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Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 3



  • tikamiciziatikamicizia Posts: 802Member


    edited June 2012
    congrats sunyeee so proud of you!!! :D u're so brilliant.. looking good in the pic x)
  • AsherTuaAsherTua Wonderful Inspirit Posts: 669Member


    edited June 2012
    Sohee is so cute, making that mistake lol!~
    Yay for Leader Min!
    I remember when she won on Star Golden Bell back in '08.
    I guess it's not just Yeeun who gets to show off their intelligence ^-^

    Anyone else notice that they altered the choreo. for Like This today?
    They changed that weird bit during Yoobin's rap.
    They probably changed something else but I can't really tell.

    I was hoping for a collab stage or a switch-up but I guess they don't want to have too much on their plate especially with the concert being next week.
    They're probably practising their socks off!

    Didn't really expect a win for Music Bank but the album sales...Oh how it hurts just looking at those points >.<!

    I wonder if they'll get Triple Crowned on Inki. though, since Electric Shock has been above Like This constantly this week on MelOn.


    I wanted to do a little comparison of Like This to Be My Baby based on Gaon~
    Since I originally thought Like This was going to beat Be My Baby because of the amount of love it recieved on MelOn, but the stats show otherwise.

    Be My Baby
    Opening Week - 67,238,603
    1st Week - 50,141,451
    2nd Week - 30,844,937

    Like This
    Opening Week - 62,029,857
    1st Week - 33,844,972
    2nd Week - 24,299,624
    Wonder Girls no longer relevant in SK? Oh sorry, what song is the 2nd highest consecutive #1 of 2011 on MelOn? What Music Video is the most viewed the year 2011 in SK, despite it only being out for 2 months? Hmm..That's what i thought :')
  • itslikeitslike Portland, ORPosts: 48Member


    Wonder Girls cut on A-Pink show:


  • xloveashleyxloveashley blissfulmelodies. Posts: 367Member


    During the Trend's interview, Wonder Girls have been asked who is their ideal type and surprisingly all member choose a 2PM member. - Yeeun choose Chansung. Hyelim choose Junho. Yubin choose Taecyeon.Sohee choose Wooyoung. WONDERPM <3 Credit: junkayyy @ twitter Omg WonderPM! <3 and Yubin & Taecyeon! ^.^ Just recently she said her ideal type is someone who loves exercising and now this. ^_^
    I remember awhile back Chansung chose Yeeun in an interview.
    FAVORITE GIRL (If 2PM has to welcome a new female member out of all Korean Girl Groups, who would that be?) – Ye Eun from Wondergirls [credit: omonatheydidnt + deer at 2pm-online +]

    On tour in the States, Lim & Junho had interactions. It was really cute.
    Sohee & Wooyoung are funny with each other, I kinda like her with Khun too.
    Usually 2AM/2PM are with the girls, now it's JJ Project. JB & JR are really cute like fanboys with the girls. ^__^
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  • hrmmmhumhrmmmhum Posts: 778Member


    edited June 2012
    AsherTua wrote: »
    Anyone else notice that they altered the choreo. for Like This today?<br />
    They changed that weird bit during Yoobin's rap.<br />
    They probably changed something else but I can't really tell.<br />
    I did! Here they all did a different move during Yubin's rap but SunYe didn't do it LOL maybe she forgot?


    And Yubin did waves during her solo dance right before her rap instead of her usual dance



    Right before I read that article, I watched this video hahah


    I think JJ Project are so cute with WG! They were cheering so much in Real WG hahah It's good to see JYP Nation always supporting each other :)
    It's different seeing them with such younger artists but I like WG with JJ Project, 2PM, 2AM, etc :) Wonder Nunas is such a cute nickname!
  • finesse.finesse. ...&sweet dreams ... Posts: 314Member


    edited June 2012
    Congratulations to Sunye.. She might have forgotten the lyrics but she gets a perfect score for a quiz show.. 

    MinAhn; I miss this couple so much :x

    Though WG didn't win, I'm still glad for the interactions xDD

    New interactions between WG and SNSD/f(x). 

    Note: it’s always very short haha they don’t have time to make it long that’s why.

