Based on: the novel by Kim Soo Hyun
Episodes: 50
Station: MBC
Airing: Weekend Drama
Filming: July - China

Park Sun Yong as Young Eun

Lee Tae Gon as Do Hyun

Yoon Sang Hyun as Joo Kyung Woo


PSY plays the role Young Eun (영은) who lived with a family since she was an orphan and then fell in love with Do Hyun (도현) who is 5 years older than Young Eun. However, Do Hyun’s family did not approve Do Hyun’s dating Young Eun. As a result, Young Eun left Do Hyun and was married to a doctor Joo Kyung Woo (주경우) played by Yoon Sang Hyun. Although Kyung Woo acts like a gentleman, he actually is a mama’s boy with multiple and complicated personalities.


imageWINTER BIRD Drama Synopsis & Description (credits to dramaok)
Episode 1: "The hidden woman" page 5 post #99
Episode 2: "Broken marriage engagement" page 5
Episode 3: "After the Broken Marriage Promise" page 8
Episode 4: "Match-date Once Again" page 8

image PSY'S BBS thanks to maneuneun

^ Full translation of both 1st and 2nd episodes in Chinese


Sept 1: 40sec preview (credits: cutiepie)
filesend sendspace mediafire

Sept 8: 40sec preview (credits: cutiepie)
sendspace mediafire

Cast Interview 20070911 Good Day (credits: cutiepie)

20070914 Section TV Ent. News + some filming (credits: cutiepie)

Drama Opening (credits: cutiepie)
sendspace mediafire

Sept 15: EP 01 - 131MB (credits: cutiepie)
sendspace filesend
megaupload credits to flyfany89

Ep 02 preview 16/9 (credits: aalhl)
preview t02

Sept 16: EP 02 - 133MB (credits: cutiepie)

Sept 22: EP 03 - 109MB (credits: flyfany89; courtesy godlove3494's cb)
megaupload sendspace

Sept 23: EP 04 - 110MB (credits: dramaok; courtesy godlove3494's cb)
megaupload sendspace

CLUBBOX - thanks to dramaok

Winter Bird BTS - wedding ceremony thanks to maneuneun
or sendspace clip thanks to koalabear


Winter Bird OST thanks to sunny

Last Carnival - Norihiro Tsuru by Acoustic Cafe
sendspace credits:
WINTER BIRD RATING - thanks to dramaok
Ep. 01: 7.8% (TNS media nationwide) v.s KBS Dae Jo Yeong: 31.9%
Related news update translated by CindyW88 at soompi's mainsite

Park Sun Young & Lee Tae Gon lead MBC drama "Winter Bird (겨울새)"

By CindyW88


7/11/07 – Park Sun Young (박선영, 31) and Lee Tae Gon (이태곤, 30) will lead the 50-episode weekend drama “Winter Bird (겨울새)” scheduled to be aired by MBC in September, following the final episode of “2 Outs in 9th Inning”. Actor Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현) also performs in this drama. This drama is adapted from the original novel written in 1986 by Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) who just wrote for the recent successful SBS drama “My Man’s Woman”.

Images Park Sun Young, Lee Tae Gon Yoon Sang Hyun

PSY plays the role Young Eun (영은) who lived with a family since she was an orphan and then fell in love with Do Hyun (도현) who is 5 years older than Young Eun. However, Do Hyun’s family did not approve Do Hyun’s dating Young Eun. As a result, Young Eun left Do Hyun and was married to a doctor Joo Kyung Woo (주경우) played by Yoon Sang Hyun. Although Kyung Woo acts like a gentleman, he actually is a mama’s boy with multiple and complicated personalities.

The PD is Jung Se Ho (정세호) whose previous drama was “The Exhibition of Fireworks (MBC, 2006)”. The filming is scheduled to start in China around mid July.

Source mydaily1 mydaily2

credits to rubie *thanks so much dear, i have a hard time updating because of school, but thanks
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    edited April 2008

    Previous content updated & moved to POST #1

    September 27, 2007 - As Soy have transferred the info+links to the first post, I'll edit my post of the same content and will continue to share updates of the upcoming episodes and related Winter Bird info.

