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Top 10 Prettiest Korean Actresses!



  • sassykatsassykat Posts: 17Member
    1. Song Hye Kyo
    2. Lee Da Hae
    3. Son Yeh Jin
    4. Han Chae Young
    5. Han Ga In
    6. Kim Tae Hee
    7. Yoon Eun Hye
    8. Jang Nara( i find heer cute also)
    9. Ha ji won
    10. Choi
  • ireneirene Posts: 892Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2007
    My list (not in particular order), from the actresses I have seen:

    Han Ga In (Spot her in super rokie, she tied her hair up, in an "acient fighting" scene, then I go image )
    Son Yen Jin ( For me, she has the "elegant"/"softness"/"gentle"/"sophisicated" kind of look - which I always like about a girl's appearance)
    Kim Tae Hee ( she has certain kind of charisma, I always find her "bright" and "shine")
    Song Hye Gyo ( Got to say- I love almost 90% of her photos. "Neighbour girl" kind of loveliness and beauty)
    Park Si yeon in My girl(if what I see is the natural her), I think that is her name. And also, the main lead's aunt - I don't know her name.
    Kim Hee Sun (recently.....starts to discover her beauty. I prefer her look with light make up, not the heavy type in 90's series)
    Lee Yong Ae
    Song Yun Ah
    Sung Yuri
    YEH ( Another actress whom I find so pretty on photos, cute & adorable on screen)

    List goes on....

    No one has actually been the prettiest in my list - sometimes I think A is better looking, the other time B. I also always have different view when comes to on screen vs photos, different hair style and make up and so on...
    So far, my favorite actress (in term of look, as seen on screen) - HGI, SYJ
  • blastnovablastnova SingaporePosts: 34Member
    my favourite actress:

    1. Song Hye Gyo (Fullhouse)
    2. Yoon Eun Hye (Goong)
    3. Eugene (Beautiful fish)
    4. Moon Geun Young (Autumn In My Heart , My Little Bride)
    5. Jung Ryeo Won (My name is Kim Sam Soon , Which Star are you from)
    6. Park Shin Hye (Goong S)
    7. Park Eun Hye (Dae Jung Guem)
    8. Song Ji Hyo (Goong)
    9. Heo Yi Jae (Goong S)
    10. Lee Young Ae (Dae Jung Guem)
    11. Jeon Ji-Hyun (Windstruck, My sassy Girl)
    12. Kim Tae Hee (forget which show)

    *All not in order.. image
  • iRadiRad Posts: 914Member


    edited February 2007
    For me:
    1. Jeon Ji Hyun
    2. Han Ji Hye
    3. Han Hyo Joo
    4. Han Ji Min
    5. Kang Jung Hwa
    6. Han Ga In
    7. Han Chae Young
    8. Ha Ji Won
    9. Kim Tae Hee
    10. Kim Jung Hwa

  • ~ cherrie ~~ cherrie ~ under the cherry tree♥Posts: 2,438Member


    all korean actress are pretty if there's no plastic surgery..make them look fake..but of course looking gooooooooddddd
  • lufralufra Posts: 215Member


    Mine are, in no particular order:-
    1) Song Hye Gyo
    2) Lee Bo Young
    3) Lee Yong Ae
    4) Chae Rim
    5) Lee Da Hae
    6) Kim Jung Hwa
    7) Choi Ji Woo
    8) Kim Ha Neul
    9) Kim what her name is...the baddie in All About Eve
    10) Song Yun Ah.. I think, from Hotelier

  • ovetteovette wherever chaerim goes.. (i wish!)Posts: 4,213Member


    edited February 2007
    lots are pretty but these are the top 10 faces that really retained in my mind...
    1.CHAE RIM!
    2.Hyun Young
    3.Jung Ryeo Weon
    4.Han Ye Seul
    5.Park Sun Young
    6.Lee Hyo Ri
    7.Song Yoon Ah
    8.Lee Da Hae
    9.Lee Tae Ran
    10.Song Ji Hyo
    looking forward : Oh My Lady!
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  • tjadl6386tjadl6386 PhilippinesPosts: 687Member


    My Top 10: (and most of them are pretty underrated)

    1) Lee Bo Young image
    2) Park Han Byul
    3) Kim Ok Bin
    4) Kim Tae Hee
    5) Han Ye Seul
    6) So Yi Hyun
    7) Hong Soo Hyun
    8) Lee Eun Joo
    9) Kim Ha Neul
    10) Gong Hyo Jin
    Lee Bo Young
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  • jpqbq05jpqbq05 Posts: 2Member
    1.SONG HYE GYO (full house)
    2 JEONG RYEO WON (which star where're u from) and 3.HAN HYO JOO (the Spring Waltz) , both of them have very pretty smile
    4.JANG NARA ( wedding), she has a very elegant looks
    5. HAN CHAE YOUNG (only YOU)
    6. KIM TAE HEE (love story in Harvard)
    7. LEE DAE HEE ( Green Rose)
    8. YOON EUN HYE (Man in the Vineyard )
    9. KIM HEE SUN ( sad love story, smile again)
    10. SUNG YOO RI ( SNOW QUEEN, Prince's first love, One fine day...)
  • fivemagicfivemagic ~my backyard~Posts: 6,644Member


