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Massaging Fat to Lose Weight

inguyeninguyen Posts: 9Member
does it work?
I read many asian women massage their troubled parts, such as their arms and stomach, to lose fat. The process apparently breaks down fat and makes it easier to lose fat when exercising and dieting. I also read somewhere that it works without exercising and dieting, but that sounds ridiculous. Has anyone else heard of this, and has anyone tried doing it before? You're supposed to do it until it hurts, and to keep going for at least 5 minutes.


  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    edited May 2012
    to put it simply, no. asian women are probably some of the most uninformed/misinformed females when it comes to fat loss. eat right and exercise. it's as simple as that.
  • OMGAWDOMGAWD Posts: 928Member
    ^^ lol can't be any more correct. Asian women have flat butts because they don't even squat. They also don't lift.

    If only they were more educated in the fitness aspect.
  • gotoAndPartygotoAndParty Posts: 104Member


    That's a lie made up by marketers to try to sell you their expensive fat massage products.
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    Right after I finished reading the post, I busted out laughing.
    That sounds so silly.
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    sincerely, rikki.
  • stylebubblestylebubble ????? ?? chuu ! Posts: 649Member
    edited May 2012
    why are people responding so negatively to this question?

    massaging doesn't promote fat loss per say, but it does increase circulation within the skin, and stimulates the lymph nodes so that fluid is drained, thus reducing the swelling in your body. it also softens the muscles, which makes them loosen up and appear more elongated rather than bulky. loosened muscles allow for more flexibility, so you can do more movement. massaging has a lot of therapeutic effects as well, it's definitely beneficial when incorporated into a healthy regime. (◡‿◡✿) if it hurts, either the technique is wrong or the muscle is very tight; if it's the latter, continuous massaging will help.
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member
    honestly, i didn't know people did that..but i have been doing it LOL

    I have a lot of excess skin and fat from being pregnant 2 years in a row.
    I cant help but try and attempt to "massage" my skin back into place.
    I've been doing it since December 2011 (thats when i REALLY dedicated myself to losing weight) everday in the shower running hot water over it (hoping that it will "melt" it LOL) (idk where i come up with these weird ideas...xD)

    I can't say it's helped me lose weight or fat because i have been exercising hard and eating better. But i did lose inches..and lost only 2 pounds..-__-"

    but nonetheless, i am stronger, leaner, and healthier >=)
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    if it did work, then we'd see WAYYYYY more people massaging their fat and exercising would be a joke.
  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    edited May 2012 massaging breaks fat cells but promotes skin circulation?
    But I don't think fat has the sense of feel like skin does... I think it promotes bruising of the skin more than anything else if your massaging until it hurts.
  • OMGAWDOMGAWD Posts: 928Member
    You should take cold water not hot water lol. A simple google search helps.

    Cold water improves circulation and is very good for your skin. Hot water dries your skin out.
  • synergyzsynergyz ny,or,va,caPosts: 407Member
    OMGAWD wrote on 04 May 2012 - 01:08 AM:

    You should take cold water not hot water lol. A simple google search helps.

    Cold water improves circulation and is very good for your skin. Hot water dries your skin out.


    I don't mind being the smartest person in the world, I just wish it wasn't this one
  • OMGAWDOMGAWD Posts: 928Member
  • synergyzsynergyz ny,or,va,caPosts: 407Member
    OMGAWD wrote on 04 May 2012 - 02:36 AM:

    sure but common sense says you'll catch a cold
    I don't mind being the smartest person in the world, I just wish it wasn't this one
  • mizswtifeemizswtifee the soompi hime new york cityPosts: 1,139Member


    edited May 2012
    A lot of Asian spas offer services like such (especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan). Massaging an area would improve blood circulation; thereby making it easier to "lose" weight. It doesn't work with one treatment; you have to go in for multiple treatment to see a difference.

    I think it would work if you do this in addition to eating healthy and exercising regularly.
    But if you just lay down on a spa bed and hope to have the all the fats massaged off -- keep dreaming.
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,625Friend of Soompi


    Oh man, if massaging away your fat was a viable method of losing weight, I would totally take the time to carefully massage every inch of fat off of my body each and every day. 

    But in order to do that effectively and consistently would probably take me about 5 hours given the amount of fat I'd have to work with.
    Who the hell has that kind of free time?  LOL.

  • aelitaangelsaelitaangels Posts: 71Member


    I'm pretty sure it doesn't do crap lol

    believe it or not, fat is stored energy

    Your body coverts food into energy and uses a certain amount of energy each day. Infact calories are how much energy it takes to burn a certain amount of food. When you eat too much or eat too many high-calorie foods, your body doesn't need or use them all, so it stores the extra energy as fat.

    When you try to lose weight, you're trying to create a calorie deficit, since your eating less or eating lower calorie foods, the body has less feul to burn and burns fat (stored energy) instead to keep your body functioning.  The same kind of thing happens when you exercise, exercise takes up more energy in a shorter amount of time, so your body has to use the stored energy in fat to keep functioning.
  • bombb_bombb_ BOMbb_ california, usaPosts: 1,283Member
    well my non-asian friend (who purposely strays from anything asian related...except me i guess hah) told me that she massages her belly and it makes it less fatty.
    i was skeptical because it sounds ridiculous.

    just stick to exercising and eating right, honey.
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