    Soy.. whenever time permits, just quote & copy the new ones.. ok. image


    Winter Bird Soompi Fan Club

    English page at MBC Global Media - "Lonely Bird" thanks to kdramafanusa


    In life, you are mostly on your own.
    Here is one woman who suddenly became orphaned and was taken in by a friend of her father. She is swept away by the winds of destiny, unable to express her emotions as she loses her confidence. As she goes through a nightmare marriage and messy divorce, she steadily finds her own voice.
    A story about finding that the people nearest to you are the most precious people.
    The world is not a place where everyone is smarter and more confident than you. Many smart people are smothered by the unlucky circumstances they find themselves in. Life is about celebrating what you have in such a life. Nobody can force you to live the life you have. And they will not live it for you. But what if the choices I make will ruin the happiness of others?
    is a story about a woman who fights the despair she feels as overcomes the hardships and pain. Through her character, we see how a person’s fate can interrupt our life.

    image VOD

    image Park Young-eun / age: 27 | actress Park Sun-young

    She is like a migrating bird standing alone against the winds of destiny howling around...
    She has a college degree in design and became a furniture designer.
    When she was in the 10th grade, her mother and father died a few months apart from each other. Her mother died from a disease while her dad was killed in a car accident. She was taken in by President Jung, who was a regular customer at her dad’s restaurant and also an alumni member of her dad’s high school.
    The sudden deaths of her parents deeply affects Young-eun and it brings a huge change in her personality. She lives with the constant stress that she is an adoptee. She becomes attracted to Do-hyun, the son of President Jung, but she never reveals her feelings to him. Do-hyun is somebody she admires and dreams of but she does not want to push her luck and try to date him. So she acts like a dutiful daughter and nice younger sister in her adopted family. She has everything she could desire thanks to President Jung’s patronage but she knows very well that she must behave herself under the watchful eye of his wife who is wary of her. Thus, she reluctantly gets engaged to a person that President Jung picks out for her.

    image Jung Do-hyun / age: 32 | actor Lee Tae-gon

    As the son of President Jung, he believes he should marry someone that he truly loves.
    He is a very responsible person and has the patience to work hard to attain his goals. Although he wanted to become a sculptor, he studied management in college at the urging of his father. He is an intense person but he is relaxed around Young-eun. For a long time, he considered Young-eun to be a part of his family but when she gets engage with Ji-hong, he realizes that he loves her. His parents strongly disapprove of his decision to marry Young-eun but he doesn’t back down. When he finally returns from his studies, he learns that Young-eun will get married to someone else. So he has no choice but to let her go but when he finds out that she is trapped in an unhappy marriage, he realizes how irresponsible he was. He overcomes the pain he endured and takes a strong stance to protect the one person he loves. He starts to get involved with Young-eun but his mother does everything she can to keep them away from each other.

    image Joo Gyeong-woo / age: 32 | actor Yoon Sang-hyun

    Young-eun’s husband.
    He graduated from a top medical school and is on his way in becoming a dermatologist. He is polite and warm on the outside. But he is an introvert and momma boy who has a splintered personality. Deep down inside, he is a tender person with a warm heart but his overbearing mother makes taxing emotional demands on him. He likes his wife Young-eun but he cannot refuse the demands that his mother makes on him. He is a timid person most of the time but when he is crossed, he will turn very violent. He broke up with his first love because of his mother. He loves Young-eun but he doesn’t know how to express it. He is held on tight strings by his manipulative mother.


    image WINTER BIRD episode summaries by dramaok

    Winter Bird (Ep. 5): For the Sake of Getting Married page 12
    Winter Bird (Ep. 6): A Tree That's Shaking page 12
    Winter Bird (Ep. 7): Getting Married + screencaps page 14
    Winter Bird (Ep. 8): Maze page 15
    Winter Bird (Ep. 9): A New Problem page 15
    Winter Bird (Ep. 10): Marriage Gone Wrong page 17
    Winter Bird (Ep. 11): Trap of Suspicion page 17
    Winter Bird (Ep. 12): Divorce Practice page 19
    Winter Bird (Ep. 13): Wavering Pregnancy page 19
    Winter Bird (Ep. 14): Between The Nets page 21 9.0% TNS-nationwide (Nov. 3rd, 2007)
    Winter Bird (Ep. 15): Drug Effect page 22
    Winter Bird (Ep. 16): Terms of Marriage page 23 16: 10%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 17): Complete Farewell 17: 10.4%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 18): Between the Happiness page 24 9.4%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 19): Drug Effect Ends (Drug = Money) 10.3%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 20): Terms of Happiness page 25
    Winter Bird (Ep. 21): Another Suspicion
    Winter Bird (Ep. 22): Yet another trap page26 Rating: 10.8%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 23): DH-JA's wedding Rating: 13.0%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 24): People Left Behind 1 page 27
    Winter Bird (Ep. 25): People Left Behind 2 page 28 Rating: 13.8%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 26): NA
    Winter Bird (Ep. 27): NA
    Winter Bird (Ep. 28): Another Beginning page 30 Rating: 13.5%
    Winter Bird (Ep. 29): Crying Out for Love page 30
    Winter Bird (Ep. 30-31): page 31
    Winter Bird (Ep. 32): Terms of Divorce page 32
    Winter Bird (Ep. 33): page 33
    Winter Bird (Ep. 34): page 34

