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Please Help Me! Thread

armanigurlarmanigurl somewhere over the rainbowPosts: 993Member


edited July 2008 in k-dramas & movies
for those with miscellaneous random questions

This thread was created so mods don't have to keep closing threads that are opened for asking randomly miscellaneous questions. Please be sure to read the forum rules, pinned threads, and resources subforum. If you still need any help, post in this thread and hopefully some kind soompi soul will come to your rescue. Thank you.



I want to download a drama/sitcom/variety show. Where do I go?
Resources subforum. Please post in the correct thread! Also check the appropriate official thread because users may have posted links there as well.

Why can't I use the search function?
The function has been disabled indefinitely. Soompi is run on Soomp's budget and the help of generous donaters. With thousands of users, we have to cut down resources. Thus the pinned official threads directory has replaced the search function. All threads for dramas, movies, actors, actresses, variety shows, etc. will be listed there.

Where can I find direct links or clubbox links?
The Drama & Movie OSTs thread can be found in the resources subforum.

Where can I find the soundtrack for a particular drama or movie?
The Drama & Movie OSTs thread is located in the resources subforum.

Does anyone have the schedule for dramas airing in Southern California?


What do the abbreviations for CM, CF, OST, NG, PD, and MC stand for?
CM = commercial movie, CF = commercial film, OST = original soundtrack, NG = no good (or bloopers), PD = production director, MC = master or mistress of ceremonies.

What is a banjun drama?
A banjun drama is a short drama (usually 30 minutes) in which the plot has an unexpected twist at the end.

I don't understand Korean. Could someone help me translate something from Korean to English?
Take a look at the Korean Help thread.

I noticed a lot of users put "no hotlinking." What exactly does that mean?
Hotlinking means taking the actual link of the picture or file (right-click/properties/copy and pasting the link) and posting it onto another forum or website. Hotlinking uses up bandwidth-the number of times a picture can be hosted-and once it's been used up, it's expired and invalid.


Where can I find the latest information about a drama or movie?
For the latest news, take a look at the news thread. To find specific information about a drama/movie/show/actor/actress, post in the appropriate official thread.

I just watched this drama/movie but I don't know what it's called. Where can I get help?
Post in THIS thread and hopefully someone can answer your question.

I noticed this forum is only for dramas, movies, actors, and actresses. Where can I find information about singers and bands?
You can find information about artists in the Korean music forum.


Does anyone have recommendations for dramas or movies?
Take a look at these links: Please do not create any more threads for recommendations!

I want to watch a new drama! What are the latest dramas out right now?
You can find the latest dramas in the pinned Drama Schedule thread.


Where can I download music sheets from dramas and movies? is a good resource.

Where I find piano sheets or guitar tabs on Soompi?
You can find them in the Performers forum


Where can I find subtitles for a specific drama or movie?
You can find subtitles at for dramas and subtitles at for movies. If you can't find them there, it is more than likely you won't be able to find them elsewhere because they do not exist.

How can I monitor the progress of a currently-subbed drama?
Check out the Fansub Groups' Wikipage for more information.


Where can I watch dramas online without downloading?
Try YouTube, Crunchyroll, Veoh, Peekvid or Dailymotion.

Where can I watch dramas live or while they're airing?
Go to to install the TVAnts software (Another website you can use: Click on the white button that has an arrow pointing down. Make sure you know the channel and time the show will air. At the appropriate time (assuming it's an MBC program), click on the yellow button next to MBC and it should begin loading.


Where can I rent DVDs of K-dramas instead of purchasing sets?

