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How to resist piging out

Mr.MOMr.MO NEW YOKPosts: 244Banned
anyone got suggestions?
Hi guys I was just wondering how you can resist urself from eating TOO much because as you may well no after you workout hard or little you get HUNGRY and yea you eat a lot
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  • x3NgAx3x3NgAx3 Posts: 247Member
    Well,chew gum... Or you can just drink a bunch of water to get you full. But i hehe don't think that'll be a good idea.
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  • mangmang22mangmang22 Posts: 171Member
    brush your teeth and look at pictures of skinny girls
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  • MaryMagdalinMaryMagdalin ??????? SJPosts: 11,469Friend of Soompi
    eat a little something before
    and eat slowly...

  • carolcarol Senior Member USPosts: 1,789Member
    edited February 2006
    Chewing gum actually makes you more hungry because it's fooling the stomach into thinking food's coming down so the salivary glands & the digestive enzymes start working.
  • yoojinersyoojiners Posts: 274Member
    Brush your teeth ; drink lots of water
  • michelle*michelle* Posts: 312Member
    Focus your attention at something else. Always keep yourself busy. Drink lots of water and brush your teeth after every meal so that the foods still trapped in your mouth don't make you want to go back for more.
  • MOONAMOONA Posts: 2,299Member
    what i do after i excercise is i end up sitting infront of the TV to relax, so yeah, don't sit down on the couch and eat, cause you end up eating way more...what i do is...i drink a lot and a lot of gatorade or some kinda drink, cause it fills me up, have about 8-12 glasses of water or some kinda drink everyday...just NO SODA
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  • icetreeunicetreeun Posts: 286Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(mangmang22 @ Feb 27 2006, 04:51 PM) »

    brush your teeth and look at pictures of skinny girls


    Eat an apple and your hunger will subside ALOT~
    Then brush your teeth image
  • babygracebabygrace baby FloridaPosts: 671Member
    either eat apple or put ice in your mouth (:
  • stellabellastellabella PHX AZPosts: 2,543Member



    Fill you up like crazy, and carrots have a VERY LOW amount of calories.
  • ddOongDdenGeeddOongDdenGee Posts: 283Member
    chew slowly (it takes 15 minutes to feel full)
    eat an apple or drink a cup of water before you eat
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  • mistapoohmistapooh DFWPosts: 746Member
    edited February 2006
    go eat some veggies
  • SystemSystem Posts: 44,648


    I eat ice... & drink water.

  • angelZangelZ to dream is a gift Posts: 6,392Friend of Soompi
    when i chew gum, i don't get
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  • crazy/beautifulcrazy/beautiful 414, USAPosts: 208Member
    QUOTE(shelke @ Feb 27 2006, 08:31 PM) »

    I eat ice... & drink water.

    Yes, I'm addicted to ICE.
  • susiexparksusiexpark houstonPosts: 586Member
    eat/taste something minty.
    brush your teeth or take a mint/minty gum.
    it stops cravings. or so i've heard image

    it works for me!
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  • bLufurBaLLbLufurBaLL AustraliaPosts: 769Member
    edited February 2006
    I'm always full when I work out.. but yea..
    let's see.. it helps a bit if you drink 20oz of water .. then ur tummy will be full! =)
    or... 200oz if ur a fat person image
  • matango88matango88 CaliforniaPosts: 2,090Member
    drink hot cocoa or coffee to supress your appetite

    the warm drink will satisfy your hunger and make your stomach full

    and eat a piece of chocolate, that will stop the hunger or urge to over eat
  • thatlittlegurlthatlittlegurl Posts: 155Member


    QUOTE(mangmang22 @ Feb 27 2006, 04:51 PM) »

    brush your teeth and look at pictures of skinny girls

    yep. works for me =X
  • hunnyhunny Steady Pom PIPI! icelandPosts: 3,133Member
    Go for a sports! image Then time will past.. and you won't think about fooood!
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