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Blue Spot On Baby's Butt

korean babies only..?
I know that Korean babies have a dark blue spot above their butt which goes away after a while.. i had one too image

I hear it's from our Mongolian ancestry.. so I'm just curious if other races have this blue spot as well... just curious is all
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  • Tranny-sterTranny-ster Posts: 398Member
    im vietnamese and my little sister used to have a dark blue greenish spot on her butt too. so i dont think its only for korean babies
  • cinnamorollcinnamoroll Posts: 731Member
    edited January 2007
    Mongolian ancestry? Koreans are Koreans O_O

    However, I hear Mongolians also have the spot during infancy that goes away.

    Koreans are generally believed to be of Altaic linguistic lineage [1][2], linking them with Mongolians and other Central Asians, as well as with the Japanese.
    Studies of classical genetic polymorphisms generally place the Koreans in a tight cluster with the Mongols and Manchus to their west and north.[citation needed] However, recent advances in the study of polymorphisms in the human Y-chromosome have produced evidence to suggest that the Korean people have a very long history as a distinct, mostly endogamous ethnic group, as male Koreans display a high frequency of Y-chromosomes belonging to Haplogroup O2b1 that are more or less specific to Korean populations.[citation needed] At least several thousand years before present, a few of these proto-Korean Haplogroup O2b1 patrilines appear to have crossed from Korea into the Japanese Archipelago, where they now comprise a very significant fraction of the male lineages extant among the Japanese and Ryukyuan populations. These apparently proto-Korean descendants in Japan, however, seem to have experienced extensive genetic admixture with the long-established Jomon Period populations of the Japanese Archipelago, which has resulted in modern Japanese populations' displaying a somewhat different genetic profile from the Koreans on the continent.

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  • moo_cowz_1moo_cowz_1 at homePosts: 93Member
    edited January 2007
    I think it's for like japanese, korean, chinese, vietnamese(sp?), some philipines, and indonesian and east asian babies
    cause we have the same ethnecity. but i'm not to sure i heard that from a friend so correct me if i'm wrong image image
  • cinnamorollcinnamoroll Posts: 731Member
    edited January 2007
    QUOTE(moo_cowz_1 @ Jan 5 2007, 04:46 PM) »
    I think it's for like japanese, korean, chinese, vietnamese(sp?), some philipines, and indonesian and east asian babies
    cause we have the same ethnecity. but i'm not to sure i heard that from a friend so correct me if i'm wrong image image

    i think you mean ancestry ^^

    asians had a common ancestor back a few 10,000 years ago
    and all humans had a common ancestor 100,000 years ago
  • AsOneAsOne Work hard, gain results! Gym me out~ Posts: 1,913Member
    Doesn't every baby get that ? O_O
    Today I am one workout stronger than yesterday!
  • Classic ExampleClassic Example Miscellaneous Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4,437Member
    edited January 2007
    I heard it was like a Mongolian spot? I thought all Asian babies had it haha. My mom told me a funny story about that xD But yeah just an entertaining story. Not a true story.
  • alicimooalicimoo o>_____<o BostonPosts: 5,852Friend of Soompi


    Uh...I think everyone has that.
    I used to live in Europe when I was a kid (and we were all quite open lol), and um..yea..they had it too. xD
  • Juli~&amp;lt;3Juli~&lt;3 SaturnPosts: 8,097Member


    what is the blue spot?
  • cinnamorollcinnamoroll Posts: 731Member
    edited January 2007

    Mongolian Spot(s) is most common among Mongols, other East Asian ethnic groups (Japanese, Indonesians, Koreans, Uzbeks, Turkmens, etc.) and some Africans. Nearly all Mongolian infants are born with one or more Mongolian Spot. 95-100% of East Asian and Native American infants, 40-50% of Hispanic infants, and very few Caucasian and other infants have it. It is also common if only one of the parents is East Asian.

    We're not talking about birth marks, but blue spots

    be warned for naked baby butt!

    And sad fact from (
    Because Mongolian spots can be easily mistaken for bruises, particularly by well-meaning white people who have no experience with them, they have triggered accusations of child abuse against some adoptive parents. For this reason, it is important to be sure that both your child's pediatrician and the caseworker who completes your post-adoption work record information on the presence of Mongolian spots into their records. You can assist in the documentation of this information by taking snapshots of the spots and providing prints to be included in your child's files. Since you cannot take for granted that everyone will know what Mongolian spots are, it is good advice to have their presence recorded from the start.

    They are present at birth and occur in more than 90% of children of Mongoloid race (e.g. East Asians, Polynesians, Indonesians, Micronesians). They occur less frequently in other races. Mongolian spots are benign lesions that require no treatment. Usually they spontaneously disappear by the time the child reaches 4 years old. Persistent Mongolian spots may be larger and persist for many years.
  • silntdreamersilntdreamer CaliPosts: 263Member


    Haha. No, I don't think it's Koreans only, I'm Hmong. My little cousins used to have them. So....nope!
  • 5imply_5wt5imply_5wt Posts: 3,064Friend of Soompi
    umm.. i had them.. but i'm chinese... oo?
  • AzngelAzngel zBanned Posts: 4,888Friend of Soompi
    i'm pretty sure all asian babies have it. i think its so cute image
  • jenniifer xOxjenniifer xOx n-villePosts: 1,098Member
    i had a green butt!

    i think it was green.
  • IaMsEoIaMsEo lezbehonest Posts: 1,786Member


    hmm interesting, i'm vietnamese and i didn't have a blue spot, but my nephew does on his back.
  • soymilksoymilk Posts: 785Friend of Soompi


    i thought it was a bruise...
    it looks ugly to me. lol
  • *frutti*frutti Happy is an understatement San DiegoPosts: 1,433Friend of Soompi
    i have two on my butt lol, i think they've become lighter than since I was a kid though, so I think they're going to fade when i grow older. I also have brown spots on my eyes, which also means that I have mongolian blood...I'm chinese btw.
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  • kimonekimone JUMPING for joy Yoo&#39;s closetPosts: 1,564Friend of Soompi
    My family are south east asian and all my little monkey nieces and nephews have the blue spots on their butts. The blue spot on the buttock does go away after awhile. It is not a sign of illness or anything.
  • Babiilicious_ViiBabiilicious_Vii Posts: 120Member
    i thought all babies get it...atleast that's what i thought from seeing all my lil cousins and lil sisters image btw im viet

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  • ~SWEETwhispers~~SWEETwhispers~ Somewhere sunnyPosts: 1,177Member
    Wow, I've never heard of this before!
    I never had it as a baby/kid...I think my cousin did though. image
    Ooh, life is good. ♥ :)
  • danceplaylovedanceplaylove forever 21.Posts: 3,408Member


    my brother had a green butt and he's chinese. x]
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