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[drama 2007] Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung! 칼잡이 오수정

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edited August 2007 in k-dramas & movies
[SBS] Uhm Jung Hwa, Oh Ji Ho

WITH S2 DOES NOT want their subs to be reproduced as Hard Subs.
Please RESPECT that and DO NOT reproduce them on Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion, Crunchyroll etc

Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung! 칼잡이 오수정
Station: SBS
Airing: July 28th, 2007, Sat and Sun - 10 pm
Stream Live and Time Conversions:
Official Website:

Director: Park Hyung Ki ; “봄날” (Spring Days), “루루공주” (Princess Lulu), “사랑하고 싶다” (I Want to Love)

Scriptwriter: Park Hye Ryeon ; “테마게임” (Theme Game), “New Nonstop,” “Nonstop 3,” “혼자가 아니야” (I’m Not Alone), “Nonstop 5″

Scriptwriter: Park Ji Eun 박지은 ; 깜짝 스토리랜드” (Sudden Story Land), “달래네 집” (Dallae’s House), “꼭 한번만나고 싶다” (I Want to Meet You)


Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Su (aka Karl Go)

image image

Uhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung


Ahn Yong Joon as Choi Soo Hyuk (Oh Soo Jung's younger brother)

Park Su Jin as Younger So Jung


Lee Geon Ju as Younger Man Su


Others :
Kang Sung-Jin, Park Da-an, Ahn Seon-yeong, Yoo Hye-jeong


Heartthrob Oh Ji Ho (Fantastic Couple, Super Rookie) and the ever sassy Uhm Jung Hwa pair up for the SBS romantic drama Get Karl! Oh So Jung. Oh Ji Ho stars as famous golf player and sought-after bachelor Karl whose present popularity and good looks hide a bitter past. Seven years ago, he was dumped by his beauty queen girlfriend Oh So Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) for being too fat. But now she's the one chasing after him. This fun romantic comedy takes the popular K-drama "old maid" premise and gives it a 200 Pounds Beauty twist, albeit with a gender reversal.


01 - Divshare

02 - Megaupload

HQ (around 700 mb - Forus)
01 - Gigeshare
Megaupload 01 02 03

English Subs for Episode 01 thanks to WITHS2

02 - Gigeshare
Megaupload 01 02 03

Chinese Hardsubbed
01 - Sendspace
02 - Sendspace

Use HJsplit to combine the files with more than one part




01 사랑한다면 - 나무자전거
02 Marry Me - 간미연
03 Come With Me - MC 진리(Mc Junri) & 스톰(Storm)
04 그댄 아나요 - Noblesse(노블레스)
05 사랑은 창밖의 빗물 같아요 - 김유경
06 성공시대 - 썬(Sun)
07 Man To Man (Inst.)
08 I love Diamond (Inst.)
09 Love Line(Inst.)
10 Sentimental (Inst.)
11 Grey Shoes (Inst.)
12 Gloomy Day (Inst.)
13 Choice Of Love (Inst.)
14 Warning! (Inst.)
15 Putting On Make-Up (Inst.)
16 Regret (Inst.)
17 Step By Step (Inst.)
18 Lovely Woman (Inst.)
19 Sad Movies (Inst.)
20 Wanted! (Inst.)
21 Yellow Card (Inst.)
22 Show Me The Way (Inst.)



Episode 01 (July 28) - Nationwide = 12.4% & Seoul = 12.9%
Episode 02 (July 29) - Nationwide = 14.8% & Seoul = 16.2%
Episode 03 (Aug 04) - Nationwide = 12.1% & Seoul = 12.6%
Episode 04 (Aug 05) - Nationwide = 15.5% & Seoul = 16.3%
Episode 05 (Aug 11) - Nationwide = 12.8% & Seoul = 13.8%
Episode 06 (Aug 12) - Nationwide = 14.3% & Seoul = 15.1%

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