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  • SunRiseYBSunRiseYB Tampere, FinlandPosts: 288Member


    Hai! I was wondering if there is a full version of JYJ's Penzal Q cf song?
  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    Gif time!!! 

    tumblr_m24fw6etTe1r17gp5.gif  tumblr_m24fx9qHod1r17gp5.gif

    tumblr_m24fy4gMlH1r17gp5.gif  tumblr_m24fytISvM1r17gp5.gif
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    edited April 2012
    [ACCOUNT+AUDIO] University of Michigan Symposium on Hallyu 2.0: Seminar -“OF THE FANS, BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS – THE REPUBLIC OF JYJ”

    Hello! ^_^

    I had the opportunity to go on Friday to the Symposium at the University of Michigan and attended the seminars (with the exception of the first block since I drove 3 hours and I overslept 30 minutes >~<), including “Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans – the Republic of JYJ” by Professor Seung-Ah Lee of Los Angles City College. As a scholar, the conference as a whole was very informational and looking forward to the book that the university is planning to published within a year that includes the scholarly papers for each speaker, including the one regarding JYJ ;D.

    I was also able to meet a fellow JYJ3 member at the conference when we went up to chat with Professor Seung-Ah Lee after her talk :) It was nice meeting you Meaghan (not sure of the spelling, sorry) and too bad you had to go home right after the Second block of presentations. Would have loved to get to meet you even more.

    I recorded audio of the talk for those that were unable to attend but are interested in what what was said and typed out an outline below:

    • Introduction of Speaker
    • History Of Hallyu
    • The fans she interviewed. Passion, enthusiasm, and affection towards the members came from all the fans she interviewed.
    • Who is Dong Shinki?
    • Artist Contracts in the Korean Music Industries (slave conditions, with no power)
    • Lawsuit brought by the three members of TVXQ
    • Unfair treatment continues after the judge ruled in the favor of Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun by not being able to appear music charts, programs, etc.
    • Sites that once supported the original TVXQ converted to only support JYJ.
    • JYJ today truly continues the legacy of original TVXQ
    • The Repulic of JYJ – anyone who loves JYJ is a citizenship
    • The role of the fans is to protect JYJ and have become the fighter of justice.
    • Sasaengs are illegal immigrants in the Republic of JYJ
    • Why a Republic of JYJ and not a nation, family or something else? In hopes to highlight the autonomy and democracy of the fandom.
    [NOTE: I apologize for the quality of the audio, but the Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan confirmed that the seminar will be recorded. The video recording of the event will be posted on the University Web Site. Once it has been posted, I will update everyone icon_smile.gif?m=1336659725g ] Also, University of Michigan Professor Youngju Ryu’s presentation was entitled “How a Podcast Started a Revolution: New Media and Electoral Politics in South Korea” and said that she thought that her presentation was a little out of place compared to the other speakers since it was not really about Hallyu so decided to wear something that represented the Hallyu wave. She wore an official JYJ t-shirt she purchased at the 2011 Busan concert. Me and my friends cheered. \(^_^)/ During the 4th and final block, my whole roll was JYJ fans, 3 friends I came with, the JYJ presenter, Professor Seung-Ah Lee, and Professor Ryu.

    Several presentations had images of the trio since their debut in 2003. I ended the night by stopping at Seoul Street in Ann Arbor with my group. If anyone is in the area I really recommend. My friend from South Korea said it tasted authentic. We ended up buying Bibimbap, Kimbap, Dukboki, Fried Rice, Budae Jigae and Kimchi! So nommie…

    Credit: popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3
    Shared by: JYJ3

    Are U a CITIZEN of JYJ Republic??

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  • PhantosPhantos Posts: 366Member
    donno if anyone watch this yet before

    My link
  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012
    JYJ’s fans make a mosaic pattern out of the proof shots they have taken at polling places

    While many celebrities are uploading proof shots of them voting, JYJ’s fans collected their voting pictures and made a mosaic pattern.

    It all began when JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong tweeted on April 9, “Guys, don’t forget to vote. I want to see the proof shots, please.”

    On reading his tweet, many fans uploaded pictures which later became a mosaic pattern. Even at this very moment, many proof shots are being updated online. The number of votes is totaled every hour, and the number of proof shots is increasing geometrically.

    Fans of JYJ are creating a stir with their proof shots. Last year in October, some fans inspired laughter by uploading a picture in which they are covering their faces with a CD of JYJ at the by-election of the Mayor of Seoul.

    Netizens who saw the pictures comment: “JYJ’s fans and their proof shots are just amazing.” “Fans are going after their singers, I see.” “An appropriate fandom formed! They are the best.” “The more I see it, the funnier I find it. What an idea.”

    Today, the 11th of April, the 19th general election will be conducted from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Each citizen is given two ballots: one for a candidate and the other for a party. Those who want to vote are required to bring an identification card such as a residential registered card or a passport.

    You can check polling places on the National Election Commission, and if you know your registration number from the copy you have received, you can save time your time in checking your identity.

