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[drama 2008] I Love You/saranghae 사랑해

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[SBS] Ahn Jae Wook, Seo Ji Hye, HwanHee (FTTS)
I love you/Saranghae 사랑해

Broadcast date: April 7 '2008 (after "The King & I")

TV Station: SBS

Official website:


AHN Jae Wook | SEO Ji Hye| HwanHee | PARK Hye Young | GONG Hyung Jin | Jo Mi Ryung



(left-to-right: Gong Hyung Jin, Jo Mi Ryung, Seo Ji Hye, Ahn Jae Wook, Park Hye Young, HwanHee)


Ahn Jae Wook and Seo Ji hye will be playing a pair of newly wedded couple/husband and wife with the age differences of 14 years.
HwanHee (Fany - FTTS) has been added to the supporting cast as well. This drama will be Seo Ji Hye and Hwanhee's 2nd drama collaboration after the 2006 MBC drama "Over The Rainbow".

HwanHee will lay off the "hard" image and will play a "broken" character through acting for 'I Love You'.
His character, Park Byung Ho who was thoughtless and threw away his child for a better income and life to escape the abuse who later regrets this and learns to love.

Broadcasting station: <in progress>
Production: JS Entertainment
Episodes: 16
[story based on comic adaptation by Huh Young-man (Tazza/War of Flower, Gourmet)]


NEWS ARCHIVES:;sec_id=540101

QUOTE (shirley @ Sep 26 2007, 09:31 PM) »

The 16 episodes drama " I love you " [사랑해] adapted from a manhwa (comic), will be starting filming on 27th September.

Ahn Jae Wook and Seo Ji Hye, the main leads for the 16-eps mini drama "I love you" shall be starting the filming on 27 September after the Chuseok holidays. This is a drama that tells the story of a couple who had a baby just because of a one night stand. It will protray the modern generation view on love and marriage as well as the responsibility upon reaching parenthood. In the drama , Ahn Jae Wook shall play the role of a 34 year old comic author.

In an interview on 21 Sept, Seo Ji Hye commented, "Young Hee got pregrant suddenly and delivered the baby, and is still uncertain whether her feelings towards the father [played by Ahn Jae Wook] is real love, hence there were a lot of dilemma. But she felt the sense of satisfaction and responsility for the first time bringing up the child."

HwanHee from Fly to the Sky will be also in the cast.
This drama, "I love you" is scheduled to be broadcasted in the first half of the year 2008

QUOTE (kdramafanusa @ Oct 12 2007, 09:34 AM) »
PD is Lee Chang Han of 1997 hit MBC drama "Star in My Heart" (aka "Wish Upon a Star") which turned Ahn Jae Wook into a superstar. =)

"I Love You" is based on popular manga of cartoonist Huh Young-man (Tazza/War of Flower, Gourmet).

source: JoongAng Daily
Cartoonist’s comic books inspire more movies

October 24, 2006

▶ Huh Young-man and characters from “War of Flower” (from left) Goni (Cho Seung-woo), Mrs. Jeong (Kim Hye-soo), Pyeonggyeongjang (Bak Yoon-sik), Go Gwangryeol (Yu Hae-jin) and Agui (Kim Yun-suk). By Kim Seong-ryong

Huh Young-man’s cartoon characters, which are created after thorough research on real life figures, seem to be alive. He depicts the dreams and desires of modern people realistically. The dialogue is sharp-witted and show a deep insight into life, which is why Korea’s film industry and investors have noticed his work. Some of Huh’s comics have already been dramatized and turned into films (“Beat”), TV dramas (“Mr. Q”) and animated TV series (“Fly Superboard”), and his work is once again drawing attention. The latest film based on his work, “War of Flower,” has already attracted 5 million viewers. Another of Huh’s comic books, “Sikgaek,” which is about the art of cuisine, is being filmed now and its premiere is scheduled for next year.

Mr. Huh seems excited about the success of “War of Flower.” The first volume of the comic on which the film is based, “Jirisan Jakdu,” was recently released in a bound four-book set.

Mr. Huh said he did not interfere in the making of the film. “Just because I am the original author, I do not demand things. If someone has a reputation of being difficult, their life becomes hard. They are professional filmmakers, I am not. I heard that it was going to be directed by [Choi Dong-hoon] of ‘The Big Swindle,’ and I said ‘okay.’”

He explained how he came up with the plot about gambling. “A publisher suggested to me that I draw a comic about a retired gambler. In the beginning, I didn’t think it was interesting. I visited [the gambler] in Mount Jiri, but he wasn’t very cooperative. Then he showed me his tricks with hwatu cards. [Hwatu is a Korean card game.] He makes a hwatu card disappear suddenly without even touching it. Then I met more hwatu gamblers, but they told me only half of their stories. From that point, we had to create our own stories.”

This is where writer Kim Se-young, 53, came in. The two met when Mr. Kim wrote the storyline for Mr. Huh’s first comic book, “Poetry of Chameleon,” in 1986. Since then, they have worked together on a number of comics. Mr. Kim first writes the dialogue and then Mr. Huh draws the cartoons.

“It is fun to illustrate scenes of rivalry. But as I got older, I came to dislike exaggeration and artificiality. I wanted to portray the life of ordinary people instead. That’s why I started drawing ‘Sikgaek,’” Mr. Huh said.

He credits his focus on ordinary people as the reason his comics sell so well. “In my comics, there is no superman but only the people next door.”

“That’s why detailed description is important. For example, I agonized over whether a character would use a spoon or chopsticks when I was drawing a dining scene. Depending on which implement he uses, the type of food is determined and the story goes in a different direction.”

Mr. Huh always bases his sketches on real people and things. He takes the utmost care when he draws faces to illustrate various types of people. For that reason, he keeps a large pile of “mug shot” photographs, mostly clipped from newspapers and magazines, in his basement. They will no doubt come in useful for the next comic book he is planning. “I am interested in faces, he said. I came to develop an interest in physiognomy, such as whether people’s lives change when they have cosmetic surgery or whether people with humble origins can change their lives through plastic surgery.”

by Jung Hyung-mo

ENGLISH SUBTITLES - this drama is currently being subbed by WITH S2


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