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Nokia Lumia 900

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Has anyone out there tried this phone or attempted to seek it out and just play with this phone? I know a majority of people live in the US so we get the 900 variant, but the 800 is pretty identical. The only differences are the screen size and the battery. The reason I'm making this is to try and give the "underdog" a chance. Funny how i say underdog even though microsoft is one of the biggest corporations in the world. Microsoft and Nokia have worked extremely hard on this series of phone and it really shows. It really is a thoughtful and beautifully crafted piece of hardware. The solid polycarbonate body is a joy to hold in the hand, theres no way to describe how substantial it feels. The matte finish in both the black and cyan color really helps to reduce fingerprints and its easy to hold. In the race to craft the biggest, thinnest, and lightest handset around quality is often skimped. If a phone is too light, it evokes a feeling of reduced durability. This phone feels just perfect in my hand. The 4.3 inch ClearBlack AMOLED is amazing to look at, and direct sunlight visibility is incredible. I really feel like there is no need for a secondary film, because it would just tarnish it. It is one of the few phones that I've picked up that I don't feel the need for a case on it.

Wow, that sounded like an advert for the company. Ok, I'll try to be more objective on the matter. Working for the company that i work for I've been given the pleasure of using all the OS'es pretty much that has ever existed. iOS, Android, WebOS, windows mobile 6.5, Blackberry, symbian, and finally Windows 7. My order of my favorite ones are this:
1. WebOS
2. iOS
3. Windows Phone 7.5 (mango)
4. Android
5 Blackberry

I have been an avid apple fanboy for about 3 years now. Ever since my first nano (3rd gen) its been downhill. There is a certain elegance in the way Apple develops its software. They make it for the common person. A market which is the majority. They understand that people want something that just works. They do it beautifully. I've had an iphone for the past 3 generations (3g, 4, 4s) and for the last 2 i've been right there in line just itching to get the latest apple fix. I even bought the new ipad on launch day. So apple runs deep in my blood. Theres a reason why i put WebOS on the top though and thats because it is much more elegant. Everything that apple did, it somehow did it much better. Seamless integration between messenger clients and regular SMS, True multitasking, discreet notifications, and cloud storage. The phone would even update automatically if it was plugged in and connected to WiFi. Sadly Palm was absorbed by HP for an obscene amount of money and was seemingly cast by the wayside. There's rumors of WebOS going open source and i have mixed feelings about it.

Anyways back to the point. When windows phone 7 came out a year and a half ago Microsoft knew that it had to get things right. It was almost like there last hurrah if you must. Most people who had a windows 6.5 device hated it and a stigma was left in the public eye. It was poorly designed, difficult to navigate and it crashed regularly. They redesigned it from the ground up. I honestly feel like its a spiritual successor to WebOS. Navigation couldn't be any easier. You have the main page which is stuff you find important, and the second page is a list of all the app's you have ever purchased or downloaded.

That main page has what they call live tiles and Hubs. A live tile is exactly what it says. It displays updated information regularly so you're always informed of the latest happenings. I don't want to go on and on about this and have a bunch of "tl:dr" comments so i'll go over just one Hub. The people hub. It not only displays your phone numbers but if you have facebook (lets face it we all do) it also displays peoples updates as well a list of people you have recently contacted. All that information from one little Hub. Simple, right?

The other point i want to address is the apps. Yes, the marketplace for windows only has around 80,000 apps and it can no way compare to the ever increasing Apple Store, or the Play Store. Really though, how many apps do you use on a daily basis? I honestly use about 4. 3, now because facebook is so tightly integrated with Mango. I have been using this phone for about 3 weeks now and I love the freedom it gives me. I no longer feel tied to my phone like so many of my peers are. I'm not constantly pulling my phone out of my pocket to fiddle with it needlessly. I get what i need, get out and i go back to my daily life.