    edited February 2007
    Let's TOP ten are, in no particular order:
    ~Kim Tae Hee
    ~Lee Da Hae
    ~Choi Ji Woo
    ~Song Hye Kyo
    ~Jang Nara
    ~Eugene Kim
    ~Chae Rim
    ~Lee Bo Young
    ~Han Ga In
    ~Ha Ji Won
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  • mama bearmama bear mama bear now lives in HWA AHN DANG!Posts: 622Member
    i will go for

    1. song hye gyo
    2. jeon ji hyun
    3. eugene
    4. lee dae-hae
    5. choi ji woo

    hehe because they are the only korean actress that i know...and i think that song deserves the top spot..hehe im a super fan!!!
  • pinkaddictpinkaddict Posts: 290Member


    1. lee da hae
    2. eugene
    3. yoon eun hye
    4. jeon ji hyun
    5. song hye kyo
    6. jung ryeo won
    7. han chae young
    8. ha ji won
    9. kim tae hee
    10. han hyo joo
  • RainieRainie Posts: 9,029Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2007
    My top list based on looks only:

    1. Song Hye Gyo
    2. Lee Da Hae
    3. Park Han Byul
    4. Han Hyo Joo
    5. Kim Tae Hee
    6. Sung YuRi
    7. Yoon Eun Hye
    8. Han Chae Yeon
    9. Moon Geun Young
    10. Jung Ryeo Won
  • incarnadineincarnadine where the wind takes me...Posts: 5,174Member


    1. Lee Da Hae
    2. Shin Min Ah
    3. Lee Tae Ran
    Wookie & Jinnie
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  • xtehdebxtehdeb jae<3 &#9829;Posts: 4,488Member
    1. Lee Da Hae
    2. Song Hye Kyo
    3. Jung Ryeo Won
    4. Han Hyo Joo
    5. Lee Yeon Hee
    6. Han Ye Seul
    7. Park Han Byul
    8. Jeon Ji Hyun
    9. Han Chae Young
    10. Sung Yuri
    icon - Sachiko
  • Sachiikox3Sachiikox3 Posts: 6Member
    1. SON YE JIN (summer scent, classic) TIED WITH LEE DA HAE (green rose, my girl)

    3. Song Hye Kyo (Full House, Autumn Love Story)
    4. Yoon Eun Hye (Goong, Vineyard Man)
    5. Park Shin Hye (Goong S, Tree of Heaven)
    6. Jeon Ji Hoon (Windstruck, My Sassy Girl)
    7. Kim Tae Hee (Stairway to Heaven, Harvard Love Story)
    8. Park Eun Hye (Jewel In The Palace, Fireworks)
    9. Kim Eugene (Save the Last Dance, Really Really Like You)
    10. Kim Hee Sun (Sad Love Story, Smile Again)

    a lot of these girls are pretty (^^)
    but then again, i find that a lot of these girls look plastic ==" sorry if i offend anyone..
    avatar credit-- beautifulxmess ; banner credit-- theedqueen
  • ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah... Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


    In order ~

    1. Song Hye Kyo
    2. Han Chae Young
    3. Lee Bo Young
    4. Im Soo Jung
    5. Lee Hyori
    6. Kim Hee Sun
    7. Park Han Byul
    8. Lee Da Hae (my favourrrrite image)
    9. Kim Tae Hee
    10. Eugene
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  • gummonstergummonster USAPosts: 714Member
    QUOTE(charles0702 @ Feb 4 2007, 04:43 PM) »
    1. song hye gyo.. my beautiful soompi queen.. image
    2. lee da hae.... so pretty and friendly looking
    3. jeon ji hyun.. she is so classy and sexy

    I love you and how you say my beautiful soompi queen. totally awesome
  • evenstar7377evenstar7377 Rain&#39;s WorldPosts: 608Member


    MY TOP 10

    1. Song Hye Kyo (the prettiest asian actress !)
    2. Yoon Eun Hye
    3. Lee Young Ae
    4. Kim Tae Hee
    5. Han Gain
    6. Moon Geun Young
    7. Jeon Ji Hyun
    8. Sung Yuri
    9. Jang Nara
    10. Eugene

    Evenstar 7377
    (avatar credits to cute mango/BIKYO Family Network)
  • kiray21kiray21 killa Cali ^-^Posts: 752Member


    Mine are..
    1.Ha Ji Won
    2.Nam Sang Mi
    3.Han Ga In
    4.Song Hye Gyo
    5.Han Hyo Joo
    6.Jeon Ji Hyun
    7.Han Chae Young
    9.Lee Hyori
    10.Lee Da Hae

    ..of course there are many more beautiful actresses out there
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