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Samples? Freebies? Coupons? Savings?

xxanonymityxxanonymity Posts: 946Friend of Soompi
edited December 2011 in beauty & fashion

December 10, 2011: No trading promotional codes here. Many people have been scammed before. The second person would never send out their end of the deal or would send a fake/used promotional code. Any trading or asking for trades will merit a warning.

Giveaways/Contests for blogs are allowed but you may only post it up once otherwise it'll be considered as advertising.

6-26-07- 1SwtDeception: Anyone posting up a referral link/advertisement/promotion will receive a warning. The ones that are some point scheme type. For example the ones that are "fill out this survey and you will get 10 points so you can buy this 10 point item free!" and you have some referral name/number so you can get other people to join it. You may continue to post freebie sites and whatnot, just don't post up referrals like the example.

April 28, 2009:
Do NOT sell giftcards or promotional codes here. This is a Freebie thread. Anyone selling giftcards or requesting them (or advertising/etc) will be warned.

June 02, 2009
Do NOT post in here asking for email invites. Those are still referrals, and bulk up the thread with spam: "can someone invite me? my email is" "invited" "can someone invite me too?" and it goes on and on for pages. Similarly, do NOT post in here offering email invites because it perpetuates the same activity. Dealstudio links are referral links.

Shop ........Tumblr

행복해지는 바다를, 선물할께, 고민도 근심도 모두, 파도에 날려버려~,자 그럼 기분좋은 하루를 만들어봐, 홧팅!! ^^


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