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What I Baked/cooked Today Thread

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edited August 2008 in food
Post Pictures Of Your Creations!
This is a note from your moderator image
Please do not post in this thread if you are not going to post a picture of the item you have cooked, or if you are just going to say it looks delicious, yummy etc. All posts relating to things that you have consumed belong in the "what i ate today thread"

This thread is for all soompiers to share pictures of the food that they have made themselves. In order to keep this thread organized and eliminate repeat replies and major page loading time please read the guidelines below before posting in this thread.
**Please keep in my that all any posts after FEB 2, 2007 that do not include pictures or are off topic will be taken out of this thread. To give you an idea of how sticking to the guidelines will help, I removed approx. 247 posts to clean this thread up .

Things that are encouraged in this thread
1) Post a picture and a description of the item that you have created. Whenever possible, please post the recipe as well. This eliminates additional posts in the thread for people requesting recipes.
2)Please feel free to answer peoples questions regarding recipes, and cooking advice

Fried rice* and chocolate caramel milk topped with whipped cream and syrup ;]

edit july 3 2006
--I made coconut shrimp today but I forgot to take a picture before I dug in image

Potato and shrimp. >_> This is what happens when you're too lazy to go to the grocery store. And yes, the shrimp is connected to the potato
I feel like a tape recorder;
someone rewinded me to the past.
and left me there pausing


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