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Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3



  • jcsmarkjcsmark WonderlandPosts: 3,266Member


    edited February 2013
    I'm thinking Yeeun will have dark extensions put in like the photo above. In the previous 3 Musketeers musical productions in Seoul, Constance had dark hair and I don't think any had blonde hair like the movie.


    Here's the stream link for the 2013 PyeongChang Special Olympics Closing Ceremony on February 5th

    The ceremony takes place at Yongpyong Dome from 7:00 - 8:30 PM KST
    The description in the stream says 7:30 PM so I assume the live stream will be half an hour delayed

  • xddlxddl Posts: 351Member



  • jcsmarkjcsmark WonderlandPosts: 3,266Member


    Sunye to Perform with the Wonder Girls at the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics after Honeymoon


    Newlywed and Wonder Girls‘ member Sunye will be performing on stage after she returns from her honeymoon.

    According to sources from the music industry, Sunye will be performing for the closing ceremony of the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics on February 5.

    The Wonder Girls’ have been acting as the ambassadors of the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics and will perform for the closing ceremony. All five members including Sunye will be performing. Sunye will be returning from her honeymoon on February 2 and will be holding a meaningful first performance as a married woman.

    The 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics has started on January 29 and will end on February 5.

    Sunye tied the knot on February 26 with a Canadian missionary, James PakMany fellow celebrities attended her wedding to celebrate her marriage.

    Credit Soompi

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  • xddlxddl Posts: 351Member


    So @WGTrend deactivated their account, should we make a trend for the WG?

    I'm thinking.... #6WonderfulYearsWithWG.
  • jcsmarkjcsmark WonderlandPosts: 3,266Member


    Photos of Lim with her friend in HK

    Elementary (top-left), High School (bottom left), Small Reunion (24/01/2013) XP I'm glad that we still have that closeness as awesome friends XP @wg_lim  
    Credit chengbabe_51492 + WGHK

  • xloveashleyxloveashley blissfulmelodies. Posts: 367Member


    I also do think Lim would suit MCing/hosting. I don't know, she has this very bubbly and sweet personality. I hope something like Pops In Seoul, GURUPOP, or even Show! Music Core would give her the opportunity. (:

    Idols are always consider beneath an actor/actress. Netizens are usually very upset at idols taking drama/movie. I understand many idols are not always the "best choice", but fans will watch it for them. It's how it usually goes. Pity though, it makes it harder for actors to get roles when they give it to idols, but it's the casting director's decision for choosing an idol over rookie actors.

    It hurts seeing those comments. Yes, I personally would prefer the girls to say as a group and release more music. However, that's how it's always been, they always stayed as a group. Smh. All these other idol groups do the same and do solo activities. Besides, it's not like the girls are taking lead roles right now like some idols are jumping right in to that position. Only a few can pull it off. 

    Yes, they are doing acting for now. JYPE also promised solo and subunit activities. I don't get why it sounds like they've disband completely like they won't make music anymore. I still have faith in the girls. My take is that they will probably do individual (acting/musical/etc.) in the beginning of the year, then release music some point mid-year/later half of the year with a solo or unit. 

    I'm quite surprise the girls will perform as five. I thought it would be awhile, but JYPE surprised us.
    Still hoping one of the girls join Romantic and the Idol. >_<
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  • jagerbombjagerbomb Posts: 532Member


    edited February 2013
    If JYPe play their cards right they can push Sohees' popularity to that of Suzys'. Suzy is great on variety shows which Sohee isn't but I think that makes Sohee that more mysterious. I would rather she took the acting route, make a name for herself since lets be honest. she is not the best singer and her first passion WAS acting so it'd be something she really enjoys.

    In regards to Yoobin, I feel sorry for idol-actors but I understand where netizens are coming from about idols stealing rookie actors jobs because there have only been a handful of good idol-actors while most are pretty average or down right horrible.. I hope she blows them away so they can shutup. 

    Not so sure what JYPe have in plan for Lim. I do feel bad for her - she got put into the group because their American advancement needed 5 people but now its all in shambles. Hopefully she gets to be on variety.
  • vangpakauvangpakau Posts: 915Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2013
    OMG YAY FOR YUBIN!!!! ♥ i kind of just had a big spazz on all of my social networking accounts xD So happy for her!

    Sohee looked like she had fun filming her new reebok cf. Very cute!

    Sunye to perform too!♥

    edit 2/2/13 hm, how come i just saw Sohee's pictures?! well she looks really nice ^^
    I'm a wonderful.

  • hey0220yathey0220yat Posts: 16Member
    Anyone know when will they release the pre-wedding photoshooot of Sunye? I'm dying to see the Photos of the bridesmaids..

    Sohee so cute...
  • bodysnatchersbodysnatchers Posts: 371Member


    so i'm the only one thinking Sunye should hold on to perform as 5 again at least for a while? I think it would be a bigger hype if she did. all the headlines would be like WG'S SUNYE RETURN!! and everyone would be anticipate their new music/comeback... but of course I also want to see her with the group again so i'm looking forward to this performance if she does attend.
  • Rin.ERin.E Posts: 109Member


    Yay for Yubin!!! omg cant wait to see her act.

    I agree, its best for her to taken on a side role before tackling the main ones. 
    Dont want people to say that she pulled strings to get the lead!!
    So happy for her.
    I would want to see Lim MC too. In variety too please!! She is not afraid to let things turn really ugly (in a good way though). I hope she can be on Runningman *_*

    and... what?
    @WGtrend deactivated their twitter?!
    What happened?! LOL.
    Maybe it was a hacker?
    I heard reports that hackers gained access to 250,000 accounts recently. 

    Let the solo activities begin!
    And i hope people will stop being so pessimistic about things.
    They are Wondergirls!
    We are Wonderfuls!

    Everything will be in wonder condition. (HAHA, cheesy..but still)

    I love you guys!! *send loads of hugs and kisses*
  • wgsticktogetherwgsticktogether Posts: 240Member, New Member


    jcsmark wrote: »
    jcsmark wrote: »
    [Audio] San E's Congratulatory Rap at Sunye's Wedding
    LOL!!! He makes the rap sounded so slick yet sweet!
    I wish we get to see the whole JYP Nation perform the congratulatory song! Wonder did Sunmi performed too?
    Must be something really special because I remember Lim saying they planned a special surprise item for this.
  • bodysnatchersbodysnatchers Posts: 371Member


    Pops in Seoul EP2303

    Stars 'likely to gain huge success with a solo album' list

    Skip to 4:15 to see the list and check out our Yubin at #9 :D
  • wonderstruckwonderstruck EuropePosts: 613Member


    so i'm the only one thinking Sunye should hold on to perform as 5 again at least for a while? I think it would be a bigger hype if she did. all the headlines would be like WG'S SUNYE RETURN!! and everyone would be anticipate their new music/comeback... but of course I also want to see her with the group again so i'm looking forward to this performance if she does attend.
    You're not alone, I had similar thoughts. She's returning to the stage so quickly... but for a good cause, and that is also understandable. I think the girls will not reunite for a while after this act.
    Let's enjoy this bonus reunion, then :)

    I've been silent for weeks but followed and enjoyed Sun's marriage. Seeing Hyuna and especialy Sun Mi with the girls was amazing. Our Mimi is becoming a wonderful young woman. Ah, the memories... 

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