Where can I buy Korean dramas or movies online?,,,


How do I download from clubbox?
Clubbox Tutorial & FAQs thread

How do I hardsub?
Hardsubbing Tutorial

Why can't I post images? I keep getting the message "Sorry, dynamic pages in the [IMG]tags are not allowed."You can't directly hotlink images from your computer and some websites restrict it as well. Upload your pictures onto a photo-hosting site such as Imageshack or Photobucket and link from there. DOWNLOADSHow do I download mms:// links? Do I need a special software?You'll need to use a media recording software such as hinet, streambox vcr, or net transport to download those types of links. You can read up on it here. Why do I get the message "exceeded limit" when I download from Megaupload?That means you've reached the download limit. Either wait it out or pay for a premium account. Is there a way to resume downloads from Clubbox after you turn the computer off?You can add files to your clubbox basket if you have a clubbox account. For more information, check out the Clubbox Tutorial & FAQs thread. RATINGSWhere can I check weekly ratings of dramas? HELPPlease be sure you take a look at Soompi's TECH FORUM before asking questions.Which program do I use to convert "windows media audio/video" to AVI format (or vice versa)?You can search for all sorts of programs and tutorials at Videohelp.comHow do I download Youtube videos to my computer?Use Then go to to download free converters to convert videos to AVI to ASF.What programs can I use to cut parts of a video?You can use 'easy video splitter' or other programs of the like. Some trial versions are available (Google it!) but others must be purchased.I downloaded a file but it's in .htm format. How do I watch this video?You can only view videos in AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, ASX (streaming) formats).I downloaded an AVI file and it works fine on Windows Media Player and BS Player but I only hear the audio portion. What happened to the visuals?You need to download a free software called GSpot and it will tell you what codec you will need. (Usually you'll need to download the AC3 filter [just Google it!]. For ED2K links, what is the difference between 350 MB and 700 MB AVI files? 350 MB is just a smaller file size than 700 MB. Quality-wise, it's pretty much the same.What's the difference between LQ and HQ videos? Which is better?LQ stands for Low Quality. HQ stands for High Quality. HQ videos have sharper, clearer images but are larger in file size while LQ videos are the exact opposite. How do I re-sync or join subtitles?Subtitle Workshop will help you with this:


  • m1d0r1j4d3m1d0r1j4d3 pinholePosts: 2,274Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2009 - good site for basic info on dramas.

    QUOTE (aja-aja @ Aug 12 2006, 11:52 PM) »
    how come i've got files dat are AVI_CRCDATA and AVI_NEO file? what are these???
    it's one of those glitch when you dl using CB. All you need to do is delete the CDCDATA and delete the "NEO" extension (leave the .avi). Make sure the dl has completed before you do that.
  • clauricclauric to be determined 3rd rock from the sunPosts: 6,244Healerite


    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (aja-aja @ Aug 12 2006, 08:52 AM) »
    how come i've got files dat are AVI_CRCDATA and AVI_NEO file? what are these???

    after ur dl is completed with clubbox--it will evetually change into just one video file with name of the video file...

    QUOTE (ukidama @ Sep 4 2006, 01:00 PM) »
    Hi. I wasn't sure where to post this, but can anyone help me with the following? :

    I want to purchase the original drama cause i want to "give back". Problem is, Japanese and some Korean dramas don't have subtitles attached to the DVD. And i see places like d-addicts have soft subs. Is there a way to take the original drama and add the soft sub file to it while watching? Thank you in advance.

    if u r watching it in ur computer u can watch it through gom player..u can open the ts file (the video file in the dvd) n open the sub file (from d-addicts)...u can also try to adjust the subs so it will sync with the video file..

    QUOTE (caromaxline @ Oct 3 2006, 10:48 PM) »
    i was wondering if any one can tell me on how to convert a file like a movie there a way.....

    srt is not a movie/video therefore u can't convert it into a video's a type of subtitle file (the words/texts)..

    QUOTE (tomstin @ Oct 6 2006, 09:16 AM) »
    How can a DAT file be converted to any media file so i can open it in windows movie maker?

    u know what i did-i used winavi n converted it into a wmv file..

