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Official Lena Park (박정현 / Park Jung Hyun) Thread

AvexAvex SF Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,640Member
edited February 2008 in k-pop
A thread of a really underrated korean singer =)
Official Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun / 박정현 ) Thread

Name: Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun)
Birthday: March 23, 1976
Religion: Christianity
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Height-155cm, Weight-43kg
Sibilings: 1 brother & 1 sister
Blood Type: A

(check here for updates)


+ credits; yesAsia
Lena Park Vol. 6 - Come To Where I Am
Release Date: December 12, 2007

01 Funny Star
02 눈물빛 글씨
03 달아요
04 마음이 먼저
05 The Other Side
06 Hey Yeah
07 믿어요
08 헤어짐은 못됐어요
09 우두커니
10 순간
11 Smile
12 Everyday Prayer

Lena Park, also Lena Junghyun Park, (born March 23, 1976, Los Angeles, California) is a Korean American R&B singer. Early in her life, Park showed talent for singing, mainly in the choir of her father's church. She also learned to play saxophone and piano.

Lena Park won several singing contests in the United States before recording a Gospel album in 1993. She continued her studies while doing many performances. Lena's professional career as a singer began with her first Korean album, "Piece", in 1998. She was quickly noticed for her strong but sweet voice, and her top track "PS, I Love You". Lena's first album sold more than 500,000 copies despite Ms. Park not being comfortable enough to do a lot of promotions on talk shows. The album was also a critical success.

In 1999, "A Second Helping" was released. It also was well received by both fans and the critics. Lena's third album, "Naturally", was mixed in both Korea and the USA.

After a year break from singing because of her studies in the USA, she came back in 2002 with her album called "Op.4". More comfortable with the media, Lena was much more accessible for talk shows and performances.

In 2002, Lena Park's song "Kkume (In Dream)" was a big success and enabled her to enter foreign markets, such as Singapore. The Korean government selected Ms. Park to represent Korea in the opening and closing ceremony of the Football World Cup 2002. At the end of 2002, a "best of" album was released and Ms. Park played a series of concerts.

In 2003, Lena recorded a song for an international collective album called "The Voice Of Love" made in Japan. Then in 2004, she worked on her 5th Korean album for release early in 2005. In fall 2004 Lena worked on a Japanese single and album, and she was involved in the new Korean-Wave concerts in Japan that summer.


Korean Albums

* [1998.08.09] 1st Album: Piece
* [1999.04.19] 2nd Album: A Second Helping
* [2000.11.09] 3rd Album: naturally
* [2001.05.06] Special Album: Forever
* [2002.06.15] 4th Album: Op.4
* [2002.10.24] Best Album: The Romantic Story of Park Jung Hyun
* [2003.07.05] Live Album: Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement
* [2003.07.05] Live Album: Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement (DVD)
* [2005.02.05] 5th Album: On & On
* [2007.12.11] 6th Album: Come To Where I Am

Korean Singles

* [2006.03.29] Against All Odds
* [2006.04.15] 위태로운 이야기 (Witaeroun Iyagi, Precarious Stories)

Japanese Singles

* [2004.11.25] FALL IN LOVE
* [2005.05.18] Sanctuary
* [2006.02.22] Subete no Mono ni Anata wo Omou (すべてのものにあなたを思う , Subete no Mono ni Anata wo Omou?)
* [2006.03.24] Music
* [2006.05.21] Gold
* [2006.10.04] Ai no Jealousy
* [2007.06.20] Inori~You Raise Me Up~ (祈り~You Raise Me Up~, Inori~You Raise Me Up~?)

Japanese Albums

* [2004.11.25] another piece
* [2005.05.18] Beyond the line
* [2006.06.21] COSMORAMA


* [1998.xx.xx] Player - The New Beginning
* [1999.xx.xx] Yoon Jong Shin - 7th
* [2002.05.xx] Yoon Jong Shin - From The Beginning
* [2002.05.29] 2002 FIFA World Cup Official Album - Songs of Korea/Japan
* [2003.05.xx] Kim Jin Pyo - 4th
* [2003.05.xx] Na Won Ju - 1st
* [2003.12.10] Voice of Love Posse
* [2004.04.xx] Kim Jin Pyo - Remasatering All about JP
* [2005.03.24] JHETT aka YAKKO for AQUARIUS - JHETT (Track 11: Everything Inside Of Me feat. Lena Park)

+source ; wikipedia



  • joyeuxjoyeux Posts: 673Member


    I LOVE LENA PARK! THANKS for making this thread =) She definitely is underrated in Korea.
    By ExquisitelyTuUyen
  • AvexAvex SF Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,640Member
    i dont believe she is underrated in korea. its more like underrated to people outside asia.

  • elizabethelizabeth NowherePosts: 9,943Member


    What is she currently up to?
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  • michiesmichies Posts: 143Member
    Oooh weee!!! A thread for her!! Well, it's about time.... I'll go search for some pictures, and come back later ^-^
  • sheartsheart zombie outer spacePosts: 1,339Member
    <3 awesome voice

  • AvexAvex SF Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,640Member
    edited October 2005
    What is she currently up to?

    She has a new song called "Hu Ae." Its a OST for a video game though. Dont know what it means in korean, but they gave it a hanja name and it means "After Love" in Chinese.

