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Where Do You Dl Music

sunshinex3sunshinex3 Posts: 115Member
now that soompi's sharing thread is gone - READ THE FIRST POST
i used to dl from kazaa, but it's all wierd now...
and i had soompi but it's gone now x[
where do you guys dl your music from?
i heard about clubbox but i don't know how to get it.
if neone has a link to clubbox tutorials or any other good website to dl music from
plz let me know. thanks x].

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MOD NOTICE: 2008.10.09

This thread is a resource to share knowledge regarding download websites, not a place to ask where to download specific songs/singles/albums/mini-albums/etc. Doing so goes against the current rules of this forum, and members found requesting for such information may be warned, regardless of whether they made this request in this thread or elsewhere in the Korean Music Forums.

- Korean Music Forum Moderators
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