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The Official 1TYM (원타임) Thread

jess1tym4lifejess1tym4life JINHWAN PROPERTY OF JESS 4 LIFE BABYAustralia-MelbournePosts: 3,891Friend of Soompi


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1. Each member is limited to 5 posts per day in this thread. We don't think it is necessary to post more than 5 times. There is no need to reply on each and every post.

2. No spamming and convoing, only things related to 1TYM should be discussed in this thread. If it is personal things, PM each other instead of posting here to waste bandwidth.

3. Posting pictures of 1TYM only. Unrelated pics will be deleted and the member will be warned.

4. EDIT YOUR POST - DO NOT quote a bunch of pics or a long reply and only add 1 line or a few words to it. This is as bad as spamming.

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Korean Music forum moderators


TEDDY(Leader/Main Rapper)

Korean Name: Park Hong Jun

Nickname: None

Sibblings: One younger sister

Birthday: September 14, 1978

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Religion: Atheist

School: Myoung Ji University, English Major, 2nd year

Hobbies: Rapping, listening to hip-hop, playing guitar,
collecting hip-hop CDs

Talent: Rapping and playing electric guitar

Sleeping Habit: Sleeps with a pillow between his legs and curled up, screams, and wakes up a lot during the night

Favorite musicians: Method Man, Noreaga Def Squad

Ideal Girl: A girl who is kind, understanding and charming

DANNY(Lead Vocal)

Korean Name: Im Tae Bin

Nickname: Dduk Bo, Muhk Bo

Sibblings: One older brother

Birthday: May 6, 1980

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Religion: Chistian

School: Diamond Bar High School Graduate

Hobbies: Listening to R&B, watching movies

Talent: Sports

Sleeping Habit: Sleeps with a stuffed animal

Favorite musicians: Usher, Baby Face

Ideal Girl: A nice girl who loves only him

JIN HWAN (Choreographer/Rap)

Full Name: Oh Jin Hwan

Nickname: Oh Ji Ral, Penguin

Sibblings: One older brother

Birthday: July 6, 1978

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Religion: Christian

School: Sun Moon University, Business Management Major, 1st year

Hobbies: Collecting hip-hop things, playing video games

Talent: Playing the drums, dancing

Sleeping Habit: If someone doesn't wake him up, he'll sleep for 2~3 days straight

Favorite musicians: J.D., DMX

Ideal Girl: A girl who is pretty and cute

BAEK KYOUNG (Songwriter/Vocal)

Full Name: Song Baek Kyoung

Nickname: Dog Dish (Because of his sloppy eating), Kko Kko Ri Kko

Sibblings: A younger sister

Birthday: April 12, 1979

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 48 kg

School: Graduated Soo Do Technical High

Hobbies: Collecting perfume and CDs

Talent: Playing the piano and saxophone

Sleeping Habit: Sprays perfume on himself before going to sleep

Favorite musicians: Dupri, Teddy Riley

Ideal Girl: An non-intimidating, neat, honest girl who's bigger in size than him



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