    For WG and SNSD, at 0:17 for Seohyun and Yubin talk/skinship. At 2:05, find Sunye, you can’t see Taeyeon very well (hidden by Yubin), but you can see Taeyeon holding Sunye’s arm so Sunye turned, see Taeyeon, say some words and put her two hands on Taeyeon’s face (like a mom haha). At 2:12 on the left, see Yubin in green, Taeyeon next to her, Taeyeon puts her hand around Yubin’s waist, then 2:15 look on the right (behind f(x)) you can see Taeyeon-Yubin (Taeyeon still holding Yubin lol) walking together to leave the stage.

    For f(x) and WG, at 1:55 behind the MCs, Amber and Hyerim (long) hug, so cute. Then 2:09, after Sunye interacted with Taeyeon, you see her turning and Luna went to hug Sunye.

    OK so my fav interactions = Taeyeon/Sunye (because I see my biases interacting haha. Taeyeon/Sunye or Jessica/Sunye = I’m happy) and Hyerim/Amber simply because they’re way too cute together, and they had many interactions since they’re promoting at the same time.

    OK let’s be honest I love all interactions XD

    source: pinkwonder

    ___________________Writing :

    savoir vivrefreakloverxxnunanuanunanuahrmmmhum
  • Rin.ERin.E Posts: 109Member


    guys please vote for WG on popdust!!! 

  • Albie_rawrAlbie_rawr Posts: 171Member
    edited June 2012
    i.d.k. if i should write here but here goes.. i was watching wonder girls win win episode . from 2010 and well... part 4 of the episode  is gone and am dying to know what happened , ive searched everywhere and the only solution i can get is to join soshifield and download the episode there , but does anyone know what happened lol.

    Also hyelim , is so awkward with the wonder girls. Sohee so chic and all the girls are so young, i miss yoobin w her sexy red hair from 2dt.
  • jcsmarkjcsmark WonderlandPosts: 3,266Member


    edited June 2012
    Wondersubbers uploaded subbed videos of WG on their facebook page that you can check out.
    They have Win Win episode 16 and 17 (WW Episode 1 and 2) subbed 

    Summary page of subbed videos

    MarkPD tweeted a photo of WG at Goeun's wedding
    Credit @ WGMARKPD

  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,677Moderator


    Wait... Regarding Popdust Popoff; I thought we made an agreement with VIP's that we wouldn't vote if they helped us vote for the Wonder Girls on Mnet M! Countdown? Is the agreement over with...? Lol. Anyways, It's a pretty close battle. The girls are currently at 47.9%. Ah... I remember the days when we were all crazy 'cause we were against Beliebers.

    image image

  • Rin.ERin.E Posts: 109Member


    edited June 2012
    ^I dont know but apparently, not all the VIPs voted for WG. Before the so called agreement, we were third in the countdown ranking and after the agreement, we were fourth (afterschool third). I dont see how they voted for us and if u see the comments, VIP are saying that there was no such agreement it was a one sided affair of Wonderfuls. Some wonderfuls voted for BB for a FULL WEEK. including me. thats why, i am disappointed.

    our percentage is dropping!! 

    please do vote! <3 

  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,677Moderator


    ^ Ah, what a pity. Things always turns out like this :/

    Anyways, Sohee's tattoo stockings chosen on 1st Look Korea's Top 5 under "Celeb's Choice"

    source: 1st Look + wonderfuls cafe

    image image

  • savoir vivresavoir vivre ♂ gd.&.sun ♀ Posts: 1,592Member


    edited June 2012
    Wait... Regarding Popdust Popoff; I thought we made an agreement with VIP's that we wouldn't vote if they helped us vote for the Wonder Girls on Mnet M! Countdown? Is the agreement over with...? Lol. Anyways, It's a pretty close battle. The girls are currently at 47.9%. Ah... I remember the days when we were all crazy 'cause we were against Beliebers.
     I somehow knew that the agreement was tacitly inoperative. But I don't know why I sort of succumbed to it and settled to the terms of agreement. I believe many Wonderfuls conceded to it too. I'm not taking it against anybody, but it's just so disappointing because I indeed voted for Big Bang. If Wonderfuls who were aware of this truce focused on voting for the girls, we could've been way ahead of them seeing how close the discrepancy of the votes are despite Wonderfuls voting for the rival group..

    It will do so much in motivating our girls if they will win, seeing that Big Bang is one of the most popular boy group out there. And to be honest, Like This is better than the other song, IMO..

    p.s : I know some I-Elfs who are helping WG at popdust and Mnet, therefore let's do our share our voting and keep on supporting our girls. 
    Please kindly read the signature rules.

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