    Jan 23, 2008: Real-life MBC drama erupts over extending life of drama miniseries page 33

    MBC Winter Bird OST (main theme) -- thanks to sunny

    WinterBirdOST.wma (1MB) 재발견 [rediscovery] by singer 신효범 [Shin Hyo-Beom] -- thanks to dramaok for the info sendspace

    image EPISODES sharing - uploaded by knuts & flyfany89 courtesy godlove3494

    Sep 29: Winter Bird Ep.05 (116MB) sendspace

    Sep 30: Winter Bird Ep.06 (107MB) sendspace

    Oct 07: Winter Bird Ep.07 (156MB) sendspace

    Oct 13: Winter Bird Ep.08 (173MB) sendspace megaupload

    Oct 14: Winter Bird Ep.09 (157MB) sendspace megaupload

    Oct 20: Winter Bird Ep.10 (165MB) sendspace

    Oct 21: Winter Bird Ep.11 (155MB) sendspace

    Oct 27: Winter Bird Ep.12 (162MB) sendspace

    Oct 28: Winter Bird Ep.13 (158MB) sendspace

    Nov 03: Winter Bird Ep.14 (162MB) sendspace

    Nov 04: Winter Bird Ep.15 (158MB) sendspace

    Nov 10: Winter Bird Ep.16 (150MB) sendspace

    Nov 11: Winter Bird Ep.17 (152MB) sendspace

    Nov 17: Winter Bird Ep.18 (162MB) sendspace

    Nov 18: Winter Bird Ep.19 (158MB) sendspace veoh

    Nov 24: Winter Bird Ep.20 (158MB) sendspace

    Nov 25: Winter Bird Ep.21 (171MB) sendspace

    Dec 08: Winter Bird Ep.22 (157MB) sendspace

    Dec 09: Winter Bird Ep.23 (157MB) sendspace

    Dec 15: Winter Bird Ep.24 (206MB) sendspace megaupload

    Dec 16: Winter Bird Ep.25 (225MB) sendspace megaupload

    Dec 22: Winter Bird Ep.26 (200MB) sendspace megaupload

    Dec 23: Winter Bird Ep.27 (159MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 05: Winter Bird Ep.28 (197MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 06: Winter Bird Ep.29 (202MB) sendspace megaupload

    Ep. 30 (3 parts) thanks to dramaok for the links' highlight
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Jan 12: Winter Bird Ep.30 (202MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 13: Winter Bird Ep.31 (111MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 19: Winter Bird Ep.32 (66MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 20: Winter Bird Ep.33 (164MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 26: Winter Bird Ep.34 (203MB) sendspace megaupload

    Jan 27: Winter Bird Ep.35 (112MB) sendspace megaupload

    Feb 02: Winter Bird Ep.36 (111MB) sendspace megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 37 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 38 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 39 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 40 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 41 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 42 megaupload