    + edit

    it wouldn't let me post that many pictures as i edit the first post, so i will repost these pics:

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

  • soymilksoymilk Posts: 785Friend of Soompi


    i love her singing style.
  • 77 Posts: 601Member
    YES, a thread about someone new for once.

    lena park is my favorite female korean singer and i definitley think she should get more recognition in soompi and other places as well. her voice is truly AMAZING. she is gifted with talent i tell you. and her fourth album is my favorite album of hers image i never got sick of that album, and i'm still not sick of that album.

  • AvexAvex SF Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,640Member
    QUOTE(7 @ Oct 12 2005, 04:53 PM) »

    YES, a thread about someone new for once.

    lena park is my favorite female korean singer and i definitley think she should get more recognition in soompi and other places as well. her voice is truly AMAZING. she is gifted with talent i tell you. and her fourth album is my favorite album of hers image i never got sick of that album, and i'm still not sick of that album.

    ur right. i love that album too. greatest album ever. my favorite tracks from that album are plastic flower, in dream, and PUFF (what does all that poetry mean?!?!? one of the reasons why i like her songs is that everytime i hear some weird poetry, i always want to know what it means).

  • joyeuxjoyeux Posts: 673Member


    edited October 2005
    Yeah! I loved the OP 4 album and PUFF! MY friend told me she hated that song and I wanted to kill her. AHAHAHAHA. Just for saying that she hated the song xD I don't really understand it either, but it's.... what should I call it? unique-sounding? Er... don't know the word.

    The thing I love about Lena Park is that her voice is so different from the other female singers. It's got that high pitch, but sweet at the same time. I can always tell it's her song by her voice. It's just so different from every other female singer. Yupp xD

    LENA PARK JJANG* (lol I sound like a darn teeny bopper)
    By ExquisitelyTuUyen
  • NanHonjaNanHonja Posts: 37Member
    yes!!! theres a lena thread. shes so talented. Kume is 1 of the best songs ever.
  • Joan HJoan H The wonderfully polluted NJPosts: 136Member


    I'm only a beginner fan of her, but a fan nonetheless. I have her Op.4 album, and it's good. She is one of my favoite female artist out there

    She has a great voice, although I don't know why "In Dreams" was the song that made her achieve popularity in the outside countries. I though "Plastic Flower" was better. In Dreams had that one part in the end where she strains her voice too much, but that's what I think.

    I know she did a Japanese/English/Korean song with Chemistry, but I'm not too sure if that was recent or not.

    I hope a new album comes out soon, I haven't really heard any new stuff from her.
  • swtyujah012swtyujah012 So CaliPosts: 76Member
    yay a pjh thread. she is one of my favorite krn singers.
  • freneticfrenetic Posts: 1,938Friend of Soompi


    i recently discovered lena park and i think her voice is a-w-e-some. to me it seems like she's one of those artistes who relies on sheer talent rather than i right?
  • SassyGirl23_35SassyGirl23_35 USA&#33;&#33;Posts: 594Member
    shes such a good singer!!!!!!!!!!!! does someone have her song In Dream..and possibly could PM me a link for it? I'll buy a copy of the cd its on when I have the money for it
    IPB Image
    banner credits to : MilkEe012 from Daydream_Diner
    Soompi Official Moon Hee Jun thread
  • sPark*sPark* CNB&ST&SJK<3<3 Posts: 4,668Member


    She used to be well-known and then she didnt come out for a bit and now shes underrated. but I love her voice. she's great. xD i have to hear her 4th album cuz i heard it was amazing. xD
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  • ArisuArisu Posts: 108Member
    her voice is great and she is so pretty too ^^
  • Fei.LongFei.Long Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 194Member
    Lena Park has sucha good voice and her vocal skills are amazing!!
    credits: whysoserious101 Deviant Art
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    Lee Soo Young thread
  • AvexAvex SF Bay Area, CAPosts: 1,640Member

    could anyone translate this? I can't translate korean. thanks!

    i found this out of bestiz:


    가수 박정현이 일본 진출을 위해 컬럼비아대 졸업을 한 해 미뤘다.

    미국 컬럼비아대학에서 영문학을 전공하고 있는 박정현은 방학 기간을 활용해 틈틈이 가수활동을 하면서 학점도 높아 모범생으로 잘 알려진 가수다. 그런데 일본 진출을 위해 1년 휴학을 결정했다.

    예정대로라면 5집 < On&On> 활동을 마치고 9월 학교로 돌아가 남은 학기 수업을 마쳐야 했다. 그런데 올 연말과 내년으로 예정된 일본 진출 계획을 위해 1년 휴학을 결정한 것.

    일본 진출을 흐지부지 끝내지 않겠다는 의지의 표현이다.

    지난해 이미 2장의 싱글 앨범을 일본에서 발표했고 내년 상반기엔 정규앨범 발표를 앞두고 있어 본격적인 일본 시장 공략의 채비를 하기 위해 학업도 뒤로 미뤘다.

    박정현 측은 "공부도 하고 싶지만 일본 시장에 제대로 진출해서 후회가 남지 않게 하기 위해서다"라고 밝혔다.

    박정현은 12월 세 번째 발표하는 싱글 앨범 녹음 및 재킷 디자인 등 작업을 위해 일본을 방문 중이다.

    이경란 기자

  • IdaIda YG&#39;s CampPosts: 3,256Member
    Definitely talented yet underrated image


    He's back and I am here.
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