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The Official Job Thread



  • TranberryTranberry Hi there. 905/416Posts: 1,586Member


    QUOTE(Burnthewood @ May 22 2006, 08:13 PM) »

    I work on a Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario.
    I work on the air cadet training centre! Hooray!
    I love the job. Great pay, good hours, and the best part is all the great people I get to meet!

    Hey this is totally off topic, but my english teacher used to teach in a highschool in Trenton lol.

    But I work at a restaurant as a hostess for $7.45 an hour and get tip out every two weeks (about $20-$25) and i'm 18. They asked me if I wanted to serve because it's more money but I refused. image

  • o8/OR;nothing.o8/OR;nothing. Posts: 2,141Banned


    I wanna work at the mall, but my best bet is Target. image
  • phuong*phuong* Posts: 189Member
    im currently working at my first job
    age: 16
    place of work: saigon cafe *georgia vietnamese resturaunt chain"
    wage: $6.50 an hour
    job description: i make the drinks (such as bubble tea :])
  • Little Miss SnackwrapLittle Miss Snackwrap [[*+ FUN SIZE +*]] Candyland :DPosts: 1,925Friend of Soompi
    I er, well, I just tutor kids haha $10 an hour =X
    Most kids here work at like Target or drugstores and grocery stores and stuff... I'm thinking of working at Starbucks too, or this boba place that's right next to my house =]
  • cbxjenncbxjenn Posts: 2,281Friend of Soompi
    i get 2.13 as a waitress. became a waitress at 16 yrold. i can get up to 10 something an hour. pretty okay.
  • songielovesongielove .. Love and trust~♫ Posts: 4,306Friend of Soompi


    hey! Fast food is SO bad i discovered.. it's j/ the rush and stuff. But other than that-- it's not a bad start image . I'm @ Taco Bell! image hehe. I only get minimum wage ($6.75 here) and i'm 16. But once i complete steps and tests, i get a $.25 raise. Not bad FOR NOW. But i am looking for a new job. i think i do a more-than-perfect job @ my place. I deserve better pay hehe.

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  • saerasaera naperthrillPosts: 1,085Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2006
    I tutored math/science and I got paid 20 dollars for 1.5 hours, but it's summer now, so no one needs math help -__-

    I plan on taking private students for violin during the summer, 10 dollars for half an hour. A lot of kids actually make a ton of money off of private lessons. image

    Currently, I'm under training/working at a nail salon/spa. She said I'd get ~100 dollars a day (9-10 hours) depending on how many customers I get, that's without tip. I don't get paid when I'm getting trained, and that's about two three weeks.

    My friend works at Coldstone for 6.75 an hour + tip (which isn't much...). Another girl I know works at Jewel (grocery store), but after union dues and taxes, she only gets like 5.25 an hour.

    Right now I'm a sophomore.

    Yeah, and I need to make 5000 by the end of the summer. image Like that's going to fall from the sky. image

    please do not PM me asking me to close threads, etc! i am no longer a mod! ^^ thanks!
  • x___diamond_eyex___diamond_eye Hawaii, USAPosts: 421Member
    I hope there isn't a thread about this already.
    Sorry if there is.

    Anyway, I was just wondering how your first jobs were (and what they were)?

    I just got hired at Sbarro's Pizza today, and I'm really nervous/excited.
    I start next Monday. image

    Wish me luck!
  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    good luck and congrats on your job.
    i helped out at my friend's machine shop here as a first job.
    all my other jobs were cashiers at diff stores lol
  • ANYOTHERDAYANYOTHERDAY when im with youuu (8) Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 2,252Member
    edited August 2006
    My first and current job is at maccas.
    At first i REALLY hated it, especially when i went through crew training, then dreaded work for about a month, then got over it, and made some friends.

    the customers Richard Simmons me off non stop. but if they're really bad, i go stingy on the fries on purpose. : D teach those riude people.

    god luck at your job image
  • malevolent.malevolent. ignorance is bliss. S0LE CAL.Posts: 3,450Friend of Soompi
    A cashier at a bowling alley and it's still my job. I love it.

    what it do, what it do?!
  • saolaoanesaolaoane what can't destroy you makes you stronger TacomaPosts: 1,320Member
    my first and current job is at a local chinese restaurant. first 3 days i hated it. my body was soo sore. my shins were hurting so bad but after a few days, i got used to it. i work with my friends so that's awesome!!
  • xl0v3juicyxl0v3juicy DOLLFACE~ Posts: 3,205Member
    edited August 2006
    Orange Julius / Dairy Queen. It was great because I got to work w/ all my friends. But then they all quit image. So I quit too.
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  • NaMi* <3NaMi* <3 CAPosts: 54Member
    today was my first day at my first job. i really like it there, the employees are really funny and make it fun to work there.

    i got embarrased a few times bcuz ppl would ask for help and id be like "..."

    haha, but i'll get used to it.

  • .melee..melee. Lovin' You. ? CanadaPosts: 2,247Member
    my first job was wrking at the NCM
    (new conservatory of music)
    i was a judge assistant
    course my mom helped me get that job

    but my first real job that i got on my own was at Panda Markville
    it's a children's shoe store, so i'm a sales associate.
    i've been there for over a yr now =)
  • MelyxciousMelyxcious Diego Fainello ? Las Vegas, NV.Posts: 3,454Member
    mmmmmmmm i only worked there for one day
    and that was it
    but i got paid a lot cuz our booth earned over 3000 bucks
    in 12 hours x.x''

    but anywayyy...


    in the food booth.

    from 7a.m to 9pm
    in the freezing cold weather @_@;;

    oh well it was fun :]b
  • o1hunnyo1hunny vancouverPosts: 2,433Member


    my first real job that i found on my own was at a korean bagel cafe~
    i quit on the second day.
  • huyen2501huyen2501 >:) Houston, TXPosts: 1,083Member
    i was a cashier at kmart.
    a lot of customers were mean...some were nice...
    i quit after 3 months T_T it was too crazy and tiring.
    loved my coworkers&assistant manager though <3
  • luckyduckyluckyducky Houston, TXPosts: 32Member
    edited August 2006
    my first job was at boston market. oh man i hated that place. i hate serving customers. they're so rude. bleh. i liked the food though , but i quit after 3 months haha. it was sooo tiring. now im currently working at AIM Investments and have been here for more than 1 year and i love this place hehe.
  • loveKloveK TorontoPosts: 1,939Member


    My first job was waitressing for cash at a Pho place. It was horrible, working for 12 hours straight a day for only 7$/hour without tips

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