    QUOTE (xheyitzmex @ Jan 19 2007, 02:33 AM) »
    Just had a quick question. I see that some videos are uploaded as SUN and aLive versions. Can anyone tell me what they are or what the difference is? Thanx a bunch!
    QUOTE (yh4990 @ Jan 19 2007, 08:06 PM) »
    i went to the Goong S thread to download but i came across the words "Sun vers." and "Alive vers." can anyone help me by explaining what those words mean?

    oh! someone has asked already above image image

    ^basically two different groups (alive and sun) ripped their own version of the goong svideo..usually the difference would be in timing...

    QUOTE (obsessive @ Jan 28 2007, 05:43 AM) »

    Im trying to download Princess Hours from D-Addicts however the files have the extention ".srt"
    I use BitComet and it doesnt open the file??

    Can someone please tell me how to download it?

    Thank you! image

    srt is a subtitle's not a video file nor a torrent file..bitcomet opens up torrent..
    if u want to dl the video using bitcomet->go back to the main page of d-addicts..u'll see a torrent search bar on ur not sure but i believe the name of princess hours at d-addicts is goong..then after u search-click on dl and ur bitcomet should open the torrent...then it's pretty much self explanatory after u open the torrent..just follow the bitcomet's direction..

    and if u still don't understand-just go to d-addicts tech forum-they should have directions there on how to dl the torrent..

    QUOTE (desirez @ Apr 18 2007, 07:12 PM) »
    i was wondering, if anyone can answer this question, is there a way past the downloading limit for megaupload/sendspace? if there is, can someone please tell me? im really into some of the dramas, but after two or three downloads from megaupload, im up to my downloading limit...T_T
    please, pretty please will someone help me?

    i believe there is a limit..depending on the file size/how many times u dl..and then after that u would have to wait for a certain amt of time..
    but i know there is this one trick u can do with megaupload so u can keep downloading by using a download manager..u can follow the direction by reading all the info here :
    it should be like the third post or something..

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  • dr jungdr jung cool o_O name Posts: 1,650Member
    edited July 2007
    QUOTE(my_littlefish @ Aug 4 2006, 10:34 AM) »
    can u help me what this mean it's really big problem for me about this words

    마일리지는 최대 2만점 까지만 적립이 가능합니다.
    보유하신 마일리지 2만점을 사용하신 후 다시 적립하시기 바랍니다.

    i want to know plz help me.... i don't know what to do now..thx in advance

    It's the clubbox thingy... right? =)

    The max amount of points you can bank in is 20,000 points. After that it won't save up the mileage. So you have to use those points.. aka buy the coupon to quick download.
    Hope that helps.

    QUOTE(my_littlefish @ Aug 4 2006, 11:47 AM) »
    ahhh thank you so much
    this mean i must use my points ,right? hahah i don't know is it work to use point cuz my internet's not so fast
    i see my points not incresing so i wondering what happen...thx so much for your help

    Correct. Use it. Buy the quick download coupon.. image

    QUOTE(stellabella @ Aug 16 2006, 07:00 PM) »
    Can someone please tell me if this site ships to USA, and how I can register?

    Yes.. but you know, the process is complicated^^. You have to pay with credit card, the shipping is crazily expensive (EMS duh..). I think when you order, you have to personally e-mail the shop owner to send it overseas. image

    QUOTE(YoochunsGirl @ Aug 16 2006, 08:26 PM) »
    Can anyone tell me how to write this in korean??
    Searching for a korean boyfriend.

    hehe its a secret what its for!

    What the other person said (한국 남자친구 찾기) is not wrong, if you meant 'I'm searching for a Korean boyfriend', then it's more natural to say '한국인 남자친구를 찾고 있음'.

    QUOTE(milkystar @ Aug 16 2006, 10:38 PM) »
    hmm my computer do not support the korean texts how do i get it? do i have to download something? o__o;

    First of all, this is for XP. I think it's pretty similar to other operating systems. You need your XP (or other operating system) CD. Insert it, and turn off whatever pops up.
    If you do have it with you, follow the following steps (no pun intended image )
    Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Tab [Languages]
    1. Click [Install files for East Asian languages
    This is just have to be able to 'read' Korean on your computer.
    If you want advanced option, such as ability for your comp to read Korean on applications (not just websites), then click Tab [Advanced], and choose Korean as non-Unicode programs

    If you want to type, go back to Tab [Languages], click [Details], and add Korean.

