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The Official What Did You Wear Today Thread

white frameswhite frames New York, NYPosts: 307Member
edited September 2009 in beauty & fashion
[edited by mod]

1. Post day-to-day photos, not your collection of outfits.
2. Stay on-topic. If your post is completely off-topic and does not contribute to this thread, you may be warned!
3. Have fun!

Photo Guidelines:
1. Keep it around 1-2 photos unless you have detail shots.
3. If you post two photos, make sure it shows a different angle of your outfit.
3. Your photo(s) should be clear and actually show your outfit! Webcam photos of your face and the upper half of your body are discouraged.

original post:

So I'm opening up this thread again. I'm going to post starting tomorrow and people, PLEASE POST PICS. This thread will be a bore if there are no pics.


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