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terrible eczema

banyayabanyaya Posts: 48Member


what should I use?
Hi, I began getting eczema last year, at first it was just my hands but recently it has been spreading on my face, which is very stressful for me. I moisturize constantly using avene thermal water and vitamin E oil. I am prescribed hydro cortisol cream but I don't want to use it all the time since it can thin my skin. What else should I look at? its really annoying to have patches of eczema here and there and flare up at random times. Thanks!


  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    Use the prescription medicine, it makes it a lot better. Only use it after you have a flair up to repair it and not whilst there isn't anything there. Also check what cleansers and things you're using, because they might be too harsh on your skin. I just did a post on my blog about my skin products and I have quite severe eczema. Click here
  • anlianli Posts: 193Member
    You can also try pure argan oil - it's high in vitamin E and and fatty acids, and absorbs into skin well. It's what I use whenever the skin around my eyes and nose gets dry/flaky/irritated due to allergies (it's non-comedogenic, so I put it all over my face).

    Best of luck with controlling your eczema >__< my brother had it for years - he would cover his arms and legs with Eucerin, but I don't know if that's something you want to slather all over your face.
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  • jroxxsjroxxs Glasgow, Scotland, UKPosts: 95Member


    edited April 2012
    My little brother used to get REALLY bad eczema and nothing would work for him (he's tried a range of prescribed creams) until our doctor prescribed him this oatmeal bath thing. From what I remember it was aveeno oatmeal bath powder. It comes in a box with sachets of the powder in it and i'm pretty sure you can pick it up in most drugstores. It definitely helped him and these days his eczema is barely noticeable ^^
  • endeavorendeavor Posts: 4,017Administrator


    edited April 2012
    My doctor prescribed me this cream called Triamcinolone Acetonide and it worked really well for me. Try asking your doctor about it to see if it'll be a good for you too.
  • sourx3candisourx3candi Posts: 583Member
    I've dealt with eczema all my life and it's a pain. make sure the steroid cream your doctor prescribed is ok for the face and only use it when you have a break out. after your skin is clear, just make sure to to steer away from anything that irritates your skin. stress and allergies are triggers too, so if you're stressed take precaution not to itch and have the moisturizer ready. and if you have allergies, get the claratin and benadryl ready.

    sorry that was long winded, hope it helps.
  • banyayabanyaya Posts: 48Member


    Thanks for your suggestions! I actually have been using oatmeal as facewash and it helped to an extent (doesn't clear it up tho). As for the cream, it seems like I am breaking out all the time and I am not sure what the trigger is (I think its either critic acid from food or the weather). I am gonna go to my doc right after my exams r done because I am visiting HK in a couple of wks and because the weather there is so moist, I am scared my eczema is gonna go cray cray. lol
  • samgyubsalsamgyubsal Posts: 66Member
    edited April 2012
    I had terrible eczema and i've tried just about everything -_-;
    First and foremost, figure out what exacerbates these flareups. For me, it turned out to be dust, pollen, and any meat/fish that wasn't cooked thoroughly. Avoid whatever you're allergic to if you can.
    I tried Chinese herbal medicine but I don't know if it actually worked or if it was just a coincidence.. but the eczema on my face cleared up in about a month and stayed that way until pollen season T.T

    Pollen season's back and I've tried "washing" my face with olive oil and it's helped a lot. My eczema came to the point that it hurt to use makeup remover, so I tried removing it using extra virgin olive oil. It cleaned it off. I then rinse my face. There will be some oily stuff left, but I  just leave it there and use Aveeno Eczema Therapy cream on top of it. The flareups have decreased significantly and the moisture lasts a lot longer than with other stuff I've tried.

    If you want an immediate effect, you need to use steroid creams, but the problem with those is that when your eczema resurfaces, it might be worse than before...
  • jinnysarangjinnysarang Posts: 185Member
    edited April 2012
    I heard you can use oatmeal to treat eczema as a home treatment.
    You can take oatmeal baths/cleanse your skin with it and it's really gentle.
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  • play2046play2046 Posts: 1Member
    edited April 2012
    wow, i really feel you. I had eczema on my face in middle school and it sucked! i also had some behind my legs in high school.
    THankfully, it's gone now. I used neem cream for my face (bought at Whole Foods) i think its pretty safe and natural. For my legs, I just used Aquaphor.
    ALso, i think what really helped for my was to set myself a challenge-- like, don't itch for THREE days. If i didn't itch, it got better. Baby steps :)

  • kimsterbaby02kimsterbaby02 Posts: 1Member
    I have many friends and family that suffer from eczema and I work at sephora they had came out with a line called first aid beauty and that is ideal for sensitive dry skin, it also states for those with eczema. I'm not too positive how the cleanser might react to you but i do know that the moisturizer works wonders. I have purchased these for my friends and family also recommending it to clients that have eczema found it to be really effective. I advise you to at lest try a sample through sephora and see how your skin reacts to it. The actual product is called 'first aid beauty ultra repair cream" hope that helps with your eczema.
  • WeststreetWeststreet Posts: 62Member
    omg i feel your pain. My symptom showed like last year. Try not to itch. If my skin gets really bad, i use nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide ointment, but you should ask your doctor. This ointment has side-effects and it may harm you. (depends on the person) My doctor also recommended me not to use soap too much.
  • indianbreadindianbread Posts: 52Member


    Unfortunately eczema is a chronic condition so there is no cure - it's all about disease management! The most important thing to do is to moisturise regularly. The less you moisturise, the drier your skin becomes and the more flare ups will occur. Also try and identify triggers and avoid if possible.