    Hope that works for you^^
  • hasegawashunhasegawashun UrbanJunglePosts: 59Member
    edited August 2006
    what are .rar files? and what do i need in order to view files that contains .rar files?

    .rar files are winRAR files. You need winRAR application to open ur files..however...not sure abt this, wonder if winZIP can do tht for u too..

    my question: I've come across this title <To Be With You>?~iz a Korean show but im not sure if iz a series or movie??? anyone has any idea?
    yahoo blog
  • cutiepiecutiepie Posts: 2,562Member


    QUOTE(ripgal @ Sep 26 2006, 09:07 AM) »

    i duno if this can be answered here.. but im sure someone can help me..

    i downloaded the separate files of ARANG in the resources thread.. and the subs together.. but i can't seem to join the separate files? is there any player which can do this?

    i have tried with BS Player, it seems i can't open the files. KM Player works but only with the 1st file, and when i wanted to continue, it says im missing a codec or filther something. Then i tried Media Player Classic, it says i have to change the subs form or sumthing. NOthing works for me now..image

    i've heard of HJ Split? but i duno what's that? is it a player i can use to join separate movie files? with subs?

    HJ Split is just a program to split/join files, if the splitted files you download have extensions like this .001, 002, .003, etc, then yes you will need a program like HJ Split to join the files up, i never tried HJ Split, i just use this to join/splice files

  • syah4britsyah4brit BS fan always&forever SingaporePosts: 4,549Member


    edited July 2007
    QUOTE(ripgal @ Sep 27 2006, 12:07 AM) »
    i duno if this can be answered here.. but im sure someone can help me..

    i downloaded the separate files of ARANG in the resources thread.. and the subs together.. but i can't seem to join the separate files? is there any player which can do this?

    i have tried with BS Player, it seems i can't open the files. KM Player works but only with the 1st file, and when i wanted to continue, it says im missing a codec or filther something. Then i tried Media Player Classic, it says i have to change the subs form or sumthing. NOthing works for me now..image

    i've heard of HJ Split? but i duno what's that? is it a player i can use to join separate movie files? with subs?

    Erm the files are in separate parts right? And it ends with .001, .002, .003 etc extensions?
    If tht's the case, each of the files aren't really a proper video file yet except for maybe first one.
    You'd need to join the parts together to become 1 .avi file before you can watch it with the soft subs using Bs Player, Kmplayer etc.

    Here's what you gotta do.

    Join using HJ Split [HJ Split available here:right click here for HJ split-save target as =>extract the zip file]

    how to join:
    execute HJ split.
    click on join
    (make sure first all the parts are in the same folder)
    click on 'input'
    then find your file, click on the first part one (.001), don't worry about other parts. HJ split will automatically find the files
    then click 'start' & HJSplit will do the joining of vid parts together

    credit andrewujin for instructions ^

    Hope this is what you need. Once it's done joining, you can enjoy the vid avi file with the soft subs using Kmplayer etc image
    avatar credit: Lilazinprincess 
  • koorikoori [? YooSu] [EunHae ?] CanadaPosts: 996Friend of Soompi
    edited October 2006
    QUOTE(chula @ Jul 13 2006, 01:23 PM) »
    can anyone recommend me a player that can make cuts from a video??

    oh and how do you combine soft subs and the movie file together?? i like hardsubbed but i cant find the ones im looking for so i only have soft subs...

    - for cuts i use 'Easy video splitter'.
    -combine subs has been discussed in the past few posts. Suggested by clauric 'winavi'.

    hm.. i think easy video splitter has a 7day trial and then you have to pay for it. do you guys have any other suggested programs that are free and have everything that you need to split a video?

    also, for the 2nd question asked in the quote, i couldnt find that post about combining softsubs and a video together. if someone would suggest what program i should use or help me find that post, that would be great. thanks in advance ^^

    O_O my 888th post was in here.. image;
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  • moormoor Posts: 192Member


    edited July 2007
    QUOTE(zerofxi @ Dec 13 2006, 07:10 PM) »
    i don't know why episodes i dl'ed from SUN for snow queen does not play. i hear the sound but the video does not work. i have xvid / divx / ac3 codecs. SUN says it's encoded with xvid so i should be able to play it

    please help. thanks in advance.

