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[movie 2006] Daisy 데이지

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Jeon Ji Hyun, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Sung Jae
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Top-star Jeon Ji-hyun has chosen the Hong Kong movie "Daisy," directed by Andrew Lau, as her next production. She will play opposite Jeong Woo-seong, who played the lead in the movie "A Moment to Remember." "Daisy" will be directed by Andrew Lau, who also directed the "Internal Affairs" series, while the script will be overseen by director Kwak Jae-yong, who directed "Windstruck."

The movie's production company, iFilm, said April 12 that it is currently making final decisions on casting and will begin shooting in mid-May. "Daisy" is a story about the inevitable showdown between a detective and a killer who fall in love with the same woman. In the story, Jeon plays a street artist who dreams of opening her own exhibition someday, while Jeong portrays a killer who loves her but cannot confess his love to her because of his profession.

Simon Yam will play the supporting role of a boss in the story. The production team is currently looking for one more supporting actor for the movie. "This is a strategic movie targeting the entire global market. We expect it to become a noir drama with the distinctive features of a melodrama," said iFilm.

"Daisy" is the product of a collaboration of high-profile actors and production crews from Korea and China: Andrew Lau, who directed "A Man Called Hero" and "Internal Affairs," Kwak Jae-yong, who had a chance to work with Jeon Ji-hyun in "Windstruck" and "My Sassy Girl," the production crew of "Internal Affairs," the martial arts team of "Spiderman" and the simultaneous recording team of "Taegeugki."

"Daisy" will be filmed in the Netherlands and will open this December.

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