You might be thinking "but thats what you do, you're supposed to sell this phone." this is true but its also hard for me to sell something that i don't believe in. I'm not trying to sell this phone to you and even if i was; i doubt many of you would fly to where i am to buy it from me. Its a refreshing feeling. We get so caught up in the numbers race. The first phone with a quad core, the first phone with an HD screen, the first phone. By todays standards the Lumia 900 is pretty much obsolete. Its a 4.3 inch screen, 1.4 single core processor, 8 MP camera and 16 gigs of internal space. But you couldn't tell that by picking one up and playing with it. The Metro UI zips along with even the fastest Android device out there (looking at you Skyrocket). It's also rock solid. Not once has it crashed on me. Thats what so amazing about this phone. It forces you to think about what you really need in a phone. Do you need a 5.3 inch screen? no. Is quad core or even dual core necessary? No. Do you need 5 million apps to keep you entertained? No.

If you take away anything from this I hope its that you give this phone or even this operating system a chance. If you're brand new to the smart phone world, or even a seasoned Iphone fanboy like myself its a breath of fresh air. This phone is so well made, and so friendly to use. I already saw WebOS be vanquished to the realm of antiquity. Please don't let it happen to this phone as well.

Now i must go restore my iphone on my personal account. Yes, i just bought a Lumia 900 to replace it.
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  • Manyhx3Manyhx3 Wonderful <3 Wonderland ^_^Posts: 6,114Member


    Why am I not surprised that you made this topic?

    The nokia lumia 900 sounds promising with its most sold out stocks and good reviews. How it's easy to use for those who receive smart phones for the first time. i might let me consider but... idk when the lumia 900 is arriving here, lumia 800 is rather a disappointment xD
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  • orangemanorangeman Posts: 2,655Friend of Soompi


    edited April 2012

    Great news for people who don't mind contracts and getting this Lumia 900 for free right now and something newer a few months later. But I detest the subsidized system since it represents everything that is wrong with mobile carriers in the US and the notion of justifying the sale of obsolete hardware further perpetuates the disposable mentality. 

    I'm buying my phones off-contract and for the retail price, this phone is not competitive. No idea what Nokia and Microsoft is going to do in the future and I would rather take my chances with the other predominant platforms (ecosystems). Mobile devices are going to start using multiple cores and I doubt this single-core will last three years starting from this summer or fall. There's no future in single cores, however "fluid and smooth" native code may run now. The current Nokia + Microsoft product range feels lackluster and the hardware reeks of planned obsolescence to me. 

    If people wanted to support a real underdog, choose Meego, Maemo, and those open-source platforms. Get the Nokia N9 and run Meego. It's truly a shame that Nokia has ditched Symbian and all other options because Android was ported to the N9 recently without problems. I'll wait for Windows 8 and see what Samsung and other companies bring out. 
  • endeavorendeavor Posts: 4,020Administrator


    edited April 2012
    I have a Lumia and I absolutely love it! I never thought about getting a smart phone because I never really needed those added things plus I never really found one that I liked. After my phone broke I decided to just get one for the heck of it and it turned out really well. It was very easy to use and although I was never really a big fan of those live tiles I've learned to like them a lot. I kind of feel bad because I'm probably not using this phone to its fullest potential since all I do is make calls, text, and check emails. Oh...and since all I do on my phone are those three things I was able to go 4 or so days without charging my phone (it was on battery saver though which I guess doesn't really make that big of a difference anyway).
  • AiMangoAiMango honeypunch. 519Posts: 2,197Member
    Win Phone 7.5 has a very impressive interface. The live tiles is in Windows 8, an awesome design concept called Metro. All your social networking into 1 app. It's very people-centered. I actually like it more than Android and iOS, with the exception that there are a lack of apps.

    I'm planning to get one sometime in the next few months : )
  • zantac_2zantac_2 sydPosts: 3,410Member


    i like the wp interface as well. that and the new htc one series phones are really convincing me to jump to a smart phone.
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