    Ive downloaded Snowqueen from sun's version far mine works well. What player are you using? You can try 'GOM' player which is the one im currently using. The link below is the software list@soompi or you can also google 'gom' for download.

    QUOTE(viruz @ Dec 27 2006, 05:04 AM) »
    What's a program similar to subtitle workshop?

    I use Media Subtitler. Hope this helps.

    QUOTE(kaieka @ Jan 8 2007, 10:28 AM) »
    hello.. i really want to make some screen caps but i cant use the built in print screen feature..
    can anyone please recommend a software that could do that.... image

    1. Download media classic player
    2. Open your video -play it
    3. Go to file and save image on screen that you want
    IPB Image
  • ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah... Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (takumi_15 @ Jan 25 2007, 01:35 AM) »
    Hey, I'm having problems viewing video files. I have the VLC player and it normally plays all the shows that i've downloaded from clubbox. but for some reason, it won't play certain videos..can someone help me out please??

    I followed this step:

    "i downloaded this .avi file and when i play it on windows media or bs player, it plays perfectly fine, but it only plays the audio, no visual. the audio format is mpeg layer-3. do i have to download some codec? if so, which one is the one suitable?
    go and download a free software called gspot and it will tell you what codec you need."

    but the picture is still not showing up...any other suggestions...?

    Try Media Player Classic, it should come with all the required codecs.
    Or try K-lite Codec.. you can google for it.

    QUOTE (princessrach @ Jul 25 2007, 02:30 AM) »
    How/where can I check the tv ratings for dramas?

    Try this site
    Please read the signature rules
  • binaa2binaa2 Posts: 633Member
    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (bismuth @ Feb 4 2007, 07:20 AM) »
    There are many Korean dramas, game shows, interviews... being broadcast on
    KBS WORLD with English subtitle.
    So anyone know how to see KBS WORLD TV detail schedule and how to download
    or watch online videos that were broadcast on KBS WORLD before?
    Hope someone could help. I would really appreciate image

    Tried their homepage? They also have a pdf you can download.
    I think only dramas are subtitled though. Not other programs. Please correct me if im wrong.

    QUOTE (SuGaBaBi @ Feb 6 2007, 03:07 PM) »
    umm...don't really know where to post this but do any of you know what happen to it's been months until i finally got my internet back and then check back with the whole k-drama thing but was very dissapointed that i couldn't be able to find the subtitles to the dramas that i wanted. and do any of you know any other site where i can get lots of good english subtitles for all the k-drama like on thanks!

    The (soft)subtitles are still there, but a lot of drama torrents licenced by YesAsia has been removed because of copyright issues.
  • dramaokdramaok Drama Addicts Unite Jumong's cribPosts: 4,318Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (cutiek028 @ Feb 21 2007, 03:09 PM) »
    Does anyone know the name of a Drama based on or with the same plot as a manga called:

    Become a Sweet Darling

    The summary for it is:

    Summary: "Yoo Nan Hee is a high school girl and also the leader of the drama department. She was always a cheerful person, but everything changed when she began to feel something for Jan Gook Yung. When she discovers that Jan Gook Yung is dating the princess of class 12, Oh Eun Yung, she ends up drunk. The poor Jang Gook Yung gets stuck with taking her home but because of an accident he momentarily decides to take her to his house instead. Once there, she accidentally knocks him out and takes his clothes off for him because he fainted. The next morning her parents see the shocking image and decide that they must get married! Now they have to try to live a normal life... if they can..."