     More celebrities are encouraging people to vote by uploading proof shots at the polling places.

    Source: TV Report
    Credit: enKorea
    Shared by: JYJ3

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  • nuriecharlienuriecharlie Posts: 4Member
  • PhantosPhantos Posts: 366Member
    jyj junsu first solo album in May
  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    NII + JYJ = wub.gif






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  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012

    JYJ’s Kim Jun Su will release his solo album.

    On April 16, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced, “JYJ’s Kim Jun Su will release his first solo album in May.”

    Kim will release his solo for the first time after he debuted in 2004 as a member of JYJ. Since he is one of the best talented idols, many people are eagerly anticipating his album.

    Kim will show off his musical skills through his solo album by producing it by himself and writing the most of his songs.

    Baek Chang Joo, president of C-JeS Entertainment, says, “Kim is the most valuable singer in Korea. He is very talented as a singer/songwriter. He can also capture the world with his powerful performance. We can’t tell you about the concept for the album and title yet, but I think his album will be the best album in the first half year.


    (JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour in Seoul) Primary Ticket Information


    Hello, this C-JeS Entertainment.

    This is the primary ticket information of JYJ Junsu’s first solo concert after debut [JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour in Seoul]

    * Date
    May, 19th 7:00pm
    May, 20th 6:00pm

    * Ticket
    VIP standing & seating 132,000 won/ R standing & seating 110,000 won
    S: 99,000 won/ A: 88,000 won/ B: 66,000 won

    * Ticket open
    Sold through Interpark ( from Thurs, April 19, 2012 8:00pm

    * 1 person can buy 2 seats only.

    Organizer: C-Jes Entertainment

    Thank you for your interest.

    Source: C-JeS
    Translated by: The_little_Pear of JYJ3
    Shared by: JYJ3
    Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.

    Jaejoong working with Junsu in his new album <3
    [Trans] @mjjeje: Junsu’s album is really.. Even though I joined in the production and worked on the album together, and I’ve seen all of it up till now, but his speed of learning melodies and those emotions are.. That’s why all of us said this at the same time, “As expected, that kid was really born for this~”







    Credit: JYJ Official FB Page + @mjjeje (JJ Twitter) 
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  • supermooksupermook Posts: 3Member
    big newss >_< i just found that somebody is doing a live recap for rooftop prince ,, REAL TIME!! you have to go refresh the page very often as the uploader upload every few mins >_< 
  • fobbiyofobbiyo ????? ? Posts: 3,860Member
    Roro_Tae wrote on 07 April 2012 - 02:47 PM:

    WHERE WAS THIS FROM?!! LMFAOO!!!!!!!!! Junsu is so dirty. Behind that cute/innocent look, he's just too dirty. LMFAO. 
    I'm PUMPEDDDDDD for his solo album though!! I hope there are more songs like Beautiful Thing/Rainy Night/Beautiful Love/You Are So Beautiful. OR BALLADS. I should say. XD I was never TOO fond of his dance covers (though Intoxication.... *dies*)

    I never knew JJ dyed his hair blond too!? Is it for his movie?
  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012
    Song JiHyo-Kim Jaejoong to Star as Leads in the Film “Jackal Comes”


    fobbiyo wrote on 20 April 2012 - 10:33 PM:

    WHERE WAS THIS FROM?!! LMFAOO!!!!!!!!! Junsu is so dirty. Behind that cute/innocent look, he's just too dirty. LMFAO. 
    I'm PUMPEDDDDDD for his solo album though!! I hope there are more songs like Beautiful Thing/Rainy Night/Beautiful Love/You Are So Beautiful. OR BALLADS. I should say. XD I was never TOO fond of his dance covers (though Intoxication.... *dies*)

    I never knew JJ dyed his hair blond too!? Is it for his movie?

    From JYJ concert in Japon.

    and JJ is back to black again.  
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  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    More NII pics:


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  • DJGDJG Posts: 829Member


  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012

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  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012
    [NOTICE] Yuchun has WON Popular Award of 48th Baeksang 2012 with 53.8% votes!!! CONGRATS 

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  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited April 2012

    tumblr_m2yz39bO2M1qf751j.gif tumblr_m2yz3zOBHs1qf751j.gif tumblr_m2yz7jEObQ1qf751j.gif

    tumblr_m2yz4qUp481qf751j.gif                               tumblr_m2yziaf66J1qf751j.gif

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  • sprinkle_kittysprinkle_kitty Behind youPosts: 824Member


    ^ Did they put red lipstick on him?? O.o
  • maha_lovemaha_love Rabat/MoroccoPosts: 698Member
    Yoochun the LONG LEGGED BOY in the past?? i founf this intresting post, about NEWLY released Photos from 1997, when he was a kid, and he looked freakshly taller than EVERY-ONE-ELSE

    SeLecT MemOriEs/Click rigHt/DeLETe/OpeN New LifE/ReNaMe = Move On

    ¨oO My Kr CyWorld Oo¨
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