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What everyday habit do you wish you had developed earlier in life?



  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,358Member


    Eating at designated times (instead of always snacking and having meals at random times)
    Sleeping properly
    Save money
    Learnt to swim

    Will try to edit to add reasons why, am ironically hungry and need to find food.

  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    Reading the news daily.
  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    edited January 2012
    Going out. I'm social, I have a lot of friends, but I never go out clubbing and partying and slowly I've been removed from being invited to those scenes. Although my relationships with people remain, I wish that I had gone out, partied, been a little stupid so that I could feel included.

    :( I can save money and all that jazz, but nowhere to recklessly spend it.

    (Edit: Maybe not an everyday habit, that's a bit much. xD)
  • strawbearrustrawbearru Posts: 27Member
    reading and studying. :)            
  • JaruJaruJaruJaru Posts: 423Member
    I wish I could have studied daily growing up and also been brought up playing an instrument, another language, or dance. Some things are just so much harder to start committing yourself to at 18.
  • ReplayMVPReplayMVP Mrs. Ohno V-Town, NYPosts: 604Member


    You know something little.
    Just to you know..
    Walk like a ninja, talk like a ninja.
    And learn my own culture and language.

  • sanjonijisanjoniji Posts: 113Member


    Saving Money
    It seems we all have this problem! Had I begun a more budgeted life when I started working four years ago I might actually have the money for my tuition rather than having to take out student loans T.T

    I am blessed with a fast metabolism, however I fear the day my lazy lifestyle catches up with me and I need to exercise to maintain my fast metabolism.

    Independent Studies
    Nowadays, since I have more free time, I'm busy learning things independently, life for example learning Japanese. I've been wanting to learn this language for the past eight years and I really wish I had begun practising and learning years ago!

    I've been writing in a journal since I was able to legibly write, however I wish I had begun writing short stories and coming up with ideas for a novel years ago! I might have more to compile now rather than my small selection.
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  • Love_LightsLove_Lights Posts: 623Member


    Studying habits, sleeping earlier, exercising every day, cleaning often instead of once a month 

  • bonbonsbonbons The MUA D.C. baby!Posts: 5,754Member


    lol so many regrets....woulda coulda shoulda

    hmm, Studying would be one, and also exercising on a regular basis. If I had a chance to go back in time I'd tell myself to exercise, stay healthy, and take care of myself better.
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