    Thank you soo much! =)

    there is a cable tv (CGV channel) drama called 'memory island [메모리 아일랜드]' which i think is based on the manga 'be my sweet darling'

    QUOTE (gerryg @ Feb 21 2007, 04:18 PM) »
    There is a SBS morning drama that comes on at 8:30 am (Korean time). It looks like it is about two brother and two sisters(?).
    One of the sister is name Sophia, she is a hair dresser and she is married to the youngest brother although she is in love with the older brother.
    The other sister was a single parent but is now married to the oldest brother.

    If anyone can help, I have a few questions
    - What is the name of this drama
    - What are the names of the 4 lead characters?
    - Are the two women sisters?
    - Who is the mother of the little boy? is it the one who raised him (the older sister) or is it really Sophia?
    - Who is the little boy's grandmother? Is she the mother of the boy's deceased father or is she the mother of the two women?
    - Was Sophia the wife of the dead father? Did she abandon her son after her husband die?
    - What exactly is the other woman's relationship to Sophia and the boy? (sister, sister-in-law, or something else ??????)
    - The grandmother called and told Sophia's husband something 'bad' about Sophia what did she say????
    - Does the two brother know the relationship between their wives?

    title: 사랑도 미움도 [sarang-do mi-oom-do] loosely: 'of love and hate'

    kim jeong-hee (actress: lee ah-hyeon)

    jeong in-ju (actress: lee ja-yeong)

    park jae-hyeok (actor: oh dae gyu)

    park seung-pyo (actor: oh min-seok)

    jeong-hee is raising in-ju's son. in-ju was jeong-hee's deceased husband's ex-mistress.
    in-ju had a son w/ the ex-husband but the ex-husband died in an accident. and she went to america.
    somehow jeong-hee ended up w/ the boy and is raising it as her own.

    no idea who is bad or good. just translating the description based on naver. ^^
    they don't seem like sisters. but the guys are brothers. maybe you can start a thread to see if someone else is watching and can answer your question.
    good luck.

    no problem gerryg... and the grandma is the deceased husband's mother. so, jeong-hee's mother-in-law.

    QUOTE (cutiek028 @ Feb 21 2007, 08:26 PM) »
    Thank you soo much dramaok! But I guess you don't know where I can find it or if it had been subbed to English?

    sorry i'm not much of a help. but i seriously doubt this is subbed since it's so hard to find and a bit obscure..
    i think 'memory island' was a 5-episode tv movie (drama) starring singer/actor jang seok-hyeon:


    beyond that i really don't know much. if by chance you think it's another drama that the manga might be used for if you can give me more details i can help you find it.

    but here's a link for you to check out w/ more pics and maybe more links but you have to comb through it.
  • chulachula lurker USPosts: 3,199Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (ayuningtyas @ Feb 28 2007, 07:33 AM) »
    there anyone know free software for convert asx ..???

    same question was asked here

    QUOTE (mangoFresh @ Jun 11 2007, 10:57 AM) »
    Is there a website where you can read written korean drama stories by people. Not written dramas of the movies that are out but just some people made up or written?

    you can try the translated fanfics

  • upikepikupikepik Posts: 138Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(- - Yehri @ Mar 11 2007, 10:25 PM) »
    Hi (:
    How do you join .001 .002 .003 avi files?
    I tried using HJ Split but when i input the .001 file, it says "invalid floating point operation".
    Does anyone know what that means and what I have to do to fix it?
    Or if there is any other way I can join the three files together & watch it.
    Thank you !

    all of the files needs to be in the same directory, meaning .001 .002 .003 avi files in one folder.
    usually when you input the .001 file it automatically recognize the file that's supposed to be join together.

    hope it helps..good luck image
    *thank you debbii*
    *credit: roujin*
  • EpiktEpikt Paris (France)Posts: 422Member
    edited May 2008
    QUOTE (penkpenk @ Mar 17 2007, 12:15 AM) »
    My english not good enough to descripe how things going on in my local TV channel here.... but I'll try... hope you guys don't mind...

