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Double Eyelid Surgery Thread



  • deportedkoreandeportedkorean Kelie C. Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 4,528Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(JUJU bar @ Apr 21 2006, 09:52 PM) »

    Because, people with single-eyelids can't see the sky when they're looking straight.

    LOL. Honestly, that's true for me. I can't really see the ceiling, whereas, when I have tape on, I can see more.

    There are more reasons why, but...

    lmao...ME TOO!!!

    everyone with big eyes: geeze, its so cloudy...
    me: eh??? *tilts head to look up* oooh...yeah it is.
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  • cherrie12cherrie12 Posts: 227Friend of Soompi
    thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  • oohhlalaoohhlala nOwHere 2 b3 fOunDPosts: 779Member


    how much does it cost? image
  • hunny~bunnyhunny~bunny Posts: 545Member
    ur so helpful and nice and once again, i am in LOVE with ur eyes =) i hope this gets pinned
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • HeyyyHeyyy Posts: 807Member


    YEAH you made a thread!!!! And yes your eyes are a PERFECT candidate and example. my eyes BETTER come out like that or Oooooooooooooo theres TROUBLE!! Ahhaha jkjk REALLY nice eyes image SO MUCH helpful info.
  • myv_roxmyv_rox Posts: 449Member


    They came out perfect!! soo pretty
  • finalheavenfinalheaven Posts: 170Member
    edited July 2006
    you're eyes look really good! i didn't even notice the mosquito bite in the last pic until you pointed it out!

    about the shots in the eye thing, whenever ppl get anaesthetic or botox put near their eye, i always wondered how that felt like? is it worse than plucking/waxing/threading your eyebrows? i know this sounds super weird but i'm soooo interested in the whole pain factor for surgery like this.

    btw, super kudos to you for taking the time out to help other members and post your pics and stuff =)
  • MONICAMONICA Posts: 1,996Member


    ive never waxed or threaded my eyebrows, but it hurts more than plucking lol. honestly, i dont even remember how bad the pain was. i just know that it did hurt, but it was just an instant thing for like...a couple instances. haha.
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  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(Pattie Says @ Jul 7 2006, 07:30 AM) »

    Hey yay image Thanks! Does anyone know where I can find my old topic? I've tried Google and I can't find it anywhere *cries*

    at the bottom page there's a thing that says order: last post | Z-A | blabhalbah | TOPICS: ALL <-- click the drop down menu and choose "topics i started" or "topics i replied to" maybe that'll work image

    your resulting eye looks pretty! lol =) but the pictures before it scared me x___x I don't like anything with blood/stitches/bruises that sort of stuff, gives me the shiverrrss !
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  • PockyUpNosePockyUpNose Posts: 1,214Member
    howbrave of u.............but do uhave any before surgery pictures?, and is it okay to post your whole face ?. I'm just very curious LOL
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  • MONICAMONICA Posts: 1,996Member


    haha i dont post pics of me on the internet. soompi irc-ers will be able to testify on my behalf of this too. haha. i didnt take any before pictures intentionally, but maybe i can find some.
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  • fiionafiiona YOU'RE WRONG ! MELBOURNE&#33;Posts: 1,019Friend of Soompi
    damn your eyes look really good. i'm impressed, thank god i have double eyelids, i admire your courage image
  • dankyungdankyung the chunanator CaliPosts: 1,703Member
    wow it came out beautifully~~ (:
  • *Gonie*Gonie MinnesotaPosts: 1,078Member
    gosh, looking at your pictures, i have no idea how you did it.. but i seriously can't... and to be awake during the whole procedure... i can't do it.. haha.. but it looks nice though...

  • murrkoh*murrkoh* ???? TOP. Posts: 1,272Member
    THANK YOU FOR MAKING A THREAD. lets please keep this one alive...
    patty made an awesome thread before...but i don't see her around the forums lately...hmmm

    oh well. g'job!!!~
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  • murrkoh*murrkoh* ???? TOP. Posts: 1,272Member
    if we don't take care of this thread, i have a feeling its going to dieeee
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  • +Chique++Chique+ CookielandPosts: 484Member
    Ouch that looks effing painful O_O Thank god I've already got double eyelids naturally xD
    I'm going P.L.A.T.I.N.U.M !!
    H.A.I.R and R.E.C.O.R.D !! THANKS!!
  • hiienhiien Soompi Alumni OCPosts: 3,245Friend of Soompi


    edited September 2008
    MONICA : ur eyes after the surgery look really really nice! but the pic on the day of surgery scared me a little.

    okay. i just had my eyelid surgery/upper bleph like 3 weeks ago. before, i had no eyelids whatsoever. my eyes were really small. so i decided to have an eyelid surgery. lots of ppl have the surgery, why shouldnt i? so i went to a doctor, he's a vietnamese doctor but he's really good. i had my surgery after my high school graduation.

    my procedure surgery was exactly the same as yours. on the day of the surgery, i didnt eat anything for the whole day. i went in. the nurse did the IV part on my arm. that's the worst part. it hurt! then i waited till the doctor come. he took a stick and did something with my eyes and drew the mark there. then he took me into the surgery room.

    then they washed my face with some soap (?). then covered my face with a cloth with the hole in both eyes. then they did the shot in both eyes. i dont really remember if it hurt or not. then i was under local anesthesia. i was half awake, half sleeping during the surgery. i really wanted to sleep but couldn't. and i still heard the doctor talking to his assistant. then during the surgery, he asked me some questions. he was nice!. then they did their stuff. sometimes they told me to open my eyes, close it, look that way. stuff like that. it didnt hurt at all. not at all. then they were done after 20 mins. it was fast! then they took me in a "recovery room", took the IV out. then i waited for like 10 mins so that i was fully awake. then i was taken home. they gave me the icepack to keep the swelling.

    i had to take the next day off of skul cuz my eyes were swollen so bad. then i took some medicines for the next few days to keep the swelling. then a week after, i went to get my stitches out. but it was still swollen that time. the doctor said that it will become normal after a month. he just told me to clean it carefully or otherwise, it will still be swollen.

    im so glad that i did have the surgery. i look totally different now. no more chinky eyes! lolz. some ppl said that the doctor did a good job on my eyes. they look good! (yah!). worth the $$. lolzz.

    oh yeah and some ppl that had eyelid surgery b4, they said that i have to avoid like seafood or some kind of meats. if i eat those, my eyes will be swollen like for a long time or the flesh will turn purple/red or something like that.

    so yeah. ppl with no eyelids should have the surgery. it doesnt hurt at all. not at all. and the result comes out really nice! and it's not that pricy. i recommend you do that. it does change you. in an helpful way.

    im glad that u started the thread. so that we could share some experience.

    04/07 (10 months)

    EDiT : Sorry for my lack of information.
    I had my surgery at The Image Plastic Surgery Center. The doctor's name is Peter Newen. The website is
  • lovedovelovedove Posts: 58Member
    Monica: thanks for helping out everyone who was/is curious about the whole procedure. you're eye looks really great!

    hiien- post some pictures! image
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