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Hairstyle Thread (for Guys)

totalaznhottietotalaznhottie Posts: 2,371Member


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Read first post for helpful guide
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NOTE: DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES, TAKE OUT ANY [IMG]TAGS BEFORE YOU POSTABSOLUTELY NO BUMPING POSTS, EITHER.from the mod: stay on topic! - conversational posts belong in PMsGATSBY MOVING RUBBER (hair styling product): STYLES. Find pictures for the perfect hairstyleKorean site(s):BombheadEvanstyleDubaljayuDaumJapanese site(s):rasysae-melangebluefacesbeauty-navicyokibeauty-boxb2casianmulletEnglish site(s):Asianfanatics galleryFACE SHAPES. Learn your face typeOval Face. Length equal to one and a half times width. Overall, you can try a variety of styles.Lee Jun Ki, actorLee Chi Hoon, UljjangKim Hyun Joong from SS501Round Face. Face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little, but generally the measure is close. It is best for you to keep with short hairstyles.Shindong from Super JuniorDaesung from Big BangOblong / Rectangular Face. Longer than it is wide. Short to medium length with full sides and soft bangs are the best way to go.Tora from alicenine.Diamond Face. Widest at cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal widths. A variety of styles works for you. Try to keep the weight in the nape or back area.<under construction>Heart Face. Narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead. Wispy bangs and longer hairstyles are the best option for you.<under construction>Square Face. Your face is about as wide as it is long. Short to medium length hairstyles with some sort of wave or roundness around face. Wispy bangs and/or height at the crown.<under construction>VIDEOS. Video tutorials of hair stylingShimmy. Tutorial for one style.Troneko. Well known hair stylist. Specializes with "J-Rock" hairstyles.Psymansim. Two informative tutorials.Daniel. Poopie. Explanation of how to use different Gatsby waxes.Purplelettuce. Puuurrple - lettuce. Long fauxhawk tutorial and another.Trungiie. Trungiie's tips on how to cut hair the "fob" way.Rachel Yamamoto. Tutorial for a long, spiky style.If you happen to find a good video not found here, feel free to post it as a reply.GLOSSARY. If you don't already knowFob/Asian hair: The stuff you see on Soompi.J-Rock hair: J-rockstar hair, usually long and high maintenance.Anime hair: Along the lines of impossible, emo and Rock Lee.QUOTE (trungiie @ Apr 27 2009, 07:51 PM) »Mini-Guide to Straighten Your Hair Using a Round Brush1) split your head into sections to make it easier--the same way you would when using a flat iron2) next you want to have your blowdryer in your dominant hand and the round brush in the other. 3) then, grab a section of hair that you will be attempting to straighten4) place the round brush under the section of hair, close to the roots5) place the blowdryer directly on top of the hair section (the brush and dryer should meet with the hair in between)6) using high heat, simultaneously moving the brush and dryer down the hair section (away from the roots) while rotating the brush in the direction your hair is growing (toward the ends of your hair)*make sure you are putting some pressure onto the hair using the dryer or you will lose the hair section, as it will get blown*7) repeat at least two-three times for each section*note: it works alot better if you have a large round brush as well as a concentrator attached to your blowdryer*If anyone needs advice and didn't find the FAQ helpful, please fill this form and add as a reply:Your Face Shape: Current Hair Length: Current Hair Texture:Photo: <insert link/photo of your current hair>Trying to attain: <insert link/photo of the hair you want to attain>This is the final copy.


  • despondentdespondent Posts: 712Member
    Don't they just leave their hair long, then cut it somewhat like that with layers, then use wax and hairspray. Anywho, Aaron Yan has a nice smile. image
  • JuliangJuliang On Tackey's bedPosts: 1,504Member

    here is some hairstyles.. you can browse around (menu bar on the left) for other styles, enjoy image
    Plastic Tree <3

  • heyitzthatfcheyitzthatfc Legendary Highway Star NORTHERN CALIFORN-I-APosts: 1,364Member
    QUOTE(Juliang @ May 2 2007, 10:46 PM) »

    here is some hairstyles.. you can browse around (menu bar on the left) for other styles, enjoy image

    i think she meant like how to do them, her friend probably already has the idea lol. (just incase bombhead does tell you how to do the hairsyles, someone tell me! lol)
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  • KazuyukiKazuyuki Poznan - PolandPosts: 64Member
    I tried to make something simillar to Jung Yunho but it's impossible on my hair since I'm not asian image
    I really don't know how the asian hair is because I never touched it ... but I suppose it's more emmm "solid" so you really don't need to use some extra hard products. I recommend to look at those commercials:

    Those are "Gatsby" products, I tried to find them in Poland ... but I think it's only in Asia and maybe America. There are videos how to make simmilar (crap I don't know how to write this word xD) hairstyles, ofcourse they are not the same, but hey, it's you who use this product so you should have something like that.