    Winter Bird ep 43 (final) megaupload


    Ep 1 HQ (join files with HJSplit) -- thanks to knuts

    Winter.Bird.E01.KOR.HDTV.XViD-SPR.avi.001 (244.14 MB) megaupload

    Winter.Bird.E01.KOR.HDTV.XViD-SPR.avi.002 (244.14 MB) megaupload

    Winter.Bird.E01.KOR.HDTV.XViD-SPR.avi.003 (211.97 MB) megaupload

    Episode 2 (133 MB) megaupload

    Ep 2 HQ version (join files with HJsplit) -- thanks to knuts

    Winter.Bird.E02.KOR.HDTV.XViD-BADATV.avi.001 (244.14 MB) megaupload

    Winter.Bird.E02.KOR.HDTV.XViD-BADATV.avi.002 (244.14 MB) megaupload

    Winter.Bird.E02.KOR.HDTV.XViD-BADATV.avi.003 (211.96 MB) megaupload

    --- Chinese subtitles thanks to cococrust

    Ep 1 c-sub sendspace Ep 2 c-sub sendspace Ep 3 c-sub sendspace

    Ep 4 c-sub sendspace Ep 5 c-sub sendspace Ep 6 c-sub sendspace

    Ep 7 c-sub sendspace Ep 8 c-sub sendspace Ep 9 c-sub sendspace

    Ep 10 c-sub sendspace Ep 11 c-sub sendspace Ep 12 c-sub sendspace

    Ep 13 c-sub sendspace Ep 14 c-sub sendspace Ep 15 c-sub sendspace

    Ep 16 c-sub infernoupload Ep 17 c-sub divshare Ep 18 c-sub kiv

    Ep 19 c-sub sendspace Ep 20 c-sub sendspace

    Please refer HERE for the rest of the C-subs files. Thanks to cococrust.


    Winter Bird NGs thanks to sunny
    1st episode NG available for download at

    Winter.Bird.HappyTimeNG_071021.wmv (3MB) sendspace

    Winter Bird VODs 宣暎樂園 Sunny TV Channel:

    Uploaded by cutiepie
    20070921 Showbiz Extra (press conference)

    20071009 Good Day (filming of wedding)
    ^video buffers first half, second half is okay

    20071028 NGs
    http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=J6B2DBDO

    20071104 NGs
    http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=MDNIECMZ

    20071111 NGs
    http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=EJ02XQYD

    20071113 Good Day - filming+cast interviews

    Winter Bird Wedding Scene Interview by YTN Star Uploaded by koalabear

    YTN Star Interview Lee Tae-gon, November 7

    Do-hyun and Jin-ah's Wedding Clip (YTN Star December 3)

    Lee Tae Gon December 3 interview for YTN Star

    Winter Bird fun game -- thanks to dramaok

    Answers -- thanks to gerryg
    1. On the top of the hair in the back there is a extra curl
    2. The right eye double eyelid is removed
    3. The finger closest to the glasses has shorter nail.
    4. The end of phone receiver has 3 gold rings instead of 2 <-- this is the one that hid from me!
    5. Below the phone receiver on the front of the dress there are 2 extra white

    Compiled by knuts
    Some links copied from (credits : millie)

    Daum 카페: 冬鳥 Winter Bird

    朴宣暎 Park Sun Young
    무지개빛 연기자 박선영

    李太坤 Lee Tae Gon

    尹尚鉉 Yoon Sang-hyeon

    趙東赫 Jo Dong-hyeok

    柳載良 Yu Jae-Ryang
    언제나 함께할래 유재량 공식1호

    尹尚鉉 윤상현 Yoon Sang-hyeon @ X-TOWN;현

    趙東赫 조동혁 Jo Dong-hyeok @ NAMOO ACTORS
    Chinese forums:

    韓朝風: ... &extra=page%3D1




    Note by knuts: I am posting these links for the caps and pics at these forums
  • loving_Dloving_D 우리시카 잘한다 ♥ Posts: 4,365Member


    awww the guy from dear heaven! and park sun young too! will watch this.
  • babymarzy07babymarzy07 come back to me... taec's heartPosts: 4,013Member
    yeahhh, i like the leads!! i cant wait for this. the story is interesting!^^
    many thanks to banner icons: sachiko & entermuriel avi:Brigichii

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  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    thanks Soy dear for starting a thread...I was thinking to start one...but I don't have too much resources to start the thread...I'm excited for Park Sun-young's drama comeback...all the leads are good actors and of course the writer of the drama was also the writer for My Man's Woman so this drama is really promising...
  • *beccas*beccas Posts: 310Member
    looks very interesting....
    i like the main characters a lot
    i am anticipating a good outcome of thid drama
    so when is this drama suppose to air?
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  • renni72renni72 SingaporePosts: 666Member


    Wonder what they meant by "multiple and complicated personalities"?

    I love the cast...but 50 episodes is really long...and hard to find downloads for long dramas image
    Enjoying "Ghost", A Gentleman's Dignity" and "Feast of the Gods"
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    edited July 2007
    QUOTE(*beccas @ Jul 13 2007, 01:42 PM) »
    looks very interesting....
    i like the main characters a lot
    i am anticipating a good outcome of thid drama
    so when is this drama suppose to air?

    EDIT: the drama will air by September
  • aalhlaalhl YooGal^o^ YOOhouse@YOOLandPosts: 8,131Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(loving_D @ Jul 12 2007, 01:07 PM) »
    awww the guy from dear heaven! and park sun young too! will watch this.

    Ah.. another drama from novel...