    I hate my local TV channel here, I've seen a lot of TV production ( known as 'Sinetron' here ) or drama serial in common, there are so many Sinetron just a remake from famous foreign dramas especially Korean series n Taiwanese series. But they didn't admit it, altough if you have watched the original series, you would know, It was just a remake... almost same, even the dialogue in that series.... but when it comes to local magazine, they said, " It was just inspired by the original stories..." I hate them!!! If it was just inspired, I think not all the dialogue or scene will be transfered, right?

    For example : My Girl, Meteor Garden, My name is Kim Sam Soon, Dolphin Bay, Princess Hours, Be strong Geum Soom and so maaaaannnnyyyy.....

    Is there happen in u'r country ? or it is just in my local TV station....?

    I guess it's not only in your country.
    There is several levels of plagiarism, from simply be inspirated without admit it, to use stock-shots from a movie without permission. Sometime it's fun, for exemple in the called Turkish Starwars there are stock-shots from Starwars and from an unidentified peplum, and they use the Indiana Jones music ! image
    We can see these kind of big plagiarism in countries like Turkey (less and less, unfortunatly image ), Philippines, Thailand (no offence ^^)... but in "western civilised" country they just make it in a more crafty way (or they have money to buy the original rights).
    But remember all the european (mainly Italian, but also spanish and french) "bis cinema" wave in the 70s-80s, with movies like Robowar (cheap remake of Predator) and so on...

    QUOTE (missy_jiee @ May 22 2007, 09:33 PM) »
    hello. i'm curious, where online can i buy korean movies that can play in the region 1 (U.S. & Canada). I usually buy my korean cds on i want to buy some movies but on, their movies can only be play on the region code 3. so does anyone know where else can i order korean movies online with region code 1???

    Hum... region 1, it means US and Canada releases, so you'll be able to find it on image
    It also means that not all the movies are available.

    (or modify your DVD player, it's easy)
    Hop ! hop ! here is Bae Doo-Na's thread ! (and watch Linda Linda Linda !!!)
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    QUOTE (Elanora @ Apr 4 2007, 07:00 AM) »
    Um.. I've been trying to download Witch Amusement from Gigeshare.. but I can't seem to get the download link.. I've waited the time they've asked me and it doesn't seem to work > <;; How am I supposed to download a file from there? Is there supposed to be a pop up? o_o;; Well I've tried to click on the arrow going down but it doesn't seem to work.. XD; Anyways, thank youu~ even though my question seems very stupid o_o;;

    Gigeshare Tutorial:

    QUOTE (ktown @ Apr 9 2007, 10:45 AM) »
    what are the top ten 2007 dramas in korea
    percentage wise in viewers ?

    according to TNS

    as of April 8

    1. MBC Jumong - 51.0%
    2. KBS1 Pure 19 - 41.9%
    3. KBS1 Like Heaven and Earth - 29.4%
    4. KBS2 Blissful Woman - 28.5%
    5. KBS1 Dae Jo Young - 25.0%
    6. SBS Surgeon Bong Dal Hee - 27.5%
    7. MBC Older Sister - 23.5
    8. SBS YeonGaeSoMun -22.8%
    9. MBC Bad Woman Good Woman - 22.3%
    10. SBS Lovers - 22.1%

    QUOTE (0makubex0 @ Apr 16 2007, 10:40 PM) »
    sorryy.. but can anybody tell me how to play this file (041120 SBS Realtime Saturday Love Letter S1 - 03 EP05 - Kim Min Jung (part 1)[crystalis][480X640][SH) there is no clue i can play and its have been 200mb...please forgive me to ask such as stupid question,,,

    if my memory serves me right..
    that file is an rmvb file..
    try using quicktime

    QUOTE (tancy38 @ May 17 2007, 09:35 PM) »
    Is there a variety show called "Yuh Yoo Man Man"? Is it a SBS/MBC/KBS production?

    if im not mistake YYMM is aired in KBS

    QUOTE (Hei Yan @ Jun 25 2007, 05:37 AM) »
    I want to ask what is the highest rating for drama?

