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[Variety/Music] SBS You and I

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[SBS] Lee Hyori & Jung Jae Hyung's You and I

You & I
유 & 아이


What Is It About?

"U & I"
introduces a new kind of variety program which combines the happenings of a talk show and a music show with performances of artists who sit and openly talk about themselves. We could say it's a way for SBS to replace the late "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate" with a somewhat close concept. The show's duration is a hour and twenty minutes.



The program is hosted by close friends singer Lee Hyori and music composer Jung Jae Hyung.



Channel : SBS

Air Time : The show airs every Sundays at midnight KST.

Official Website :


Episodes & Guests

Episode Pilot (120226) :
IU, UV, Lucid Fall  [720P HANrel Torrent]

Episode 01 (120304) : PSY, Broccoli You Too, Sweet Sorrow  [720P HANrel Torrent] , [More Versions]

Episode 02 (120311) :  Se7en, Yong Jong Shin  [720P HANrel Torrent and More Versions]

Episode 03 (120318) : Big Bang, 옥상달빛 

Episode 04 (120325) : K.Will, Ali, Clover      [HDTV XviD KOR Torrent], [720P KOR Torrent]                

Episode 05 (120401) :
Jay Park, Kim Wan Sun..
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