    I'm not very familiar with the actress, but I am impressed by Lee Tae Gon's acting in Dear Heaven.. I may consider watching this one.. I've seen the other guy in Fireworks as well.

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  • santa007santa007 Posts: 112Member
    can't wait to see this drama, it looks so promising! especially both the actress and actor are my fav!
  • limroom9limroom9 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 237Friend of Soompi
    wow filming will be in china? i'll definitely be looking out for this one!
  • jojo12144jojo12144 Posts: 519Member


    imma gonna go nuts! i cant wait!
    park sun young- like my fave actress <3
    definitely gonna watch this one. hwaiting!
  • TXXTXX Posts: 414Member
    Im really looking froward to this !!! I started to like Park Sun Young alotz ^^ ..... & No news or pix about this drama???
  • dramaokdramaok Drama Addicts Unite Jumong's cribPosts: 4,318Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2007
    additional casts:

    Jang Shin-Yeong [장신영]
    Hee-Jin. Yeong-Eun (PSY)'s best friend from childhood days.
    Jang Shin-Yeong gave birth recently and this is her 'come back' drama since her marriage.


    Yu Jae-Ryang [유재량]
    Kwang-Wook. Hee-Jin's younger brother. a student with good looks and physics.
    Yu was previously in the drama 'Fox and Cotton Candy'....


    Hwang Jeong-Eum [황정음]
    to play the character Jin-Ah, a pediatric medical resident who becomes engaged to lead character 'Do-Hyeon' (Lee Tae-Gon) but after losing the marital engagement she becomes determined to win him back. this is Hwang's second time working with Jeong Se-Ho PD from SBS 'The Person I Love'...


    Park Won-Suk [박원숙]
    Yeong-Eun's mother-in-law. her characer dislikes Yeong-Eun (PSY).
    Park currently appears on 'Coffee Prince #1'


    Im Ye-Jin [임예진]
    Mr. Jeong's half-sister who lives with the Jeong's (Yeong-Eun's adoptive family)
    she's the only one treats Yeong-Eun (PSY) comfortably in that family.
    Im is a beauty queen from the '70s and she will leave her post as MC on variety show 'Good Morning' to appear in this drama.


    also on the roster:

    Jo Dong-Hyeok [조동혁]
    cameo role. this is his special appearance due to his working relationship with the PD.


    Park Jeong-Su [박정수]
    not sure what role she plays yet. maybe Lee Tae-Gon's mom. mrs. jeong?


    Jang Yong [장용]
    not sure who he is in the drama. LTG dad? but the actor was recently on KBS 'Blissful Woman'...


    Yun Mira [윤미라]. whoever she plays i hope it's lighthearted. i love her when she's in a comic role.


    the cast and crew will travel to Shanghai, China for a week of filming starting on August 18th, and they will return to film in Seoul afterwards.
    the drama will being in September, replacing '9th inning, 2 outs [9회말 2아웃]' timeslot.

    the title 'winter bird' signifies a woman finding her inner strength to survive and fight for what she wants like a lone bird in winter....
    Yeong-Eun, who is orphaned but later adopted by the Jeong's is sent to marriage by her adoptive mother to a wealthy family, however....

    Jeong Se-Ho [정세호] PD and Kim Su-Hyeon [김수현] writer previously worked together on the drama ''Trap of Youth - 청춘의 덫"... but the writer for 'Winter Bird' is Lee Geum-Ju [이금주], who will use Kim's original novel by the same title.
  • rubierubie hanya tulusnya hati Posts: 52,082Friend of Soompi


    ^ Thanks Mic for the wonderful info on Winter Bird's cast and their upcoming filming in China. So good to see you again! image

    Looking good, huh... hope to see more pics & updates later. The pairing of PSY & LTG... image image
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    thanks for sharing more about the drama and cast dramaok...I'm really excited about this drama since it has a good cast and story...hopefully we will get more updates soon..
  • sunnysunny Posts: 51Member
    edited August 2007

    Lee Tae-Gon

    Park Sun-young & Jang Shin-Young

    Park Sun-young


    MBC weekend drama "Winter Bird (겨울새)" will be aired on September 15.
  • aznbluegurl916aznbluegurl916 SacramentoPosts: 1,593Member
    i like the story cannot wait till it get out

  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    thanks for sharing the pics Sunny...will mark September 15 on my calendar now...^ ^
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    more pics from the upcoming drama




    credits to Pezz at the Park Sun-young thread
  • cutiepiecutiepie Posts: 2,562Member


    short 40 secs preview that was shown after today's ep of 9th Inning, 2 Outs


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