    Like if a drama got 10% that good?

    the highest rating for a drama was for the 1997 KBS drama First Love which has a rating of 65%(if im not mistake)
    the top three dramas are KBS First Love, SBS Sand Glass and MBC Eyes of Dawn(i forgot the right sequence but im sure about FL and SG being in the three highest rated drama category)
    the highest rating drama of the 21st century is MBC DaeJangGeum(Jewel in the Palace) with about 60% ratings

    it depends..on the timeslot, and which dramas it is competing with
    if you competed with the likes of jumong, or rosy life.. yes 10% is already god,
    it really depends when the drama is aired
    but 10% isnt really that good

    QUOTE (Hei Yan @ Jun 25 2007, 01:33 PM) »
    Thanks alot ^^, you solved my problem <3

    So it's the same with variety shows right?

    its just pretty much the same..
    but i havent heard of a variety show which had a 40% ratings
    the highest rating for a variety show was like about 30+% (if im not mistake)
    for a variety show, 10% is already a decent rating
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    QUOTE(desirez @ Apr 18 2007, 08:12 PM) »
    i was wondering, if anyone can answer this question, is there a way past the downloading limit for megaupload/sendspace? if there is, can someone please tell me? im really into some of the dramas, but after two or three downloads from megaupload, im up to my downloading limit...T_T
    please, pretty please will someone help me?

    You have to pay for it. image
    If you become a premium member, you don't have to worry about DL or UP (unlimited)
    Go to 'premium' tab on MU and they will tell you how much is it.
    For SS, you have to become SSmax member which is you have to pay for it too, then you'll get the benefits.
    Hope this will help you image
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    QUOTE(fathuljay @ May 11 2007, 01:51 AM) »
    i'm new here.. i hope u all can help me.. i have videos/dramas that is without subtitle. so, i thought i can get the sub here. but unfortunately, i cant open the subtitle file bcoz the extension is .srt.. i've downloaded the VLC software but still i dunno how to operate it.. i hope i came to the rite place. plz teach me how.. really need ur help!! thanx

    You'll have to download a DirectVobSub, here's the link>>>

    Once that's installed you should just be able to watch your video file as usual in VLC, winamp, (almost) whatever media player you choose to use. Just make sure both your video file & your subtitles file have EXACTLY the same file name & are in the same folder.

    eg. video file >>> misa.avi
    subtitle file >>>

    Hope that helps =) (although I'm not sure if this post is in the right section ^____^)
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    QUOTE (lovegoodfood @ Apr 25 2007, 08:04 AM) »
    how to watch rmvb files???use wad players????

    I personally prefer to use Media Classic to play rmvb files. You can download it here:

    QUOTE (DefinePerfection @ May 12 2007, 12:35 AM) »
    i haven't been checking up on all the new dramas that are coming out because of school. since school is over for me next week (FINALLY), i'm trying to find some good dramas to watch. any recommendations? it would be nice if the drama was fully subbed or almost done. i'm mainly looking for a romantic comedy or something along those lines. thanks.

    Check out these threads.

    QUOTE (elushun @ May 12 2007, 10:02 AM) »
    I want to create a new thread, I tried searching for it but to no avail.

    It's Arirang TV's Star Real Story I AM

    I've been trying to find a list of all the episodes and who's featured on each weekend.

    Who do I ask to make a thread or do I just make one?

    You just make one as long as there is no other thread for it.
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    QUOTE(aceyyy @ May 9 2007, 06:48 PM) »
    Not sure where to ask this - I'm trying to learn/find out more about the Pusan dialect. What resources (eg drama) are available? So far I can think of Friends (the movie), The Vineyard Man, Lovers in Prague, 7 Princesses.. can anyone recommend anything else?

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    QUOTE(andrea:) @ May 19 2007, 09:09 AM) »
    any free software that can convert rmvb or rm files to wmv/avi files?

    Few days ago, I found one very good and easy to use :
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