    Cleanser - don't use soap. Use a soap free cleanser, or preferably a bath oil although some soap substitutes don't produce a 'lather' so you may not feel 'clean'. Ask your pharmacist for suggestions. For the face try the Avene extremely gentle cleanser. I personally don't like this product as my face doesn't feel 'clean' afterward so I use the milk cleanser but it may be too drying for people with eczema.

    Moisturiser - the greasier the better the moisturiser, but it depends what is cosmetically and practically acceptable for you. Go for something with liquid paraffin and glycerin, as these are great moisturisers. Use creams and ointments rather than lotions as these are 'stronger' moisturisers.  Avene thermal water is no good as a moisturiser - you need something that can remain in contact with the skin for longer. Avene is a great range, and for your condition I recommend the Tolerance Extreme Cream. It's a rich, creamy moisturiser and great for sensitive skin. I use it myself  - I don't have eczema but I have very sensitive skin - and I love it. 

    Steroid creams - use these only for flare ups. Don't be afraid to use a decent amount (but don't overdo it). Also make sure it's the appropriate strength to treat the area. You should experience some relief within 48 hours with proper use.
    Someone mentioned triamcinolone above - this is good for skin on the BODY only, NOT for the face. Don't use this more than three times a day.
    The only steroid creams that are indicated for the face are hydrocortisone and methylprednisolone.
    Other creams you might get prescribed are betamethasone or mometasone. These are the stronger ones, so good for flextures and thicker areas of skin but definitely DO NOT use them on the  face as it can trigger perioral dermatitis.
  • achuachu A. Posts: 734Member


    go see a dermatologist.
  • roggendazroggendaz PHPosts: 30Member
    I also have eczema on my palms. I use Betamethasone Diprogenta and it works like a charm.
  • JustalilodreamerJustalilodreamer no tax for mePosts: 6,914Member


    edited April 2012
    I used to have pretty severe eczema on my face, its gotten a lot better after I used a prescription cream even though i still get small random flare ups when im stressed. I tried to avoid using the cream as much as possible now because its very strong. I can't use any skin care products because my skin has gotten extremely sensitive, I've been using Neosporin's new eczema skin care products (started a few months ago) and its been working very well for me. I break out much less and its gotten rid of the redness. I've only tried the daily moisturizer, but i think their other products should work well since they're a reliable line. I definitely recommend this to people who cant use regular moisturizers, says its good for people of all ages (even kids).

    They're available at Walgreens :D
  • Memory of MomentMemory of Moment in my own dimention where the world hates me~Posts: 99Member


    edited April 2012
    My eczema is pretty bad at times, especially in the spring with allergies, recently I've been using Simple's replenishing rich moisturizer and it hasn't irritated my skin and it works on the dry patches. Aquaphor works sometimes, depending on how bad the irritation I use that and vaseline...also the cream the doctor prescribes, I only use when its really bad on the face...I suggest looking for things made for sensitve skin?

    and I agree with Justalilodreamer, the daily moisturizing cream for Neiosporin actually works and I always make sure I have it with me wherever I go. If you get the trial pack that comes with the moisturizing cream, body wash and the anti itch cream, it's small enough to put in your puse and use when on the go. The body wash actually is very gentle on the irritated areas and the anti itch cream is kind of similar to the topical cream the doctor would prescribe...
  • junyjuny 샤방샤방☆ Posts: 2,086Friend of Soompi
    edited April 2012
    I would try to use steroid cream sparingly and avoid if possible. There are so many side effects with taking steroids.
    I started getting eczema a few years ago, and the only thing that has cured it was a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine.
    Don't go to any acupuncturist though - do your research and ask for recommendations.
    I stick with one acupuncturist after going to 3-4, and he really knows how to treat any skin illnesses.
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  • JJ__JJ__ Posts: 83Member
    I've had eczema on my legs (outer calves) for about 4 years now. Back then, it was way more severe to the point that I would scratch it when im asleep and I would find blood stains all over my bed sheets. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me some medication to help with the itching and it worked quite well. Now I just have some dark scarring left and I'm using aloe vera everyday to help lighten the scars up and so far, its doing a pretty good job :) 
  • paintyourxtargetpaintyourxtarget Posts: 211Member
    edited April 2012
    I had eczema in HS, and I only wish I had received some of the advice you guys posted. I went to FIVE different dermatologists, and all of them said "yeah we don't know why it's there, how to prevent it, how to get rid of it, or what you can do about it. just use hydrocortisone". I had it so bad, I had a few raw, weeping sores on my legs. not to mention, my elbows made me look like I was a heroin junkie :P.

    One important thing is to de-claw yourself--aka trim your nails really short lol. I made sure I didn't scratch during the day, but I would always wake up in pain bc I did so in my sleep, or when I was half awake.

    It's been like 5 years since and I don't actively have eczema anywhere. as far as I can tell, most of the scarring faded. BUT, all the places that did have eczema are really prone to flareups--that never goes away. if I exercise intensely or something, those places will flare up.

    You might be scared of using the hydrocortisol/hydrocortizone, but with bad flareups it's honestly your only option. I haven't seen any direct effects of thinning skin (but who knows what my face will look like in another 30 years). just use the gentle (~2%?) stuff on your face.

    juny wrote on 25 April 2012 - 10:03 PM:

    I would try to use steroid cream sparingly and avoid if possible. There are so many side effects with taking steroids.

    just curious, what are the side effects of taking topical medication for eczema, other than thinning your skin? my dermatologists seemed to think there was no such thing as too much steroid cream.
  • samgyubsalsamgyubsal Posts: 66Member
    paintyourxtarget wrote on 28 April 2012 - 08:28 AM:

    just curious, what are the side effects of taking topical medication for eczema, other than thinning your skin?

    I don't know if you'd call this a side effect, but if you continue using steroid creams, your skin builds tolerance and eventually, you have to resort to stronger steroids to settle flareups.
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