    But most important is cutting. I think you need to visit good hairstylist with a photo and he should be able to do something like that image
    BTW thanks for photo, I'll grow up my hair a bit and go with it to hairstylist, I wonder how it will look on my head ... if he will be able even to do something simmilar ^^
  • fantasianfantasian sydneyPosts: 802Member
    you can use gatsby wax products. but yeh you definately need the right cutting to use the product properly. In yunhos case most like the hairdresser has thinned out his hair and then use product and hairspray.

    videos and tutorials can be found here:
  • totalaznhottietotalaznhottie Posts: 2,371Member


    o0o0o..i see =]
    thank everyone!!! ^-^
    i'll be sure to tell him
    does anyone know any stores that sell that gatsby stuff???
    like, does walmart have it or so you have to have it specially ordered and shipped?
  • T.C.T.C. CanadaPosts: 47Member
    Very cool and useful videos image!
  • Psychotic_xPsychotic_x Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 921Member


    ^ not really...
    it's actually not that easy to do, they make it look so easy.. =(

  • kwokkwok B& ont., canadaPosts: 2,158Friend of Soompi
    edited May 2007
    ^if you get the right cut, it's extremely easy to do. Especially with Gatsby waxes.
  • ah-jefuah-jefu EH? CanadaPosts: 416Member
    It's like they say.. all in the cut!

    It also helps to make it poofier if you blow dry it after you shower/ wet it.

    But you must blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction of how it is supposed to droop, then you will get it poofy.
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  • totalaznhottietotalaznhottie Posts: 2,371Member


    thanks eveyone for your input ^-^
    now i just need to figure out HOW to get that gatsby wax stuff... image
    does anyone know if they sell it in the u.s. and if so, where???
    or is it just an asia thing?? O.o
  • T.C.T.C. CanadaPosts: 47Member
    For the Gatsby Rubber stuff just go on Ebay and search it... or u could ask anyone u know in HK to help u get it image i got some just few days ago sending it here image
  • Bboy StanBboy Stan Herro! Warwick, Rhode IslandPosts: 586Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2007
    I like Jung's looks cool. I'm planning on getting my hair thinned out one day..right now I'm still trying to grow out my hair..not long enough yet..maybe 4-5 more months. Only been growing for 5 months =(

    Also anyone have any idea on how to grow my sides out =D because I been getting fades and blend it in with the top. Should I keep growing my sides out too?
  • ShimmyShimmy Shimmycocopuffsss CanadaPosts: 516Member
    My recent pic of my hair.


    I got a specific cut, which consisted of layering and thinning...but I got lazy and my hairs getting long, I can still style it, even though it's kinda thicker and it still looks decent, it really doe's depend on the cut on how the style will turn out.

    Gatsby is an asian wax, pretty easy to find in, Canada, not sure about US...look around in asian hair salons?
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  • Bboy StanBboy Stan Herro! Warwick, Rhode IslandPosts: 586Friend of Soompi


    What kind of cut should I get to get my sides to nice lined uppish..because my sides are soo ugly..that's why I always have to get it trimmed =(
  • bbyxwinniebbyxwinnie strawberry milkshake` MAPosts: 3,580Member
    Ehh i found a survey thingy by lexle3 for the gatsby hair wax if u want it ^__^;;

  • totalaznhottietotalaznhottie Posts: 2,371Member


    ^ cool...thank you guys! i wonder if my friend id still checking this thread..i'll be sure to tell him ^-^ thanks again!
  • taintedSmiletaintedSmile Vancouver, CanadaPosts: 393Member
    edited May 2007
    You should also check the official hair style thread.
  • ryisakooguyryisakooguy las vegasPosts: 1,612Member
    edited May 2007
    QUOTE(Bboy Stan @ May 9 2007, 08:12 PM) »
    What kind of cut should I get to get my sides to nice lined uppish..because my sides are soo ugly..that's why I always have to get it trimmed =(

    i say be patient.

    i hate my sides too...i cant them anywhere close to other koreans and japanese kats. ehh it sucks.

    neways i used to get a fade as well. just keep them growing. dont trim them unless you shape them. that will help out in the long run. also, since you got fades then that means you should get a lil curl n i bet you get them on your sides thats why it looks ugly rite? if thats tha case, dont worry im there with ya. use a flat iron to me it straight. makes it look better.

    yeah man just keep letting it grow. the growing process sucks but it will sure be well worth it.

    neways about gatsby wax n waht not those hair products are good. i got the moving rubber and it works like a charm. thing is my hair is being a lil punk and its not letting me style the way i want to. errrrrr. if you cant find any gatsby [got mine on ebay, btw] then a great substitution is the xtah crude clay. it works just as well as gatsby and sometimes i think its better. smells a lil funky buh it has worked wonders. ive notice they use this at its a good product and i recommend it to anyone. btw, you CAN find this in the states. just go to a saloon and look for one or maybe an ulta? happy searching.;SectionID=333 <~the clay
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  • `LANE`LANE ? ???? philadelphiaPosts: 8,227Friend of Soompi


    im a girl and everything but aaron yan's hairstyle is too cool i want it now ;_;

    but beforehand, i will let you know i bought this brand new for almost $400

    http://i41.Richard Simmons/33kvj15.jpg
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